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Swedish Death Cleaning for Beginners: How to Declutter and Downsize your way to a Happy Home and Life

by Sarah Hodges

Discover how to get rid of clutter and downsize your way to a happier life

Using the simple yet effective process of Death Cleaning, you can free your family from the tedious process of decluttering

Do you know that clutter accumulation has a huge negative impact on your health, relationships and productivity? Not only does it bring a huge emotional burden, it could also pose a daunting task when left behind after death.

A lot of people are totally unprepared for death and do not have their affairs in order. This lack of preparation can be a huge source of discomfort and distress to our loved ones when we pass on. The Concept of Swedish Death Cleaning requires that you declutter your life, home and personal space so that nobody else is subjected to it. This is a very noble thing to do as it offers you an opportunity to reminisce on a life well lived, while getting closer with your loved ones.

In fact, the concept of death cleaning is not restricted to aging people alone as anyone can benefit from living the essentialist lifestyle.

In this book, you will discover how to start off the process of death cleaning in order to clear out all non-essential items and live a happier and balanced life.

You will learn;-A complete introduction to death cleaning and its origin
-The six-month clutter rule
-How to decide if death cleaning is right for you
-When and how to start
-A step by step guide to the decluttering process
-Understanding and moving through the emotional toll of death cleaning
-The benefits of death cleaning and so much more!

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The Single Parenting Handbook: Raising Happy Children

by Elsa Hughes

Teamwork is essential when it comes to the task of raising children. Said teamwork is made much easier when the two parents are together and living under the same roof, as each can take turns with the responsibilities that go along with child-rearing while giving the other a chance to take a short break in the interim. On the other hand, there is that group of single parents who do not have the luxury of relying on one another when it comes to the grind of daily life with the children. As the divorce rate continues its upward climb, single-parent families are seemingly becoming the norm.

As a matter of fact, single parenting statistics cite that approximately 13.6 million adults in the United States are presently raising their minor children in the one-parent environment. In many instances, the occurrence of raising a child as a single parent is the outcome of a divorce in the family. As a result, the number of single father parenting households is on the rise. Regardless, it is comforting to know that if a child must be brought up in a single parent home, he still has just as much a chance of successfully thriving in his future life as a child who has both of his parents together on a daily basis.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Being A Single Parent Does Not Mean Raising An Unstable Child

Chapter 2 – How The Challenge Of Single Parenting Affects Your Decision To Divorce

Chapter 3 – Top Common Single Parent Fears

Chapter 4 – Benefits of Being a Single Parent

Chapter 5 – Tips On Dealing With Parenthood

Chapter 6 – What Are the Negative Effects of Being a Single Parent?

Chapter 7 – Support for Single Parents

Chapter 8 – How to Be in the Dating Game As a Single Parent

So, your teenager is wearing nappies!: Understanding why some teenagers want to wear nappies…

by Rosalie Bent

All around the world parents are discovering their teenagers are trying out nappiesand some of them keep wearing them. It is not a new phenomenon, but it is increasingly becoming a frustration and a fear among parents who simply don’t understand it. This book helps explain some of the motivations behind teenage nappy/diaper desires and to allay parent’s fears. Discover more at

Book Bundle Package : Finding a Partner With Some Soul + Dealing with Commitment Issues+ Handling a Cheating Partner (Bull City Publishing Book Bundles 34)

by Joshua Osenga

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Yes No Maybe So? A Step by Step Guide to dealing with Commitment issues

The information contained in this report is designed to help you and your partner deal with commitment issues. They are not a suitable alternative to seeking psychiatric or medical help. They are only intended as advice. Commitment is a tricky thing. Most people want to be in a committed relationship. They want the security and joy that comes with being with someone forever. However, a lot of people are very scared of what it is like to be with someone forever. You owe it to yourself to try and make it work with someone that you care deeply about. However, you also need to know when you are being taken for granted and when it is time to call it quits. Your feelings, dreams, hopes and desires matter and you should never let someone else take that from you. If a relationship doesn’t work out then just be prepared and open to the next one.

Repairing Broken Trust : How to Deal with a Cheating Partner Part 2

Cheating is a terrible thing and will really take a toll on a relationship. You may want to try and work things out or you may be too angry and hurt to do so. Only you can decide that. In this article we will discuss how to move on from infidelity and when to call it quits. If you do decide to forgive and move on you will have a long road ahead of you. In contrast, if you break up, you will also have a lot to deal with and it will not be easy. If you love a person and are committed to the relationship then you may be able to move on and fix the broken trust. However, there is no guarantee of that. All you will find here are some guidelines. You will have to work hard and try and you still may lose the person you love but that is life. The real journey is in the trying, the working and the honesty. If you can work hard, be honest and really try and things still fall apart you will be able to leave the relationship with a lot fewer regrets and a lot less bitterness and resentment.

African American relationship advice – Finding a partner with some soul Learn What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment: Learn to Think like a Black Man

Do you want a relationship? Have been been in a relationship that has been nothing but disaster for you? Well that can change now with this book and you can start having a good and happy life actually being with the person you want. 
In this book you will find out how to go from being single to in a good relationship and some great relationship advice for African Americans. It may look hard out there to be in a relationship but it’s possible and it can be done with this helpful book.

