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by Robert Tobin

“A searing, epic rollercoaster ride through time” (C.R. Reporter)
Evolution is painful…â?¨ â?¨Mika is a continuous, living energy evolving through generations of various life forms, carrying the memories of every past existence, and eventually, she becomes human. It’s at this stage that she connects with another like soul, Ari, and they find each other lifetime after lifetime. In a battle in Carthage, a Viking invasion of Spain, a super rock band, and into the future.â?¨ â?¨However, even a love that’s seemingly immortal can crack. What was once a love story that spanned lives, becomes a revenge story through the centuries. While their time might be unlimited, Earth’s isn’t. Will the two be able to reconcile before the end of days? Or will their eternal energy drift apart into the cold, lonely expanse of space?

The Greatest Treasure in the World: An Epic Tale of Knightly Redemption

by Scott Curtiss Tucker

Great heroes have spent lifetimes questing for fame, glory and riches . . . some have done well, but have any ever found “The Greatest Treasure in the World?”

Sir Sebastion of Scot is the realm’s most acclaimed Knight. He has found glory a thousand times, but love always eluded him. Until one day, the arrow of fate strikes true when he meets and falls in love with Karrinna, a poor, beautiful maiden facing a grim, lonely future because she demands that anyone seeking her hand must first bring her “The Greatest Treasure in the World”. . . a lost, magical treasure that may only exist in her dreams. Throughout history, many have searched for this special, elusive treasure with some claiming that they had found it. The others, eventually failing, or even dying, during their quest.

Sebastion hopelessly courts her with wealthy gifts, promises, and song, butâ?¦though she loves him, Karrinna won’t marry him unless he finds and brings her the treasure. Encased within a special chest, is an object made of the purest gold that’s magically enchanted with the most powerful force in creation. The treasure also possesses an unimaginable secret!

Bewildered by Karrinna’s demand, but bewitched by her heart, Sebastion quests forth to find this legendary treasure, or die trying on love’s fickle battlefield.

A quest that will take Sebastion into dangerous lands, testing his skills against trolls, brigands, a feisty, one eyed dwarf named Thorgrim Longbeard, a ruined dungeon, powerful storms, earthquakes, and more.

He must summon all of his knightly courage and climb a treacherous, icy mountain of unknown heights to visit the ‘All-Knowing, Most-Wise Oracle’ who’ll help only in exchange for a deadly sacrifice!

He will have to face the heart-freezing horror of a master vampire’s undead army, and then confront the ultimate evil when he enters the purgatorial lair of the giant red dragon, ‘Luminex,’ who’ll roast him alive if he can’t solve her impossible riddle!

But to even have a glimmer of hope of finding the treasure, Sebastion must conquer the greatest foe of all . . . himself!

Infinity: A Crown of Golden Leaves

by Catalina DuBois

The century is new but their fortune has not changed. Matthaios and Sara were cursed many lifetimes ago to be star crossed for all of infinity, and their existence in Rome has proven as perilous and heart wrenching as before. She is a slave and he is a Roman prince with an evil dictator for a father. Sara and Matthaios were inseparable as children but court etiquette and differences in social status have begun to pull them in different directions. Despite great obstacles, they find their way back to one another and discover a love that has burned inside their hearts for infinity. But will it be enough? Can love keep them bonded, even as Caesar and all of Rome seek to tear them asunder? Will fate favor their quest to topple an empire and Caesar himself?

