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How to Swim in Five Easy Steps

by Brent Majcher

Have you ever felt ashamed of your lack of ability in a pool?

Do you yearn to feel confident and have fun while swimming and being around the water?

Have you always wanted to accomplish a triathlon and always felt held back because of weak swimming abilities?

How to Swim in Five Easy Steps is a book that will give you the framework behind why successful swimmers are the way they are. The book goes into detail about:

– The very system that you can apply today that will fix any issues that you have with your swimming currently;
– Give you a starting point for where to focus your practice while learning to swim;
– Tips, techniques, drills and advice that you won’t find anywhere else;
– Advice of a swimming instructor of over 8 years experience;
– Why you can absolutely accomplish whatever you want, even if it seems tough right now…

And more. Dive in (pun intended) to this simple, short, easy to read and understand guide on how you can become a successful swimmer!

Second Edition: Includes the following brand new chapters:
– My Top Hack for curing swimming anxiety! No more being terrified of the water!
– How to learn to swim for less than a dollar… Or maybe free!
– Next Steps: Once you’ve mastered my system, heres the first steps to becoming a killer swimmer

GO BAG: TO BUG OUT Life Saving Tips. Be Ready For Any Emergency: Lists for: Adults, Infants, Toddlers, Seniors, Disabled, Pets, Auto

by Jean E. Wayne

A disaster can strike at anytime and any place. Most disasters are unexpected and catch us off guard. As we watch the news, we see on a daily basis more and more man-made disasters and more natural disasters.

Many disasters will require you to flee your home immediately. If you do not have a well thought out plan for such an event you and your family will suffer. Are you prepared?

Do you know what items are needed for survival? What if you do not have anytime to pack or think if a disaster hits? Well, there is a simple solution! Making a Go Bag to bug-out that you can readily grab if you need to run for it and save your family. What if you had to evacuate in a moments notice?

A Go Bag contains the items necessary to survive and get to safe ground. Your Go Bag is easy to put together and could potentially save your life. This book contains “Lists” for everyone in the family including PETS! Plus some great tips. You can get these items together in a couple of hours to build a foundation for your Go Bag. Then add to it.

The goal is to have a good supply of the most important items to get you started. Do not wait!! It could be the most important decision you make in your life.

Just because a disaster is unpredictable it does not mean we cannot prepare. It means we should prepare!

Gunsmithing For Beginners: Learn To Repair, Customize, And Refinish To Become a Real Gunsmither

by Armando Bomberger

Gunsmithing For Beginners:

Learn To Repair, Customize, And Refinish To Become a Real Gunsmither

The book will give you tons of practical advice and of course some simple projects that you can also use as a reference if you want to do some gunsmithing.
This book will also teach you about donts’ and dos’ of gunsmithing because for all we know, if not handled and absorbed correctly this might cause danger for the readers. Since the world of guns is so vast, we will only be dealing with the very fundamental of guns such as the materials needed and basic steps of how to deal with the correct procedures.
Of course, we also included some professional tips in order for you to learn some advance steps that would be really helpful when you are on the process of making very own safety gun.
Those aspiring individuals will certainly learn, practice, and significantly enhance their skills and also enjoy doing their passion with rewarding results, that is the fun and joy brought by making your very own little firearm. For the last part, please always make sure that what you are doing is safe and far from any possible danger that could hurt people around you.

Medicinal Herbs: Healing Plants & Herbs: Learn The Hidden Ingredients For Healing Stress, Anxiety & Pain â?? Get Better Focus & Clarity

by Mark Daveson

Learn The Hidden Ingredients Of Herbs & Plants That Will Give You The Relaxation & Peace You’ve Always Wanted

Do you feel like you are swimming in stress these days? Does it feel like challenges seem to appear out of nowhere in your personal and professional life? The lifestyles we lead today are hectic and stressful. All this causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Anxiety and stress are the leading cause of several physiological disorders these days. Well, there is a simple way in which you can turn your life around and beat stress out of your life! The answer is simple! You don’t need to pop a pill or anything of that sort. All you need are a couple of medicinal herbs and you are good to go.
In this book, you will learn about the different herbs and medicinal plants that you can use to reduce stress and feel calm. When you are free from stress and anxiety, you can function better. It will improve your overall productivity and help you lead a happier and healthier life.

