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Uncommon Purpose (The Hope Island Chronicles Book 1)

by PJ Strebor

Following the bloody war between the Athenian Republic and the Pruessen Empire, an uneasy peace has settled over the region of space known as The Tunguska Fault.

The Telford family’s independent trading vessel, the Belinda is captured by Pruessen slavers and the crew forced into a life of brutal servitude. Their desperate bid for freedom succeeds but a tragic price is paid.

Years pass and Nathan Telford, fighting the nightmares of his past and yearning for revenge, joins the Athenian Navy. His first posting is aboard the warship Truculent, patrolling the northern quarantine zone beyond which lurks the Empire.

Answering a distress call from a beleaguered freighter, the routine mission becomes a desperate fight for survival. The Pruessans are once again testing the defenses of the Republic and this time they have technology far in advance of the last war.

It is left to Nathan, three untried middies and a disgruntled petty officer to try and avert a looming disaster.

With their high tech weapons rendered useless and facing overwhelming odds, Nathan risks everything on a brave, hastily conceived gamble.


Coffee, Beer, and a Good Chair: A Jona: Midget Assassin Novel (Jona Midget Assassin Book 1)

by T.W. Keez

The universe is big. Jona is not. When he discovers a portal to a space station in his mother’s basement, he embarks on a hilarious and touching adventure to find his father and protect Earth from losing the only three things valued everywhere in the universe: coffee, beer, and a good chair.

Jona – our beloved main character
Marcus – Jona’s best friend
Priya – a webcam model from India
Aerora – a punk girl with attitude
Bartis – a green lounge singer
Doctor Mengalo – a mad scientist who can skate
Starbuck Whoppner – a moron
Katie – a computer AI who inherits the personality of an adult film star
and Officer Threeskin – a cop

Will Jona finally find his missing father?
Will Whoppner succeed in his quest to control all Earth’s valuable resources?
Will the Earth be around long enough to destroy itself, or will an alien race do it for them?
How many tacos is too many tacos?

Find out the answer to some of these questions in Book One of Jona’s hilarious adventure. Not the taco one though, that is a trick question. There can never be too many tacos.

I hope you enjoy my book!
TW Keez

HUNGRY – Zombie Horror series – Tomes 1 and 2

by Lawrence Herbert Tide

Tome 1
The danger from outside may be nothing compared to the danger from within.
The zombies took everything from Red. Home, childhood, parents… The girl lost it all to the undead. Even after she finds sanctuary in the Community, a dome-enclosed city, the trauma haunts her. She throws herself into martial arts training, determined to protect her home and keep her vow to destroy the monsters who stole her world.

Hope inside the Community spreads after the arrival of a scientist, but his claim to have an astounding material which will help combat the undead coincides with an increase in zombie attacks. There are Suspicions, and Red, ever-evolving, sets out to safeguard her beloved adoptive family and friends.
This is the Book 1 of the horror-dystopia Zombie Series HUNGRY

Tome 2
Red and her friends and family survive a terrifying attack inside the Community, which was supposed to be Humanity’s last Haven!
For its survival, they will have to go on a long and dangerous journey, which will have an impressive issue, knowing that zombies avid for human flesh aren’t as dangerous as traitors.

This is Book 2 of the horror-dystopia Zombie Series HUNGRY
Get your copy and start reading today!

The Birds…they’re back

by Wendy Reakes

In Cornwall, on a farm along the rugged coastline, Bill Hock awakens in the middle of the night to discover a large crow perched ominously on his son’s bed. When Bill chases it out through the window, he couldn’t have known that was just the beginning.The Fear family is estranged. While Ellen works at their restaurant on the river, and Harry Fear takes his new girlfriend, Melanie, to an isolated Cornish farmhouse, their teenagers are left in charge of the house overlooking the Clifton Gorge. That night, when Ellen becomes trapped inside the cellar and the kids are left alone, the birds create havoc over the land, leaving thousands dead.In Poldark country, as Harry Fear and Melanie arrive at the farm, they join Bill and Dolly as they all face the terror of the birds attacking the small community. After a night of carnage and as planes drop from the sky, they flee their home to go north, back to the deserted historical city of Bristol.There begins the story of the birds, back to reign over the skiesâ?¦and the earth.


by Lewis Dolan

Cyberdyne is a city that chews up the weak. It’s been hundreds of years since civilisation has rebuilt itself from the ashes of the old world, and Cyberdyne stands as mankind’s crowning achievement; the last safe haven away from the cruelty of the wastelands of Earth, where life is controlled and enforcement is brutal.

