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The Simplicity of Disciple-Making: And 7 Ways We’ve Complicated It!

by Rob Fischer

As followers of Jesus Christ, He empowered and authorized us to make disciples. But we’ve inadvertently complicated disciple-making in at least seven ways. Discover how simple the disciple-making process is and how God can use you in your everyday life to impact those around you with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Day By Day: Dianna’s Source of Strength (The Backer Family Saga Book 2)

by Allison Kohn

This is the second book in the Baker family Saga. It is the story of birth and death but more than all, it is a story of growing love that transcends all of the mystery and drama of a family with enemies that they are unaware of. And it is a love story of one of the family who is the subject not only of hatred for the whole Baker family, but of the love two men. You will laugh and cry and fret and worry with the members of the family as they win and lose battles with life and love.

The Kingdom of God

by Jim Norman

This is a study of the Kingdom of God. It includes the message of the Kingdom of God, the nature of the Kingdom of God, Entrance into the Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of God brings division and conflict, The Kingdom of God is about two commandments, The laws of the Kingdom of God, We are citizens of the Kingdom of God, We are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, God created mankind to be rulers, The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of kings, and The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of priests.

Did Jesus Rise?: 6 Reasons to Believe in Jesus’ Resurrection (Apologetics Series Book 2)

by Haden Clark

How do you know Jesus rose from the dead? Is there any evidence? Haden unpacks six reasons to believe that Jesus rose from the dead in this short booklet. Christians do not have to believe blindly, or based on emotion alone. The historical evidence makes belief in the Resurrection rational. Learn how to defend your faith today in the second installment of this apologetics series.

Contents Include:
1. Jesus Died
2. The Disciples Saw
3. Paul and James
4. The Empty Tomb
5. Early Testimony
6. Personal Experience

Santa’s Secret (Southern Christmas Lights Novella Book 1)

by Linda Leigh Hargrove

During the most wonderful time of the year, Chelsea Parker is struggling to find some Christmas spirit. Mistletoe and â??Ho Ho Ho’ remind her of the man who left her at the altar two years earlier.

Can charming and successful Marc Waterman, the town’s newest businessman, help Chelsea heal from past hurts and find a way to love again? Or does he have too many secrets himself?

Wicca For Beginners: A Complete Beginnerâ??s Guide to Wiccan Beliefs and Rituals to Find Your Path and Live a Fulfilling Magical Life

by Margareth Hare

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Begin Your Wiccan Journey And Live A Fulfilling Magical Life

We live in a world which has never been further from Nature, a completely different reality from the one our ancestors lived in. Nowaday most people have sadly lost the ability to appreciate our beautiful natural world, and are solely focused on an artificial, man-made reality. If you want to learn how to become more in tune with Nature, find happiness in the present moment and achieve a sense of well-being and calm when facing difficult to understand life experiences, starting your Wiccan journey can help you.

Wicca is a religious movement that honors the Earth and celebrates the changes in the seasons and everything they bring, from the vitality of the Spring to the darkness of the Winter. It can help you develop positive change in your life, feel more fulfilled and aware of yourself, and also help you develop personal relationships with various Deities.

In this book you’ll learn everything you need to know to begin your wiccan journey and live a fulfilling magical life. You’ll discover what the wiccan beliefs are, what tools every witch should have, how to perform your first ritual, craft your own spells and take your first step on the Path of the Witch. Everything is explained in detail with the beginner always in mind, without being complicated or overwhelming.