Critics are saying…

“The characters are one of the story’s strongest points, from evil emperors to gladiators and slaves. The plot is handled well, and the setting is the glory and decadence of ancient Rome. It is the perfect place for Catalina DuBois to tell a love story filled with tragedy and hope. She does just that and she does it very well. An excellent read!”
-Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“I didn’t want to be drawn to Titus. I fought hard against it for several chapters. Everything in me told me that Titus was not supposed to be my pick, but that’s exactly how outstanding DuBois’s writing is. She spins a backstory like no one else in this genre. Titus, in all his loathsome and vile glory, is truly the standout in this book. His backstory is heart-wrenching and sheds new light on his choices and his treatment of Sara. He absolutely stands as my favorite in the long list of DuBois’s characters.”
-Literary Titan


The Last Pendragon: A Reverse Harem Arthurian Fantasy (Harem of Camelot Book 1)

by Aurora Dawn

A destiny she can’t outrun. A kingdom that’s hers for the taking. And five warriors who will do anything to serve their queen.
With a milestone birthday looming, newly single Carrie isn’t looking forward to the not so secret surprise party she has coming up, especially since her ex is going to be there with his brand new fiancé. But, when a strange chance encounter with the hottest man she’s ever seen sends her spiraling into a world she only thought existed in fables, Carrie soon finds that her life and identity is nothing like she imagined.

Waking up in Camelot, Carrie finds herself surrounded by five-count â??em five- smoking hot men, all sworn to stay by her side. They tell her that she’s the daughter of King Arthur and, as such, rightful queen of Camelot. But, with a dark queen already sitting on her throne, Carrie and her gaggle of supernatural protectors must embark on a journey that will bring them closer to death-and closer to her- then any of them ever imagined.

With a loyal knight, a tattooed sorcerer, an immortal with a shocking connection to her, and a pair of twin dragon shifters who do everything together at her side, Carrie must find the strength to become the ruler she never thought she’d have to beâ?¦or lose everything in the process.

The Tribulation (The Rapture Trilogy Book 1)

by Lewis Dolan

It was precisely 12:20pm, on February 22, when the Tribulation began…

It began with fire raining from the sky, then the grounds shook and waves crashed against civilisation. The End of Times had began. The dead returned to cull the living alongside creatures more terrifying, more hellish than even those who had returned from death. Against all of this, a group of survivors must escape the city and travel cross-country to a place where they hope sanctuary might be found. Perhaps the last bastion of humanity still left after the purge.

Hoodwinked (The Demon Exchange Series Book 1)

by Beth Hendrix

In a dark and dangerous world, paranormals openly roam the streets, policed by a special office of Elite Paranormal Hunters. Gwen Taylor, is one of the best in the U.S.

Until she becomes embroiled in a case that changes her life, forcing a drastic shift in her allegiance. A case that pairs her with four sexy partners she can’t seem to resist, despite the dangers. A case that pits her once-human nature against the monstrous urges she has developed. The same urges of those she puts away for a living.

Can she fight the growing attraction for her teammates? Will Gwen be able to balance the good and evil warring within her mind? Or will she embrace the darkness and become one of the creatures she’s hunted?

Modified: Volume 1

by Kat Stiles

Sometimes super powers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be…

Kate has enough problems – a boss that’s a little too friendly, a sex life that’s non-existent, and a cat with zero tolerance for late meals. The last thing she needs is to be kidnapped, even if it is by a hot Brit.

Afterwards, she’s mysteriously returned and has no memory of what happened. She learns, with the help of an eccentric sexy woman, that she’s been modified – given a power unique to her talents. Sounds cool, right? It would be if she knew how to use it without killing everyone around her…

Modified is a funny, sexy, geeky romp about the trouble of acquiring an unexpected and inherently evil super power. Full of offbeat characters, profanity, and just enough deliciously wicked thoughts, you’ll love this fun series.

Fans of Jamie Hawke’s Myth Protector and Jan Stryvant’s Valens Legacy series will devour this super-powered, serialized story. Pick up your copy today and get Modified!

Reader Discretion is Advised: If you are offended by strong language or sexual situations, for the love of God don’t buy this book.

Bloodletters: Kyle

by Olivia Hennis

When the Seelie announced themselves to the modern world generations ago, other fae clung to the shadows. In New York, the Unseelie covertly thrive until a local club massacre threatens everything. To reignite fear in the increasingly complacent court, they must make an example of someone.

