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Programming for Beginners: 10 Books in 1- 5 Books of Data Analytics and 5 Books of Linux programming

by Daniel Jones

It doesn’t matter if your business has three employees or three hundred, you are likely generating far more information that you may realize, and certainly far more than you are likely tracking effectively. Understanding what this data truly means starts with managing it successfully which is where the process of data analytics comes into play. If you like the sound of putting your data to good use, but aren’t quite sure what the ins and outs of data analytics entails then grab this pack of 10 Books bundle.

On average, there are roughly two quintillion bytes worth of new data created each and every day which means that knowing what to do with it is easily a full-time job. Luckily, there are a wide variety of options out there when it comes to focusing in on the data that you want to use and using it in the most effective way possible. Inside you will find all the tools you are going to need in order to do just that, regardless if you are part of multinational conglomerate or are running your own startup.

Having the right data means being able to make the right decisions about your future because you know what your customers want, often before they do. Making the right decision in the moment means understanding the potential that this Bundle of books is offering and making the choice to go ahead and click buy! Your future, more successful business will thank you.

If you want to learn Linux programming, there’s not a better book on the market for you. This Powerful pack of books is going to assume you know absolutely nothing about Linux, then teach you everything from A-Z, some of the most significant topics that will be covered in this book are as follows:

�The most common and useful Linux command line tools
�How to write Bash scripts and automate your command line workflow
�How to program in C++ and Python
�How to understand and think about high-level programming concepts in order to become a better programmer in the end
�The differences between functional and object-oriented programming and how they apply to you

You may be absolutely stumped and not know where to look. However, this book will teach you everything you need to know – and fast! Without mincing words, the book teaches you two programming languages, how to write scripts, and how to navigate the Linux command line very well.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of this 10 Books bundle now and get to programming on Data Analytics and Linux like a master!

Fortnite: Battle Royale: A Complete How-to-Win Guide Updated for Season 6 (Advanced Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Win Victory Royale)

by Premiere GuideX

Fortnite Battle Royale: A Complete How-to-Win Guide Updated for Season 6 is the ultimate game guide for Fortnite gamers. In this book, we will be showing you first, all the major changes that took place in the Fortnite realm since the Season 6 update. Then giving you a complete guide on how to win in Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode as a Solo, Duo, and Squad and all especially updated for the Season 6 changes. Download your copy today! 

Blogging: 4-IN-1 Bundle: The Complete Collection to Start Blogging for Earning $1,000+ For Day in 100 Days with Ads & SEO (Advanced Online Marketing Strategies)

by Mark Gray

So many bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneur don’t really realize how a blog can become a goldmine.

They think to blog as a useless and outdated activity to do because they don’t comprise that a blog is one of the most available and profitable Sales Tool, and it will remain one of the tops for many years.

Before to be an SEO expert and a writer, Mark Gray is a successful online marketer.
So his main focus is obviously about making money exploiting organic and paid traffic.

The goal of this practical manual is to help the students make a structured blog and finally understand HOW TO MONETIZE IT.

What these manuals DON’T include:

– The evolution of Blogging – Because no one cares and it is easily findable online.
– How to make a blog in an in-depth way – Because this is not a geek book.
– Not monetizable techniques – Because my students want to make more money and dumb theories do not help.
– Not profitable methods – Because my students do not want to lose their time and money.
Everything else does not really work.

These smart manuals will provide you with all the really practicable steps to get your blog profitable.

What these manuals include:

– How to pick the Blog Platform – To get more awareness and to understand the various differences and your specific needs.
How to build a Brand – Built on your person and your ideas.
– How to choose the Right Niche – Based on sellable products.
– How to create an High-Impact Brand – Communicate coherency.
– How to really Monetize Blogs – Which path you want to take.
– How to build a Marketing Ecosystem – Built on your blog.
– How to start a Profitable Blog – And how to improve it.
– How to improve SEO Ranking – Be more Google friendly with five smart techniques.
– How to exploit Facebook Integration – Create engagement and get boosted.
– How to create an High-ROI Campaign – With persuasive copy.
– How to choose the Right Target – Based on sellable products.- How to understand the Metrics – Use data to take decisions

Extra: Understand how to monetize the traffic in the right way and have the highest earnings as possible. (What you have to sell and how)

In addition to this first sections of the manuals, the students will be allowed to access the most advanced and applicable online marketing techniques to get the highest quality customers as possible.

Advanced sections:

– Create a Coherent Image – Refine your brand to maximize the popularity.
– Provide value with Content Marketing – And attract customers.
– Understand the potentiality of Direct Marketing – Generate profiled leads.
– Learn why to do Email Marketing – Follow up your prospects.
– Setup the Autoresponder – Create your lists and make profitable campaigns.
– Make various Advanced Funnels – Educate and persuade your prospects.
– Sell for High Ticket – Maximize the recurring earnings.
– Create your Community – Maximize the recurring earnings on Facebook.
– Select only Profitable Keywords – Generate money as an affiliate.
– Receives an advantage from Mobile Ads & Traffic – Overcome the competition.
– Understand the Traffic & Retargeting Rules – Keep sell over time.
– Create a Lookalike Audience – Refine your target to minimize Cost-per-Lead
– How to do an A/B Testing – Improve every campaign.
– How to become an Internet Authority – Improve every campaign.
– Create an Ecosystem – Refine your target exploiting Youtube.
– Increase the Conversion Rates – Educate and persuade your prospects.

â??â?? Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE â??â??