In this wicca for beginners guide you’ll find:

  • An Introduction To Wiccan Beliefs Including The Fundamental Rule Of Witchcraft: The Wiccan Rede
  • 5 Magical And Ritual Tools Every Witch Should Have
  • How To Find Your Own Path and Live a Fulfilling Magical Life
  • A Step-By-Step Guide To The Wiccan Ritual
  • How To Purify Your Ritual Space And Tools From Negative Energies
  • A 5 Step Process To Craft Your Own Spells
  • 20 Powerful Spells You Can Learn To Cast Today To Attract Love, Wealth, Health And Positive Energy
  • An Introduction To Divination And Tarot Cards
  • How To Use The Three Card Layout To Ask Questions To The Goddess
  • And Much, Much More

Find Your Path In Life And Start Your Wiccan Journey Today

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Empath: 30 Day Challenge – A Step by Step Guide to Enhance Psychic Abilities, Overcome Fears and Handling Toxic Relationships

by Jessica Joly

If you’re looking to change your wellbeing and improve your relationships without the “temporary highs” that society often advocates, then keep reading…

Something may have been holding you back your entire life, a weight on your shoulders that wasn’t there when you were a childâ?¦ you’ve always struggled with self-esteem, getting into relationships and caring about others. Maybe it is time to find out why you have lost the beautiful skill of being empathetic. You’ve tried positive thinking, concentration meditation, seminars, and youtube videos but nothing seems to make you feel better long-term. You still feel something is blocking you from being happy. Sound familiar?

If it does, then the information inside this audiobook may be of tremendous help to you. You will be given techniques and missions that effectively boost your empathy and mental attitude. You will begin to see people for who they truly are and express how you feel. This book will take you by the hand and give you the tools to feel at peace with yourself. Imagine feeling at ease in any social environment, imagine feeling worthy of that promotion or relating to that potential soul mate. This is all possible when you re-own your natural empathetic state.

Don’t worry if you are not spiritually inclined, you don’t have to do anything outside of your comfort zone. The book can be completed at your own pace, as you begin to understand it you will feel more and more comfortable in your own skin. This book contains proven theories and methods that have been condensed into a 30-day life-changing experience.Thousands of people have become happier with these methods and you can too.

In this life-changing manual, you will discover:

-Why you don’t feel good ALL the time – and how to change
-30 “unknown” secrets to change your life in 30 days
-Why you shouldn’t be in a relationship if you NEED it
-The hidden reason why you are not at peace
-The crazy mind-altering benefits of mediation.
-The overlooked ways to beating eating disorders

If you want to learn more about how to change your life in 30 days and become happier in your relationships then simply click the buy now button on this page to get started.

Kiss and Tell Your Story: An inspirational study of faith

by Billy Green

Here’s what some thrilled readers had to say – “This book is truly a treasure” (Ruth Read (Retired English Teacher). “This is a book of humor and heartache and truth – what more could anyone want?” (Gail Morgan McRae, Author). Barbara Gola (free lance writer and blogger of the Big Swamp News) wrote, “I received my copy and couldn’t put it down until the last word was read, and what a blessing…” It’s a painfully honest account of a journey of faith, filled with messages of hope, help, and encouragement; a fireside chat for the weary, struggling, or those seeking direction; and a fresh look into the pathway of finding answers designed to inspire you to reach beyond yourself. If everything is going well, it is designed to encourage and inspire you.

I was my biggest problem in life. I tried it my way, and it wasn’t working. I knew there needed to be a change. I thought I could clean up my act and get it right. Oh, how deceived I was. My efforts continually failed. Every time I tried, I’d fall flat on my face and be right back where I started. Sometimes worse! I thought “Big Bad Bill” could do it! Two steps forward, three backwards! I began to wonder what was wrong with me. Am I really that rotten? Give me another drink, so I won’t feel the pain or have to think about it. Yep, I used to live to drink. Until one day, I made the best decision in my life.

This book is my story, and more! It’s a view of things God has shown me through the years. Things I’ve seen and how they apply to us today. I’m not saying all my perceptions are absolute truths. Every body has an opinion. By sharing these thoughts, it is my hope, that it will encourage you to think too, as you find there is a power in this Universe greater than anything you can imagine.

I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t. I wonder why we go through some things in life. I sometimes wonder why there seems to be so much suffering and pain. All I know is that we live in a fallen world. God’s people of old suffered as we suffer today, and He brought them through it for the better, according to His purposes. He can do that for you too. The answers to all the issues of life can be found in the Bible.