Cyberdyne follows the stories of several inhabitants who live within the walls of the titular city. Charlie Burton is a cop, tired of life and the job, who stumbles across a conspiracy that could lead the entire city into extinction. A man sits alone watching the lives of of others, haunted by memories. A young boy on the run from a machine he believes is hunting him, and a drug addict trying to escape his past. These stories and more will shape and decide Cyberdyne’s fate.

Loyalties (HMCS Borealis Book 3)

by S.J. Madill

Humanity is in retreat.

The relentless Horlan have returned, invading deep into human space. Entire colonies are being harvested.

Since leaving the navy, Eric Cho and the mechanic Saparun Vish have lived a simple life, farming on a distant colony world. But now the war has come to them, and they must find a way to escape their doomed colony.

Commander Dillon is the reluctant captain of HMCS Borealis. An old ship relegated to the war’s sidelines, her crew is restless to get into the fight. Dillon knows their chance will come soon enough, and with it will come pain and sacrifice.

Fate has chosen the fiery Heather Gibson to be a spiritual leader of the alien Palani. An old civilisation in decline, the Palani now teeter on the edge of collapse. Along with her bond-mate Elan, Heather must prepare the Palani to face their nemesis once more, or face their own extinction.

For a chance to defeat the ancient evil, humanity will pay a heavy cost.


by C.A. Voss

In a world ravaged by climate change, social inequality and dwindling natural resources there’s only one solution: abandon ship and terraform a new home.

Operation Genesis is beset by problems from the start – sabotage, covert infiltration, planning by committee – but Dylan Lomax, an emotionally disconnected empath, soon discovers there are worse things than organisational incompetence. The mission to bring life to a new planet has a terrible secret, one which threatens to take humanity to the brink of extinction.

Genesis is the debut novel by C.A. Voss

The Greatest Works of Edward Bellamy: 20 Dystopian Novels, Sci-Fi Series & Short Stories: Looking Backward, Equality, Dr. Heidenhoff’s Process, Miss Ludington’s … World, With The Eyes Shut, The Cold Snapâ?¦

by Edward Bellamy

Musaicum Books presents to you a carefully created collection of Edward Bellamy’s dystopian novels and other Sci-Fi stories. This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Content:
Looking Backward: 2000-1887
Dr. Heidenhoff’s Process
Miss Ludington’s Sister
The Duke of Stockbridge
Short Stories:
The Blindman’s World
An Echo of Antietam
The Old Folks’ Party
The Cold Snap
Two Days’ Solitary Imprisonment
A Summer Evening’s Dream
Potts’s Painless Cure
A Love Story Reversed
Hooking Watermelons
A Positive Romance
With The Eyes Shut
At Pinney’s Ranch
To Whom This May Come

Prime State

by James Jefferies

The Party has been voted into office but has taken an iron grip on the country, dismantling the economic system and imposing state control, with mass denouncements of citizens it regards as wreckers, along with grinding interference over all aspects of life, with a personality cult of its Supreme Leader. The Party sees itself as morally correct and thus any challenges to it must be wrong, with dissidents banished to communes, but at last there is growing resistance. Can the Party and Supreme Leader be removed and what will the military do?

Star Crossed

by C. B. Maurice

When what you want is not what you think it is.

Jessica went to the Core to be with the fashionable people where she met Matt who wanted to leave. How could someone so cute be so tasteless? Or did he know something she didn’t?