The brutal punishment disillusions Kyle with mortal life as an Unseelie pawn. All of his past and future choices seem destined for failure. But in the Black Apple’s underworld, who’s got time for a midlife crisis?

(Warning: Violence, Abuse, Torture; Strong Language; Sexual Language and Situations; Drug and Alcohol Use, Addiction; Emotional Manipulation and Abusive Relationships.)

Bloodletters: Cherry

by Olivia Hennis

In New York City, the Unseelie fae operate in the shadows until a violent incident threatens to expose them. To move forward as a court, someone must be punished.

The fallout leaves their human servants, assistants, and lovers reeling. Cherry is shocked that the Unseelie would take out their mistake on her friend. After all, she was there that night and knows what really happened.

Korrigan (Secrets of the Fae Book 1)

by Rebecca F. Kenney

A girl at night, a caged monster during the day. Aislinn has lived in darkness as long as she can remember. She is Korriganâ?? and only by Life-Stealing can she keep her human shape from dawn to dusk. When she finally steps into the sunlight, the first person she sees is Zane. He’s everything she wantsâ?? handsome, sweet, and normal. But an encounter with the Far Darrig, the malevolent trickster of Old Irish myth, changes Aislinn’s future. He opens a new realm of possibilities that are anything but normalâ?? and with them, brings dreams and desires as dangerous as he is. Above all, Aislinn craves choiceâ?? the right to decide her own path. But what if gaining power for herself means giving up something much more precious?

Prelude to Fire: Parts 1 and 2 (The Cloud Warrior Saga Book 0)

by D.K. Holmberg

A warrior to a dying king discovers a destiny he never imagined.

Part 1 – First Warrior

Lacertin has served his king faithfully for decades, but has failed on his final mission for him. When he returns to the kingdoms, he discovers a dark secret to the king’s illness, and the only person who can truly help him hides a secret of her own. Lacertin must decide how much he will sacrifice for the people he cares most about.

Part 2 – Servant

Trapped in Incendin and tormented while searching for answers, Lacertin is rescued by a mysterious priest of Issa. Released from his torture, the priest reveals secrets of Incendin that challenge everything Lacertin thought he knew, and gives him a chance to be something more than the warrior he had beenâ?¦ if only he’s willing to believe in his calling to serve fire.

Confronting the Demon (The Seven Circles of Hell Book 1)

by Ciara Ballintyne

For lovers of Jacqueline Carey, Brent Weeks and Storm Constantine – fantasy with mystery, romance and a paranormal twist.

For Alloran, who practised the fine art of frivolity for decades, life just got serious.

Framed for the heinous crime of demon summoning, he is forced to flee his comfortable life of silk sheets and nightly carousing in the wizard’s citadel for the stinking back-alleys of the city of Ehsan. There he poses as a common labourer to hide from his lover, his best friend and the wizarding authorities.

But beneath the garbage of the backstreets he discovers a new horror: a trail of gruesome bodies, gnawed on by hellcats, and left gift-wrapped for him to find with taunting â??love notes’ attached. Someone is brutally murdering people from Alloran’s past and threatening all those close to him.

As the body count rises, Alloran must confront his personal demons and risk losing himself to a powerful addiction in order to expose the true villain. Failure means the destruction of the city at the hands of the deadliest demon to inhabit any of the seven hells – or worse, Alloran himself. 

Also including bonus story ‘A Magical Melody’.

Who stole a lethal song of power from a locked and warded room, and why? The answers will change Avram’s life forever.

Sentinel: Book 1 – Masked

by Gabriel Michaelson

The hero’s journey has to start somewhere. Tyrone Sy is no hero, not yet. Armed with the mystical force, Industria, he is one of the Sabres, WestScarlet’s crack team of warriors. Together with his teammates Eva, Lionel, and Avery, he is pledged to defend WestScarlet from threats great and small.

