Free poetry Kindle books for 06 Nov 18

Of Endeavours Blue

by Zubair Ahsan

This book is a collection of poetry about love, loss, grief, nature, and God. This book is divided into four sections, and each section represents a different journey, a different endeavour, and stirs the soul in a different way. Poetry is not only meant to be read but felt, and that is the author’s request to all the readers!

The last call to the Christians: Part One

by Forester De Santos

The last call to the Christians, Part One, is the last call or the last letter to the Christians as also to those who are not Christians and to those who have no faith, faith of God. The last call To the Christians, Part One, are small thoughts inspired through verses, short stores and short essays in true faith but in true faith through search and drawing near and also illuminated through the loving grace of God, because all of those who search, even though without faith in the beginning, will be allowed to draw near and thus be illuminated through the loving grace of God as loving Father, so that finally have faith, true faith of God, God the Creator and thus be saved alive in life as saviors beloved of God! Tags: Faith, faith of God, Christians, pagans, God, Creator, Son, Beloved, reborn, renamed, nearness, to draw near, illuminated, life renewed, savior beloved of God.

Poems: maybe so maybe not maybe cold maybe hot maybe lost maybe got maybe have may have not (Chad Harter’s random books Book 1)

by chad harter

A short collection of delightful pondering.

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