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Italian Vocabulary Builder: 2222 Italian Phrases To Learn Italian And Grow Your Vocabulary (Italian Language Learning Mastery)

by Lingo Mastery

Have you been trying to learn Italian, but feel that you’re a long way off from talking like a native?

Do you want to have an efficient resource to teach you words and phrases very commonly used in endless scenarios?

Are you looking to learn Italian vocabulary quickly and effectively without being swarmed with complicated rules?

If you answered “Yes!” to at least one of the previous questions, then this book is definitely for you! We’ve created Italian Vocabulary Builder – 2222 Italian Phrases To Learn Italian And Grow Your Vocabulary – a powerful list of common Italian terms used in context that will vastly expand your vocabulary and boost your fluency in the “language of music”, as it is romantically called.

In this book you will find:

  • A detailed introduction with a brief, descriptive guide on how to improve your learning
  • A list of 2222 keywords in common phrases in Italian and their translations.
  • Finally, a conclusion to close the lesson and ensure you’ve made good use of the material

But we haven’t even told you what we’ve got in store for you, have we? In this book, you will find phrases relevant to the most common and essential subjects, such as: Adjectives, Animals, Entertainment, Family and Friendship, Grammar, Health, Jobs Time, Synonyms and dozens of other must-know topics.

So what are you waiting for? Open the pages of Italian Vocabulary Builder – 2222 Italian Phrases To Learn Italian And Grow Your Vocabulary and start boosting your language skills today!

Super Cheap Tokyo: The Ultimate Budget Travel Guide to Tokyo and the Kanto Region

by Matthew Baxter

Super Cheap Tokyo is all you’ll need for a budget holiday in Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto region. With a large choice of discount passes, tax-free shopping and an unbelievable exchange rate, now is the time to come! Unlike other Tokyo guides, this book shows you exactly how, where and when you can save money. Grab a traditional Japanese meal for $3, buy clothes in fashion heaven Harajuku for under $10, spend next to nothing on a day’s hiking or relax in a free Japanese garden; it’s all here in this easy-to-use travel guide.

Inside the Super Cheap Tokyo guide book:

  • Budget food – comprehensive listings of low-cost restaurants, take-outs, supermarkets, so you’ll never be lost for a cheap meal
  • Budget shopping – 100 yen ($1) shops, free sample hotspots, how and where to go tax-free shopping, all the best attraction discounts and freebies
  • Color maps for budget travelers, making it easy and stress-free to get around
  • Highlights and itineraries based on discount subway and train passes, so you can keep costs down while exploring all across the region
  • Tokyo’s hidden treasures – walking routes via historic neighborhoods to cut down on train fares, inexpensive side trips and free alternatives to busy, overpriced spots
  • Essential help for budget travelers – free tours, simple to understand directions, simplified transportation maps, translations for places that don’t have English support and basic Japanese phrases to help you get better prices on your trip
  • Cheap accommodation – the best and cheapest hostels, family-friendly hotels, capsule hotels, net cafes, overnight spas, campsites and more
  • Guides to central Tokyo and the Imperial Palace, Harajuku, Shibuya, Akihabara, Asakusa, the Skytree, Odaiba, Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo, Ueno, Mount Fuji, Kamakura, Yokohama, Nikko, Hakone, Mount Takao, Mount Mitake, as well as many other highlights and off-the-beaten-track spots nearby

Based on the top-selling Super Cheap Japan guidebook (ISBN 978-1-9998100-0-9), this book is perfect for backpackers, budget travelers, families on a tight budget, students and those who are new to Tokyo. You’ll have an amazing time, without blowing all your money away!

Zanzibar: Travel Guide

by Adam Jackson

Zanzibar by Adam Jackson guides travelers to this beautiful archipelago. Adam guides you in why you should go to this island, when to go, how to get there, where to stay, what to see and do, as well as help you understand the culture and people. The information is short and direct. All you have to do is go have a good time.

Exploring Hawaii’s Most Haunted Destinations

by Sherri Granato

From volcanoes to the unexplained, Hawaii has a few deep dark secrets hidden deep within the beautiful scenery and architecture that makes it one of the most haunted destinations on the planet. These mystifying spirits will make the strongest man weak, and paralyze the faint of heart with a fear for the spirit world like no other.

When Dogs See Ghosts & Spirits

by Sherri Granato

Dogs and ghosts go hand in hand, primarily due to the fact that animals have a keen sense of smell and sight. The show, Animal Planet featured cure cottages in a series dubbed “The Haunted” by taking you through a virtual tour of one of the cure cottages owned by Mike and Jennifer Todd that has been revamped into an apartment building. The couple’s dogs, Lily and Jasmine were disturbed by presences that continued to plague the cottages and eventually tenants and the owners themselves were met with the obvious. The place was haunted by many different entities and these spirits were beginning to get irritated by all of the renovations taking place.

Bali from Locals: The guidebook that shows you to live like a local for less than $600/month including accommodation

by Shabrina Koeswologito

How To Travel in Bali For a Month in Less Than $600 Including Accommodation

Bali from Locals guidebook will give you the practical, step-by-step instructions to explore the island of Bali for a month

Based on personal experience and feedback from Indonesian travelers, this Bali guidebook will show the secrets from the locals’ perspective. Especially, knowing that the Indonesian minimum wage is less than $250/month.

This Bali travel guide will feature 5 types of traveler; The Digital Nomad, The Adventurous, The Wave Chaser, The Nightlife, and The Culturally Curious. Each types will be accommodated with calculations done in the end of this book. The budget is divided into two parts; one-month mid-budget travel and high- budget travel for each traveler’s type.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn in The Bali From Locals Guidebook:

50+ complete restaurants, beach clubs, and bars information (phone, website, map, address, and price estimation for two people)
What to do outside the Bali main island: Gilli Trawangan Islands and Nusa Penida
Recommended activities, places to stay, workshops, and coworking space
5 budget calculations – mid and high budget – depending on what kind of a traveler you are (The Digital Nomad, The Adventorous, The Wave Chaser, The Nightlife, and The Culturally Curious)
Learn the cost and where to rent motorcycles in Bali

Wonder Japan USAGI island

by Babičk POTKAN

If you like rabbits, this is the place you want to visit.
There is a rabbit island in Hiroshima, Japan.

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