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Felicitous Geometric Algebra : Carefully demystifying Euler’s Identity

by Gary Harper

Mathematics often advances by resolving calculated mystery. The primordial example is negative numbers, reluctantly introduced for their syntactic felicity, but subsequently understood to denote various kinds of deficit; an idea that finally dispelled their mystery. A more celebrated example is negative-squaring numbers, even more reluctantly introduced, whose felicity was eventually recognized to be much, much richer than imagined. That unexpected boon clinched the idea that Descartes was wrong in labeling them “imaginary”:â??they are really just ordinary numbersâ??no more exotic than negative onesâ??an idea that finally dispelled their mystery too.

That’s the current story anyway; but those numbers, tho truly not “imaginary”, are definitely not “ordinary” either; and their mystery has merely been plastered over:â??What is their dimension? What directions can they have? Do they ever rotate anything? Is ix truly valid as an exponent of e? (like any ordinary number). If so, is e itself even present in that expression? Is i really a constant? Or is it actually a seductive misnomer for a variable number? If so, what might be a more informative name for it? How does it vary? On and on. Finally resolving these mysteries shall make mathematics more expressive.

Doing so requires more care than usual about dimension, explained in an epilog; and also more care about geometric interpretation, scrutinized after that. I have taken such care hoping to show curious readers how extraordinarily expressive geometric algebra is. Surprisingly, it is only a sub-language of an even more expressive languageâ??you’ll see.

Little Dog And Puppy Health: Health Care About Little Dog and Puppy Health

by Eden Watkins

Little Dog And Puppy Health – Health Care About Little Dog and Puppy Health

While none of the following problems are by any means exclusive to small dogs, they do present extra challenges for small dogs and their owners.

Teeth and Gum Problems
Many small dogs have a tendency to develop teeth and gum problems which lead to tooth loss, because they are often fed canned food as an alternative to larger kibble. Although tooth loss in itself is vexing, oral disease can lead to even more serious heart disease, compromised immune systems and other complications.
Bi-weekly tooth brushing will help prevent this typical small dog health problem. An attractive supply of crunchy treats and chews (high-quality natural ingredients and not too large, please) will also help your pup keep his sparkling smile.
“Small Dog Syndrome”
Even the smallest toy dogs are infamous for their willingness to take on dogs the size of a full-grown man. Your dog may be that brave, but he’s almost sure not to be that lucky. Protect your small dog from his oversized ambitions by picking him up when a larger dog approaches.
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Anti-Aging Skin Care: Anti-Aging Skin Care Techniques for Beautiful, Flawless and Younger Looking Skin

by PawPaw Publishing

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Anti-Aging Skin Care Techniques for Beautiful, Flawless and Younger Looking Skin

Getting older is inevitable. Although your skin does not have to show the signs of your age. You can prevent and even reverse the signs of aging with a little bit of work and know how.

By reading this book: Anti-Aging Skin Care: Anti-Aging Skin Care Techniques for Beautiful, Flawless and Younger Looking Skin you’ll be given the knowledge and motivation to proactively reduce the skins aging process.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn by reading Anti-Aging Skin Care: Anti-Aging Skin Care Techniques for Beautiful, Flawless and Younger Looking Skin

– Understanding the aging process
– The different common skin types
– Skin care techniques for beautiful, flawless and younger looking skin
– An overview of skin care products and how they function (cleansers, exfoliators, toners, moisturizers)
– Types of foods to avoid and eat for flawless skin
– Lifestyle habits to avoid and practice for healthy looking skin
– Identifying symptoms of aging and how to prevent skin aging
– Different oils and herbal options for anti aging skin care

Learn how to prevent and reverse the aging process of skin for a more youthful look by downloading and reading Anti-Aging Skin Care: Anti-Aging Skin Care Techniques for Beautiful, Flawless and Younger Looking Skin today.

