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The Badlands Saga

by Derek Weisman

The Black Diamond plague has taken a toll on Princess Cathy. Her kingdom is under quarantine, her pets turn into food, and her husband slowly rotting away from the disease. To make matters worse, the royal court is too incompetent and selfish to bring order to the land.
As all hope seems lost, Cathy finds a cure that could save the kingdom. A special flower that can cure anything including Black Diamond. However, the flower is in a hostile land west of her home.
A land called the Badlands.
Knowing the Royal Court is useless, she goes on a solo crusade to save her kingdom. Unknowingly to her, her crusade is well-set trap to keep the status quo. While stopping the fires of revolution from taking over the land.

I Just Want You To Be Happy

by Amy Cross

A very modern ghost story about love, loss and a dying woman’s last words to the husband she must leave behind.

Desperate to find a room she can rent, Hazel answers an advert placed by reclusive widower Michael Emery. When she visits Michael’s home, Hazel is given an offer that seems too good to be true. She can live there rent-free, with no bills to pay, provided she agrees to spend one night with him in his bed each week. Although she’s shocked and turns the offer down, a few years later she sees the advert again. And this time, a disillusioned and broken Hazel makes a different decision.

Before long, however, Hazel discovers that Michael’s dead wife might not be gone after all. Something else seems to be living in the house, something that is by turns both angry and devoted. Does the ghost of Jessica Emery really haunt her husband and, if so, what did she really mean when she whispered her dying words to him all those years ago?

Night Time Stranger and Other Stories


This collection of short stories Night Time Stranger and Other Stories comprises of three thought provoking short stories. Each of the stories is written in a unique style and targeted at different segments of society with life impacting themes. The short stories are namely: “The Oath,” “Monkey Village Blues” and “Night Time Stranger.” The Oath is set in a traditional African environment where superstition and fear of the supernatural hold sway. A great injustice has been done to Awa by the chief priest of Abinta town but in a swift twist of events, Awa finally gets justice in a manner that left him and the entire village thoroughly shaken and bemused. Of a truth all shall not be the same again in the village of Abinta again. “Monkey Village Blues” chronicles a string of bizarre and outrageous events that occur in “Kendo’s Lodge” a house in Monkey village purported to be owned by an occult landlord. The tenants realize only too late they are entrapped and help is far from them. However, help comes their way when one of the tenants and his wife decided to take up the matter and go the extra mile for solution. In what appears as a supernatural conflict it is judgment time finally. Hope is restored and good triumphs over evil at last. “In Night Time Stranger” Shade is emotionally low and trying to gather the pieces of her shattered life once again after a major breakup with her fiancé. Her undoing is her kindness and gullibility. A chance meeting with a stranger raises her expectations several notches higher as she is convinced this must be heaven’s answer to her prayers. In her euphoria she lets down her guard once more. No sooner had she done this than she realized that she had made a huge mistake. Yes a huge mistake that would leave an indelible mark on her for life.

The Overleden: Hell on Earth (Revised Edition 2018)

by Terence Simmons

Jasmine is a bright, popular teenage girl doing her best to navigate all the struggles of adolescence. Her father’s unexpected passing has made her rebellious and resentful toward anyone outside of her immediate circle. Disobedience has driven a wedge between her and her mother, and it ultimately leads to Jasmine’s departure to her grandmother’s house, where mysterious events start to unfold. Her boyfriend Jake, the school’s top athlete and the person she trusts the most, is in denial until terrifying occurrences place fear into his heart of steel.

Unaware of the peculiar circumstances, Jasmine’s best friend Katelyn escapes a violent relationship and travels to visit Jasmine. On arrival, she becomes deeply involved in the mayhem. Jake and Jasmine’s other childhood friends are also pulled into the spine-chilling drama. Soon, cracks of connivance and betrayal are exposed in the group when the situation becomes rife with danger.

All the escalating ghastly events Jasmine and her friends must face are related to the secret of the soul-stripping Overledenâ??a secret that has been kept obscure for thousands of years. Find out the mystery behind the secret, discover why it was clandestine, and behold the darkness of its unprecedented power.

Some things are just not meant to be.

Throbbing Tales: Horror, Humor, Short Stories and Poetry

by Michael MacNeill

We really shouldn’t have done this. But we did.

Throbbing Tales is an anthology of short stories, poetry, and drama meant to stimulate your senses.

This is the inaugural issue! Here we feature authors from all walks of life. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll vomit… And hopefully it’s because of Throbbing Tales.

