Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 04 Nov 18

Silkworms and Prayer Shawls: The Poetry of Easing into the Intuitive (The Poetry of the Easing Into Collection Book 1)

by Kim Beyer

Volume One of the Easing Into Poetry Collection features work from Easing into the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Easing into Druidry, Easing into the Gospel of Thomas, Easing into Lao Tzu’s Tao te Ching, Easing into the Dhammapada and Easing Into Practice: Deep Inquiry Yoga. Designed as liturgical poetry, capping poetry for a Hatha Yoga class and other group applications, it also serves as a snapshot of how our intuitive mind functions with a homey and earthy voice. Kim is also the author of three other poetry books, including This Nurturing Awe, At Matthew’s Knee and An Invitation to Openness (written with Rev. Sue Sutherland-Hanson).

Mysticism: A Study of the Nature and Development of Man’s Spiritual Consciousness

by Evelyn Underhill

“Mysticism” is one of most celebrated books on the subject. The spirit of the book is romantic, engaged, and theoretical rather than historical or scientific. Underhill has little use for theoretical explanations and the traditional religious experience, formal classifications or analysis. She dismisses William James’ pioneering study, The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902), and his “four marks of the mystic state” (ineffability, noetic quality, transcience, and passivity).
“All men, at one time or another, have fallen in love with the veiled Isis whom they call Truth. With most, this has been a passing passion: they have early seen its hopelessness and turned to more practical things. But others remain all their lives the devout lovers of reality: though the manner of their love, the vision which they make to themselves of the beloved object varies enormously. Some see Truth as Dante saw Beatrice: an adorable yet intangible figure, found in this world yet revealing the next.”

The Land Uncharted

by Keely Brooke Keith

A hidden land settled by peaceful people ~ The first outsider in 160 years

Lydia Colburn is a young physician dedicated to serving her village in the Land, an undetectable island in the South Atlantic Ocean. When Lt. Connor Bradshaw’s parachute carries him from the world war to Lydia’s hidden land, his mission could expose her simple society.

As Connor searches for a way to return to his squadron, his fascination with life in the Land makes him protective of Lydia and her peaceful homeland, and Lydia’s attraction to Connor stirs desires she never expected.

But will they be able to keep the Land hidden?

The Land Uncharted weaves past and future in this inspirational story of life in a hidden land. There is always room for you at the Colburns’ house in the quaint village of Good Springs. Join the Colburn family as they discover their purpose, find love, and protect the Land. Read The Land Uncharted today.

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Prepare to be hooked! Discover why readers worldwide have fallen in love with the Uncharted series.

The beloved inspirational romance series Uncharted includes these books:
#1 The Land Uncharted
#2 Uncharted Redemption
#3 Uncharted Inheritance
#4 Christmas with the Colburns
#5 Uncharted Hope
#6 Uncharted Journey

Each book stands alone, but for the ultimate Uncharted experience it’s best to read them in order.

“Outstanding! Her characters are warm, loving, very realistic! You will not be disappointed if you read this series! I loved it!” â??Reviewer

“If you enjoy intriguing suspenseful romances, The Land Uncharted is for you! I highly recommend to anyone looking for something both fresh and interesting.” â??Will Bake For Books

“Keith’s abundantly detailed and romantic adventure tale features a faithful, colorful cast that face the unknown with grit and determination, making for a fresh and satisfying story.” â??Publisher’s Weekly on ABOARD PROVIDENCE

A Christian historical romance with a futuristic twist, full of suspense and mystery. Perfect for fans of dual timeline stories and time travel romance!

Read all the novels by Amazon bestselling author, Keely Brooke Keith, including the beloved Christian historical romance series Uncharted Beginnings:
#1 Aboard Providence
#2 Above Rubies
#3 All Things Beautiful

Wisdom Of Motion: Mantras of hope, harmony & ambition

by Kether Peterson

I feel it’s important to stress a emphasis of the principals that have helped us all survive together as long as we have. This is only my personal 2 cents of what I have learned from the awareness my mother instilled in me. These are Mantras of mine I wrote them over their course of 1000 risings & settings of the sun. I hope you enjoy them, cheers!

Before the big bang I was as I am today for energy cannot be destroyed only changed like having the same words of a sentence rearranged, existences is eternal regardless its shape or size the universe we know is a mirror for everything to realize god’s inside, we all have hills to climb so hold on tightly to the only thing we really own our wills.