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Diseases Affected by the Prion Mechanism : (Including association with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s), Huntington’s, and more) (Prion Diseases Book 1)

by Gregg Wegener

Prion diseases are important in understanding for further developmental research on neurodegenerative disease. The mechanism consists of the improper folding of a protein that once was readily produced in a healthy state. The specific genetic detail regarding the mechanism effects on each individual neurodegenerative disease is investigated. Thrown together in the 40 page research paper is 188 works cited promoting factual evidence on credited websites including NCBI, PMC, Alzheimer’s Association, and many more! The prion mechanism is important to understand because it is transmissible and specifically has been linked to being the agent of scrapie in sheep, mad-cow disease, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans. The demonstrative research article presents how the mechanism of the abnormally folded protein is present in most, if not all, neurodegenerative diseases. Take for example the specific genes in Alzheimer’s that account for the accumulation of plaque present post-mortem seen by autospy. Beta-amyloid plaques under certain Alzheimer’s familial mutations, proceeds via the prion mechanism. This is a major issue that needs to continual awareness until further treatment or cure be found. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease affecting NFL players as well as recent Veterans coming back from the Afghanistan war, proceeds via the prion mechanism. Meaning, something in those two careers altered the brain to produce a misfolded protein on a continual basis until the diseases end subsides. Unfortunately, the result of all neurodegenerative disease is usually by the symptoms leading to death. This research article demonstrates neurodegenerative disease in a different aspect and allows families to come to a better understanding on why some neurodegenerative disease may differ. The history of each neurodegenerative disease is investigated which is very important for understanding certain familial mutations in some diseases. The diseases include: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) disease, and 25 more!

â?«Ø§Ù?Ù?Ù?Ù?Ù?اء عÙ?د اÙ?عرب â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by رÙ?Ø­Ù? اÙ?خاÙ?دÙ?

â?«Ø§Ù?ذرة Ù?اÙ?Ù?Ù?ابÙ? اÙ?ذرÙ?Ø© â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by عÙ?Ù? Ù?صطفÙ? Ù?شرفة

a bit of a sexy textbook: To you who are shy with women (Japanese Edition)

by Minami Himeno












































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Minami Himeno

Gray Whales My Twenty Years Of Discovery (Wild Animals My Discovery Book 1)

by Keith Jones

Everything you want to know about gray whales; their lives, natural history, migration and reproduction. Chapters telling about the Baja California, Mexico whale watching locations where the gray whales migrate to each winter. There are more than 80 color photos, original maps, drawings and charts detailing every part of the gray whales lives.

Written by a veteran whale watching guide and naturalist with experience of 20 seasons leading trips and tours to the various Baja whale watching locations.

The book is particularly well suited for those planning to do a gray whale watching trip, whether along the Pacific coast of the USA and Canada or south to the winter nurseries in Baja California Sur. Information about those whale watching locations that is not to be found in any other book in print at this time.

Giant Pandas and Me: Ten Years of Discovery – Volume 2 in the Wild Animals My Discovery series is now available.

Coming in December: Blue Whales – Ten years of discovery – Volume 3 in the Wild Animals My Discovery series

Outlining Tinnitus: A comprehensive guide to help you break free of the ringing in your ears

by Mark Knoblauch PhD

The underlying cause of tinnitus has been described by researchers as one of the most controversial issues in medical science. Despite decades of intense research, the cure for tinnitus remains elusive. Consequently, millions of tinnitus sufferers are left susceptible to the frustration and annoyance brought about by the ever-present ringing in their ears.

Mark Knoblauch has himself lived with tinnitus for over 15 years and therefore understands the daily battles that individuals afflicted with tinnitus often face. He has been through the phases of avoiding quiet rooms, delaying bedtime, and anxiously seeking the sound of white noise in order to drown out the silence that allows tinnitus to manifest itself. Now, despite still living with tinnitus daily, the high-pitched sound in his ear has become nothing more than an afterthought thanks to a dedicated treatment plan. It was the success Mark had in addressing his own tinnitus that motivated him to write Outlining Tinnitus.

This book is designed to serve as an all-inclusive guide for both those individuals who suffer from tinnitus as well as those who live with or know someone suffering. Topics such as the anatomy involved in tinnitus, suspected causes, available therapies and treatments, effects on quality of life, and many more are all discussed, using the most current research in order to provide a comprehensive overview of what tinnitus is as well as how it can be effectively eliminated.

A Technical Guide to Eggs in Foods

by Namratha Kollu

Eggs play a very important role in the human diet and nutrition as it is an affordable nutrient rich food product. An egg contains highly digestible proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins. Along with the food uses, eggs have an important share in the pharmaceutical and nutrition industries for the extraction of the bio active compounds like phospholipids, avidin etc., and the non-food applications include the utilization of egg shells in the fertilizer industry and chemical industry as a source of calcium. This small book of 66-pages is a sincere attempt to provide basic information about the classification of eggs, structure of eggs and various food and nutritional uses of eggs.

