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Parenting A Business: If You Can Raise A Child You Can Run A Business

by Jeremy Cortez

How would you like to have your “parenting skills” translate into untapped talents of entrepreneurship? Hardly an oxymoron! It works, and I have firsthand experience creating multiple businesses and income streams all while spending time raising my two boys.

Parenting a Business is a guide to help parents navigate the intimidating arena of building a business. This book parallels the striking similarities between parenting and business, showing how your endless days and sleepless nights as a parent provide you the edge to becoming successful in business. Simplification is key to a dual lifestyle, so I make it very easy to create a business from a place of purpose and passion in a relatable way. You will learn:

-How your children have the ultimate formula for figuring out what business to create
-How your diaper bag unlocks the secret to business scalability
-How your kids have groomed you to be masters of marketing and selling
-How parenting has developed a crucial skill to achieving business success

With this book, you will discover your business qualifications, developed as a parent, and dive into the realm of entrepreneurship.

POINTS Methodology: A Blue Print for Digital Marketing Strategy

by Sergio Restrepo

Many companies today fail with their digital marketing efforts because they have no strategic maps in place for digital marketing. They are essentially “flying blind” and hoping they find something that works. Instead of having a real plan, they utilize tactical initiatives and believe it is the same thing as strategy. However, it’s not. Those are individual tactics and not a full plan, which you need if you hope to succeed.When the POINTS Methodology is used, it can help to provide companies with the essential roadmap that is needed to develop a powerful digital marketing strategy. Having a plan in place, knowing the steps you need to take, the tools and steps to sustain your strategy in time, will make successful digital marketing much easier.

Social Confidence: Simple Strategies to Overcoming Social Anxiety, Maximize Your Social Likeable and Boost Your Charisma

by Jack Oliver


After reading this book, you will:

– realize that there is no reason to envy the confidence super-successful people: their achievements – the cause rather than a consequence of self-esteem;
– realize that low self-esteem – your friend: perhaps too honest and straightforward, to become the most beloved friend, but certainly friendly and helpful;
– get the tools in order to raise confidence, based on the acquisition of competencies, rather than bombast and skillful self-praise.

Inside you’ll find:

-What is Confidence?
-Confidence Charisma
-The main quality of a charismatic personality
-Gaining Confidence:
-Overcoming Negative Thoughts
-7 Steps to Overcoming Negative Thoughts
-Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
-Type’s fears
-How to get rid of fear and anxiety
-Social Confidence and Ability to Communicate with People
-How to establish positive contact – Psychologist
-Exercise “Learning mute projection”
-Exercise “Break the barriers of communication”
How to Use Low Social Confidence to Improve Social Competence
1.Path 1. Pessimistic realism
2.Path 2. Self
3.Path 3. Motivation
-All You Need – a Little Will Power (and low confidence)
-Take Your Low Confidence
-Final Thoughts

Treat this book as an unbiased and critical, as far as he could. Do not take for granted that you can easily pick up and build confidence, or that this is the confidence should be your goal. And do not think that low self-confidence hurt you succeed.

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Millionaire: Beyond Six Zeros: The Daily Grind And The True Cost Of Making Millions

by Right As Rain Publishing

“Millionaire: Beyond Six Zeros” is an eye opener for all. This book offers you the inside scoop to the workings of some of the richest people on this planet. It is focused on the stresses and pressures faced by these individuals on daily basis. It offers the reader an opportunity to discover all that makes them what they are. From their incomprehensible drive and commitment to their prioritization and contribution, every little detail will be unraveled to you. Explore their unique approaches and different values. Find out what keeps them alert and inspired for more. Learn from their failures and get inspired like never before.

Only for the Rich: Through my eyes I see

by Know One

Be selfish for a change.

“Shh,” it out and be selfish for a change. You deserve it, you’re the one that put all the time and money into it, you’re the one that can sit back and enjoy it for a change.
If you don’t, they will take your money and time an spend it on themselves.
The best thing you can do for them is to let them do it for themselves.

Now, this is your time, you can sit back and enjoy it.

Startup Analytics: Commentary on union between startups and analytics

by Abhinav Unnam

Startups are hard and by ensuring that one is clear on some of the following aspects, the chances of failure can be brought down dramatically.