It can generate questions as well. For example, have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes in some events you’ve heard about in the Bible? God doesn’t spell out all the details in everything. He gets to the point and gives us what we need to know. In His infinite wisdom, He kept the readings within a manageable size for us.

Now I have a very active imagination, and that’s part of what this book is about. By sharing these thoughts with you, my hope is it will inspire you, so you will dig deeper into God’s Word to see what He has to say. This study can take you on the journey of your life. An adventure, I’ve found, I have never regretted taking!

So, as you travel with me, sit back, relax, and buckle up while we wander down the road of possibilities and truths. Hope you enjoy the journey and find the ultimate destination, Christ Jesus!

Enter the Kingdom of God: How to Increase your Faith, Overcome your Fears, and Feel the Presence of God

by Rev J Martin

Fear Looks Faith Jumps

In today’s society it can feel like you are on your own, fear can consume your spirit, not allowing you to grow.

On your social media all can seem ok. It’s so easy to hide what you’re feeling inside. You can run from your fears for as long as you like, but they will never leave you if you don’t put up a fight.

You can get lost in your phone pretending everything’s ok, but you will never overcome what stands in your way.

Thankfully, fear has an enemy and that enemy is faith. It will pick you up when you’re flat on your face. It will give you courageâ?? when you want to give up. It will help you climb that mountainâ?? when all hope seems lost.

In the presence of God fear instantly subsides, as you’re now in a place where you’re not judged or criticised. A place where you’re free to follow your dreams, a place to do what once seemed out of reach.

Jesus taught that we most become like children to enter the kingdom of God. Rediscover what children have that most adults have lost.

Have Less Stress, Better Health, More Focus and No Fear

Awaken Your Spirit and learn to see, the magnificence of God that’s in all things. It will take courage and faith to get there but the journey is worth your while.

The key is awareness and that can be learned. Get to the core of the Bibles message and start from there. A new world opens up when you are prepared.

Live as Jesus intended and you will find your way. Enter the Kingdom of God from today.

Janet’s Dream: I Want Babies

by Jean L. Kuhnke

Imagine that all your life you wanted babies of your own. Then imagine that because of a childhood malady, you find that you will never be able to produce children. Your entire family is lost to the disease that crushes your dreams.

Prepared for adulthood by her Aunt, (no blood relative) Janet was convinced that marrying a man knowing that she could not give him heirs, was the worst thing a woman could do.

She trained to become a ladies maid or housekeeper, but never lost her dream of having babies. Living in Boston, when her employer offered her a chance to have a child and a ranch in Arkansas where she could provide a life for herself and the child, she felt truly blessed. Her employers daughter, anxious to become a woman in her own right, found that the man she thought she loved was a fraud. When she realized her mistake, her parents tried to find a good home for the child she was carrying.

Accepting the blessing of her employers grandchild, the three women, Janet, Eleanora, and Molly traveled to Arkansas to transfer the deed and when the time was right, the child, to Janet.

Arriving at the ranch, the telegram from Boston told of another young woman with a similar situation as Eleanora. The babies would be born at or around the same time and would be considered twins.

Win, short for Edwin, left New York where his brother was killed in a duel, wanted nothing to do with women, especially women from the east. When he met Janet, things started to change yet again.

Life is not always what it seems, trusting God became Janet’s only option.

A Love Unforgotten: A collection of Historical and Christian Romance

by Monica Marks

A collection of Historical and Christian Romance…
Ashe is a Civil War combat medic with bad memories of his time on the battlefield. He settles in Montana wanting nothing more to forget…he finds love at the unexpected moment, however, as he becomes smitten with Georgia. Georgia works as the town nurse who seeks a helping hand with experience and Ashe is all too willing to help out if it means seeing her on a daily basis. But when a man from his Civil War past comes seeking revenge for a past wrong, Ashe both himself and Georgia in danger…Can he protect her from harm’s way?

