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The Destroyer: The Father Murphy Chronicles

by Jason L Gooding

For all of you little pussies, crybabies, and cheapskates that whined about having to buy two separate books for one great story, here ya go!

THE DESTROYER: THE FATHER MURPHY CHRONICLES is the deluxe versions of the first two Destroyer Books here for you together in one somewhat reasonably priced, bigger, better, BLOODIER limited edition. Twice the fun! Twice the excitement! Nearly twice the price!

Enjoy Father Murphy’s greatest hits, witty one-liners and uniquely expressed insight into the human conditionâ??all thriller, no filler!

For those of you new to Father Murphy, you’re in for a real treat. A two-front supernatural battle is brewing that threatens all life on Earth, but there’s no need to go crying to your mommy, your therapist, or any of those Facebook friends you’ve never actually metâ??Father Murphy’s here to help.

A powerful supernatural force hidden beneath a not-so-unassuming human disguise, Murphy teams up with Detective Lawrence Corliss to find a killer, save a young girl from a terrible fate, and bitch-slap the forces of darkness, all while maintaining a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.

Pharos, the Egyptian: Horror Novel

by Guy Boothby

Pharos is a very old Egyptian, at least ninety-years old, extremely knowledgeable about Egyptian antiquities. He meets Sir William Betford, a peer living in England, who owns an extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities collected earlier by his father, an historian and archeologist who focused on ancient Egypt. The meeting was contrived by Pharos because he wanted to retrieve a mummy he had been searching for a long time, which is now in Betford’s collection. Pharos manages to lure Sir Betford into his sphere of influence, and eventually persuades Englishman to accompany him on a trip to Egypt, where it turns out that Pharos is not who he seems to be.

The Darkness Within (The Darkness Series Book 2)

by Simon Brewer

Simon M D Brewer returns with three new and original, gothic fairy tales.
Everyone knows that at Christmas, Santa Claus only delivers presents to the children that have been good throughout the year. But what most people don’t know is that naughty children are visited also, by someone that is not so merry and jolly. You may not know his name but you have always been aware of him. He is that apparition you saw that night, that movement out of the corner of your eye. He is the one you run from in your nightmares; the cold shiver down your spine. When you’re alone and can feel yourself being watched, it is him. He may even be there, in the corner of the room whilst you’re reading this – don’t bother turning around, he’ll be gone. He is the one that visits the naughty children on Christmas Eve. If a child has been particularly bad then he may snatch them and take them to the place of in-between. All the lost taken children know him as the Judderman. Ben is seven years old and he’s been very badly behaved this year. He’s about to be taken, He’s about to find out what becomes of all the naughty children in the world. He may live to regret his naughty ways, especially if he can’t find his way back home before it’s too late.
Never go out after dark in Blightly Vale – everybody knows that. It’s a place where there are strange goings on, where there are many unusual sightings and many un-explainable deaths. Recently there have been a spate of attacks that has gotten the citizens of this backward town very afraid.Jayne Wilmot’s husband, the former Constable of this parish disappeared two years ago. The only explanation was written in a diary entry by the seemingly mad stirrings of traveller named Imran Mehmood. Had Jayne not witnessed with her own eyes, a demonic Siren, she may well have been reluctant to believe in the tall tales like all the other citizens of Blightly Vale. Yet for Jayne and for those that have seen the ghosts and monsters that are drawn to this place, they know the dangers that lurk in the darkness.Jayne Wilmot believes that these attacks may be linked to her husband and takes it upon herself to investigate. She must use all her tenacity and determination if she is to discover the culprit behind them. For there truly are terrifying monsters that stalk the Vale upon nightfall and she may not be ready for what she is about to encounter. Furthermore, there are many hidden secrets and conflicting agenda’s amongst the township, after all Blightly Vale has a very black history. Jayne will have to overcome these obstacles and opposition if she is to find out the truth.A Case for Widow Wilmot is a tale of monsters and a divided community. A story of difficult family relationships and not knowing who to trust. Jayne Wilmot may soon wish that she hadn’t taken this case – she may wish that she hadn’t gone out after dark in Blightly Vale.
Alaric and Basileus Cadogan, the twin princes of Ortusland, must once again make great sacrifices for the good of their people. Their God, The Green Man Deity visits them and commands that they set forth on a quest before a great evil arrives at their door. The twin brothers must travel to the far reaches of Ortusland and put right what they once did wrong.Across Ortusland there are great titans that rule the lands and seas and if the mortals are to survive then these monsters must be vanquished and sent into the next world. Either that or darkness will forever cover the land.Only the Cadogan twins can have any hope of achieving this feat and as they endeavour to fulfil this quest, Alaric and Basileus will soon learn the truth about themselves and their fate. They will finally discover which of them is good, honest and true and who is deceitful, twisted and evil.The Fable is a dark epic fantasy about good against evil. About heroes and villains and about destiny.