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The Potty Training Book: Boys & Girls Schooled In One Week. Is A Reward Chart & Potty Training Stickers Effective? How Should I Use A Toilet Training Seat & Training Pants? & More! (Parents Book 1)

by Kevin Walker

The Potty Training Book: Boys & Girls Schooled In One Week

Potty training can seem like the impossible task but with the right information and an easy guide, you will have your child toilet independent in a matter of days. Potty training in one week is possible! Guess what? Potty Training: Boys and Girls Schooled in One Week! is that guide! Children start showing signs of being ready for toilet independence earlier than you might think between 18 and 30 months and it doesn’t really take very long for them to figure it out. In fact, with diligence and a good routine, you can have them potty trained in just seven days! This is a no-bribe guide to toilet independence. No sweets needed, just a potty training reward chart for your child to see their successes grow. To make things more fun you could use potty training stickers (not essential).

If you’re worried that your child might be a bit difficult, don’t be. Sometimes kids just have some trouble making the adjustment from nappies to using the potty. This potty book will guide you and your soon to be a potty trained child through it. Having issues staying dry at night? No problem! Is your child scared of the potty? Not for long! Your child has decided to only wee outside? Not as strange as you think! Are you potty training twins? Not as hard as you think! Okay, that sounds like it could be a little harder than a single child but this guide has you covered!

You’ve spent a lot of time looking for potty training books, and you may find other potty training books for boys and potty training books for girls, however, don’t waste your time any further as this book will answer your questions and tell you all you need to know without the fluff.

This potty training book is simple, easy to follow, and holds all the information you need to help your child reach toilet independence. Getting your child used to the potty training toilet seat or the potty adapter ring and using the step stool and setting a solid routine are big steps in reaching toilet independence. You can bet we’ll be here for every one of them! You might be thinking if you need potty training pants, don’t worry we’ll go through everything, right now you need to get your hands on his super simple guide.

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Poems For Jenna

by Pete Marchesi

A terrible book. I don’t know what to say about it. If my mother found out…

Trump Hate Resistance: Truthful and Kind-hearted Top Qualities for President

by Dave Masko

Trump Hate Resistance, by Dave Masko. In the wake of one of the worst months in American history, Donald Trump chooses to abandon calls for unity across America. Citizenry believe this is because of Trump’s always angry messaging “that lacks compassion, empathy or any depth of human feeling,” says Gina Salgado of Portland, Oregon. “There is never this â??Father Figure’ leader president with Donald Trump because he is all about fomenting today’s super-toxic political environment where Trump wins and we lose. Demonization is Trump’s middle name; I mean there are zero character and zero morality coming out of this 72-year-old New York City con-man’s mouth on a day-to-day basis and this Trump negativity is making me sick at heart; all Americans sick at heart,” added the 76-yar-old Salgado who attends “Impeach Trump” rallies “almost daily now in downtown Portland where Trump shit has really hit the fan during this horrible month of October 2018.” Meanwhile, Trump has been promoting his own brand of fear and loathing during midterm election rallies where Trump supporters seem to yell the loudest when Trump proclaims himself a “nationalist” and someone who hates freedom seeking migrants and Muslims and anyone not Trump’s color or social class, adds Salgado and others protesting “Trump Evil” here in downtown Portland. While Trump does not think a president should meet a higher standard of personal conduct and civility, he does fancy himself an authoritarian who likes other dictators who spit on the Constitution and freedom for all people. Meanwhile, Trump’s Republican supporters turn a blind-eye to Trump’s daily lies and war on the media with Trump’s characteristic “Fake News” whenever he’s busted for the evil that Trump does to women, people of color and the poor. Overall, citizenry expect their president to be truthful and kind-hearted; while this special “new journalism” Kindle e-book report spotlights essays that focus on good-hearted Americans.



This book is about the vital role that relationships play in our lives. We are hard wired to seek, establish and build relationships and this begins even before we have an awareness of ourselves.

The most important relationship is the one we have with our “self”.
If we are unable to accept, forgive, empathise or empower ourselves then we cannot share these gifts, or ourselves with others.
When we discover who we are and why we think and feel in the ways that we do, we become more open to experiencing others.
We can feel what others feel and make ourselves felt.

Throughout our lives we can change and grow from who we are into who we want to be.

Relationship is both the lens that we experience life through and our common language.

We cannot survive and thrive in isolation, relationships really are us.

Throughout the book I share my own and others experiences, dealing with issues of bullying, addiction, loss and grief, recovery, motivation and hope.

Life can be a challenging and frightening journey but we don’t have to make it alone.

The Blood I Lost


Take a journey with the author through riveting trials and tribulations and bitter moments of life.
The Blood I Lost is a must read, compelling accounts of true stories of betrayal and spiritual convictions. Get your copy of THE BLOOD I LOST Now!

-The book is divided into 12 chapters
-Each chapter serves a different purpose
-Deals with a different pain.
-Heals a different heartache Yet, finds Sweetness through Grace

Domestic Violence: Against Men

by A.N. Escapee

Domestic violence against men does not get anything like the recognition it should. As an escapee from domestic violence, this is a short guide to help other abused men escape too.

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