Slim with the Stars: Your astrological guide to healthy and effective weight loss

by Ellen Frazer-Jameson

A unique and personal program combining your SUN SIGN, which is all about appearance, with your MOON SIGN, which describes what feeds and nurtures you.

Using your individual date of birth, we offer a unique and astrologically based insight to how your body responds to those inner urgings and cravings that tell you “Feed Meâ??Now!”

Armed with this new knowledge, you can learn to eat what your body really wants instead of desperately trying to satisfy a hunger that leads you to feeling fullâ??but not satisfied.

Christmas In Wichita Falls – A Special Holiday Romance – Mail Order Brides of Wichita Falls

by Cyndi Raye

A Special Holiday Sweet Western Romance

What if Holly Bell can’t save her sisters from the Mercy Train?

Holly Bell doesn’t want to be a mail order bride but it’s the only way to make sure her four sisters have a home. Now she finds herself the victim of a train robbery near Wichita Falls. Everything is riding on her getting to California by the end of the year. Will she get there in time to save her sisters from becoming victims of the Mercy Train?

David Morgan vows never to marry after the woman he loved betrayed him for the town banker. He had enough of fake women until Holly comes along and changes everything. How can he show her she belongs in Wichita Falls before time runs out?

Enjoy this delightful clean and wholesome western and pioneer romance and visit with many of the other brides from Wichita Falls.

Soul Mates:Between Myth and Reality

by Matthew Reis

“Soul Mates: Between Myth and Reality” is a book written for those who are interested in the topic of Soul Mates. These readers might recognize themselves in people looking for love or people looking for answers; people experiencing a spiritual awakening or people who feel called to their better half; people who want some clarity or people who are interested in studying this subject. It also speaks to people who feel lost; people who feel like they belong; people who experience vivid dreams and synchronicities with romantic implications.

The book is neither spiritual nor scientific; it is somewhere in between.
From a theoretical point of view, this work presents the idea, the myth, and the magic of the Soul Mate theory from ancient times, to modern days. The book aims to draw some useful parallels between mythology, religion, psychology, modern spirituality, and personal experience. The theoretical presentation aims to support those who are interested in the general topic in order to pursue further academic exploration. It brings some information on a few psychological and psychoanalytical perspectives that are relevant to this topic, taking into account and debating the terminology and concepts behind the New Age theory. Through this process, the book invites the reader to work with intuitive notions that fit his/her internal Truth while remaining rational and working toward emotional and mental balance. This is facilitated through a series of advice, tools, and methods that will help the reader get a better understanding of their personality, motivations, and interests in this psycho-spiritual and social context.

The book was written with the intention of encouraging readers to responsibly follow the path of their Archetypal knowing without mistaking the Unconscious Reality with the tangible, space-time-defined reality. The danger of mistaking the two is real and can have serious mental health consequences. In order to avoid these consequences, the book offers the reader advice on how to work with synchronicity properly, outside the classic analytical context. It also offers advice on how not to mistake attraction with soul connection and how to avoid justifying dysfunctional relationships through spiritual terms.

LADY OF CONQUEST: A Medieval Romance

by Tamara Leigh

Before MERCILESS, the first book in Tamara Leigh’s AGE OF CONQUEST series, there was LADY OF CONQUEST…

England of The Norman Conquest, 1068: Two years have passed since the Battle of Hastings changed the course of a nation. As the defeated Saxons continue to chafe against the yoke of Norman rule, Rhiannyn of Etcheverry finds herself at the center of a rebellion when the conqueror she refuses to wed dies in her armsâ??cursing her to never know the love of a man or the blessing of children. Certain only her silence can save her people from retaliation, she holds close the dark truth about his death. But when his avenging brother saves her life, she discovers another side to the celebrated warrior of Hastingsâ??one that will test her loyalties and beliefs. And expose the innocent heart beneath her Saxon pride.

Renouncing his holy vows, Maxen Pendery pledges to discover who murdered his brotherâ??even at the cost of the soul he has wrestled to save since thrusting his sword in the blood-soaked soil of Hastings and walking away. But when Rhiannyn of Etcheverry is at his mercy, she continues to protect the rebel leader to whom she was once betrothed. Though breathtakingly lovely, she refuses to use her wiles against Maxen, instead disarming him with her sharp tongue, strong will, and a selflessness that unexpectedly stirs his ignoble heart. Might the cursed beauty be the death of him? Or could she prove his redemption?

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