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Playboy (The Playboy Series Book 1)

by Logan Chance

A Top 100 Amazon Best Seller

They call me a playboy.

Sure, I like to have fun with the opposite sex, but hey, in my line of work, who wouldn’t?
My name’s Jonah and I work for Bunny Hunnies, a swimsuit magazine. Calling the shots, and taking pictures of gorgeous women is every man’s fantasy, including mine.

That is, until Chelsea Sincock walks onto the set of one of my shoots.

I’ve known Chelsea since before she was this hot as hell vixen wearing nothing but a bikini.

What is she doing here?
Does her brother, Declan, know?
Did I mention he’s my best friend?

This is going to be hard, I mean difficult, to work with her. And the more I gaze at her from behind the lens, the more I realize I’m in way over my head.


by Tina Brooks McKinney

Gina Meadows is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to her longtime boyfriend, Ronald Mills. He won’t give her the one thing she craves, a child of her own. Instead, he expects her to raise the next bitch’s child.
Gavin and Merlin Mills are identical twins. On the surface they are mirror images of each other. Below the surface one is good and the other is evil. Merlin would do anything to please his stepmother while Gavin is determined to drive Gina out of her happy-loving mind.
Through it all Gina never gives up her dreams of a happily ever after. The only problem is she’s the only one living that dream. When Gavin is accused of attempted murder, their lives unravel and Gina is stretched to the breaking point.
Undone is a story of unrequited love and its consequences which threaten this dysfunctional family to the core. They soon find out that sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Stretched Wide! 15 Taboo Stories Collection of You Know What!

by Isabella Kiss

Look inside to satisfy every forbidden desire…

Tales of my Dreams

by LéSans LéRue

We all are connected one way or another whether it be in Life or in the Dream world… It’s Kismet.

Enticed (The Fullerton Family Saga Book 1)

by Ginger Voight

Rachel Dennehy had a crazy thought. If she could just start over somewhere else, she could forget about all the ghosts that chased her. When an email landed in her inbox, to tutor a difficult student whose father just happened to be a prominent businessman, the apple was a bit too enticing for Rachel to refuse. She moves to Beverly Hills, where she is tasked with turning around young Jonathan Fullerton’s bad attitude, one that stems directly from his parents’ ugly divorce and even uglier custody battle.

That Drew Fullerton is one of the handsomest and most eligible bachelors in the world means nothing to Rachel. Drew’s brother, Alex, however, assumes otherwise. This sets the two immediately at odds, though they both have young Jonathan’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately the more he tries to warn her away from Drew, the closer he ultimately propels her toward her charming boss.

Rachel stays solely to protect young Jonathan, trapping her into this sticky web despite her own history of loss and betrayal. How long will she last? More importantly, what will she be required to give to save these Fullerton men who continually tug her in three different directions?

The saga begins with the first book, titled “Enticed,” in a trilogy of three, full-length novels to be released over three months in early 2014.

Adult content intended for readers 18+.

Mommy Know Best: Adult Erotika Explicit Rough Short Stories – Daddy, First Time, Milfs Bundle & More…

by Lyra Gray

30+ stories of the hottest, dirtiest, hardcore stories around!

Think you can handle them?

SHE WANTS IT ROUGH – Explicit Stories of Putting it in Forbidden Places!

by Jenny Poundhard

Take a look inside to find out where he wants to put it… again and again!

A deliciously naughty collection, all about messy finishes and the good, dirty stuff…

Robin.: p o e m s

by Robin G Poetry

a limited edition collection of pieces that highlight the tenacity of a woman, in spite of.

“robin.” a self-titled collection of poetry emphasizes upon the unspoken journey of a woman embracing both her sensuality and strength, simultaneously.

The Soldier’s Wedding: Special Forces #1

by Karina Bliss

Award-winning author Karina Bliss launches her Special Forces series with a sweet, funny, growing-from-tragedy, kind of steamy friends-to-lovers romance.

Love heals all wounds…

Special Forces soldier Dan Jansen has come home from Afghanistan with one objective: to marry Josephine Swann. First he has to convince his childhood friend that their marriage ‘agreement,’ a tipsy scrawl on a beer coaster three years ago, is binding. And that platonic love is enough to build a passionate future on.

Protect those you love…

Jo has only thought of Dan ‘that way’ once; the night before a surgery that changed her life forever. Friendship is all she has to offer as she struggles to care for her grandmother and resurrect her business.

Both have wounds only the other can heal. But that requires surrendering their secrets. Can two best friends create a love story for the ages?

Previously titled: Here Comes The Groom

“Karina Bliss is an excellent writer whose plots are so complex and her characters so realistic that readers are given much more than cookie cutter rehashes of classic stories. Also, her solutions to the problems are uniqueâ?¦” Desert Isle Keeper.

“I’ve announced the next book club pick: Karina Bliss’ Here Comes the Groom, and it’s lovely fun reading. I would venture to say it causes one to be washed on the warm baking sands of love’s splendid shores of good reading blissâ?¦” Smart Bitches Love Trashy Books.

“If I had to summarize what I think the skill of a good romance author is, then it is this ability. To use what everyone loves about the romance genre, without letting those conventions take over. And you do this really well.” Dear Author.

The Special Forces series

The Soldier’s Wedding

The Rescue Mission

Bring Him Home

A Prior Engagement

OVER THE DESK – Explicit Forbidden Erotic Taboo Collection

by Nottie Brat

“What if we get caught?”

All the hard and fast stories you really want – no fluff, no fuss – just TABOO BRATS getting all the hot action they crave from BIG & THICK Older Men.
Messy finishes guaranteed! 😉

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