Founders Vs Investors

Understand the difference between them. No part-time co-founding.
Founders are a part of the journey, investors have a stake in the journey.
Similar financial and intellectual sync, you will not succeed if your motivations are not the same.
Hypothesis Vs Validation

Get your hypothesis behind startup plan clear. Why are you doing it? Keep updating and regularly check on these notes, imperative to get your shop running.
Validation is a series of experiments backing your initial hypothesis. A strong homework and quick answer here is necessary to make either the right pivots or to do course corrections.
Culture Vs Strategy

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Marry strategy with execution, have fewer risk points and diligently work to de-risk as many components of the company as possible.
KISS: Keep it simple stupid, if you can’t articulate in simple terms, you are missing something.
Execution Vs Operations

Have KPIs defined for every task? You don’t improve what you don’t measure.
Some things take time, don’t try and rush off. Understand the gestation period for the foundational task and don’t scale prematurely.
It’s going to be difficult and throw new challenges not anticipated. In the end, execution is all that matters.
Hiring Vs Firing

Single-handedly the biggest factor in early stages.
Get it wrong and nothing else would matter.
Hire for attitude first. Fire if no aptitude.

Work Explained to Career Starters: How to end your job hunting with good decisions

by Andreas Landman

Many young adults start their career every year. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and frightened. “Work Explained to Career Starters” explains to young adults that job-hunting is the easy part (even if they have been looking for months and handed out hundreds of CV’s). The hard part is deciding who to work for and keeping the job you decided on. The mental image a young adult has of working for a living might be far removed from reality.

Being a career starter is daunting. This book will help make it easier for the young adult to move from life at home to work at a company.

The young adult might not even know him- or herself and must decide to start their career at a company where the culture and value system is in line with their own.

The young adult must know that all is not as their parents presented it to them – adulthood is hard. Young adults must know that not all of the money promised them would come their way – they must only plan to spend as much as they can reasonably expect to earn.

Young adults, as workers, have rights. Their main role, however, is to follow instructions. These instructions must be followed in a safe way.

This book will open the young adults’ eyes to the world of working for a company.

Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginnerâ??s Guide to Understanding Bitcoin (Learn How to Mine, Trade and Invest in Bitcoin and Earn Serious Money) (digital assets Book 2)

by John James

Have you ever wondered what Bitcoin is?

Have you heard talk of it but never really grasped the concept?

Is it something you would like to invest in?


In the last 10 years or so Bitcoin has evolved from being an oddity that was of interest to a select few, to becoming the talk of the financial world. Some people have made millions from it, while others have enjoyed more modest windfalls.

But will it ever become an accepted form of currency?


In this book, Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Bitcoin, you can find the answers to your questions through chapters that examine:

  • Where Bitcoin came from

  • Why it exists

  • How it compares to other currencies

  • How they are traded

  • Choosing the best way to exchange

  • Buying process

  • Storing Bitcoin

  • Mining

  • And moreâ?¦

Bitcoin is definitely an exciting prospect when it comes to making money, but there is much to be aware of before you take the plunge and buy your first coins.

But with Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide,you could be well on your way to acquiring, investing, mining and trading, and start making profit from your outlay in no time.

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Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Maximizing Your Impact as a Coach

by Marshall Goldsmith

Executives buy results, not coaching. The problem is that most leadership and executive coaches do not measure the impact of their coaching engagements. They can’t prove that their coaching is actually making a difference. They rely too heavily on coach satisfaction surveys and other methods that simply measure reaction and not change.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can and we must do better. It’s time to prove our coaching and training impact for our clients, our businesses, and the coaching and training industry as a whole.

This book lays out the framework to help you generate better results from your coaching practice using the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® approach, a proven coaching methodology and philosophy created by Marshall Goldsmith that demonstrates ROI and dramatically increases the likelihood of a successful coaching engagement. The best part about Stakeholder Centered Coaching is that it’s a process you can use both personally and professionally for creating any kind of transformational change.

In this fun and engaging book, Marshall Goldsmith and Sal Silvester submit a mandate for measuring behavior change in leadership development and coaching programs and offer a practical process that enables coaches, trainers, and Organizational Development leaders to measure change in their programs. You’ll learn the keys to starting your coaching engagements with a strong foundation, how to implement suggestions from the people most impacted by a coachee, and tips for sustaining behavior change. This is a must-read book for those who believe that more effective leadership leads to better business results.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AHAmessages. Increase your online influence by picking up AHAthat, and easily share quotes from this book on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ via this link:

Intellectual Wealth: Essential factor for your overall wealth and life satisfaction

by Nazish Kashan

This book is written to analyze the intellectual wealth and other forms of wealth you have in your life. How to increase them or efficiently utilize them to have a maximum benefit in this life. There could be many things inherited but some things require struggle to make your life brighter and have confidence.

All forms of wealth you possess needs to be grown or nurtured in order to have a secure future. It also satisfies your needs and desires. The effort you make to acquire them is worthy.

The main idea to be concerned is focusing over doing things which you like to do instead of doing things right. It is the best way to achieve your goals and remain in the right direction.

The one’s who constantly seek ways to groom themselves and increase their knowledge and understanding should read it. It will definitely give them idea about the intellectual wealth they have or they need to work on or acquire more to make their life more productive.