How to Analyze People: Dark Psychology Series 4 Manuscripts – How to Analyze People, Persuasion, NLP, and Manipulation

by R.J. Anderson

How to Analyze People Dark Psychology 4 Book Bundle

This box set includes:

  • How to Analyze People: Dark Psychology – Secret Techniques to Analyze and Influence Anyone Using Body Language, Human Psychology and Personality Types
  • Persuasion: Dark Psychology – Secret Techniques To Influence Anyone Using Mind Control, Manipulation And Deception
  • NLP: Dark Psychology – Secret Methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming to Master Influence Over Anyone and Getting What You Want
  • Manipulation: Dark Psychology – How to Analyze People and Influence Them to Do Anything You Want Using NLP and Subliminal Persuasion

Understanding the techniques developed by politicians, advertisers, public speakers, crooks, and other masters of influence when being applied, can help you to analyze anyone around you or in your life. This can be done so that you can have a profound influence on the way they think and getting exactly what you want from them. If you are tired of letting the world push you around and are ready to start pushing back then, this book bundle is what you have been waiting for.

This is a practical guide on how to apply everything you learned. The book is filled with examples of how to modify the results based on the desired goal. This book will teach you how to know what makes your target tick.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to analyze different personality types
  • Mind-blowing tricks for manipulation
  • Magic words for influencing others
  • A step-by-step guide on influencing others with NLP
  • Forbidden secrets of dark psychology
  • Exposed techniques used by politicians and advertisers
  • How to control behavior of others
  • How to plant different emotional seeds that will grow in people’s minds
  • How to use words to steer people however you like
  • How to identify and work with different types of people like contrarians and control freaks.
  • How to hypnotize anyone
  • The language of the subconscious
  • The study of human behavior
  • Dark persuasion skills for getting what you want
  • And much much moreâ?¦

This book will help you command every situation and allow you to influence every person you meet. It will teach you how to protect your allies and annihilate your enemies. You will become an unstoppable force of order and control in this mad world.

These methods are no trivial matter. The techniques within this book will serve you well. They will reveal the plots and ploys your enemies will use to try and take you out, giving you the chance to react before it’s too late.

I share this knowledge in the hopes that it will protect others from it. Once a person can identify the methods of control, they can work to overcome them. You can make the world better or continue the dark legacy of our past, the choice is yours.

So consider your choices and understand that others have this power as well. The game of life is long, and the rules are complex. Don’t let others take advantage of you any longer.

Click “Add to Cart” now and learn the dark psychology of analyzing and influencing people instantly. Seize the power all great leader possess for yourself today. After all, you deserve to win!

Journaling Through Christmas: Organizing your daily schedule through the month of December while studying Matthew 2:1-23 and Luke 2:1-20

by Jenny Price

Most people dread the holiday due to their hectic schedules. I have a process of organizing your daily schedule while still keeping Christ at the center of Christmas so that you can enjoy Christmas while being stress-free. This daily journal lasts the entire month of December and helps you read through the story of Christ’s Birth. Within this Journal you will explore Matthew 2:1-23 and Luke 2:1-20, as well as some inspirational Bible Verses to start off the New Year right.

Up in Smoke

by Hannah R. Conway

Life heats up for Leanna Wilson when an accident claims her parent’s lives. Her dreams of a high profile law career are reduced to rubble when she returns home to assume custody of her sister, Brie. Without the financial means to take legal custody of her sisterâ??or a binding will to place her safely in her armsâ??Leanna’s future becomes more uncertain than ever. Already prepared for a blazing custody battle, with less than capable relatives, Leanna’s world is set ablaze when her ex-fiancé complicates matters in an attempt to destroy her future and her faith.