Magie der Hypnose: Ultra-Kurzzeittherapie für moderne Wunderheiler (German Edition)

by Dr. Michael Weh

Ultrakurzzeit-Heilung ist JETZT möglich!
Wollten Sie schon immer Hypnose erlernen oder schnelle Heilungen bewirken? Wie kann man nahezu alle möglichen Symptome in nur einer Sitzung heilen? Wie arbeiten â??Wunderheiler” auch ohne Hypnose?
Ein Praxishandbuch für Heilpraktiker, Psychotherapeuten und motivierte Selbstanwender.
Hier lernen Sie voneinander unabhängig effektive Hypnose-Techniken und lösungsorientierte, systemische Kurzzeittherapie in 18 einfachen Modulen kennen.
Schauen Sie den erfolgreichsten Therapeuten über die Schulter und entdecken Sie ALLE TRICKS der fähigsten (Show-)Hypnotiseure; auch â??Black Hypnosis” ist ein Thema dieses faszinierenden Buches, das sich bereits in regelmäÃ?igen Seminaren bewährt hat!
Die â??geheime” Kunst hypnotischer Sprachmuster, steht Ihnen ab jetzt zum Nutzen Ihrer Patienten oder für Ihre eigene Heilung zur Verfügung.
Mit vielen Fallbeispielen, Ã?bungen und kostenfreien Audiomeditationen.
Der Autor lehrt in regelmä�igen Seminaren aus jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung, kompetent und spannend, praxisnah und effektiv!

Dr. Michael Weh (HP) kann auf eine fundierte Ausbildung in Hypnose/Meditation zurück blicken: Praxistätigkeit seit 1989. Klinische und experimentelle Hypnose (Dr. Dr. JOVANOVIC), Gestufte Aktivhypnose (Prof. LANGEN), Dissertation (Prof. SCHARGUS), Entwicklung der â??Narkohypnose”, Motivationstrainer bei der DVAG, Essstörungen (VANDERLINDEN), Leistungssport (UNESTAHL), Rapid Induktions (FINKELSTEIN), Schmerz (SWOBODA), Ressourcen (Prof. BONGARTZ), indirekte Hypnose (J.ZEIG), NLP, zwei wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen über Hypnotherapie bei Schmerz, Lehrtätigkeit an der Landeszahnärztekammer für Ã?rzte, Psychologen und Zahnärzte, u. a., div. TV- und Radio-Reportagen und Interviews über Hypnose, Autor psychologisch-spiritueller Bücher und Audioprogramme, Hypnotherapie bei Schmerz und Angst bei über 1000 Patienten, seit 30 Jahren (zen-)buddhistische (u. a.) Meditation.

Wichtige Info zum Download: Die Audio CD wurde teilweise in Subliminal Technik aufgenommen, bei der die Stimme des Sprechers nahezu unhörbar der Musik unterlegt wurde, um eine direkte Wirkung auf das Unbewusste zu erzielen!

â?«Ø§Ù?حاÙ?Ù? فÙ? اÙ?طب – اÙ?جزء اÙ?خاÙ?س â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by أبÙ? بÙ?رØ? Ù?Ø­Ù?د بÙ? زÙ?رÙ?ا اÙ?رازÙ?

Foundations of Paleoparasitology

by Luiz Fernando Ferreira

Unprecedented initiative in the world, the book compiles the available knowledge on the subject and presents the state-of-the-art in paleoparasitology – term coined about 30 years ago by Brazilian Fiocruz researcher Luiz Fernando Ferreira, pioneer in this science which is concerned with the study of parasites in the past. Multidisciplinary by essence, paleoparasitology gathers contributions from social scientists, biologists, historians, archaeologists, pharmacists, doctors and many other professionals, either in biomedical or humanities fields. With varied applications such as in evolutionary or migration studies, their results often depend on the association between laboratory findings and cultural remains. The book is divided into four parts – Parasites, Hosts, and Human Environment; Parasites Remains Preserved in Various Materials and Techniques in Microscopy and Molecular Diagnostics; Parasite Findings in Archeological Remains: a paleographic view; and Special Studies and Perspectives. Signed by authors from various countries such as Argentina, USA, Germany and France, the book has chapters devoted to the discoveries of paleoparasitology on all continents.

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