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The Upside Down Man (Bertram Bile Time Travel Adventure Series Book 4)

by Sarah Weldon

A Bertram Bile time travel adventure series, set along the length of the River Thames

Can you solve the upside down man’s riddles?

Bertram Bile wasn’t always like this. At primary school, he had friends, kind teachers, and great grades. But everything changed when he started his new school. His parents split up, his dad went missing, and his mum lost her job. Now he’s bullied by his classmate Angus and his evil geography teacher Miss Petrenko. His dad had been Miss Petrenko’s first love, but she never forgave him for dumping her for Bertram’s mum when they were kids themselves. Bertram feels sure that Miss Petrenko knows more about his dad’s disappearance than she’s letting on. After all, why would you take a job as a geography teacher if you didn’t know any geography AND you hated kids?

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Upside Down Man

Whilst visiting Bertram’s aunty, a very old and wise witch, Bertram and Molly happen upon a man hanging upside down from a tree. Can the time travelling duo help the man find the answers to the riddles he needs to solve?

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Upside Down Man is the fourth book in the Bertram Bile time travel adventure series, which follows the course of the River Thames from its source in Gloucestershire to the North Sea in Essex. But don’t worry if you miss a book or two, you can jump in at any point in the series.

If you enjoy Book 4, don’t forget to leave a review below, and to check out the next book in the series “�The Ghostly Ship’. The Bertram Bile series is based on Sarah Weldon’s real-life expedition as she swims the length of the River Thames from source to sea, visiting the places that inspired the stories. Check out Sarah Weldon’s website for all the behind the scenes of each story and swim. Look out for Sarah’s Libby Lane series too.

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The Naked Desire: A Rockstar Romance (Temptations Book 2)

by Mariyam Hasnain

Who knew the rock diva would fall for a conservative attorney?


Ritika Patel is the heartthrob of millions of young Indians. Catapulted to fame, the singing sensation is learning to adapt to the rock star lifestyleâ?¦ including insane dependence on sex, drugs, and alcohol, when she meets Rehan Khan.

Ending each night with a different man in bed, Ritika’s hookup with Rehan was just a sweet little one nighter until she finds out she can’t get over the sophisticated lawyer.

As for Rehan, commitment and relationships have no place in his life. His one-night fling with the rock diva is nothing more than a beautiful distraction and a way to exercise his desires. Yet, he finds himself lost in thoughts of her.

Will the two poles-apart individuals fight off their inner demons and let the cupid rule?


Will they stand together to face off love?

The Naked Desire is a Standalone Rockstar Romance Story that will set you on fireâ?¦

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