Earth To Nole: It begins at the end

by Kumar Lomash

Kevin wakes up on a spaceship several light years from home, he was asleep for almost 3 centuries. At first he doesn’t remember what brought him so far but it slowly comes back to him. He is not on an adventure trip, neither is he part of a scientific exploration. He is among a few thousand human survivors who have left Earth to ensure their continued survival. Everyone on the spaceship is a stranger to Kevin. As he learns more and more about them, he starts fearing what they fear the most. Is the human civilization going to perish as the result of a failed space voyage? Was leaving Earth a bad move? Kevin starts digging around for more facts and answers but what he finds out amazes him beyond his wildest fantasies. He finds himself right in the middle of a million year old story, encompassing among other mysteries, the birth of the human species itself.

WHEN WILLIAM CAME: A Story of London under the Hohenzollerns

by Saki, H. H. Munro

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Set several years the future, after a war between Germany and Great Britain in which the Germans won, “When William Came” chronicles life in London under German occupation and the changes that come with a foreign army’s invasion and triumph. The “William” is actually Kaiser Wilhelm II of the House of Hohenzollern.

The Secret Trials (The Trials Trilogy Book 2)

by Tara Benham

I survived the trials. I even survived my nightmares. Now, I’m ready to move on and live a quiet life. But skeletons the size of dangerous government secrets rarely stay hidden. When those secrets are leaked, it’s my job to handle the public backlash. So much for any chance at a quiet, normal life. Instead, I have to make a choice – maintain the peace and innocence of our people or share the dark truth and shake up the very foundation of our society.

The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells

The Time Traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us.

Out of the Ashes: A Story of the New Glasgow War

by CN Stoesen

The rifle lay besideher as her back pushed tight against the shattered wall. She was breathingslowly to control her heart rate. The walker’s metal joints squealed and itsfeet pounded the broken pavement of the street below.
In a war torn world,one soldier rises out the ashes to take the fight to the enemy. 
NewGlasgow lays in ruins. Sergeant Rachel Duncan leads her under armed platoonagainst the mechanized iron fist of the Federation union of Planets. Short onmen and even less supplies, all they have to do is hold their ground untilreinforcements arrive. Will Duncan rise to the occasion or will she crack underthe intense pressure of a world under siege?

New Glasgow WarSeries

Other books in the NewGlasgow War series include:
Book 1: Out of theAshes (
Book 2: Counter Strike(
Book 3: Price of War(
Book 4: Phoenix Rising(
Book 5: The PhoenixGambit (

The New Glasgow WarOmnibus – containing books 1-3 (

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Chesapeake Bay: Sequel to A Trappers Tale (a Trapper’s Tale saga Book 2)

by Chad Harter

The exciting explanation of what happens to Erin and just how important tiny may be.
The extension of A trapper’s Tale delves deeper into the true reasons behind the apocalypse. New exciting characters join Erin, Sam the old man and of course Tiny, with a fairly new look.

City of Light: A Genetic Mistake, A Sci Fi Dystopia (Children of Nar Chronicles Book 1)

by Rebecca Laffar-Smith

What if the sun never rises?

Nar has become a dystopian wasteland. The planet hasn’t seen sunlight in two hundred years. Most people escaped into domed cities and the ultra rich hide in virtual reality worlds created by the Lord of Light. They’ve waited generations, believing Captain Bellamy will return with a cure. But the captain is dead, and my DNA isn’t the match it was supposed to be.

My sister and I are the backup plan of a malfunctioning robot. I was supposed to be a perfect copy, a clone, but I’m not.

Something went wrong.

That genetic mistake is killing me.

Our starship, and the droid, believe I can still deliver the cure. We can’t let the Lord of Light and his Stalkers destroy our last chance to give Nar back to its people. I’m no hero, no leader, no saviour; but the people of Nar need someone to follow. And I’ll do anything to protect my sister.

I just hope my health lasts long enough to bring her home.