Passion: Finding Out Who You Are and What You Are Good At

by KA Stello

In this book you will find a clear and concise manner to “find your passion”. By asking you questions, the book will help you evaluate “you” to accomplish a successful future.
The book strives to get to the point which allows you to focus on the questions and topic.

Secrets of a Master Closer: A Simpler, Easier, and Faster Way to Sell Anything to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: (Sales, Sales Training, Sales Book, Sales Techniques, Sales Tips, Sales Management)

by Mike Kaplan

If you want to know, step by step, how to sell and quickly, easily, and smoothly walk anyone from being a skeptical prospect to a happy customer that refers you friends, family, and colleagues…then you want to read this sales book.

Here’s the deal:

At its core, selling isn’t a patchwork of cheesy closing techniques, annoying high-pressure tactics, or gimmicky rebuttals.

True salesmanship follows very specific laws, has very specific steps and stages, and leaves a customer feeling happy and helped. It’s honest, respectful, enlightening, friendly, and done with real care. It’s the type of selling that wins you not only customers, but fans.

Not coincidentally, this is the type of selling that truly great salespeople have mastered. This is the type of selling that keeps pipelines full and moving, and that builds a strong, loyal customer base that continues to give back to you in the form of customer loyalty, reorders, and referrals.

Well, that’s what this book is all about. It will give you a crystal-clear picture of the exact steps that every sale must move through and why, and how to methodically take any prospect through each, and eventually to the close. And how to do it with integrity and pride.

In this book, you’ll learn things like…

* The eight precise steps of every sale. Leave any out, and you will struggle. Use them all correctly, and you will be able to close unlimited sales.

* The true purpose of the presentation and the crucial, often-missing steps that need to be taken first. If you’re making the same presentation mistakes as most other salespeople, this chapter alone could double your sales.

* How to easily discover which prospects can use and pay for your product/service, and which can’t. Time is your most valuable commodity as a salesperson, and if wasted, it costs you money.

* Learn how to smoothly create an abundance of closing opportunities, and know when to act on them and close. This is the hallmark of every master closer. Learn it, use it, and profit.

* Why it’s a myth that you need to know multiple ways to close deals. Learn this one, simple method, and you’ll be able to use it to close all of your sales.

* Simple formulas to turn any objection into a closing opportunity. Use them and never fear hearing a prospect’s objection ever again.

* And a whole lot more!

This is more than a just a book, really. It’s a step-by-step sales training course. Each chapter ends with precise exercises that will help you master each technique taught and each step of the sales process.

If you are new to sales, make this book the first one you read, and you will greatly increase your chances for quick success.

If you are a seasoned veteran and are looking for ways to improve your numbers, this book will help you make your sales goals a reality.


With this book you’ll also get a free “Road Map” from the author that lays out, in a PDF chart, every step and key principles taught in the book.

Print it out and keep it handy because it makes for a great “cheat sheet” to use while selling, or just to refresh on what you’ve learned.

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NO TE CONFORMES: Tú puedes Conquistar el Universo, si así lo deseas. (RIQUEZAS Y ABUNDANCIAS) (Spanish Edition)


Un libro pensado para usted, con los mejores consejos sobre la motivación constante e historias de éxito que su vida necesita conocer.
Si usted es de las personas que no se conforma, que siempre quiere ir por mas, que el mundo se lo encuentra pequeño, este libro puede ayudarle en su vida hacia su éxito.
Este libro le ayudará a hacer los cambios que necesita en su vida y poder lograr lo que realmente desea para llegar a la cima.

How to Succeed in Medical Sales : Your guide to understanding the world of Medical Sales

by Simplifying medical sales

This book breaks down the Medical Sales field, and provides the reader with the need to know information to be successful.

How To Make Money In The Stock Market (How To Make Money In The Stock Market part of the Financial Education Curriculum in partnership with the FEC Book 1)

by David Stockton

This e-book is designed to enlighten and guide you in your journey in mastering stock trading and enable both new and existing investors to attain higher winning percentage rather than loss percentage. One of the best ways to invest money is to purchase assets that either create income, increase in value, or do both. Some assets may only appreciate in price, such as gold, diamond or silver, etc. You buy them with the idea that they’ll be worth more in the future so you can sell them for a profit. And some assets may only give you income, such as a bond that pays a fixed amount of interest.

The Upside Of Capitalism

by Right As Rain Publishing

The fists are raised, the air is thick with anti-big business and the battle cry “Down With Capitalism” echos from coast to coast. HOWEVER, is this movement all that it seems to be? Maybe, just maybe, there is a positive side of capitalism. “The Upside Of Capitalism” provides the insight in to all the positive attributes that capitalism contributes to local and world economies, market stability, and the Billions of dollars that are donated to charity each and every year. I dare you to view the other side of the coin.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website – The Ultimate Guide: Get 100,000 Visitors In Less Than A Hour And Learn How To Drive Targeting Traffic To A High … (MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS COLLECTION)

by Dale Cross


Are you ready to discover the secrets to get 100,000 visitors to your website in less than a hour?
Would you like learn how make $100 to $200 a day while you snooze in bed?
Are you ready to quit your job forever and say hello BIG internet paydays?
If you answered “YES!” then you’ll want to download this book
You’re about to discover how to drive targeting traffic to a high converting page and make money online!

