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The Studying Hours: How to Date a Douchebag

by Sara Ney

Sebastian â??Oz’ Osborne is a walking, talking cliche.
One of the university’s most celebrated student athleteâ??and possibly the biggest douchebag–Oz has a filthy mouth, a fantastic body, and doesn’t give a sh*t about what you, or anyone else thinks. He loves to have fun,but loves winning even more.

Jameson Clarke may be the university’s most diligent studentâ??but she is no prude. She spends most of her time in the hallowed halls of the library, not because she’s a brainiac–but because she’s not. School doesn’t come easy, and she’s determined to finish the year without a D.

D stands for Douchebag.

Oz is a champion wrestler; one of the best. And he didn’t fight his way to the top by backing down from a challenge.

He wants to be friends with Jameson.
He wants to spend time with her.
He wants to drive her crazy.
He wantsâ?¦


The Slow Death of American Democracy: 50 Reasons the US is Not a True Democracy and How We Can Fix It

by Ross Rosenfeld

Voter suppression, legalized bribery, the destruction of unions, poverty, racism, a partisan Supreme Court and much, much more – we are witnessing the deterioration of American democracy right before our eyes. It’s time to fight back.

In this book you’ll find fifty problems with American democracy laid bare, encompassing everything from the Electoral College to the disproportionate make up of the Senate to our extremely skewed tax code to shadow organizations with enormous influence over our government.

If you’re a liberal, if you’re a progressive, if you’re part of the Resistance, this book will give you the intellectual ammunition you need to combat the extremist Republican Party and the injustices we’re seeing all around us. We can no longer sit back while conservatives take names off of voting lists and add names to prison rosters.

Bernie Sanders once said that we have to decide whether we want to be a democracy or an oligarchy. Right now we have an oligarch president in Donald Trump, the poster-child for greed and privilege. We have corporations not only influencing our politicians, but often writing the laws themselves. And we have a growing wealth gap between the richest 1% and the rest of us.

Some of the information you’ll find this book will truly shock you. But we can change things. It begins by defeating the lies from the other side. Let’s get started.

Luke (The Hometown Heroes Series Book 1)

by Leigh Duncan

Fourth-generation cattleman Luke Parker looks into his childless future and wonders what will become of the ranch he’s worked so hard to preserve.

Sarah Magarity’s job with the Department of Children and Family Services has exposed her to the worst side of parenting. So much so that the altruistic redhead doubts she’ll ever have children of her own.

The solution to both their problems might be a five-year-old boy abandoned on DCF’s doorstep just days before Christmas, but only if the cowboy can convince a jaded social worker that he’s good father material on a two-week cattle drive through Florida’s version of the Old West.

* This book was originally published in 2012.

Dividend Investing Your Way to Financial Freedom: A Guide to Live Off Dividends Forever

by Millionaire Mob

Historically, dividend investing has been viewed as a way for risk-averse, “belt and suspenders” investors to invest in the stock market. Dividend investing is the best way to increase your income while also covering off on your retirement goals.

With my dividend investing guide, you will learn the 5 steps necessary to live off dividends forever. In addition to these 5 steps, you will receive:

1) Free resources to calculate the best dividend investment options
2) My exact criteria on how to find undervalued dividend stocks
3) Actionable steps to become a better dividend growth investor

Dividend Investing Your Way to Financial Freedom is the ultimate solution for every aspiring stock market investor.

The Dryad’s Pawprint (Paranormal Council Book 1)

by Laura Greenwood

He’ll give up his happiness to help his people – but can he give up his soulmate?

When Kem is called before the Shifter Council, he’s told he needs to marry to secure an alliance for them. There’s only one problem; a year ago he met a woman he can’t forget.

After meeting a mystery man a year ago, Lia has a secret. One that she can’t even tell her sister, Aella. When fate brings the two of the back together, even the most carefully laid plans get disrupted.

