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Falling For The Recalitrant Duke: A Historical Regency Romance Book

by Charity McColl

A case of mistaken identity lands Penelope Campbell in the Duke of Salisbury’s household as governess to his six-year-old twin niece and nephew. It isn’t long before Penny falls in love with her employer, but his past comes calling in the form of a very beautiful and elegant French lady with sinister motives.

Lord Percival Warren has always loved painting and when he becomes the next duke in place of his dead brother, he’s forced to make drastic changes to his lifestyle. When Penny joins his household, he’s smitten and believes he’s found the woman who should be the next duchess, but he has to deal with the past before they can find the love that is so pure and whole.

Ð?илÑ?ям ШекспиÑ? (Russian Edition)

by СемÑ?н Ð?енгеÑ?ов

Семен АÑ?анасÑ?евиÑ? Ð?енгеÑ?ов (1855-1920) â?? великий Ñ?Ñ?сский кÑ?иÑ?ик и исÑ?оÑ?ик лиÑ?еÑ?аÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?. Ð? 1901 г. основал издаваемÑ?Ñ? под его Ñ?едакÑ?ией Ñ?иÑ?мой Ð?Ñ?окгаÑ?з-Ð?Ñ?Ñ?он “Ð?иблиоÑ?екÑ? великиÑ? писаÑ?елей” â?? Ñ?оскоÑ?ное иллÑ?сÑ?Ñ?иÑ?ованное и снабженное комменÑ?аÑ?иями издание; вÑ?Ñ?ли полнÑ?е собÑ?. соÑ?. ШиллеÑ?а (4 Ñ?., СÐ?б., 1901â??1902), ШекспиÑ?а (5 Ñ?., СÐ?б., 1903â??1904), Ð?айÑ?она (СÐ?б., 1904â??1905, 3 Ñ?.).

Life’s Big Zoo

by R.S. Gompertz

I’m halfway to thirteen and 1968 is already the craziest year ever. Rigged elections, H-bombs, riots, rock and roll. My rock star brother might end up in Vietnam and The Monkees TV show just got cancelled. So much for flower power.

Should I tell my grandmother that our weird neighbor is an ex-Nazi? Nana survived Dachau and deserves a quiet life which, so far, I haven’t provided. I may be the dumbest kid in smart class, but I have a really big idea: I’m going to return to the scene of the crime and avenge Nana’s lost family.

Garage bands, G-men, Germans and Jews. Laurel Canyon, where the nuts roll uphill. If the future of the free world depends on me, please accept my apology in advance.

Among the many wise things Nana tells me, one that rings true time and again is that God keeps a big zoo. In the summer of 1968 I joined the menagerie.

Devil’s Choice (Old Balmain House Book 3)

by Graham Wilson

A parents worst nightmare. A small child with an incurable disease and a father who served in Vietnam and blames himself for her illness. The family is torn apart. Finally only one choice remains to save the daughter’s life, a Devil’s Choice.

The time is in the 1980s. Catherine, Lizzie’s daughter has returned to Sydney to study. She now lives in Balmain, near where her mother grew up. She settles into life there, establishes a successful career and marries. Then she has a daughter who is the joy of both her and her husband’s lives.

But when her daughter is three years old the unimaginable happens. Her daughter develops an incurable disease, advanced leukaemia. Other treatments fail. Now the only option to save her daughters life is a bone marrow transplant. They search desperately for a donor to match. But no one is found. Her daughter has an unusual tissue profile that seems to come from her Catherine’s own father.

But who is her father? Catherine was conceived when her mother was raped by three men. Two of the three men who raped her mother are now in jail, destined to spend the most of their life there. The third is dead.

Can Catherine bear to make the choice and bring herself to appeal to one of these men in an attempt to save her daughter’s life when she knows that even this may be futile.

This is the third novel in “The Old Balmain House” Series. Novel two, Lizzie’s Tale,tells the story of Lizzie a girl from Balmain and her struggle to keep her own daughter when pregnant at only 15 and the terrible choices she must make. This book.continues the family’s story into a third generation.

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