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Soccer Training: A Step-by-Step Guide on 14 Topics for Intelligent Soccer Players, Coaches, and Parents (Understand Soccer Book 1)

by Dylan Joseph

If you are NOT interested in being a better player, coach, or parent of a soccer player, please consider another book. This is NOT for you.
With game-proven methods to score more against any team, this is your manual for soccer success!
How teams play is unpredictableâ?¦ or is it? Through countless hours of practice, training, and experience, soccer’s elite have shown consistent patterns of in-game skills that when applied, will lead to predictable outcomes – more goals, more assists, and more wins!

Learn the keys to being a better soccer player through knowledge. In other words, there are warm-ups, instructional drills, and workouts to sharpen your skills that take advantage of the human anatomy, an unshakable mindset, and proper form in soccer.

In Soccer Training, you have well over 100 tips from scoring to defending, fitness to nutrition, and on-the-field tactics to boosters for your free time. Each is explained to answer the question, “How can I use these steps to prepare for and use during every game that I play?”

Learn what coaches do not teach, not because they don’t care, but because they just don’t know. Often, coaches only emphasize the team’s abilities, while giving little to no time and minimal volume to the skills of each individual. It is just as essential to develop the players within the system as it is to strengthen the squad itself.

This book is a high-level overview of the areas that can take a player from being a bench-warmer to MVP. In a day and age where many so-called experts’ advice is to improve your conditioning, get more touches, try harder, and you need to want it more, this book stands out on delivering the steps to turn any player into a top performer.

Who this book is for:
– The defender who does not know which direction to push an attacker or how to position their body correctly.
– The midfielder who does not get enough assists and is not considered to be the team’s playmaker.
– The striker/attacker/forward who does not score at least 2 goals a game.
– The soccer player who needs a confidence boost that comes from game-ready knowledge.
– The parent who loves their child, but hates to see them struggle with a lack of confidence on what to do.
– The coach who focuses on team drills, but knows that their squad can go further if their shooting power, passing form, and foot skills improved through correct methods and increased IQ.

Outcomes of applying the facts in this book:
– Understand how to beat a defender every time.
– Know which skills to avoid.
– Condition your mindset to become one of a winner.
– Remove the toxic habits you need to break.

Correctly understand soccer to unlock what you need to know for boys, girls, kids, teens, young adults, men, and women. You may ask “why should I order this book versus watching free YouTube videos?” Well, though YouTube can be used to supplement this book because videos are great ways to show visual representations of skills, each video is often unorganized and there is little structure on the order in which you watch the videos. This book provides that structure so that you are not just getting a little information in one area and some knowledge in another without being able to know how everything works together.

It gives every player the ability to know that (1) your team will win (2) you will lead them to victory and (3) you have the knowledge to perform! Soccer Training contains the facts that will empower every youth player, trainer, mom, and dad who cares and wants more for themselves, their kids, and their squad.

It is time for the countless hours of SOCCER TRAINING to pay off. Become the player, coach, and parent that changes every game from here on out. Pick up your copy today by clicking Add to Cart and BUY NOW.

MMA Training: If You’re Not Cheating You’re Not Trying (How to Cheat in MMA, BJJ, Wrestling, & Combat Sports)

by B. K. Kesler

MMA Training

Whether you’re a seasoned professional fighter or a white belt in Jiu Jitsu, if you’re looking for an edge on the competition or just wondering what to watch out for in MMA then you need to read this book. There are so many tricks and techniques in the world of combat sports it can be the difference between winning and losing.

This is an extremely fun read, filled with stories as well as examples of real life cheating in MMA, boxing, submission wrestling, Judo as well as other sports. This book covers everything from the most basic types of cheating to the extremely crazy and ridiculous kind of cheating.

Have you ever watched a fight and wondered if the poke in the eye or the low blow to the groin was really an accident? What about when UFC fighters complain that their opponent was cheating in one way or another? This book covers it all. Cheating is a real thing and has been done for years.

This book covers cheating many in combat sports including:

-MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
-BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
-Muay Thai
-Get the advantage you need to WIN!
-Knowledge is power!

Learn from seasoned professionals! This book is humorous as well as educational. I can guarantee you will learn some new tricks to add to your arsenal not to mention you will be surely have some laughs along the way.

Click on the top of the page to download your copy now!

UFC Title contender Dennis Hallman said “You need this book! Hilarious and Great Information!”

MMA TRAINING – If You’re Not Cheating You’re Not Trying!

Bitácora de Emociones: Una Travesía al Interior (Spanish Edition)

by Javier Barra Rosales

La presente obra, una exquisita prosa acompañada por bellas imágenes andinas, corresponde a las memorias de los viajes de Javier Barra, un hombre aventurero cuya pasión por la montaña y la naturaleza lo motivaron a escribir sus experiencias, describir la exótica belleza de las cumbres del sur de Chile y realizar una narración con aires de prosa poética en la que su voz se convierte en la de un hablante lírico, cuya inspiración son las emociones producidas por el entorno natural que se devela ante sus ojos y las sensaciones que estos descubrimientos conllevan.

Acompaña a Javier en este recorrido que, más que una bitácora de viaje es un paseo por aquellos recónditos rincones que Chile obsequia solo a aquellos que se atreven a llegar y son capaces de conmover el alma de quienes encuentran refugio en las alturas de las cumbres andinas.

Deléitate con las imágenes que podrás observar a lo largo de la obra y con las envolventes palabras de quien protagonizó este maravilloso recorrido.

Fitness Jederzeit: Erreichen Sie Ihre Ziele im bereich Fitness (German Edition)

by Christian Tschanz

Sie haben Probleme Ihre Ziele im bereich Fitness zu erreichen? Sie versuchen Ihr Wunschgewicht zu erreichen doch schaffen es nicht? Und am wichtigsten; wollen Sie wissen warum Sie diese nicht erreichen?

Die Lösung für Ihre Probleme könnte sich in diesem Buch befinden.
Hier erfahren Sie alles nötige um so schnell wie möglich Ihre Ziel zu verwirklichen!

Mike Tyson: The Iron Years

by Lea Worrall

After Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight division went into free fall. Larry Holmes was the dominant WBC champion, but nobody seemed to want to keep hold of the WBA crown.

The heavyweight division needed a new star to bring law and order; the heavyweight division needed Mike Tyson.

The Iron Years begins with the plight of the heavyweight division, Tyson’s violent upbringing, his rise to the undisputed heavyweight championship and his fall from grace.

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