The Dryad’s Pawprint is book one in the completed Paranormal Council series. It is Kem and Lia’s full story.

Bewitching (Regency Magic Book 1)

by Jill Barnett

She had bewitched the most serious, snobbish, and handsome Duke in England. Joyous MacQuarrie…the pixie-like, green-eyed beauty had appeared from nowhere and fell unashamedly into his arms. And all that his society friends knew of the mysterious lady was that she was Scottish and that her grandmother had been a Locksley. Even her fine bloodline didn’t make Joy quite proper enough to be a Duchess, but a proud nobleman like Alec, Duke of Belmore, did as he pleased…and he wanted to marry the beautiful girl who aroused his desire.
But Alec soon discovered he could not do what he pleased with Joy Fiona MacQuarrie. Bubbling with laughter, filled with spirit, she turned stately Belmore Park upside down with merriment and strange occurrences. She might even have gotten Alec to laugh — and to cherish her — if it had not been for the truth she hid. Though he turned to fire when he tasted her petal-soft lips, he turned to ice when he discovered that this winsome lady was, in fact, a witch, a witch whose powers of white magic were not always perfectly under control.
Too late, Joy knew she was desperately in love and that nothing could stop the course of their destiny — the scandal threatening to destroy her and the passion that held them both spellbound in a forbidden, irresistible match of two enchanted hearts.

Living with Grief: 36 Lessons from Life

by David Pierce

The authors* in Living with Grief: 36 Lessons from Life share with us their experiences of profound grief. They do not offer comfortable platitudes; they do not recommend simplistic methods of cleaning the mind of sorrow or the heart of pain. Instead, they chronicle their own ongoing struggles with grief. They tell us that they have learned, above all, not to try to banish grief, but to live with it and learn from it. They tell us that grief is real. And they tell us that our lives can still be meaningful, even though we have suffered the deepest loss.

The anthology is one example of a bereavement sanctuary. In this literary environment, the authors explore grief on their own terms. Readers may do the same. Here, you may immerse yourself in a variety of grieving experiences, as well as comforting and nurturing ones, and emerge intact, with an enhanced ability to consider life and death.

You will learn from this book that it is possible to live with grief, should you care to do so. Inspiration exists here in case you ever require it to make your own journeys of discovery into grief and mourning.

*Additional Authors: Chris Gerlt, Ann Gettis, Polly Giantonio, Dan Gunter, Dale Hird, Pat LeMonde, Daniel Levine, Beth Lynch-Furano, Cheryl Olczak, Susan Overstreet, Nancy Peet, Judy Pierce, Victor Robinson, Hazel Rose, Bob Scott, Barbara Swanston, Barbara Tillman, Jan Warner, Elizabeth Weber, IJ Woods, and Wendy Zeigler. Cover Paintings: “Friends Along the Road” and “Spirit Rising” by Wendy Zeigler

Scoring Her Heart (Scored Book 1)

by Marquita Valentine

Dallas Drake has a big salary and an even biggerâ?¦egoâ?¦and he’s not afraid to use either of them to his advantage. As infamous as he is attractive, Dallas has all the equipment necessary to bring home the win.

The first time I met him, I was in handcuffs.
The second, he saved me when I fell off a ladder.
Now? Now we’re working together to plan a charity event.
I may not be interested in what Dallas has to offer, but as the game goes on, I’m becoming more open to his passes.
Is he looking for the win, or just determined to score?

Scored can be read as a standalone.

Scored Series:
Scoring Her Heart
Protecting Her Heart
Catching Her Heart (coming soon!)

Seekers of the Lost Boy

by Taryn Hayes

“What is that?” Simon narrowed his eyes, trying to make out the object at the water’s edge. It was probably nothing. Except… it glowed.

Set in Cape Town, South Africa, Seekers of the Lost Boy is an adventure that brings a homeschooling family face to face with the atrocities of their apartheid past.