Did you know that you could grow medicinal herbs in your backyard? You can include a variety of medicinal herbs and plants in your kitchen garden. At times, a relaxing cup of green tea infused with herbs like lavender and elderflower can have a better calming effect than yoga or meditation! Well, if you want to learn more about different medicinal herbs, then this is the perfect book for you!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn . . .

  • Herbs To Relieve Anxiety & Stress
  • Herbs For Mental Clarity
  • Ancient Recipes Of Long Forgotten Herbs & Plants

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Jiu Jitsu Intelligence: How To Get Better At Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Much Faster

by Ken Primola

Reader response:

“I feel that anyone that reads your book, even someone with top shelf jiu jitsu skills could benefit from reading it . Additionally, I now repeat my long term goals to myself every morning 10x before I start my day”- Brian G. , San Jose

Jiu Jitsu Intelligence is an easy to read and remember book written by Pan Am Champion & Black Belt Ken Primola.

This book is NOT a book demonstrating Jiu Jitsu techniques. This is a one-of-a-kind book on how to maximize your learning process when practicing Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu Intelligence will teach you how to maximize your knowledge while off the mat. Ken spent close to one year researching the most efficient ways to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has laid it out in a simple format so that you can read this book and implement the strategies instantly.

This treasure trove of a book can be read in less than an hour and includes topics such as:

-How to easily get through a training plateau and overcome an opponent who is consistently beating you.

-An easy way to study a person’s game that you want to model yours after.

-Discover how to mentally connect concepts with what you already know to get twice as good twice as fast.

-Find out how to get as much out of your training in one session as most would in a solid week.

-Learn the easiest way to get better even if you are not on the mat.

Plus much much more..

How to Varnish Like a Pro

by Tom Glinski

“Varnish Like a Pro” contains easy to follow directions that teach you the varnish technique of the professionals. It covers materials, preparation of bare wood, repairing existing varnish, refresher coats and varnish maintenance tips. The focus is on exterior wood, but the techniques for interior varnishing are also covered, as are the new polyurethane clear coatings. It makes the art of varnishing simple. Tom, a lifelong sailor and Cindy, his wife are both marine biologists. Their articles in SAIL Magazine and the Bahamas Yachtsman’s Guide in the 1980s and early 1990s had boaters learning how to make ratlines to navigate through coral reefs before there was SatNav or GPS. Tom’s articles described native animal species while Cindy’s articles on poisonous plants kept boaters out of trouble. Tom’s detailed article on tides described the science of “The Heartbeat of our Planet”. Their ability to convert seemingly complicated subjects into easy to understand terms is refreshing. Now they are back with the definitive and concise guide to the art of varnish. Follow their step by step instructions, aided with photos, and you will be “Varnishing Like a Pro” in no time. It is all a lot easier than you thinkâ?¦

Flipping Your Fat Loss Switch: Trigger Your Paleolithic Genes to Burn Fat

by John Griffin

Intensity is the elixir of youth. If you are short of time and are looking to see real results, you need to stop wasting time on ineffective exercise routines.

Flipping Your Fat Loss Switch will show you how you can do effective workouts at home in about fifteen minutes.

You will learn how to get the most out of your workouts in the least amount of time.

You will learn how and why some exercises are effective and why others are a waste of time.

You will learn why some exercise makes you physiologically younger.

Your body was designed to be strong and healthy well into old age.

Diseases that plague us today were practically nonexistent only 120 years ago.

Today, nearly half of our population over age 50 is taking a prescription drug to help them manage a chronic condition.

Today, chronic diseases are striking people at younger ages. Conditions that were once only identified in adults are now common in children. Ailments that once only affected people in their seventies and eighties are widespread in people under age sixty.

There is a genetic link to our diminishing health as a culture. Scientists have discovered, through the new science of epigenetics, that our genes express different characteristics depending on their environmental conditions.

Our genome is virtually unchanged from that of our Paleolithic ancestors. Our genes evolved over millions of years to help us adapt to an environment that is tremendously different from our current conditions. Our Paleolithic ancestors’ brains were as large or larger than our present brains, but they were stronger and healthier than modern humans. Even modern-day hunter-gatherer cultures, who do not have access to advanced medicine have better health than people living in civilization.

Scientists have identified many of these differences between modern people and our ancient ancestors. They have also been able to observe how different genes express themselves under various conditions. What they have learned is that our genes have evolved to support vitality.

