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A Moral Education:: The Importance of Teaching Kids Respect

by Mick McCoy

Good manners and behavior matter a lot. As a parent, it is your important responsibility to make sure that your kids grow up to be polite and responsible citizens of this world. This is more important in today’s world where the importance and value of manners is fast diminishing.
It is easier to teach them the importance of being polite and well-behaved when they are still young. They are likely to absorb easily and learn well. In fact, one of the important ways you can teach your kids is to lead by personal example. Kids mimic what they see their elders doing. So, just telling them to be polite and kind to others might not help much if you don’t behave accordingly in your own life. Try to be a good role model for your children.
Your child might also pick up bad behavior from cartoons or TV programs. So be on the lookout for this too. Try to supply as many good examples to your children as possible in this young, impressionable age where children learn the most by observing others.
Respect and tolerance go a long way. The good news is that parents can teach teens to focus on their lives. Kids need to stop sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong before it’s too late. Perhaps if teens focused on their own lives, they’d get better grades in school and get into the colleges and universities of their choice. You may not agree with someone’s sexual orientation, clothing, hairstyle, or music but you can agree to disagree!
In this eBook, there are complete program teaching you how to fine-tune your kid’s behavior. Learn to teach your kids to listen to you in any situation without shouting at them or hurting them.
Our lives are an accumulation of all the little decisions we’ve made up to this point. If we don’t like the total result, then we can start re-creating a new life by choosing better each moment and not adding more negatives to our lives.
We need to teach these things to our kids early so they can form good habits early enough so they are not “undoing” or “recreating” their lives and living with regrets. Teaching our kids about money and success should be taught in the school system. Instead, they are being fed a lot of useless information they will never use in the real world.


by Diego Garcia

Learn step by step to turning your home into a successful Airbnb business while still living in your home. From a Super Host that started from scratch.


by Bruno Maiorana

Hi, my name is Bruno Maiorana and I’m the author of this book. I have been teaching English for 10 years. This book is supposed to provide you with enough teaching resources and ideas to last you for a while. They have been all tried and tested by me at least a dozen times each.

Sorry if it´s a bit messy. I did it in a rush.

Kama Sutra : The keys to Love and Sexuality

by Vatsyayana

Read about how you and your long time love can put the fire back in your relationship by following the tenets of Kama Sutra, the ancient East’s “Treatise on Pleasure”.
The ancient text, Kama Sutra, is known is the West as a sex manual. But the truth about Kama Sutra is much richer. The Sanskrit title translates in English as “The Treatise on Pleasure”. The pleasure referred to goes beyond the sexual, encompassing all of human life. The compilation of Vedic teachings and advice represented by the Kama Sutra amounts to a guide to getting the most out of life by being fully present to all it offers us – including sex.

Taming Wall Street: Capture the gains. Eliminate the losses.

by Stephen Gardner

Take back control of your money NOW!
Wall Street is a self-proclaimed wild animal with an unpredictable nature. When the market is doing well, she is a charging BULL with what seems like unstoppable power. When the market is negative, she is a ferocious BEAR that can rip your life and retirement plans to shreds.
Wall Street and Banks have bred us into SHEEP. I want to teach you how to become a LION with your money. There is a way to harness the power of Wall Street without being crushed during bad times. Through financial education and proper product structuring, you can take back control of your money, have a predictable system for saving and investing, recover the money you spend on major purchases and gain tremendous tax advantages. Learn how to capture the gains and eliminate the losses.

Spanish Intermediate Reading Comprehension – Book 2

by Steve Aiston

Spanish Intermediate Reading Comprehension – Book 2

Do you want to improve your Spanish reading comprehension, vocabulary AND grammar?

Are you ready to take your Spanish to intermediate level and revise your existing skills?

Do you enjoy reading interesting, fact-filled articles on wide-ranging topics?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this bestselling series is for you!

This eBook includes:

� 15 fascinating short articles on a variety of topics such as: history, religion, the natural world, science, travel, food and more (all written by Spanish native speakers).

� Language notes about each text, where key words, grammar points and phrases are explained.

� Questions about each text (with clickable links to the answers).

� A section on key grammatical terms, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.

At the end of the eBook, there are also links to 50 free websites to help you learn Spanish.

If you want to improve your reading comprehension AND enjoy the texts you read, download this eBook now!

Viva Voce in Head and Neck Anatomy: 581 viva questions

by Dewan Raja

581 Viva Questions with answers.

B is for bacon Children’s Alphabet Book: A quirky alphabet book. (A quirky children’s alphabet book)

by Berenice Limon

B is for Bacon is a quirky alphabet book for children of all ages. Feed your child bacon, while teaching them their abc’s with Happy Foods Design’s latest creation. This whimsical kids’ book features bold, bright letters with images of funny food characters to entertain and encourage early learning. Prepare your appetite for education! Illustrated by graphic designer and mom Berenice Limon.

911 – I Want That Job!: Everything You Need to Know About the Process of Becoming a 911 Dispatcher

by L Tamsray

Do you want to be a 911 dispatcher? This guide will teach you everything you need to know from finding job openings to getting hired – including how to apply for and take a civil service exam, what type of questions are on the exam, when test scores are released, what the canvassing process is, and what to expect from the job.

This guide also includes the personal experiences of the author, a dispatcher in New York state.

Candidata Indígena Marichuy: No venderse, no rendirse, no claudicar (Magis 458) (Spanish Edition)

by Gerardo Lammers

“Bajar y no subir”: es uno de los principios del Congreso Nacional Indígena, que a finales de mayo de 2017 dio a conocer, respaldado por el ezln, la elección de María de Jesús Patricio como vocera del Concejo Indígena de Gobierno. Marichuy, como se la conoce, es una mujer nahua de Tuxpan, Jalisco, dedicada a la práctica y la preservación de la herbolaria y la medicina tradicional. Aunque no se logró que figurara como candidata en la boleta de la elección presidencial de 2018, lo más importante del proceso en que participó consistió en trabajar por la organización de los pueblos indígenas y, también, de toda la población mexicana agraviada por la pobreza, por la desigualdad, por la violencia y por la impunidad. Por otro lado, en este número de Magis â??y también a propósito de mujeres que han sabido hacer las cosas de un modo distintoâ?? presentamos a la física Jimena Canales, cuyo trabajo como investigadora y como historiadora de la ciencia la ha llevado a ganar reconocimiento internacional.

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