A Grave Conjuring: Paranormal Suspense (The Haunted Ones Book 2)

by Michelle Dorey

Bonus Edition
From bestselling author Michelle Dorey, a new episode of â??The Haunted Ones’, spine chilling tales of ordinary people confronting unspeakable evil

Two orphaned sisters. A spirit without a grave. Can two orphans solve a murder before death claims another victim?

Ashley and Maya wish they could take back the hurtful things they told their parents before the deadly car crash. Two years later, the young orphans try to make the most of their new life with their lonely aunt. But the remote lake house in upstate New York doesn’t feel like home without their mother’s touch. When the girls discover a Ouija board in the dusty attic, they think they’ve finally found a way to tell their deceased mother how they really feel.

With help from a séance-savvy friend and a couple of neighborhood troublemakers, the girls summon the spiritsâ?¦ and an unsolved murder mystery. When a restless ghost terrorizes the household, the sisters know they’ll never be free of her menacing presence until they help her rest in peace. If the girls don’t find her body soon, the portal they opened will cast them all into the world of the dead.

If you like eerie supernatural encounters, coming-of-age friendships, and edge-of-your-seat mysteries, then you’ll love Michelle Dorey’s haunting story.
A Grave Conjuring is the second standalone book in the hair-raising series â??The Haunted Ones’.
Other books in this series are:
The Haunted Hideout
Haunted By The Succubus
Coming November, 2018: The Haunted Gathering!

Legacy: The Mystical Veil 1, a full length novel is included FREE!

Christie Hill Asylum: A Novella

by Gareth Hood

Billy Stanley must make his way through the horrid Christie Hill asylum to rescue his wife. As he makes his way through the long dark corridors of the facility, he ponders, why is she being held here? What is this place? Will I see her again? But as time goes on, there is only one question that becomes important, am I going to survive the night?

Permíteme que me presente (Spanish Edition)

by Juan Rodriguez Villá

Imagínate que mañana te despiertas… y a tu lado tienes al mismísimo Diablo, sentado a tu lado. ¿Cómo te sentirías si fuera el mismísimo Diablo quien te despertara una mañana? ¿Qué harías? ¿Qué dirías?

En este apasionante relato, el autor ha utilizado los recuerdos y memorias de algunos hechos reales que le ocurrieron a algunos familiares y amigos suyos hace muchos años.

Y pasando toda esta información por el filtro de su creatividad, el autor ha conseguido crear un relato inquietante, a la vez que atractivo, que te tendrás desde las primeras líneas enganchado, y que te dejará con la boca abierta cuando llegues al final.

Si terminas de leerlo y te quedas con ganas de más, por favor díselo al autor. Ponte en contacto con él y dile lo que más te ha gustado del relato, lo que menos te ha gustado, lo que cambiarías, lo que añadirías… cuéntale todo lo que te ha sugerido el relato y aquello que te ha dejado con ganas de más… los personajes que añadirías, etc…

Para el autor escribir este relato ha sido un paso muy importante porque llevaba muchos años con el relato dándole vueltas en la cabeza, y ha sido un gran alivio poder darle forma y sacarlo a la luz para que sus lectores lo puedan leer.

Si te has quedado con ganas de más, díselo al autor porque ya está trabajando en una continuación del relato que tendrá forma y extensión de novela, o de varias novelas.

En estas fechas de Halloween, el Día de los Muertos y la celebración de Todos los Santos, este relato es perfecto para leer y sentir una agradable sensación de escalofrío que te pondrá la carne de gallina, pero que también te dejará con ganas de más.

The Eldest Sister

by Gabriella Kruger

Remilia Von Teal is the last living vampire. Every fortnight an attempt is made on her life, but this time she has some new tricks.