It begins when 12-year-old Simon finds a bottle on the water’s edge during a visit to Muizenberg beach on a cold winter’s day. He brings the bottle home, dreaming of adventures, pirates and hidden treasures, only to have the bottle shatter within minutes of returning home. At first he is dismayed, but his disappointment is soon turned to intrigue when he discovers an envelope in the bottle. It contains a letter written 30 years prior by another 12-year-old school boy from the poverty-stricken Cape Flats. The letter is brief and contains one question: Who is God and does he care about me?

The letter fascinates the Ward family, so they embark on a journey of discovery. Through clues left in the letter, Simon, his mom and his twin 10-year-old siblings, Nic and Kim, find themselves revisiting their country’s apartheid past as they search for their mystery letter-writer.

Chasing Shadows: A Sexy Alpha-Hero meets Kick-ass Heroine Romantic Thriller (Shadow Ops Book 1)

by CJ Lyons

New York Times Bestseller CJ Lyons has been praised as a “Master of the Genre” (Pittsburgh Magazine) for her romantic thrillers. Join CJ as she starts a sexy, fun-filled, adrenaline rush of a new series: Shadow Ops.

Following a group of covert operatives, men and women who risk their lives to protect our country–but are they ready to risk their hearts?

CHASING SHADOWS (Shadow Ops Book #1):
Going undercover, playing the part of a disgraced former Marine, is easy for Chase Westin–until a Christmas Eve mission takes him back to his hometown and face to face with his estranged brother.

When KC, an undercover FBI agent, flies into Chase’s life with her Doc Martens, purple, punk-rock hair, and Hollywood-hype leather and chains, Chase realizes that falling in love is more dangerous than catching bullets.

The adventures continue in LOST IN SHADOWS (Shadow Ops, Book #2) Also check out the all new Shadow Ops adventures in Kindle Worlds!

Want more of CJ’s Thrillers with Heart? Go to CJLyons . net to get your FREE ebook and sign up for her mailing list.

Did you enjoy Shadow Ops? Try CJ’s other romantic thriller series, the Hart and Drake Medical Suspense romances:

Want more medical suspense with a touch of romance? Check out the Fatal Insomnia Trilogy:

Want something edgier? Meet Lucy Guardino, an average Pittsburgh soccer mom who’s also a kick-butt FBI agent:

Praise for CJ’s Thrillers with Heart:
“Everything a great thriller should beâ??action packed, authentic, and intense.” â??#1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child

“Compellingâ?¦I love how the characters come alive on every page.” â??New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver

“A pulse-pounding adrenaline rush.”â??Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author

“The perfect blend of romance and suspense. My kind of read.”â??Sandra Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“A high-stakes adventure with dire consequences.”â??Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

“Packed with adrenaline.”â??David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author

“Tense, whip-smart medical scenes â?¦ gripping.”â??Tess Gerritson, New York Times bestselling author

“Harrowing, emotional, action-packed and brilliantly realized â?¦ an irresistible read.”â??Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author

“Exciting â?¦ engrossing, intriguing.”â??Heather Graham, New York Times bestselling author

“An adrenaline rush and an all-around great read.”â??Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author

“Breathtakingly fast-paced.”â??Publishers Weekly

“Delves deep into the human soul.” ~RT Book Reviews

Who Needs Reality? (Northwest Romantic Comedy Book 1)

by Lia London

How do you woo the girl next door when she becomes a reality star?

Mild-mannered and predictable Milo Halsey wants to be a pharmacist. He is steady, reasonable, and hopelessly in love with his childhood best friend, the girl next door, Jill Ripley. But though they are practically inseparable, he’s never declared his love because what if she laughed at the idea–or worse–ran away from their friendship?

Beautiful, flighty, spoiled, and sweet, Jill Ripley chases adventure every day. Whether she’s buying racks of stylish clothing or speeding down the highway on her Harley, she pushes limits in the search for fun and fulfillment.

