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The Gilded Lily: A sweeping historical saga of sisters, rivals and revenge (Westmorland Book 2)

by Deborah Swift

‘with intriguing characters, an action-packed plot, and history brought to life, this book is a must read. – Night Owl Reviews
Beauty is skin deep. Love runs deeper.
They tell one sister she’s pretty. They tell the other, she’s plain.Shy Sadie Appleby is the plain one, but one night she is rudely awoken by her older and bolder sister, Ella, who has robbed her employer and is on the run.

Determined to stick together, they flee to London, hoping to escape the noose and lose themselves in the dark alleys of the city. 
Ella is soon seduced by the glitter and glamour of city life and sets her sights on the flamboyant man-about-town, Jay Whitgift, the owner of a beauty parlour for the wives of the London gentry.

But nothing in the capital is what it seems, least of all Jay Whitgift. And when one sister rises in society and the other falls, a rift forms between Ella and Sadie.
So when it counts most, when the Law catches up with them and the hangman threatens, will one sister betray the other?
Reading Group Questions in the back of the book
“It’s hard to say why you find a novel unputdownable, but I’ve just spent about 4 hours curled up with the second half, and there was no way I was not going to finish it today!”

“The story line, like a meandering river, was full of unexpected twists and turns which enchanted me and made it very hard to put down.”

“Brilliant. a cracking good read couldn’t put it down, exciting from beginning to end the author really brought the characters to life.”

“I enjoyed this one particularly as it has a different and engaging storyline. It was another book I couldn’t put down…read in a day and enjoyed the characters and storyline immensely.”

The Snake’s Pass: Historical Novel: Historical Novel

by Bram Stoker

This eBook edition of “The Snake’s Pass” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
The novel’s main protagonist, Arthur Severn, has the desire to improve his Irish knowledge, thus he makes a detour to West Ireland and visits the local pub. The townspeople in the bar begin to tell Arthur the legendary story of Shleenanaher, how Saint Patrick defeated the King of the Snakes in Ireland. He then learns the story of the evil villain of the town, Black Murdockâ?¦ However, the novel also centers on the troubled romance between the main character and a local peasant girl.

The Conquest of America: Dystopian Classic

by Cleveland Moffett

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
The Conquest of America: A Romance of Disaster and Victory is a futuristic war novel set in USA, 1921, where America is overpowered by European powers like Germany. The subtitle of the book claims to be based on the extracts from the diary of James E. Langston who was a war correspondent of the “London Times.” Moffett was concerned with the military unpreparedness of America in the face of growing suspicions about the German army and hence wrote this cautionary tale in the era where future war stories were hugely popular. In this book the hero is Thomas Alva Edison who must save the America from the impending threat of the Great War. Will he or won’t he? Read on!

BARNABY RUDGE (Illustrated): A Historical Novel

by Charles Dickens

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Barnaby Rudge is a story of a forbidden love in the time of great London riots in 1780. Both Edward’s father, John Chester, and Emma’s uncle, the Catholic Geoffrey Haredale – these two are sworn enemies – oppose their union after Sir John untruthfully convinces Geoffrey that Edward’s intentions are dishonourable. Sir John intends to marry Edward to a woman with a rich inheritance, to support John’s expensive lifestyle and to pay off his debtors. Edward quarrels with his father and leaves home for the West Indies.

SISTER CARRIE: An American Classic

by Theodore Dreiser

This eBook edition of “Sister Carrie” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Dissatisfied with life in her rural Wisconsin home, 18-year-old Caroline “Sister Carrie” Meeber takes the train to Chicago, where her older sister and her husband have agreed to take her in. Carrie soon embarks on a quest for work to pay rent to her sister and her husband, and takes a job running a machine in a shoe factory. Opportunities in the big city make her realize her own American Dream, first as a mistress to men that she perceives as superior, and later becoming a famous actress.


by Theodore Dreiser

This eBook edition of “The Genius” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
The “Genius” concerns Eugene Witla, a talented painter of strong sexual desires who grapples with his commitment to his art and the force of his erotic needs. Young Eugene escapes the confines of the small town in Illinois where he has been raised to make his way in Chicago. There he studies painting and enjoys the excitement of the city. Eugene becomes engaged to a young woman named Angela, and the couple move to New York City, where he makes a name for himself in the art world, but finds his marriage with the increasingly conventional Angela painfully limiting. Eugene finds it difficult to remain faithful as life based on monogamy seems beyond him.