Specific activities can elicit different genetic expressions that result in vastly improved health, strength and neurological plasticity. Not all activity or exercise will produce the same biochemical response at the cellular level. Many of the recommendations that we receive from healthcare authorities regarding activity are ineffective for triggering the genes that promote optimum health.

Flipping The Fat Loss Switch will explain the science behind achieving your best possible health. It will also show you how you can implement short programs in your own home to achieve remarkable results. If you can spare fifteen minutes a day, you can experience the health benefits that come when you work out the way you evolved to exercise.

Weight loss, improved metabolism, reversing metabolic disease, younger appearance and a sharper mind are just some of the benefits you can expect. There is ample scientific evidence to support the methods outlined in Flipping The Fat Loss Switch.
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then “Flipping The Fat Loss Switch,” has the information you need to make meaningful changes to your life beginning today.

The Essential Writings of Charles Eastman: Indian Boyhood, Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains, The Soul of the Indian & From the Deep Woods to Civilization

by Charles A. Eastman

This carefully edited Charles Alexander Eastman collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939) was a physician writer, national lecturer, and reformer. Eastman was of Santee Dakota, English and French ancestry. After working as a physician on reservations in South Dakota, he became increasingly active in politics and issues on Native American rights, he worked to improve the lives of youths, and founded thirty-two Native American chapters of the Young Men’s Christian Association. He also helped found the Boy Scouts of America. He is considered the first Native American author to write American history from the Native American point of view.
Indian Boyhood
Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains
The Soul of the Indian
From the Deep Woods to Civilization

Indian Boyhood & From the Deep Woods to Civilization

by Charles Eastman

“From the Deep Woods to Civilization” we will hear of a single-hearted quest throughout eighteen years of adolescence and early maturity, for the attainment of the modern ideal of Christian culture. It is clearly impossible to tell the whole story, but much that cannot be told may be read “between the lines.” The broad outlines, the salient features of an uncommon experience are here set forth in the hope that they may strengthen for some readers the conception of our common humanity.
“Indian Boyhood,” presents the incredible adventurous childhood and youth which were a part of the free wilderness life of the first American â?? a life that is gone forever. By dint of much persuasion, the story has now been carried on from the point of that plunge into the unknown with which the first book ends, a change so abrupt and so overwhelming that the boy of fifteen “felt as if he were dead and travelling to the spirit land.” In his second autobiography

The Greatest Indian Heroes and Chieftains: Red Cloud, Spotted Tail, Little Crow, Tamahay, Gall, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Rain-In-The-Face, Two Strike, … Chief Joseph, Little Wolf, Hole-In-The-Day

by Charles A. Eastman OhiyeS’a

This eBook edition of “Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains presents biographies of 15 great Native American Chiefs, including Crazy Horse, Siting Bull and Red Cloud. Most of the Chiefs presented were Sioux, and some of them were Eastman’s friends such as Rain-In-The-Face.
Red Cloud
Spotted Tail
Little Crow
Crazy Horse
Sitting Bull
Two Strike
American Horse
Dull Knife
Roman Nose
Chief Joseph
Little Wolf

Young People, Social Media and Health (Open Access) (Routledge Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport)

The pervasiveness of social media in young people’s lives is widely acknowledged, yet there is little evidence-based understanding of the impacts of social media on young people’s health and wellbeing.

Young People, Social Media and Health draws on novel research to understand, explain, and illustrate young people’s experiences of engagement with health-related social media; as well as the impacts they report on their health, wellbeing, and physical activity. Using empirical case studies, digital representations, and evidence from multi-sector and interdisciplinary stakeholders and academics, this volume identifies the opportunities and risk-related impacts of social media.

Offering new theoretical insights and practical guidelines for educators, practitioners, parents/guardians, and policy makers; Young People, Social Media and Health will also appeal to students and researchers interested in fields such as Sociology of Sport, Youth Sports Development, Secondary Physical Education, and Media Effects.

With the Indians in the Rockies (Complete Edition): Life & Adventures of Trapper and Trader Thomas Fox

by James Willard Schultz

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
“With the Indians in the Rockies” is a biography of James Willard Schultz’s close friend Thomas Fox. Based on Fox’s stories told by the evening camp-fire and before the comfortable fireplaces of various posts, Schultz wrote this book. Shultz described Fox’s life of a trapper and fur trader and his adventures in the various Indian camps and trading posts where he spent most of his life.