When Jill, on a whim, decides to audition for Who Wants to Be a Soap Star, she manages to convince Milo to come along. It’s all a crazy stunt until they make the cut! Thrown into a competitive world that brings out the worst in people, they both discover what matters more than fame and fortune. But how can they find true love when they are pawns in a fake world?

With loads of humor and surprising twists, this romantic comedy is sure to please readers who love a sweet and sassy love story.

Book 2: Getaway Gone Wrong
Book 3: Amaya’s Dance
Book 4: A Bid for Love
Book 5: Crazy Little Crush
Book 6: Love from A to Z (coming Dec 2018)

Harlow & Max (Into The Fire Series )

by J.H. Croix

One night. No strings. Until next Christmas.

Harlow May tests every limit I have and makes me want to break every rule she creates.
She’s a temptation I can’t seem to resist.
She fits no category. She’s strong & sassy and a firefighter to boot.
She fights the fire between us.
Once I have a taste, no one else will do.
I’ll fight for her and for us.
I only want one woman. Harlow.

A wedding, a one-night stand, and no happily-ever-after.
That’s how it all started with Max Channing.
Along comes another clich̩ Рa second chance.
A year later, I’m about to face Christmas alone when tall, dark & handsome Max shows up again.
Our lives are worlds apart. He’s a billionaire tech investor. I’m a hotshot firefighter.
Nothing about us makes any sense.
I never thought I’d see him again after the hottest night of my life.
I was wrong, so very wrong.
When our paths cross again, we break every rule.
And set each on fire.

Secrets Girls Keep: Legal Thrillers (Michael Gresham Legal Thrillers Book 3)

by John Ellsworth


Note: This book is about lawyers, police, and crime. It contains descriptions of violent crimes. It contains courtroom scenes that delve into these same incidents, which some may find offensive. This book also uses graphic language which some may find offensive. If these matters are a turnoff to you, please do not buy this book.

Michael Gresham is a criminal attorney whose priest has fathered a son. The boy is now seventeen, acting-out, and suddenly arrested for first-degree murder. A serious question arises as to the boy’s guilt. The priest asks Michael to take his son into his home so he can be released on bail. Michael and his wife agree and the boy, with his snake and mice, moves in.

One young client who looks more guilty with each new death…
The new houseguest gets questioned by the police for yet a second murder. Michael Gresham and his wife become uneasy and, when the young man begins acting out, they finally move him out. The snake and mice move out with him. What follows is the story of a trial for first degree murder. All pertinent witnesses take the stand and are questioned in this book. The tension mounts. A verdict is rendered by the jury, but the crime doesn’t end there. Now it becomes personal to Michael and Danny.

Other Books in the Michael Gresham Series of Legal and Financial Thrillers
Secrets Girls Keep is part of the Attorney Michael Gresham Mystery Thriller Series which has more than 2,500 reviews and a million readers and counting. If you love a page-turning thriller with mystery, clandestine plotting and a dash of romance, pick up Secrets Girls Keep today.

This stand-alone novel features leading man Michael Gresham. Look for other mystery and legal and financial thriller books featuring Michael Gresham including The Lawyer, Secrets Girls Keep, The Law Partners, Carlos the Ant, Sakharov the Bear, Annie’s Verdict, and coming October 2017 Dead Lawyer on Aisle 11. They can be read in any order.

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Redeemed: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance (Lost Love Book 1)

by Marcella Swann

A Forbidden Love Gets a Second Chance


I can’t believe it. How did he get past my receptionist? I haven’t seen Shawn for 10 years. I’d gave him my virginity in high school, but three weeks later he broke my heart. His father had told Shawn he couldn’t see me anymore. I wasn’t good enough.
I’d promised myself that someday, somehow, I’d get my revenge, blow his career out of the water.
Now he’s here, asking for my help. His father’s in trouble. I tell myself it’s just business, but I find myself in danger for my life, and for wanting him â?¦ again.