A Winter’s Night

by Theodore Brun

Enter if you dare…

A man driving through a remote part of Denmark is forced to take shelter from a snowstorm in a lonely castle. Inside, he encounters the Count who lives there, a strange old man who begins to talk. And as the Count does, the visitor learns of an ancient legend, of the noble family’s mysterious secret, and of the curse that overshadows them…

El ruido del mar (Spanish Edition)

by César Rai

Año 1692.
El mundo se encoje a la vez que se rellenan los espacios en blanco de los mapas.
Pero las respuestas a los secretos no hacen otra cosa que convertirse en nuevos misterios.

Alan es un muchacho descendiente de madre española y soldado inglés.;
que vive una vida aburrida y monótona junto a su tía Adriana en Spanish town, Jamaica.

Pronto se unirá accidentalmente a la tripulación de El Centella.
Desconociendo que irán tras la caza de tres mujeres acusadas de brujería, fugitivas de los juicios de Salem.
Una aventura llena de terrores y misterios ocultos, que le llevarán desde el mar Caribe hasta el mito de Rupes nigra.
La misteriosa isla magnética en los confines septentrionales del mundo.
Pero, ¿Qué secretos se ocultan realmente en esa zona inexplorada del Ártico?
¿Será posible llegar allí con vida?
Hay misterios que nunca deberían ser revelados…

The Horror Psy Trance Anthology

by Daniel McCaughtry

A harrowing night filled with different tales from the psy trance scene.

Candyland: Conclusion to A Trapper’s Tale and Chesapeake Bay (mouse house Book 3)

by Chad Harter

The conclusion to one trilogy and the beginning of another follows Tiny, Erin and others on a journey to what may be their only escape.


by JP Jackson

It’s Billie’s first day in Paradise, a small and friendly town – idyllic at first, but only at first.
Billie came here in the hopes of outrunning a relentless ghost from her past. She has kept ahead and evaded its clutches for years, but no-one can run forever.
The citizens of Paradise also have their fair share of secrets, and during the coldest fall in living memory, all the ghosts and all the secrets merge to summon a monster – an elder thing, never starved yet forever hungry – as old as time and as dark as night.
Paradise has only one thing left to save it – a haunted woman, tired of running.

Bugbear is the third novel by author JP Jackson. It is vile, twisted, and wholly upsetting.

A Kingdom Falls (The Mancer Trilogy Book 1)

by Alan Scott

“Queen Rebecca Rothgal is under immense pressure as the Twin Kingdoms slide into turmoil. The cost of rebuilding from the previous devastating war has almost bankrupted the kingdom. Bandits freely roam the lands. Packs of werewolves are destroying farms and small villages. The Queen’s own cousins are plotting her downfall.

To make matters worse, a new prophecy is sweeping the land – a prophecy that foretells the return of the Midnight Man and his malevolent plan to plunge the land into darkness.

However, there are whispers spoken among a select few – whispers of a man who will take a stand and deny the darkness – a man who will hold the line and stop the evil – a man whose name is spoken in awe by those that follow him… Mancer!”

‘A Kingdom Falls’ continues from where the ‘Storm Series trilogy’ ended, and continue the tale of the Twin Kingdoms,, and the continent of Talocants.

Book two “The Midnight Man ” is out now

The Sexorcism of Amber Holloway

by Caspar Vega

A lustful tale of demons both real and imagined.
Gus Weeks is your average college senior in the same way New Hampshire is your average river in Japan. When a figure from the past needs his help on a personal case, will Gus put his special expertise to use one last time?
The Sexorcism of Amber Holloway is an old school pulp romp provided you’ve never been to an old school. A crass adventure story your grandfather would enjoy if your grandfather was a thirsty anorexic sex wizard.
NOTE: This book is now available with 3 others in an omnibus edition

Haunted House On Henry Street: The Mysterious World Of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow

by Jeff Walker

(Book #0 – The second introductory story.) Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow are drawn to a haunted house on an abandoned street. They must enter the eerie home and locate the source of the evil that has taken over this section of suburbia. But can they overcome the many horrors awaiting them? Or will they be the next victims to be slaughtered to death by this nightmare of a home?

Walking After Midnight: A Shocking Suspense Thriller

by Malcolm Richards

It’s been a long night at Hap’s Truck Stop & Diner.

Young waitress Norma is counting the minutes until the end of another double shift.

But all hell is about to break loose.

A horribly injured stranger staggers into the diner. Believing he’s the victim of a road accident, Norma and her elderly boss Jean rush to his aid. But with the diner miles from the nearest town and the phone lines mysteriously down, their chances of saving him are looking worse by the minute.

Then a second stranger appears, and suddenly it’s clear that Norma and Jean aren’t just fighting to save the dying man’s life.

They’re fighting to save their own.

Get ready for pulse-pounding terror in this frightening and twist-filled suspense thriller.

Please note: Walking After Midnight is a novella of about 70 pages.

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