Free science fiction Kindle books for 04 Nov 18

Dark Nights

by Christopher A. Gray

“Innovative and well-paced… part scientific exploration, part action, part
political intrigue, the combined result is a page-turner.”

– Publishers Weekly

The thinking quantum computer believed it knew best how to save humanity… even if doing so meant destroying half the population.

Astrophysicist Doug Lockwood has made the discovery of a lifetime: another planet has appeared in our solar system, in orbit opposite that of Earth. Its sudden appearance is unexplained, but the danger presented by the alternate Earth is real, kicking off a chain of events that will carry Lockwood into the grasp of a formidable artificial intelligence bent on accomplishing its goal at any cost. With the survival of our Earth at stake and time running out, Lockwood and his team must find a way to counter this unprecedented threat before the powerful new enemy completes its plan. Two civilizations are pitted against each other in a desperate struggle for survival that may lead to Armageddon for both worlds.

The Black Flame

by Jim Barringer

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Ten years have passed since the apocalypse, and in the mountains of western North Carolina, one family clings to survival. Every day is harder than the day before: the bandits, the wolves, the crushing monotony of daily life. Why bother going on? What’s the point?

But everything changes the day twelve-year-old Abel discovers an ancient book that could bring all of them the hope they desperately need…or could bring their whole world crashing down.

Mystery Train and Other Stories

by Oliver Davies

From the edge of time and space, to the darkest corners of the human soul, this thrilling collection of short stories by Oliver Davies presents an eclectic blend of fiction. From science fiction to horror, and from fantasy to thriller, these 37 stories span many genres but are often united by underlying threads of dark humour…

Marilyn, My Marilyn

by Art Johnson

It’s the summer of ’62, and twenty-five-year-old journalist Rory Long receives a phone call at quitting time: it’s Marilyn Monroe. She wants to personally compliment him on a review he wrote of the new collected works of poet Carl Sandburg.

She then enlists the cub reporter to tell her story; she doesn’t want to be remembered as a joke. When they meet, Rory is captivated by her knowledge of classical music, art and literature. As their relationship intensifies, Rory experiences a coming-of-age inspired by this side of Marilyn few know, and at the same time, Marilyn is influenced by Rory to begin reassessing her own life.

But when Rory’s boss assigns him to write an article on the unsolved murder of the Black Dahlia, paranoia and tension mount. File papers go missing, then mysteriously return. An unknown covert organization watches Marilyn Monroe’s every move, thinking she may hold a clue to the Dahlia case. And just when Rory can feel he’s getting closer to the truth, J. Edgar Hoover himself intervenes to request that Rory be reassigned. Rapid changes are about to unfold in the land of the free, and they may be more costly than even Rory can surmise.

In Art Johnson’s latest novel, he continues his style of combining historical fact with fiction to offer the reader a steady stream of drama, tension and humor. Marilyn, My Marilyn reveals fresh insight into the most iconic woman of modern times, not as a biography, but with a view of a nation which often buries the truth with its dead.

10000 Sallys

by Rick McConnell

Imagine waking up in a hospital room, you can barely move. No one comes when you call. The only other person present is a little boy, who is, surprisingly, more help than you would expect. What would you do?

This is the exact situation Sally finds herself in. Almost immediately she discovers that nothing is what she thinks it is. Not the boy, not the hospital, maybe not even herself. She is in deep trouble and the consequences will be dire if she can’t find a way out.

She is a fighter, though, and just doesn’t quit. She starts as the lowest of the low and has to claw her way up in spite of being tangled in a shifting web of schemes and plots. She has to do her best, and maybe her best is pretty good.

As Sally uncovers more about her situation, she finds that she has to be smart and tough, and that in this place she needs to depend on her friends, who are using her as much as she is using them.

This book contains themes concerning life, death, and body functions, light swearing, minimal nakedness, and should be suitable for most.

The God of Assassins (Wine of the Gods Book 11)

by Pam Uphoff

The eleventh story in the Wine of the Gods Universe

A fast paced thriller as an assassin with god-like powers targets the royal family of a magical world.
Prince Staven Negue survived–mostly–the attack that killed his brother, the heir to the throne. And now he’s determined to find the killer, and more important, the man who hired the assassin. Even if it’s family.

After Terra: Year 200

by Daniel Coldspring

Love, what’s it worth? For Matt Garrison, it means a journey to Neptune to find a gem for his girlfriend. What awaits him there is more trouble than he imagined could exist, as he is swept up into a deadly heist against the Solar Consortium, alongside the most dangerous elements of the fringe. The Consortium controls the Solar System 200 years beyond Terra’s demise, and they now want Matt and his crew dead. But there is more buried in the grave of a shattered world than anyone, even the Consortium, thought was possible, something waiting to be discovered by a seemingly outdated man like Matt…

The Missionaries: A Science Fiction Short Story

by A.T. Sayre

Father Thomas arrives in the radiated wastelands of an alien planet, where his Order has been working in secret to bring the word of God to the native beings, the Anhaels. He is being tasked as a witness, on a day that is integral to the Mission’s Divine Plan.
His faith in their Holy mission will be challenged as sees firsthand the methods being used to “save” the Anhael people.

Orden de la Cruz (Cruzados de las estrellas nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

by Alan Somoza

¡Sigue la aventura de ciencia-ficción!

Por favor, note que este es el episodio 3, no el volumen 3 de la serie.

Los documentos perdidos del Fundador Marshall han revelado que en la aparentemente unida Flota Cruzada, no todo es lo que parece. Tras adentrarse en las profundidades de la Darksun Zero; Théodore, Gregor y Helena deberán llevar a cabo un rescate imposible. Intentarán evitarle daños a su protegida a toda costa, y los demás, tratarán de matarlos a los cuatro.

Tercera entrega de la serie “Cruzados de las estrellas”.

Estimado lector, por favor ten en cuenta que Cruzados de las Estrellas es una serie publicada por entregas, denominadas singles.
Orden de las Estrellas (single 1) y Armagedón (single 6) son historias que pueden leerse de manera independiente, como relatos cortos. Los otros cuatros capítulos (del 2 al 5), continúan la historia del primero cerrando uno de los arcos argumentales que plantea la primera parte.

Este single está contenido en Cruzados de las Estrellas, Volumen 1.

Aurora Dayside (Extant to the Outlands Book 1)

by Sarah Harwood

Three hundred years from now, in the aftermath of a planet scorched by global change, the remaining survivors are just as divided by wealth and class as ever. The elite are the Devouts, followers of a mysterious longevity cult pursuing immortality by way of a hi-tech process called Restatement. Their oldest members boast two centuries of life in the bodies of teenagers.
Close to the equator, the AllFaith compound built over a thriving copper mine, offers sanctuary and more importantly water to anyone willing to work. All may stay that pay to pray.

The Fifth Cycle

by Tobor Eichmann

The year is 2084. The world as we know it has changed. The ruling elite have managed to orchestrate world events in order to achieve their ultimate goal – world domination.

David Blake is a man out of time, both literally and figuratively. He’s thrust into a world where he is forced to confront his perception of reality. In doing so he must make a choice between the woman he loves and his family. Either choice will decide his fate and possibly the future of mankind.

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