Are You Still Watching?

by Kathleen Lopez

A brief dark humor tale about what happens when the DVR has had enough (originally posted in Demonic Household anthology).

The Profound Art of Omens (The Shade Series Book 1)

by M. E. Nyberg

Journey into Mystery! Travel the world -and the supernatural- with the mysterious company of Karras and Corbeau: Investigators of the Strange and Occult as they struggle with the unseen world and its icy effects upon the living.
From Europe -Paris, London and the Sud du France- to the Japanese volcanic islands deep within the Black Current, follow the Narrator upon his excursions into the shadowy recesses of the other side of reality; while under the employment of the strange and inexplicable Lucien Karras, the enigmatic Emerald Montaigne-Eisenswartz and the caustic and diabolical Anton Corbeau as they journey to Prague to confront the hideous Burning Man; old London to solve the mystery of the terrifying Eye in the Keyhole to the Basque mountains to confront the legend of the Brassac Vampyre, these adventures will hold you spellbound by the gossamer thin veil that separates the modern world from the spectral realm.

Nexus Series Book 1: Anathema

by Ysa Arcangel

When the world was young, supernatural creatures walked among mankind freely. Chaos reigned as the supernatural beings sought supremacy. The human race was nearly wiped out of the face of the earth. Dark creatures preyed on the weaker. Demons inhabited human bodies and angels fell in love with them, hence Nexi, the cursed, were born.

Anathema has always seen strange things but never knew exactly why. Despite the pain, misery, agony and suffering it brings her, she has learned to accept her unique ability. As she strives to find out the reason for being able to travel through different realms and being a magnet to spirits of the dead, she realizes how little she knows about the truth of her existence.

When she is thrust in the middle of a war, a war that had been going on since the beginning of creation, Anathema must make a choice — one that will save one world and destroy the other. Will she turn her back to the light she had always known and embrace the darkness within her?

THE HAUNTED WOMAN (Unabridged): A Dark Fantasy Tale

by David Lindsay

Isabel Loment, engaged to the ordinary and unexceptional Marshall Stokes, leads a peripatetic existence as the ward of her aunt, Ann Moor. Their travels take them to the downlands of Sussex, to Runhill Court, an ancient home owned by Henry Judge. There Isabel discovers a strange staircase few can see, which leads upwards to three doors. She chooses one, which opens onto a room that appears to exist only part of the time; what might lie behind the other doors remains a mystery. In the room she reencounters Judge. There they find new insights and are able to express themselves in new ways, but are unable to recall what has transpired there when they leave…David Lindsay was an author now best remembered for the philosophical science fiction novel A Voyage to Arcturus. The secret of Lindsay’s originality as a novelist lies in his metaphysical assumptions.

Two Blades (True-Steel Trilogy Book 1)

by stuart kurth

It’s been thirty years since the end of the Primrose War, thirty years since High King Goring Saedren drank and whored and murdered his way to all points of the compass, delivering his right to rule to all who would listen, and ramming it down the throats of those who wouldn’t. He marched straight into the Great Desert and became the first to knock those sand-eating Shaadi Princes off their golden perches and unite all of Varri-Mennyn under one banner. Thirty years on and he’s grown fat and soft, lost his thirst for the fight, and all along the margins of his shrinking Kingdom, his enemies swarm.

Kannath Meadowmere, exiled Mendran nobleman and one-legged warlord, has come south through the wall with an eye for plunder and an army in tow. While the High King sleeps in the west, he marches upon the east swallowing one territory after the last, aided by his Shaadi allies. Nursing a dusty grudge thirty years in the making, those Desert Princes won’t stop until the city of Nostalla, and the Senovium Throne within, are pulled down and stomped into ashes beneath their boots.

Mercenary scum Pelt and Halling, two black-hearted murderers with red reputations and not enough common decency to deserve surnames, have been on the run from Saedren’s King’s Men for four years, spilling enough blood to drown a cow. With no code of honour and only the meanest grasp of the concept of morality, the brothers fight for the highest bidder and turn coat more often than a tailor. Their hands are red, their blades priceless, and their ambitions dark. But when they find themselves facing down Meadowmere’s relentless army, they begin to realise the storm they’ve landed themselves in, and that history, as well as a bleak future, are about to stab them both in the back.

