Free war Kindle books for 04 Nov 18

Dead Man’s Ranch

by Scott Gill

In Anarchy of the Dead, experienced soldier Sergeant Ranch faces a race against time to clear his name and reach his comrades before the zombies do. But as Sergeant Ranch reaches the team and brings home the cure for the zombie virus, maybe all isn’t as it seems. With trustworthy people in short supply, Sergeant Ranch must rely on himself to save civilisation from itself.

SAMPLE BOOK!! The War on Terror -A Glimmer of Hope: sequel trilogy to A Trapper’s Tale trilogy (Mouse House Book 4)

by chad harter

A small sample of the saga to come concerning Clementine and her part in the human races importance in the galaxy and how the sickness she carries may be a power to wield.

Solo un bambino: Storie brevi per riflettere (Italian Edition)

by Sonia Paolini

A dicembre 2017 mi proposero di partecipare a un concorso di scrittura.
Un racconto sotto l’albero.
Natale il tema del concorso.
Scrivere dieci racconti di circa mille parole ciascuno, i cui generi letterari si distribuissero tra thriller, storico, amore, azione, fantasia, horror, fan-fiction, humour, fantascienza, paranormale.
Inizialmente fui titubante.
A mano a mano che componevo, mi ricredetti.
Ho unito i racconti in una raccolta, aggiungendone un undicesimo, di sole cinquecento parole, pertinente il bullismo.
Solo un bambino si è aggiudicato il premio speciale di Storia più bella in assoluto.
Migliore evocatore di emozioni è stato il premio speciale assegnato alla sottoscritta.
A settembre 2018 la raccolta è arrivata terza al Concorso Nascosti tra le pagine (Wattpad).
A ottobre 2018 è arrivata seconda al Concorso Concorsiamo 2k18 (Wattpad).

Ogni settimana, per undici settimane, verrà pubblicato uno dei racconti, seguendo l’ordine del genere di appartenenza.

Buona lettura.

Searching for Redemption

by Jimmy Boyles

Ares, God of war, is on a mission in the city of New York, to find the source of a brewing gang war. This mission leads him, not only to the Roberto crime family but also to the beautiful Alma Roberto, who leaves Ares spellbound. Working with her brother to take out the rival gang, ensures Ares is constantly close to Alma; being close to Alma means being unable to fight his feelings for her. Ares finds himself falling for Alma but he can only stay as long as there is a war. Once the war is over, Ares has to leave without a pregnant Alma.
Twenty-two years later and the product of that union is trapped in a crime family he feels no sense of brotherhood with. He makes a conscious choice to sever ties with the family but to do that, he must destroy the man who taught him everything he knows.

Nova Anglia: A kingdom Lost

by AJ Richards

In a style that is redolent of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell this is the explosive opening novel in a series set in the collapsing of the Anglo-Saxon world that follows the devastating Norman invasion of 1066. With Harold dead and William and his Norman Barons taking land power and wealth as they want they stoke the fire of rebellion. When it bursts into life an ordinary Mercian families’ lives are torn apart as they are caught between the rapacious violence of the Normans and the outcome of the rebellion. While his family suffers under the Norman yolk Ealdwine joins Hereward’s rebellion and becomes a fighter and warrior forged in the heat of battle. The outcome of the uprising leaves them all with no choice but to flee for their lives and it is not long before they find themselves being swept on a journey towards Constantinople, as they fight to try and find and build a new home, a Nova Anglia

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