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Twelve Years a Slave (Best Navigation, Active TOC) (Feathers Classics)

by Solomon Northup

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The basis for the Academy Award®-winning movie!
“A moving, vital testament to one of slavery’s ‘many thousand gone’ who retained his humanity in the bowels of degradation.” â?? Saturday Review Born a free man in New York State in 1808, Solomon Northup was kidnapped in Washington, DC, in 1841. He spent the next 12 harrowing years of his life as a slave on a Louisiana cotton plantation. During this time he was frequently abused and often afraid for his life. After regaining his freedom in 1853, Northup decided to publish this gripping autobiographical account of his captivity.
As an educated man, Northup was able to present an exceptionally detailed and accurate description of slave life and plantation society. Indeed, this book is probably the fullest, most realistic picture of the “peculiar institution” during the three decades before the Civil War. Moreover, Northup tells his story both from the viewpoint of an outsider, who had experienced 30 years of freedom and dignity in the United States before his capture, and as a slave, reduced to total bondage and submission. Very few personal accounts of American slavery were written by slaves with a similar history.
Published in 1853, Northup’s book found a ready audience and almost immediately became a bestseller. Aside from its vivid depiction of the detention, transportation, and sale of slaves, Twelve Years a Slave is admired for its classic accounts of cotton and sugar production, its uncannily precise recall of people, times, and places, and the compelling details that re-create the daily routine of slaves in the Gulf South.

Jimmie Barnes

by Barry C. Davis

Jimmie Barnes is dying. After an incredible 132 years of life, his time is short.

Jimmie has one mission, unfullfilled – the return of his father’s hard earned 40 acres, awarded to the slave soldier at the end of the Civil War.

Over the decades Jimmie approaches the rich and famous, including all the American Presidents from Grant to Reagan in a quest to have the land returned. He makes one president cry (Nixon), helps kill another (McKinley) and accepts the brotherhood of an unlikely ally (“brother” Ronnie Reagan).

Will Jimmie finally get back the 40 acres?

A reader’s review: Jimmie Barnes is similar to the style of Forest Gump, minus the guile and innocence. Rage, injustice and racism in all it’s true colors are depicted from the main character to the behind the scenes players. The game of politics in a scary and grim light, makes you wonder is this fiction or closer to the truth than you want it to be?

The Red Badge of Courage (Unabridged)

by Stephen Crane

This eBook edition of “The Red Badge of Courage” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
The Red Badge of Courage is a war novel by American author Stephen Crane. Taking place during the American Civil War, the story is about a young private of the Union Army, Henry Fleming, who flees from the field of battle. Overcome with shame, he longs for a wound, a “red badge of courage,” to counteract his cowardice. When his regiment once again faces the enemy, Henry acts as standard-bearer, who carries a flag. Although Crane was born after the war, and had not at the time experienced battle first-hand, the novel is known for its distinctive style, which includes realistic battle sequences as well as the repeated use of color imagery, and ironic tone. Separating itself from a traditional war narrative, Crane’s story reflects the inner experience of its protagonist (a soldier fleeing from combat) rather than the external world around him.

Father Goriot

by Honoré de Balzac

Father Goriot takes place during the Bourbon Restoration, which brought profound changes to French society; the struggle by individuals to secure a higher social status. Set in Paris in 1819, it follows the intertwined lives of three tenants of the Maison Vauquer boarding house: the elderly doting Goriot; a mysterious criminal-in-hiding named Vautrin; and a naive law student named Eugène de Rastignac. Goriot is an elderly retired vermicelli-maker who has bankrupted himself to support his two well-married daughters. Vautrin wants to get his hands on the fortune of an unmarried woman, trying to implicate Rastignac in the murdering of her brother.
Rastignac, who moved to Paris from the south of France, becomes attracted to the upper class and he is willing to use any means to better his situation.



