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White Satin & Murder: Val Masters Wedding Planner Cozy Mystery Series Book 1

by Harper Harris

A missing fifty-thousand-dollar wedding dress. A clingy Yorkie. And a dead Maid of Honor.

It’s the first wedding Valerie Masters has ever planned and the start of her new business.

There’s money flowing in Buckingham Downs, California, a small coastal town largely taken over by the rich, where weddings are a billion-dollar business. Val works tirelessly to make sure this one- the very first that she’s been hired to plan- is perfect, juggling a temperamental florist, a diva cake baker, and a self-obsessed DJ who’s threatened to walk off the job if the Chicken Dance is requested.

Not to mention the biggest Bridezilla Val has ever seen, the bride’s “unique” family and snooty Maid of Honor.

Starting a new business is hard, and this first wedding is turning out to be more than Val bargained for. Right before the wedding, Val finds the Maid of Honor dead and the expensive, one-of-a-kind wedding dress missing!

Now, on top of getting a hitch-filled wedding to go off without aâ?¦wellâ?¦you know, she has no choice but to solve this mystery. No wonder half of all new businesses fail!

The stakes couldn’t be higher. This socially influential family has already threatened to ruin Val if any part of the wedding is ruined.

But who among this motley cast of characters could be a murderer and a dress thief? And will Val figure it out in time to pull off the perfect wedding? Or will her business crash before it’s even started?

White Satin & Murder is a full length cozy mystery novel full of humor, intrigue, and an adorable furry friend named Buttons. It’s the first book in the Val Masters Wedding Planner series, which can be read in any order and are best enjoyed together.

The Detective

by DI Hills

Not all accidents are murderâ?¦

When a private detective is asked to review a fatality at a remote facility he expected nothing but an accident. That’s what the report said. The report got it wrong.

The facility was above the snow line and buried in a mountain so reaching it wasn’t easy. It was designed that way. Its isolation ensured the research within remained hidden from governments and corporate spies and it also stopped the research escaping. Human clones. They hadn’t told the detective about them. But then he hadn’t told them he wasn’t really a private detective.

Ë?Ë?Ë?Written in first person THE DETECTIVE is a stand alone techno thriller. Touching on the style of the noir detective novels this one is a stimulating read.
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Interview with the Author

Q – Why should readers give this book a try?

A – Because it’s fun. The protagonist is outwardly similar to a hard boiled PI but if you read between the lines he’s a bit of an idiot, mostly because he’s self centred.
There are a few mysteries, some suspense, some action and hopefully enough food for the mind to get your imagination firing even when the book has been put down.
Of course the ever important climax won’t disappoint. It’s gripping and it’s a thrill ride that it will keep the book in your hand until the very last page.

Q – So, what makes The Detective special?

A – It’s different. The story is set in the current world with the only the variant being one isolated facility that produces human clones for research (in secret). The style is reminiscent of the hard boiled/ noir detective novels although it carries aspects of the technothriller novel.

The Detective starts off slowly, takes time to establish the world and its characters before it cranks up the heat. I like to think of the story as bullwhip that’s lazily cast out and sails peacefully through the air before the tail end whips around, cracks with a bang and cuts the skin with everything you would expect from a fast paced thriller.

Q – Is it planned to be part of a series? If I read one will I be stuck reading them all?

A – It will be part of a series, butâ?¦ I like reading books that complete a story arc by the final chapter and all my books will do the same. You will be able to pick this book up, read it and at the end walk away satisfied that the mystery has been solved and story arc completed.

Q – Will there be more books featuring this protagonist?

The antagonist maybe. The protagonist? Possibly. If people like him. If he comes back it will be in another PI thriller / clones thriller with similar claustrophobic elements to it.

Thanks for reading, & I trust you enjoy.

Taboo Christmas

by Abigail Crush

Anna is home for the holidays but this time is going to be different. The man she’s been obsessed over is coming too. The only problem is they haven’t exactly met yet. But this Christmas will bring them together in more ways than one.

Mason didn’t want to come home for the holidays. He never cared for Christmas. Everything is about to change and now he’ll never want to leave.

Warning! Get that mistletoe out because there’s going to be a lot of insta-love. Warm up next to the fire but don’t get too close because this one’s going to be hot.

Taboo Lovers! Stories Collection of Naughty Fun!

by Mia Wet

There’s no way…it’s toobig!

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