Whiskey Dreams – a short story

by M MacKinnon

Once, long ago, the Old Man had a name, a woman who made his heart sing, and a son. One moment of weakness ruined it all, and reduced him to the wretched creature he is now, losing his memories in a bottle of whiskey, hounded by panic attacks, waiting to die. And now the whiskey is gone.

MISS LUDINGTON’S SISTER: A Romance of Immortality

by Edward Bellamy

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
By the time Miss Ida Ludington was twenty-five years old she recognized that she had done with happiness, and that the pale pleasures of memory were all which remained to her. She starts developing the idea of immortality and decides to go to New York and find a medium who can help her materialize the spirit of her youth.

Dead College (Horror, Zombie Apocalypse, Walking Dead, Drama)

by Kent Reaper

A college football quarterback on his way back to class stumbles upon his zombie classmate feasting on their dead professor and realizes that the world as he knew it has been completely destroyed.

Zack Holloway’s scared. He’s confused, he’s disoriented. He asks himself what’s going on. But he doesn’t know. It’s not like anyone’s alive to tell him anyway. Just a short trip to the bathroom, a welcome break from the geology class that puts him to sleep and his world is turned upside down. He sees things that defy explanation: His classmate eating his professor, his professor getting up, shrugging off fatal injuries and coming for him.
Zack knows he must get out of this nightmare. But when he’s inadvertently trapped in the faculty building by a fellow survivor, he soon discovers that the living may be even more dangerous than the monstrous undead.


by Ava Fairchild

Reid Johnson and his three year old son relocates to the small town of Chesterfield. Stricken with tragedy months prior; Reid hopes that the new town will bring stability back to his and his son RJ’s life. Life was grand before a mysterious woman, Eloise LeRoux enters his brand new shop The Earth & Soul. Being backed into a corner by the overly persuasive Eloise, he agrees to have a meeting with her at her home 1686 Hurst Road; or like the townies say the odd side of town.
Will Reid be able to pick up his shattered life and make a new home in Chesterfield, or will he suffer a dire fate?



LOS RELATOS DEL HORROR reúne tres historias donde tus peores pesadillas se hacen realidad. En la primera historia tenemos la misteriosa desaparición de Alice en un hotel de Barcelona; Richard, su esposo, tratará de recuperarla diez años después�si es que puede. A continuación os presentaremos a Frankie, un jovencito tímido e inseguro que deberá sobrevivir al ataque de unos muertos que tienen mucha sed; serán sus propios seres queridos y sus amigos quien vayan en su caza. Y por último, os dejamos con unos seres tan entrañables como terroríficos, unos duendes que harían la delicia de cualquiera y que convertirán toda tú vida en una autentica pesadilla.

The Messiah Conspiracy – The Race To Clone Jesus Christ : (Book One): A Gripping Medical Suspense Thriller Conspiracy

by Ian C.P. Irvine

Looking for a new thriller writer to fall in love with? Get this gripping conspiracy now!

Could this really happen in the near future? For all thriller fans and readers of Dan Brown, Sam Bourne, Scott Mariani, John Lyman, David Baldacci or James Patterson.

A young student at Oxford University has an idea for his doctor’s thesis (PhD), which fulfils not only the criteria for â??originality’, but goes far beyond it. For if Jason Dyke is right, his idea will soon change the world and shift the delicate balance of power from one nation to another.
Jason’s idea is simple: In the genetics laboratory at Oxford University, he will clone Jesus Christ.
But when the CIA finds out about his plan, the President of America realises that if the UK succeeds, the balance of power will shift from the USA to Europe. And he realises that the only way to stop this happening is for America to create its very own clone of Jesus Christ.
The race is on…

Whoever reads this book will never forget it. And they will askâ?¦.one of two questions:-

1: Is it really possible?

2: When will it happen?

What people have been saying about this book:-

Awesome Read: â??I read many books and this one was one of the best I have read. I loved it and think I will read it more than twice. It was the kind of book that was almost impossible to put down. Very glad I bought it and would recommend it to everyone.’