When You Download This Book Today You’ll Also Learn…

  • Much, much more!

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Statistics from the Very Beginning: Guide in Examples

by Mark Smart

This book is written to help those in need of familiarizing themselves with the basics as well as advanced aspects of statistics. After reading it, you will be able to know the meaning of the various terms associated with statistics. Significance testing is one of the important subjects in statistics as it helps us prove the credibility of statements based on data. This has been discussed in this book. The author guides you on how to calculate statistical measures including the arithmetic mean, adjusted R-squared, arithmetic variance, arithmetic median, arithmetic mode and others. Various types of data have been used in calculations including individual series data, discrete series data and continuous series data. Point estimation has been explored in detail. The author has also discussed skewness, kurtosis, binomial distribution, linear regression and several other topics in statistics.

The content of this book is:

  • Basic Definitions
  • Significance Testing
  • Adjusted R-Squared
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Calculating the Arithmetic Mean
  • Arithmetic Median
  • Arithmetic Mode
  • Arithmetic Range
  • Point Estimation
  • Calculating Skewness
  • Kurtosis
  • Linear Regression
  • Binomial Distribution

Keywords: statistics for dummies 2018, statistics book, statistics for beginners, statistics for data science, statistical learning, linear regression, statistical inference, kurtosis, skewness, binomial distribution.

How to Write a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Cover Letter: An Essential CV Writing Guide

by Hugh Kirkpatrick

If you’re ready to create a professional and well-organized CV that will impress, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV), Latin for “the course of my life,” is meant to be a detailed, yet succinct, description of your professional and academic achievements, qualifications, education, and experience. In short, it presents a summary of your knowledge, abilities, and competencies accomplished throughout your lifetime. And yes, it differs from a resume! Unlike a resume, the CV format can be (and often is) longer than just one or two pages. It may include information not usually found on resumes such as theses written, works published and research undertaken. CVs don’t have to be flashy – nor should they be – but they should reflect an accurate and complementary account of the journey you’ve taken to arrive at a point where you feel you’re a good candidate for the job to which you’re applying. In this ebook, I am going to walk you through the entire process of creating a professional, well-organized, and impressive CV that will easily communicate your accomplishments and qualifications to your prospective employer. Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What to Include in Your CV
  • Structuring the Education, Dissertation, and Fellowships Section
  • Highlighting Your Teaching Experience and Other Employment
  • Showcasing Your Published Work and Research
  • Listing Relevant Presentations, Affiliations, and Training
  • Tapping Important References
  • How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Boss Up or Bitch Up: Life Lessons a Former Teen Mom Used to Start a Business and Kill The Entrepreneurial Game (No Bullshitting Series Book 1)

by Kween Mingo

“Kween is always giving valuable gems of knowledge for life, love, and business. Now, she has a book and everyone can see how talented, amazing, phenomenal, inspiring and driven she is with Boss Up or Bitch Up”. – Devon White, Author – Ameenah The Queen

Cut to the chase, what excuses are you telling yourself that is stopping you from becoming a millionaire? Be honest. Do you feel like you can’t reach your goals because of your children? Or maybe lack of funds? Or are you down on yourself because you have no support from family and friends? Or worst yet, have your family and friends told you your idea is stupid? Well, if you have allowed any of these situations to stop you from pushing forward and working towards your goals, you have officially bitched up.

Now, what if you stopped bitching up and bossed up instead?

YOU have the power to do anything you want to do in life and the excuses you are telling yourself, can easily be turned into the very motivation you need to succeed.

We all go through ups and downs in life, and often people use their “downs” as an excuse for not pursuing their dreams. As a former teen mom, Kween Mingo had every reason to make excuses for not excelling in life. However, the very events meant to destroy Kween made her push through, resulting in Kween killing the entrepreneurial game.

Whether you want to start a business, return to school, or fold laundry the same day it’s been washed, Boss Up or Bitch Up will show you how to turn adversity into a lesson that will make you flourish. The personal stories from her life, clear-cut affirmations, and step by step action plans will lead you to discover your passions and bossing up.

By the time you finish reading Boss Up or Bitch Up, you will feel inspired, empowered and ready to Boss Up in situations made to make you Bitch Up.

With her very matter of fact and direct approach, Kween proves why she is The Kween of Business and by following her action plans, you will be too.

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