Tyrone Sy and his team of Sabres have a simple mission. Write a report on werebeast attacks. It’s probably just the fever dreams of a few overexcited citizens, right? When the team encounter dangerous enemies and a massacre in progress, they’ll have to dig deep if they are to survive their very first mission.

When the Four Cities massacre is uncovered, the Sabres are deployed undercover to the town of Draekeor to solve one mystery. Who is releasing the beast masks?

As Tyrone’s team uncovers the secrets of the beast masks, they are stymied by the terrorist organisation Masquerade. Now, the Sabres must face off against Masquerade for the sake of Draekeor.

HYPO: Exordium (HYPO Short Series Book 1)

by DL Jones

Chauncy and Tre were childhood friends. Tre, who works for a pharmaceutical company, is in town on business. Chauncy hadn’t seen Tre since college and decides they should catch up. After picking Tre up from the airport, they are ambushed and kidnapped. Held hostage in an old abandoned house. With hopes of escape, Tre and Chauncy use an experimental drug from Tre’s company that gives them extraordinary physical abilities.

This will be the first book in the Hypo Series. Hypo: Exordium. It is a Serial Short. There are 3 parts of an ongoing story. The second part will be released within 2 weeks of the first, and the final part soon after!

Pawns of the Shadow

by Clint Foster

Pawns of the Shadow follows the adventures of two men, Garroway and Gunsel, thrust into conflict by their mutual bad luck. They meet creatures of magic, of battle, royalty, and the great Alakhan. When an eons-old plan, put in motion by the great stripping of the armor of the godslayer from Therian, is finally realized, there can be only war upon Alkurah. ‘When the flags of the world are burned and curled, what’s left for men to find?’

The Omars: The Beginning of the End

by Lowell Henderson

Long ago around the mid-seventeen hundreds, there live a band of people in the forest along the “Great River.” The Omars were a simple people, and they were very much like we are except for one thing. They were very small. An average Omar stood only four or five inches tall. As you will soon see, these unique people led interesting and sometimes exciting lives.

Rotten in the Bones (The Iron Garden Book 5)

by Olivia Hennis

At a Halloween party he didn’t want to attend, Nik gets nostalgic for lost friends and lovers. But his vices may be all that save him while his friends fall apart when an unexpected woman arrives to take one of them away.

(Intro Set) BY LOVE BETRAYED: RECOMPENSE 1 & 2: Casey’s Story—Book 1: Holiday Gift & Time Shift 1: Eclipse (Timekept Series I: Recompense)

by Aysling Smythe

NY Literary Magazine

TWO books—ONE Introductory Set


Casey’s Story begins. . .

BOOK 1: Holiday Gift
TIME SHIFT 1: Eclipse

PRAISE FOR the FIRST installment of

BOOK 1: Casey’s Story—Holiday Gift

This is too easy a read. It flows well. This is the type of book I would read on the bus or train and to and from work. Before bed would be another option—in all cases a chapter could be done at a time and you would not feel like you left off in a bad spot on a page or plot wise. —B.R., Retiree

PRAISE FOR the SECOND installment of

TIME SHIFT 1: Casey’s Story—Eclipse
A Recompense Novella

I love the story line! This is a beautiful and encompassing holiday novel. For romance enthusiasts the heat and the heart throbbing suspense of intimate love with a mysterious man who is one’s own husband comes as a surprise. One of the big messages in this novel is that we should try to look at our situation in life with a new and fresh perspective—I cannot wait to read the next novel! —D.Y.W., Adjunct

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—PRESENT DAY: Casey O’Sullivan Sterling thought she had put her painful past to rest, but when she comes home early from her athletic training club on All Hallows Eve, and opens the door to her bedroom, she finds her husband, Steven, in the clinches with her best friend, Anita.

Betrayed by love for the last time, she walks out, leaving “everything, and nothing” behind, and vows never again to trust anyone. If she can’t trust her father, mother, husband, or best friend, who can she trust?