Sandcastles: Your Ultimate Guide To Sculpting Stunning Sandcastles And Creations On The Beach!

by Margaret Riviera

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sandcastle Sculpting

Are You Ready To Learn How To Make Amazing Sandcastles On The Beach? If So You’ve Come To The Right Place…

Here’s A Preview Of What This Book Contains…

  • An Introduction To Sandcastles
  • Sun, Fun, and Sandâ?¦ and More Sand
  • Not All Sand is Created Equal
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Why Sand Compacting Works
  • Building the Basic Structures
  • Putting It All Together
  • Sand Carving 101
  • Sand Carving 201
  • And Much, Much More!

Order Your Copy Now And Let’s Get Sculpting!

Master Martial Arts Like Bruce: Learn The Basics of Ancient Fighting Secrets

by Carter Lewis

Fast forward to the early 70’s. It was at this time that the ‘Bruce Lee Phenomenon’ hit the West. Enter The Dragon, a major Hollywood backed film, hit the silver screens. It was explosive, here was a guy who could do almost magical things, at blistering speeds, and so, as a direct result of that film, so was born the modern age of martial arts in the West.

The first martial art to really explode as a result of Lee’s film was Karate. With schools already well established in the UK, they capitalized on the phenomenon by coming out of the back streets and into the school and church halls. Inevitably, this boom faded, people left because it was too hard, that to get anywhere was a lifelong commitment, not something achieved in a matter of weeks or months, but years of hard graft.

In some ways, it is sad that, as a result of the modern age, there are also some excellent, but increasingly forgotten martial arts worth investigating. Today, choosing which martial art you want to do is actually much easier than you think. A great many clubs will offer you a first lesson free, so take advantage of that fact, and go and try as many as you can. In this way, you can find out which one suits you best.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Which Martial Art Is For Me?

Chapter 2 – How to Choose a Martial Arts School – Considerations For Making the Right Decision

Chapter 3 – Martial Arts Fighting Styles

Chapter 4 – How to Choose a Martial Arts School

Chapter 5 – Which Is The ‘Deadliest’ Style of Martial Arts?

Chapter 6 – Martial Art Schools – The Good and Bad

Chapter 7 – Martial Arts Equipment – Progress in Martial Arts

Chapter 8 – How to Learn the Martial Arts at Home – 10 Tips to Get and Stay in Shape

A Snorkeling Guide Into The Deep Blue: A Step Into Your Dream Destinations

by Frank Vidal

Snorkeling is a popular recreational sport and the number of enthusiasts is not about to go down anytime soon. One of the main reasons why people choose to snorkel is that it can be so relaxing. Just floating and being immersed within the underwater scenery is enough to escape the hurdles we encountered in everyday life.

So what is the secret in how to snorkel the right way? Well, it is very simple. The most important thing is to just relax. There is no need to hurry up. Learning on how to snorkel about without feeling breathless, fatigue or cramps is the key to maximizing the enjoyment of your snorkeling adventure. If you are a beginner, it may be slightly unnerving to breathe underwater through a tube but do not worry it will quickly become second nature just after a few tries.

If you are still learning on how to snorkel, then it is advisable to test out using the snorkel in still shallow waters preferably in a pool or on a sandy beach. The incredible experience of a new-found love for the waters and creatures under the deep blue will take you to places you never dreamed existed with this hobby. Over here in this book, you can view your options and have a better overall idea what you need to get started.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – To Purge Or Not to Purge – Know Your Snorkeling Options

Chapter 2 – A Guide on Snorkeling Tips and Techniques

Chapter 3 – Things To Consider When Purchasing A Snorkel

Chapter 4 – Getting the Best Snorkeling Equipment For a Perfect Snorkeling Experience

Chapter 5 – A Hawaii Snorkeling Vacation – Eco-Adventure on a Budget

Chapter 6 – Maui Snorkeling Secrets

Chapter 7 – How to Keep Your Snorkeling Gear in Top Condition

Chapter 8 – Discover the Wonders of Snorkeling at Night

How To Become A Championship Boxer: Defense Strategies & Techniques For Beginner Boxers

by Simo Koontz

Your health and fitness level could be improved by engaging in boxing training for fitness. You would not only get a stronger body by taking part in boxing training fitness programs but you will also have more self-confidence. You will also be in the best fighting form when you start the fitness training.

There have been impressive records of those that gained lots of stamina by engaging in boxing fitness training. Your arms and legs will become more defined while your build stronger body. There are lots of benefits waiting for you when you join these classes and programs such as more stable emotions as well as some sense of inner strength.