A Thumping Good ‘Must’ Read!: â?? â??Browsing the Kindle store for something to ‘unwind’ me, I chanced upon this excellent gem of a book. The characters are totally believable, able to deduce and thwart the plans of the Americans and British governments and to hide the true Messiah. A well thought out and researched book by the author, I was totally absorbed in it from start to finish. Believers & non-believers alike will enjoy this thumping good read!!! Far better than the Da Vinci Code by a country mile, I am certainly recommending this to all my many friends.’ â??

Well Written: â??I was looking at a different book, Dan Brown Inferno and this title came up on a reviewers comments suggesting it to be worth a read. I have to agree, it is. Loved the idea of cloning Jesus and for me it was written well, had page turning elements to it but I was disappointed when it ended. In a nice way though! It does leave one hanging…’

Totally preposterous, but enthralling! : â??I just happened on this book while browsing to find things to download to my Kindle. The premise of the book captured my interest so I duly downloaded it. And, I loved it! The story is utter nonsense, let’s be honest – recreating Jesus Christ through cloning?! But, it is written in such an engaging manner that I found myself drawn in unwittingly. Mid-read, I actually broke my ankle and I found myself begging my family to bring my Kindle to the hospital so I could continue reading the book! I would recommend this highly to anyone else, with the proviso that they suspend belief and read it for what it is – a truly interesting and captivating piece of fiction!’

Book One of Two Parts: Please note that Book One continues seamlessly into and is concluded in Book Two. Trying Book One is an excellent way to get to know this exciting new author! Alternatively, readers are recommended to purchase the full omnibus edition containing both Book One and Book Two. Readers may now borrow Book Two free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

The Edge Of The Cemetery (Ghost Killer Book 2)

by Margaret Millmore

When George Sinclair discovered he can see ghosts, destroy them and save their victims, his life changed from ordinary to extraordinary. He became a ghost killer.

Now, George works alongside his new friends and assists the Watchers: an international group of ghost killers and supernatural experts who monitor the world for ghostly sightings and demon infestations, maintaining the balance between the living and the dead.

When San Francisco and the surrounding area are suddenly plagued by rogue groups of ghosts and demons, the Watchers know it isn’t a random occurrence. As George and the Watchers investigate, they discover that a demonic presence is behind the attacks. With the clock ticking against them, they must find the source of the evil and destroy it, or risk extinction of all humankind.

A Subtle Agency: The Metaframe War: Book 1

by Graeme Rodaughan

Super heroes and vampires are fighting a secret war for control of the fabric of reality. Whoever acquires mastery of the reality shifting powers of the Metaframe will become the new gods of the universe.

“Imagine if you could change the rules of the game, what rules would you choose?”

Witness to a brutal murder, eighteen year old Anton Slayne is inducted by the mysterious Mr Wu into the secret society of vampire hunters, the Order of Thoth. He soon discovers that vicious local gangsters, determined Boston Police Detectives, and relentless Shadowstone operatives pale into insignificance as he is drawn into the machinations of the enigmatic supervillain, vampire General Chloe Armitage.

Heir to a legacy of super powers, Anton joins a team of superheroes, but that is no guarantee of survival against the most powerful supervillains in the world, especially when they’re equipped with the latest available technology and super weapons.

“When mastery over your soul is at stake, survival is the least of your problems.”

“Like Underworld on speed, it’s got all the adrenaline and action-packing shots of entertainment you could want, wrapped up in a no-nonsense narrative.” – Adam Smith, Cultured Vultures

Be prepared to be blown away by a high-octane, dark fantasy, superhero action adventure thriller, that would be at home in a summer movie blockbuster.

Join the heroes of the Metaframe War, buy A Subtle Agency now.

When They Turn: The Miller Massacre

by D.S. Ritter

Debbie didn’t exactly have a life other women would die for, and now it might kill her.

When a group of housewives find themselves stranded in the suburbs and surrounded by inhuman monsters, there’s only one thing to do: fight their way out.

Armed with only what they can find, the women must face down threats from all sides, including their own friends and husbands. Their quiet, picturesque neighborhood is never going to be the same.

Set against the backdrop of the red scare and the atomic 50’s, When They Turn is a grisly story of brutality, murder and survival that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Entity

by Mat Rombs

Once was a family move in a new house to form a new life, became an unbearable adventure Max’s curiosity has drawn. His brother Don was then pulled into the middle of it all, will they both be able to rid of the entity or has it become too late?

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