For fans of Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, and Secondborn comes a new Y.A. sci fi dystopia.

Begin reading today!

Tomb of the Wildman (The Children of Eden Book 2)

by Richard Wooten

Who was the Wildman of the woods?

The Heart of the Earth had been found and things have settled down for Quinn and Jackson. The trouble is that things are too settled down and they don’t like it. Then they learn that an artifact has been found off of the island of Malta that is directly related to the mysterious language they discovered in the Amazon. Then Horrible things begin to happen. Jackson suffers a seizure at his 42nd birthday party while at the same time someone tries to kidnap their daughter Lilly.
After that, they decide to help a young woman who is running from a group of pirates and are drawn into a life or death race to decipher the mysterious language. And that quest will ultimately lead them across the ocean to a mysterious island, one that has only been glimpsed by human eyes a handful of times throughout history. There, they will find the Tomb of the Wildman. There, Quinn will discover something about Jackson that will change both of their lives forever. There, she will discover who the Wildman really is and she learns about the three Guardians of Eden, that she must find them and use them to unlock the Gateway to Eden. Only then can she hope to save her family and the rest of the world.

Fid’s Crusade (The Chronicles of Fid Book 1)

by David Reiss

Finalist, 2018 Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize

“One of the most refreshing and lively takes on the superhero genre I’ve seen in years.”

— Hugo award-winning author Tim Pratt

Even supervillains have lines they dare not cross.

If only the same could be said of heroes…

For more than two decades, the sight of Doctor Fid’s powered armor has struck terror into the hearts of hero and civilian alike. But when a personal tragedy motivates Doctor Fid to investigate a crime, a plot is uncovered so horrific that even he is taken aback.

Haunted by painful memories and profound guilt, the veteran supervillain must race against time if he is to have any hope of confronting the approaching threat. Every battle takes its toll…but the stakes are too high for retreat to be an option.

Read the supervillainous sci-fi action-thriller that critics have called “immediately engaging”, “ridiculously fun”, and “a solid foundation for a new series!”

The Witches’ Stones Book Three – Revenge of the Catspaw

by Helena Puumala

In this, the third and final book of The Witches’ Stones saga, the attractive part human-part Kordean Witch psychic Sarah Mackenzie and the handsome Terran Confederation agent Coryn Leigh face some profound dangers and challenges, some personal and some that span the galaxy.
As the book opens, Sarah and Coryn pledge their love in a Kordean marriage ceremony. That ceremony contains both a blessing and a curse, and the ultimate working out of that blessing and curse will prove instrumental in resolving both of their fates.

Coryn finds himself a prisoner of the corrupt Elites of The Organization, the people who call themselves the Neotsarians, an authoritarian empire whose rulers consider themselves the natural overlords of the Milky Way galaxy. He becomes a “catspaw”, bait to lure Sarah into their hands, in their continuing quest to use her psychic powers to augment a deadly super-weapon, one that is capable of ensuring that they can rule the galaxy. Against his will, he also becomes the plaything of “Evil Evilla Copoz”, perhaps the most unsavoury of the Neotsarian elites.

In the first book of the trilogy, Coryn has to rescue Sarah from a terrible fate. This time, it is Sarah who must try to save him from Evil Evilla, while avoiding falling into the trap that the Neotsarians have set for her. She, along with a group of willing, adventurous associates, must infiltrate Neotsarian space in order to attempt a spectacular rescue, not just of Coryn, but of others who have been enslaved even as he has been. The Blessing and Curse hang over all of the characters in the story, with a twist that truly reflects the “revenge of the Catspaw”, in all of its multiple meanings.

Beyond the pure adventure story, is a deeply emotional story of love and recovery. Coryn and Sarah must undergo trials both physical and psychological, in order to keep their love alive through the most appalling of circumstances and the most harrowing of memories. Fortunately, they have the power of the Blessing and the Curse to help them through the ordeal, as well as their own very considerable inner strengths.