Eager to begin a new life, she decides to outrace a coming storm, but while driving, she loses control of the wheel and plunges over a seaside cliff. Her car is struck by lightning on its way down to the crashing waves and she is catapulted almost two hundred years into the past . . .

SCHUYLKILL RIVER VALLEY, 1824: Casey is “reborn” in the body of Elizabeth Wyckham Gregory, who has just died in childbirth.

To her intense dismay, Casey learns that as Elizabeth, she is married to a successful merchantman, Randal Gregory; that she has two children, Essie and Michael; and that she is embroiled in an affair with Gregory’s best friend and business partner, Philip Mallory—while Gregory is finding his own comfort in the arms of a gypsy woman, Maeve.

With increasing horror, Casey discovers through terrifying experience that she begins to fade into nothingness when she becomes too emotionally overwrought. How can she ever hope to survive in her altered reality without ceasing to exist?

EXCERPT: What is happening to me? Her bemused question remained unasked—his darkly smoldering eyes gripped her fascinated stare, refusing to release her.

“Elizabeth?” Softer now, his voice was a soothing caress stroking her perceptions, awakening unsought visions of night embraces and tangled sheets.

Casey shook her head, trying to clear her mind. “I. . .I seem to be a bit confused at the moment.” Her throaty whisper—a thin, silken thread—reached out to him, binding them together.

Distracted, her eyes slipped from his to follow the high-bridged aquiline nose that plunged from his thickly arched brows to his exquisitely contoured lips—teasing lips, both alluring and infuriating, strong and virile—just made for kissing.

She wet her own lips with a quick flick of her tongue, uncomfortably aware of the warm flush prickling upward from her midsection and threatening to overpower her face.

Enthralled, and scarcely breathing, she watched his mouth twist into a wry smile—but when he spoke, his careful words were sheathed in fine spun satin—

“How many doctors have had the privilege of tending a patient who has returned from the dead?”

Casey’s Story continues. . .

Sedition (The Outerlands)

by Aleigh Schuster

With Freedom Comes Sacrifice…

Henley Brooks has been sheltered her entire life. With her father as the leader of Sector Two in The Outerlands of the Drytanus Realm, she never questioned why she was not allowed to leave the boundaries of her village.
Until her sector was invaded by government soldiers.
Alone and frightened, Henley must find her way to the Gunari Warrior Compound in Sector Three, where she discovers the reason she was shut off from the outside world. A secret others have died to protect.

In a world divided by power, sacrifices will be made.

Lives will be lost.

But it is the betrayal that will hit hardest of all.

The Metal Monster & The Moon Pool: Two SF Novels in One Edition

by Abraham Merritt

“The Metal Monster” – Dr. Goodwin is on a botanical expedition in the Himalayas. There he meets Dick Drake, the son of one of his old science acquaintances. They are witnesses of a strange aurora-like effect, but seemingly a deliberate one. As they go out to investigate, they meet Goodwin’s old friends Martin and Ruth Ventnor, brother and sister scientists. The group is saved from death in the mountains by a magnificent woman they get to know as Norhala. They are led to a hidden valley occupied by what they name “The Metal Monster”, a strange metal city occupied by the metal animate Things Norhala commands. This city is governed by what they call the Metal Emperor, assisted by the Keeper of the Cones.
“The Moon Pool” deals with an advanced race which has developed within the Earth’s core. Eventually their most intelligent members create an offspring. This created entity encompasses both great good and great evil, but it slowly turns away from its creators and towards evil. The entity is called either the Dweller or the Shining One.  

Thor’s Quest: A Heroâ??s Journey

by D A Kirkpatrick III

Thor; wanderer, warrior, thief from the mountainous north. Honored and cursed by gods.
Silverston; bard, philosopher, jester, half-elf, and companion of Thor.
The two men set out to make names for themselves. Many were their adventures, together and apart. In the span of time, their names would still be remembered, and the tales of their exploits would be sang around the camp fire, long after the kingdoms they knew were dust.

This is one such tale.

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