There’s only one person who I can turn to help my father: the best criminal defense attorney on the planet. She also happens to be my sexier-than-ever ex.
I had told Cynthia that my father made me dump her but that was a lie.
I’m willing to pay anything she asksâ??anything, except losing her again. Her investigation could destroy people, powerful people. Now everyone wants her dead.
I have to protect her, keep her close, very close.

This a 30,000 novella with suspense, love and an HEA because we all deserve our happily ever afters.

No Police Like Holmes (McCabe and Cody)

by Dan Andriacco

Fully revised 2nd edition – The Investigating Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes Colloquium and donation of the third largest private collection of Sherlockiana in the world were supposed to produce a weekend of great publicity for tiny St. Benignus College in Erin, Ohio. But when theft and murder come to campus, college public relations director Jeff Cody finds himself knee-deep in Sherlockian suspects, besieged by an aggressive reporter he loves but no longer dates, and competing with his eccentric brother-in-law, Sebastian McCabe, to solve the crimes first. The mess worsens when Jeff and his ex-girlfriend, Lynda Teal, themselves fall under suspicion of murder – and with good reason, for they have something to hide. This satirical romp takes Sherlock Holmes seriously, but not Holmesians. A witty and engaging spoof sure to delight not only the deerstalker set but mystery fans in general.

Thornfruit (The Gardener’s Hand Book 1)

by Felicia Davin

There were two secrets in Varenx House, and Alizhan was one of them.

Alizhan can’t see faces, but she can read minds. Her mysterious ability leaves her unable to touch or be touched without excruciating pain. Rescued from abandonment and raised by the wealthy and beautiful Iriyat ha-Varensi, Alizhan has grown up in isolation, using her gift to steal secrets from Iriyat’s rivals, the ruling class of Laalvur. But Iriyat keeps secrets of her own.

When Alizhan discovers that she isn’t the only one of her kind, and that a deadly plot threatens everyone like her, there’s only one person she can trust.

Ev liked having a secret. None of the other girls in the village had a thief-friend.

Evreyet Umarsadâ??”Ev” to her parents and her one friendâ??longs to be the kind of hero she reads about in books. But the rest of the world feels impossibly far away from her life on a farm outside Laalvur. Ev will never lay eyes on the underground city of Adappyr, the stars of the Nightward Coast, or the venomous medusas that glow in the dark depths of the sea.

At least on her weekly trip to the market, Ev gets to see her thiefâ??the strange young woman who slips by her cart and playfully steals a handful of thornfruit. When the thief needs help, Ev doesn’t hesitate. Together, they uncover a conspiracy that draws them all over Laalvur and beyond.

Thornfruit is the first book in The Gardener’s Hand trilogy.

Click (Pierce Securities Book 3)

by Anne Conley

Jake Callahan has a problem, and the only people who can fix it are the guys with Pierce Securities. Except Jake needs a woman. Miriam Bartoli will happily play the part of a sexy woman to get what the client needs, especially since playing mom to an office full of alpha males and recent surgery has wreaked havoc on her femininity. Can she fight her attraction with the target long enough to get what the client needs? Or will this case of mistaken identity and clicking with the wrong man be the end of her?

You, Me, and the Voodoo Queen (Malveaux Curse Mystery Book 2)

by G.A. Chase

Kendell Summer just can’t catch a break. All she wants is one good passionate kiss from her paranormal partner, Myles, but in the midst of their embrace, she hears a distress message coming from a passing paddle wheeler. Her band, Polly Urethane and the Strippers, is in trouble. Once again, she must drop everything and rush to the rescue while relying on Myles to have her back.

Unfortunately, the events that unfold while she’s saving her friends only plunge her deeper into the dreaded Malveaux curse and threaten Myles with a fate worse than death. Kendell will need everyone she trusts, including her loyal dog, Cheesecake, to help her save his soul.

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