The novel is about 115,000 words, about 8 to 10 hours reading at typical reading speeds. It is the final book of the trilogy, at least for now, although writer Helena Puumala has “kept the door open” to perhaps pursue new adventures in Sarah and Coryn’s universe at a later date.

Lost in the Quantum Realm

by Sha Kandi

The US government has spent more than $590 billion in 2017 on Pentagon, with billions invested into Research & Development. Penta Trinity, the largest secret lab with mysteries beyond comprehension, is supervised, controlled and funded by Pentagon. Heresy Chan, the lead scientist under a classified project unfolds the enigmas of the Quantum Realm. Space and time are not intertwined anymore, they unravel to separate paths. Chan must destroy his work- in it lies the power to shift the balance of the world.

November Seed: It was the perfect day for a worst-case scenario.

by David Nadas

Two field biologists from N.J. Fish & Wildlife discover a contagion being spread by a common marsh grass called Phragmites. Shortly after their reporting to the CDC, the contagion has found a human host, then another and another. In less than 24 hours, Phragmites will release their seed to the world, carrying the contagion with it. The event happens quickly and is known among those who study this grass as, November Seed.

NAVAJA DE DOBLE FILO (Spanish Edition)


En esencia no es una novela histórica, es una ficción reclinada en relevantes hitos de la revolución cubana, sus preludios, el enfilamiento pro-soviético, la invasión de playa Girón, la crisis de los balseros, ultimando con la revocación de la política estadounidense: â??pies secos, pies mojados’. Entre estos dos últimos escenarios acaece la vida de la protagonista, una mujer atractiva, convencida de que no existirían elecciones diferentes a las que proponía, a la par, víctima de la estrechez económica y la desintegración familiar. Cumplidos los dieciocho años decide tomar el control de su destino, será capaz de justificarlo todo, pagar cualquier precio, para ganar la reunificación de su pequeña estirpe.
Inicia el periplo en su pueblo natal, y necesitará recorrer más de diez mil kilómetros para juntarse con su progenitor en Miami. Hará una importante parada en Quito, un trampolín para alcanzar su destino, una propulsión como lo hicieron miles de isleños en los mimos tiempos, flujo migratorio que desató una crisis en el Istmo.
Como otras mujeres en situación similar será víctima de la trata de blancas, vivirá momentos quiméricos. A puertas de cumplir sus veintidós años caerá en reflexión sobre su vehemencia. El último empujón de su travesía resultará infausto.
En 1956, en la obertura de la era socialista, dos españoles y tres isleños esbozan cuestionamientos. En las siguientes seis décadas, cual nudo gordiano, sin lugar a soluciones creativas, los personajes ensayan particulares formas de cortarlo, resolver tajantemente y sin contemplaciones los problemas, de suyo lo intenta la protagonista y antes su progenitor. Los resultados de sus vidas le dan la sustancia a esta fábula.


by Edward Bellamy

Looking Backward – Julian West, a young American, towards the end of the 19th century falls into a deep, hypnosis-induced sleep and wakes up 113 years later. He finds himself in the same location (Boston, Massachusetts), but in a totally changed world: It is the year 2000, and while he was sleeping, the United States has been transformed into a socialist utopia. The young man readily finds a guide, Doctor Leete, who shows him around and explains all the advances of this new age, including drastically reduced working hours for people performing menial jobs and almost instantaneous, Internet-like delivery of goods. The two-start working on improving the future with the experiences from the past and the presence.
Looking Further Backward – Set in future of 2023 the book narrates the story of how China invades USA in 2020 after China has adopted rampant capitalism as opposed to rest of the world who are in throes of Nationalism, a socialism like set up. Written in a form of a diary, the novel directly hits out at Edward Bellamy’s 1888 Utopian novel Looking Backward. The political drama that unfolds in this novel will make you deeply wonder how the author could foresee so much!