Python Programming: The Ultimate Intermediate Guide to Learn Python Step by Step

by Ryan Turner

If you’re looking to learn about Python, machine learning, and putting it to good use, then keep reading!

Here’s the thing: you’ve tried to make things easier for you in your job, home, or wherever just using classic programming, but there are things you can’t do with it. These typically have only a linear structure â?? it can’t learn anything new as any human would. Unfortunately, this is what you need: a program that learns on its own according to the data you feed it â?? no need to keep reprogramming it to update it every time there’s new data! Does this sound like a familiar situation to you?

If it is, then this book has all the answers! It will show you everything you need to know about Python, machine learning, and everything in between. This information allows you to become skilled much faster. Imagine cutting months off of your learning curve and get a strong base of knowledge in no time at all. Imagine getting your project done yourself for a fraction of the cost. This is what this book can do for you.

This is not some phony information written by amateurs, this isn’t just a brief insight into python giving you basic knowledge. This is detailed, scientific information compiled together by experts in an easy to read fashion.

In this Python guide, you will discover:

– The importance of Machine Learning
– The Basics of Working with Python
– How to Setting up Your Python Environment
– Data Preprocessing with Machine Learning
– Working with Linear Regression in Machine Learning
– The Benefits of a Decision Tree
– Working on the Random Forest Algorithm
– The Advantages of the Naive Bayes Algorithm
– How Can you Use the KNN Algorithm
â?¦And so much more !

So, if this interests you at all, follow these instructions: click the Buy Now button and start learning Python Machine Learning today!

Managing Content on Your Kindle Device: How to Deliver Content to the Kindle, Archive, Gift, Lend, Borrow, Delete Books, Add Books, Send and Redeem Books

by Mark Howard

Many people have fallen in love with using a Kindle device, along with their Fire tablets and some other Amazon compatible devices. They like having their content and information right at their fingertips and being able to take this with them no matter where they go, without the bulky papers and books. But while many people have one of these devices and love using them, many don’t know all the great ways to use these products and how to manage the content on their Kindle device.

This guidebook is going to take some time to talk about how to manage the content on your Kindle device. The steps are simple, and it won’t take long before you can easily download all your content, share it with others in your family, and even loan it out to others. We even discuss some of the steps you need to troubleshoot your Kindle device to get it working in no time, without having to wait online with a customer service representative!

Some of the topics that we are going to discuss in this guidebook to help you properly manage your Kindle device include:

  • How to deliver the content that you want to your personal Kindle.
  • How to manage the content on your Kindle device
  • Working with Cloud Collection
  • Adding books to your Kindle and sending them as gifts to others
  • Lending and borrowing books on your Kindle device
  • How to share your content with others in your family and on your account.
  • How to troubleshoot your Kindle device to help keep it up and running

Owning a Kindle device or a Fire tablet can be a great way to manage your content and keep things organized. This guidebook will provide you with the tools you need to get started!

The Handy Apple Guide for Your iPhone: iPhone XS – iPhone XS Max – iPhone XR – iOS12

by Matthew Stone

Have you ever wanted to know the in’s and out’s of the latest iPhone? How you can quickly gain the ability to navigate through the interface and maximize all of its features? With this guide, you’ll be able to do just that!

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, called the new iPhone X line “The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”. In this guide, you’ll discover why and how people aren’t always able to adapt to this latest piece of technology and what you can do to pick it up quickly.

With technology growing at a rapid pace, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest trends and become a savvy tech user. However, with this guide, one that’s been written by young experts who have added quality information, clarity and syntactical aspects, you can expect to not fall behind.

Inside, you’ll be glad to find:

  • Technological advances of the phone, like: Facial Recognition, Wireless Charging and an A12 Bionic Processor
  • The features of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models and how you can benefit from their features
  • The differences between iPhones, so you can choose the one that’s right for you
  • How you can use the iPhone’s enhancements for your everyday life
  • In-depth coverage of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models
  • The powerful iOS 12.0 software that powers iPhone devices
  • An overview of Apple, iPhones and the iOS
  • The main iPhone features
  • Plus a whole lot more!

What are you waiting for?

Since technology is changing so quickly, it’s important to keep up so that we can take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Scroll up and click the “Buy Button” to purchase this handy guide today!

How to Vlog: An Essential Guide to Vlogging (Video Blogging)

by Kip Gleeson

If you’re ready to get your very own Vlog up and running, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

YouTube. Vimeo. Vine. Viral videos are the new black. Short and funny home videos shot using only a web-cam (mostly) are today’s sure-fire way to internet fame and instant global popularity. And with that often comes a generous addition to your pocketbook. But how does a regular Joe’s (or Jane’s) vlog end up getting millions of views and ‘likes’ within a freakishly short period of time? And what makes a video appealing, memorable and share-worthy? If you are interested in starting your own channel and sharing your passion with the world through vids, this is the book for you. Here, you’ll learn everything it takes for you to start and run your very own vlog. You’ll learn the success secrets of vloggers who provide entertainment and education (sometimes both) to billions of people worldwide. You’ll also learn videography techniques, editing tips, and scriptwriting ideas to make sure your vids are as professional looking as can be. So if you’re itching to get in front of the camera and put your face and ideas out there, let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Choosing Your Vlog Type
  • Videography Equipment and Techniques
  • Establishing the Camera Persona
  • How to Prepare Your Content Script
  • Editing Tips for the Best Visual Impact
  • Vlog Marketing Ideas and Other Tips
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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