Roots of Faith

by Anthony Cleveland

Are you ready for a journey? Roots of Faith is a journey through time and space. The journey begins in ancient pagan Celtic Britain and ends on the bloody civil war battlefields of northern Georgia. You will meet interesting characters along the way â?¦ some real and others created to enhance your reading experience. You will discover the evangelistic activities which led to the conversion of pagan Celt. You will experience the terror of battle as Norse Viking clashes with Anglo Christian. You will understand the frustration that results when King decides what his subjects are to believe. You will see the world and the Christian faith through the day to day lives of the four families this book follows through 1600 years of British and American history. This story is told through the actions, words and feelings of the unique characters who come alive on these pages. On this journey you will meet Bronwyn, a young slave girl who has fallen in love with her master the clan chief and then meets the wise and gentle Mungo who teaches her of the Christ who can set her free. You will meet old William who hid the daughter of the famous William Wallace from English assassins and learn of his mysterious connection with the Abbey of Paisley. Your heart will be moved by the forbidden romantic love that develops in turbulent Ulster between transplanted Presbyterian Scot and native Irish Catholic. This journey will take you across the great Atlantic Ocean as you travel with the indentured teenage servant Alexander to his new home in the colony of Virginia. Yes, you will meet many unique individuals on this journey and they all have one thing in common, a faith in God that bends but does not break. And in the end of this journey you will rediscover that faith, hope and love are all that really matters. Are you ready?




When Demeter met Achilles, the man to whom she would later trust her life and her whole existence, she didn’t know yet his life condition, that he was a widow with a son of eleven years old.
Nor did she know that her mother-in-law would be Anna, a small woman, personified by kindness and love. Not even the heavy story of the family name, of Pillars, she knewâ?¦nothing! The lives of her friends over time show that the universe is an unlimited energy system and human conflicts are due to the luck of effort towards the right destination of this energy.
As the unfolding of the flow becomes a predominant component of Demeter’s life, the range of situations, in which she is urged to deal with, is beginning to grow, which is part of a wider picture.
“Why am I here? Who is supposed to be my role? What does all this mean?”, she wonders when she is killed on the spot in a traffic accident, her beloved and unique sister with her husband.
Because, however, superficial explanations are not quite enough for her, she exploits the possibility of a deep infiltration into something new to learn. With the whole agreement of all her family, but above all, of her little son, she deals with all her being, to raise another eleven-year-old orphan! The little girl of her sister, the little Cleopatra.
Her social education had taught her to be her true self until that theory of hers had been mercilessly tasted by time, as her niece growing older falls in love with her son, or rather that eleven-year-old boy who resurfaced with her unlimited love, like her own son.
What would the social environment think about thatâ?¦by Cleopatra’s aunt would now becomeâ?¦her mother-in-law? If she consented to their illegal love?
She lived the ultimate misery, in front of this new challenge, by conveying with her Achilles too, her husband. She did not fail of course to emphasize to everyone that the scandal that would break out would adversely affect his political career.
Demeter thought about all this unconsciously, exercising at the same time a power over the others around her, so she felt better stealing from their energy what she needed to not feel weak.
The power of love had begun to abandon her, and her half-hearted mind put forward a new role that she was called upon to play: the role of the protector of the iron moral and social reputation of Pillars family. But the plans of God would just fit with these ones of mortal Demeter!
Would the power of sincere love or the power of the typical symbols of society prevail?


What a lovely burden of light has meant to be the encounter of the Man with the Woman! There really are kind of nonperishable speeches that are glorifying Love, some sunshiny, all bright columns that are underpinning the housetop of the heart. The exaltation sense is truly germinating just the same as a God-sent present! Amorous prattles, loving smiles, gazes through a glimmer of lightning, keen desires, innermost lusts are being engraved just like a whispering, a glory upon the Order of his World!
But though,
tonight that’s drizzling,
tonight that’s the 18th of September,
tonight is the time wherein the autumn is keeling over Othris mountain kind of harassed, being literally rolled up into its wet mantle. Nikos, the character who’s being lodged at my book’s pages, is wrapping up with the novelization costume setting out to experience the drama of love disappointment, of his isolation, through the doom of his tragic character and honor…

The Grapevine: A Contemporary Short Story

by Sean Tarquini

From early Rome one family earned prominence. Now they use the check book over the sword to maintain their power in this “telecommunication age.” Follow the travels of the Avaro clan, learn the power behind them. True story or fiction?

Sean Tarquini’s first and most famed book to date, it is set in New York and Trinidad.

Across Ancient Sands: Uncovering a Bronze Age journey around the Mediterranean Sea

by Eric Horn

Dr. Jade Asher-Reece just unearthed the greatest archaeological finds of the century. She discovered a scroll and wall friezes depicting a voyage which ties together the Heroes of the Trojan War, the Hebrew Judges, the last great Pharaoh and every other late Bronze Age civilization around the Mediterranean Sea. However, Dr. Asher-Reece is leading a team of students in a desolate corner of Algeria and, worse still, she does not realize she is running out of time.


by Cleveland Moffett

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Penelope Wells is a beautiful 29 years old woman who is married to a drunken brute. There is a prophecy that the country will be plunged in a great war (WW1) and curiously enough Penelope’s fate is horribly tied to what is about to happen. The only time she finds love in a man is not propitious but evil because there is a deadly strain of plague that has something to do with either of the two. According to the author, the novel is largely based on truth and developed from Penelope’s diary and other eye-witnesses’ accounts. The episode that is explained by waves of terror passing from one apartment to another and separately affecting three unsuspecting persons is not imaginary, but drawn from an almost identical happening that he, himself, witnessed in Paris, France. Read on!

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