US Army, SSG Garrison Burke has spent the last few years aloneâ??balancing flag and fatherhood since the tragic death of his wife. Facing deployment, Garrison is desperate to find a safe caretaker for his son, Ezraâ??preferably anywhere but the abusive home he grew up in. So, when Leanna Wilson walks unexpectedly back into his life, he’s not sure if she’s a blessing or a curse. More importantly, Garrison cannot seem to forget how he betrayed Leanna many years ago. Yet, as Leanna and Garrison begin to run out of time, they start to see that the solution to their problems might lie within each other, but will they forget the past and allow their broken hearts to mend? As sparks begin to fly and their love is rekindled, a marriage of convenience will either make their wildest dreams come true or cause their best-laid plans to go up in smoke.

Being A Candle for the Kingdom: God, Light, and You

by Dante Nelson

Being A Candle for the Kingdom is a book aimed at helping Christians be the best “light of the world”, as Jesus put it, as possible. You will find out what kind of light you are, how to keep shining, and, ultimately, how to live life as a Candle for the Kingdom of God.

Mysterious Experiences: A peek beyond the confines of the mind

by Dr. King

This book discusses some of the interesting mysterious experiences encountered by Yoga or meditation enthusiasts It tries to provide reasoning based analysis of the situations, backed by ancient texts, and words of well known Yogis.

Life Like Stars

by C. R. Kelchner

“My loyalty lies with God,” Nastia declares on a flight to Washington D.C.

Nastia Sibieski believes that romance is sacred. She turned down many attractive admirers in college because they weren’t the right, Christian man. But after she meets a handsome atheist named Anton, everything changes. Nastia finds herself questioning her core beliefs as she gets to know her new boyfriend.

When Nastia goes farther than she intended, her world turns upside down. Two angels inform her that unless she stops dating Anton and goes back to God, her sin will materialize and grow on her body, making her uglier and uglier as time goes on â?? but no other person will be able to see. Nastia is faced with an extremely difficult decision: abandon the newfound affection she has always wanted, or take the opportunity regardless of what God and the angels say.

The Babylonian Captivity of the Church: A Theological Treatise

by Martin Luther

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Prelude on the Babylonian Captivity of the Church is a theological treatise, one of the major tracts published by Martin Luther in 1520. In this work Luther examines the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church in the light of his interpretation of the Bible. With regard to the Eucharist, he advocates restoring the cup to the laity, dismisses the Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation but affirms the real presence of the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist, and rejects the teaching that the Mass is a sacrifice offered to God.

Transform your Life from the Inside Out

by Grant Connolly

Featuring a Step-by-Step Guide to Accept, Resolve and Transform Life’s Most Difficult Challenges.

This book will introduce you to The ZPoint Process – a simple, proven, step by step way to free yourself from the strong negative emotions and harmful life patterns that tie you to the past and limit your current health, wealth and happiness.
ZPoint is about finding peace and resolution with all the ways that you may be unhappy with your life and/or circumstances. It’s about becoming non-reactive and peaceful and perhaps most important, it’s about rediscovering your zest, joy and love of life.

The Large and Small Catechisms: Canonical Reviews on The Ten Commandments, The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, Holy Baptism, The Sacrament of the Eucharist & The Office of the Keys and Confession

by Martin Luther

“Luther’s Small Catechism” is a catechism written for the training of children. It reviews the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, the Office of the Keys and Confession and the Sacrament of the Eucharist. The Small Catechism is widely used today in Lutheran churches as part of youth education and Confirmation.
“Luther’s Large Catechism” was addressed particularly to clergymen to aid them in teaching their congregations. It is divided into five parts: The Ten Commandments, The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, Holy Baptism, and The Sacrament of the Eucharist. The Large Catechism typifies the emphasis which the churches of the Augsburg Confession placed on the importance of knowledge and understanding of the articles of the Christian faith. Primarily intended as instruction to teachers, especially to parents, the Catechism consists of a series of exhortations on the importance of each topic of the Catechism.