Saturnastra: Marduke (Vol Book 1)

by Teresita Blanco

There comes a time when a reader must turn into a writer. For most of my adolescence, I was reading a large range of books. Most of them focuses on fantasy. One day, I started to grow bored of them. It seemed to me that the entire genre was just repeating itself. It was then when I decided to write my own fantasy book. By then, I had already some experience with writing. I had just finished my long poetry series, and I had a couple of short stories under my belt. It seemed like the right time to jump into a longer project. This was when I conceived my Saturnastra series. I have been working on the series all throughout college. Even though I graduated from Journalism, I still kept up with my fantasy book series. Even tonight, I will be adding more to the 10th book in the series. The front cover I painted it myself. It features my protagonist Marduke sitting on the empty throne of the King. Despite being fantasy, my story has a tad bit of horror elements blended in there. It wasn’t my idea to have a horror scene. Rather, I noticed it when I was reading it to my editor. My dear brother asked me, “Why did this turn into a horror movie?” I did not have an answer for him. It just happened. Aside from horror, there are some comic elements. I cannot point them out per say. Rather, I tend to be randomly funny. I only notice when I read some of the scenes out loud, and my brother cannot help but chuckle. This first book sums up my ideas of everything that a fantasy book should have. This includes a dragon, a magic guy, army battles, demons, and a male Sphinx. As for the target age group, there really isn’t one. When I write, I do not have a target audience. I only write the type of book that I would enjoy reading. I can at least say that I avoid one particular type of scene that have become so common place in today’s fantasy books. Why is the book series called Saturnastra? Saturn is a familiar planet we all know and loved. It was formally a gas giant, till I gave it some magical reworkings. The Astra portion refers to a type of magical weapon. The other aspect of the title is the name of the protagonist. All the books in the series will focus on a different person. From time to time, there will be crossovers between each of the books in the series. Officially, I have 4 books already good to go. I will have them published in the near future. The others still require a bit of editing. As of now, I am working on writing the 10ths book in the series. Overall, there is going to be 14 books. This is assuming that one of the books does not turn into two. As the title suggests, the book is about a fellow named Marduke. Unlike most fantasy characters, Marduke isn’t an orphan and he has a long extended family. Even when he gets adopted by a noble lady, he still keeps tabs on his family from time to time. He ends up being constricted into the army. Most of the plot takes place in the capital city of Veragerung. A ruthless monarch has been ruling there for more than 200 years. His race is as ambiguous as his past. The only thing that people there know for certain about the King is that his word is law. The story focuses on the power struggle between Marduke and the King.

Nine-Tenths (English)

by Meira Pentermann

Leonard Tramer and his family live in Colorado, trapped behind the walls of a totalitarian state. Dedicated to one another and determined to find the free world, they plan an escape which defies the odds and deceives their tyrannical government.

Emerging at a time when personal liberties and Internet privacy are slowly eroding, NINE-TENTHS offers a window into a dysfunctional society, while celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit and the natural urge to resist oppression.

COLD WAR: Alien Incursion: Book 1

by Ken Bebelle

They invaded her planet. They ambushed her unit. They’ll have to pry Earth from her cold, dead handsâ?¦

When Lieutenant Cam Alvarez is called to investigate a desert massacre in the US Green Zone, she prepares for the worst. Once her team of soldiers arrives on the scene, she realizes the violence wasn’t committed by human hands. Alien invaders already dominate Earth’s expanding polar regions, but Cam had never seen Ringheads survive exposure to heatâ?¦ until they storm her troops and abduct her.

On board the alien mothership, Cam knows she alone can warn the human resistance about the catastrophic new threat. Subjected to cruel experiments, she fights for control as the Ringheads slowly strip away her humanity. Against impossible odds, Cam must escape her captors and make an unthinkable sacrifice to give humanity one last shot at survival.

Cold War: Alien Incursion is a captivating military sci-fi novel. If you like tough-as-nails soldiers, alien abductions, and near-future ecological thrillers, then you’ll love Julia Vee and Ken Bebelle’s fast-paced adventure.

Buy Cold War: Alien Incursion to bundle up for a subzero battlefront today!

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