When Demeter met Achilles, the man to whom she would later trust her life and her whole existence, she did not know his life condition, that he was a widow with a son of eleven years old.
Nor did she know that her mother-in-low would be Anna, a small woman, personified by kindness and love. Not even the heavy story of the Pillars’ family name, she knewâ?¦nothing! The lives of her friends over time show that the universe is an unlimited energy system and human conflicts are due to the luck of effort of the right destination of this energy.
As the unfolding of the flow becomes a predominant component of Demeter’s life, the range of situations that she is urged to deal with is beginning to grow, which is part of a wider picture.
â??’Why am I here? Who is supposed to be my role? What does all this mean?”, she wonders when she is killed on the spot in a traffic accident, her beloved and unique sister with her husband.
Because, however, superficial explanations are not enough for her, she exploits the possibility of a deep infiltration into something new to learn. With the whole agreement of all her family, but above all, of her little son, she deals with all her being, to raise another eleven-year-old orphan! The little girl of her sister, the little Cleopatra.
Her social education had taught her to be her true self until that theory of her had been mercilessly tested by time, as her niece grew older falls in love with her son, or rather that eleven-year-old boy who resurfaced with her unlimited love, like her own son.
What would the social environment think about thatâ?¦by Cleopatra’ s aunt would now becomeâ?¦her mother-in-law? If she consented to their illegal love?
She lived the ultimate misery, in front of this new challenge, by conveying with her Achilles too, her husband. She did not fail of course to emphasize to everyone that the scandal that would break out would adversely affect his political career.
Demeter thought about all this unconsciously, exercising at the same time a power over the others around her, so she felt better stealing from their energy what she needed to not feel weak.
The power of love had begun to abandon her, and her half-hearted mind put forward a new role that she was called upon to play: the role of the protector of the iron moral and social reputation of the Pillars’ family. But the plans of God would fit with these of mortal Demeter!
Would the power of sincere love or the power of the typical symbols of society prevail?

Sarah’s Story

by Helen Susan Swift

In 19th century Isle of Wight, Sarah Bembridge sets on a journey of adventure and misadventure. With Napoleon Bonaparte just across the Channel, poised to invade, Sarah has other things on her mind.

First she rescues a shipwrecked sailor, who she suspects to be French. Soon after, she gets engaged with a handsome officer. And when the mysterious Mr. Howard calls at her inn, Sarah’s life becomes even more complicated.

In a rollicking romance that sees Sarah search for a suitable husband across the backdrop of the Napoleonic War, her story takes her from deserted manor houses to country inns, ancient standing stones to bright churches and lonely cottages.

For the Cause: The Cold War Turns Hot in Korea and Why Young Men Went to War

by Alfred Wellnitz

Two young South Dakota farm boys, Pete Houser and Chris Engleson, with uncertain futures decide to join the marines as an alternative to some other mundane job.
It is 1950 and they complete boot camp just as the Korean War suddenly erupts. Chris finds himself assigned to the First Provisional Marine Brigade being hurriedly put together to be deployed to Korea. Pete is assigned to a marine unit providing base security for the Sangley Point Naval Air Station in the Philippines. The story follows the lives of the two young men during the last six months of 1950 while Chris in Korea is involved in the Pusan Perimeter, Inchon and the Chosin Reservoir battles and Pete spends his time as a security guard in the Philippines. Over a short period of time Chris goes from a green farm boy to a seasoned warrior and Pete’s world expands quickly as he encounters unfamiliar moral standards and first love. The story alternates between Chris in Korea and Pete in the Philippines until the story comes to a surprising conclusion.

Love at Long Last (Triple Range Ranch Western Romance Book 3)

by Emily Woods

Long lasting love is the sweetest kind of love

A Sweet Western Romance from #1 Best Selling Author Emily Wood

Valerie was set to marry the love of her life and the son of a wealthy New York family, but it wasn’t meant to be. Years later, after her fiancé disappeared, her parents decide she should marry someone else. Determined to find her true love, she heads west to his last known location. Can she find love at long last on the western frontier?

Love at Long Last is a clean western romance from #1 Best Selling author Emily Woods. If you like clean, historical fiction about women who must overcome tragedy in order to love again, you will love this sweet romance!

Buy Love at Long Last and get lost in another sweet western romance today.

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The Governess

by Rachael Eyre

An erotic thriller set in Victorian England. Miss Benson, a governess, is sent to teach Amy how to be a lady. Amy is discovering the joys of sex and suitors. Miss Benson’s unconventional methods lead to scandal, heartbreak and murder as she becomes passionately obsessed with her young charge.

The Governess was long listed for the 2013 Polari prize for LGBT fiction.

Bolthar, der Wikingerfürst Band 4: Fringas Schwert (German Edition)

by Tomos Forrest

Bolthar, der Wikingerfürst Band 4: Fringas Schwert

Die Stadt Brønderslev ist in Flammen aufgegangen und das von Garpur beschützte Kloster ebenfalls zerstört. Im letzten Moment gelingt Garpur, Fringa und Stjarni die Flucht. Doch die Häscher folgen ihnen auf dem Fu�. Niemand der drei kann auch nur im Ansatz erahnen, was auf sie zukommen und ihr Leben bedrohen wird, denn es sind nicht nur Bolthar und seine Männer, die sie jagen und töten wollen. Und welche Gefahr hier grö�er ist, wird sich zeigen müssen �

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