Commentary on Genesis (Complete Edition)

by Martin Luther

This eBook edition of “Commentary on Genesis” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Commentary on Genesis is the last work of Martin Luther, written during the last several years of his life. Luther’s work follows the first volume of Psalms with critical and devotional remarks on the creation and on sin and the flood.

Scandalous: Secrets in the Pulpit

by K. Blaze

Pastor Jackson Jones is a man that hides behind Greater Emmanuel. He has let money, power, greed, and sex get in the way of him serving God. Jackson’s world gets shook up when someone from his past comes back. Andre Sullivan is shaking things up with his return. Jackson does everything in his power to keep him away from his daughter, Summer Jackson.

While sleeping with her best friend, Lauren, he thinks that he has everything under control until one fateful night Summer and Andre hit it off. Things seem to be going good until secrets are slowly revealed. One secret could very well shatter what Andre and Summer are trying to build.

Will all of Jackson’s secrets cause death to be his demise?
Will Andre and Summer be able to pull together after the bomb is dropped?

31 Kisses

by Chautona Havig

When one plus one equals thirty-oneâ?¦

It happens every day.
Guy meets grandpa-and girl.
Guy knocks grandpa off ladder
Guy kisses girl to make it “all better.”
Every day.
For a month.
Just your normal, average, all-American romanceâ?¦

Meet Chessie and Carson. She goes “all out” for Christmas (and every other holiday including Columbus Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Flag Day); he doesn’t own a single thing that could be considered decorative-unless you count the stickers he stuck to his dresser back when he was three.

Neither of them have ever had a serious relationship; both are opposed to frivolous expressions of affection. How on earth did they get tangled up in a “kiss-a-day-during-December” pact?

Drinkers & Drifters: A Collection of Stories Volume I

by David R. Duggin

‘Drinkers & Drifters’, contains the voices of an America that are fading fast from the country’s landscape. Tales taking place just east of Appalachia, Drinkers & Drifters offers a snapshot in time of the people that helped build America, people born and bred for generations, and now offer only a withering voice in a place that will soon all but forget them. Come, have a drink, join in the revelry of a pub or bar, or take part in the classic tales of young men leaving home in search of the American Dream.

Hope Eternal

by Clarica Burns

Ashton is having trouble again and Mary Jane Wilford is coming back to town just in time to be in the middle of it. The thing is she has problems of her own. She left behind a secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know, especially her parents. While she struggles with her faith or lack of it and starting a new job as an elementary school teacher her past comes back to haunt her in the person of Adam Collins. He claims if she will just help him he will disappear from her life and no one needs to know anything about their time together in Denton, Texas. She lost her trust in him some time ago and really doesn’t want it back even if he is a DEA agent like he claims to be. It doesn’t help any when her parents introduce her to the one man she can never have the new preacher of the First Baptist Church, Guy Hayworth.
Guy Hayworth is a single Baptist preacher at his first large church. He is still learning the ropes and trying to figure out how to keep from getting into trouble with the single women in his congregation when he meets Mary Jane. Her lack of faith in God and her lack of faith in him make him wonder if God is really sure this is the woman for him. He knows she is hurting but she doesn’t want to confide in him. While he is still trying to figure out a way to convince her that he is at least her friend she gets involved in an attempt to kill the newsman Gideon Marcus.
Can these two figure out a way to come together and can Mary Jane realize that God can forgive her no matter what she has done? Can Mary Jane realize that no matter what that God is in control of her life and she must turn to him to find the answers that she is looking for?

How to Walk In the Supernatural Power of God: : All You Need To Walk In Divine Power and Dominion. (Spiritual Domination)


Redemption positions a person to enjoy power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing. He walks in dominion when God empowers him with these packages associated with redemption. This expository inspiring book by Michael B. Endwell is a provision for those in search of dominion that lasts. When God deposits His divine endowment in you, you succeed without struggle. Your encounter with this book is an encounter with dominion. You will never be on the floor. Just accept personal responsibility; read understand and dominate in your world! True Christianity is associated with Dominion.

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