Before now, boxing training were only meant for professional and armature boxers but that has changed in the recent past because it has entered into the mainstream physical fitness training. The boxing training workouts are also known to have helped many people to tone their muscles as well as having well cardiovascular muscles. Over in this book, you can learn some fundamental basics to become a boxer yourself.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Immense Benefits That Could Be Derived From Boxing Training

Chapter 2 – Tips For Effective Boxing Training Workouts

Chapter 3 – Choosing Between the Gym Or Home to Get Started With Boxing Training

Chapter 4 – Tips for Beginners: Areas to Focus In

Chapter 5 – Techniques to Improve Conditioning and Stamina

Chapter 6 – Best Boxing Training Secrets For Fat Loss

Chapter 7 – Medicine Ball Exercises For a Boxing Training Routine

Chapter 8 – Triple Your Results in Half the Time

Travels With Otto: The Tale of a Dog

by Ellen Frazer-Jameson

“Travels with Otto, in the spirit of John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, promised to be a unique and fascinating road trip across our chosen route, the Sunshine State of Florida. With old-fashioned road maps and without the benefit of electronic ground-planning systems, our plan was to visit places of interest, meet up with friends and allow our spirits to run free, taking us, if they so chose, on wild-goose chases and unscheduled diversions.

Our preparations and packing were sporadic and somewhat disorganized, informed by the fact that we intrepid travelers had made the discovery that superstore retailer giant Walmart allowed free overnight parking in their lots for RVs. Honest. We proved itâ??happily shopping in the middle of the night while our home on the move rested amidst the huge delivery trucks and constantly arriving and departing staff members and nocturnal customers.

True, we had some essentials and personal favorites: Artist and musician Jude Parry insisted on packing her accordionâ??and a vase of red roses, a romantic gift from an admirer she refused to leave at home only to wither. The roses, that is, not the admirer. Sister Angela, who was visiting Florida from her home in Spain, had her art supplies with the objective of painting a portrait of her teenage granddaughter as a birthday gift. As chronicler of the trip, I carried a laptop…

Japanese 100 Great Mountains Volume Three: Episode Eleven to Fifteen (The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books) (Japanese Edition)

by Hodaka



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Callisthénie: Guide du Débutants pour la musculation au Poids du Corps – Le Défi et Plan d’Action 30 Jours Dieu Grec pour le renforcement musculaire … / Calisthenics French Book) (French Edition)

by Jennifer Louissa

â??â?? Achetez la version de broché de ce livre et obtenez la version Kindle GRATUITEMENT en format numérique! â??â??

Vous êtes sur le point de découvrir un guide d’exercices de gymnastique éprouvé pour développer des muscles incroyables sur votre corps et vous pouvez le faire chez vous ou à l’extérieur dans la rue. Dans ce livre, vous apprendrez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour démarrer en toute sécurité dans la bonne direction. Vous découvrirez même certaines des erreurs cruciales que vous devez éviter lors de l’exécution de ces exercices!

De plus, vous apprendrez les avantages des exercices de callisthénie par rapport aux autres entraînements. Vous partagerez également avec vous certains des meilleurs entraînements et exercices (qui incluent des illustrations visuelles) pour vous donner les résultats les plus significatifs. Vous ne vous demanderez pas non plus quoi faire une fois que vous aurez fini de lire, car nous vous proposons un programme de routine d’entraînement de 30 jours, afin que vous puissiez commencer dans la bonne direction, tout de suite!

Voici juste un aperçu de ce que vous allez bientôt apprendre…
РEnfin, d̩couvrez en quoi consiste la gymnastique su̩doise et comment vous pouvez rapidement cr̩er du muscle maigre!
– Vous découvrirez l’avantage de la gymnastique suédoise et apprendrez pourquoi ces entraînements sont si efficaces!
РD̩couvrez les meilleurs exercices HOME & STREET pour obtenir les meilleurs r̩sultats!
– Les erreurs les plus courantes de l’exercice et des conseils utiles pour les éviter tous vous ont été révélés!
– Vous aurez droit à un exercice ROUTINE de 30 jours pour pouvoir commencer tout de suite!
– Beaucoup plus!

N’attendez plus! Cliquez sur le bouton “Acheter maintenant” pour commencer le voyage d’être en meilleure santé!

I Love New England: Every Reason to be a Patriots Fan

by A Fan


Great gag gift for football fans!

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