Free philosophy Kindle books for 07 Nov 18

The Mind is the Map: A Guided Journey to Discovering the Treasure Within

by Christina Reeves

A good personal empowerment book is one that guides us to flourish in all areas of our lives. It includes inspiration, motivation, great advice, personal knowledge, solid scientific facts, and the knowledge into what it takes to live happy and successful lives. It is a book that lives long after the pages are done, by providing the help needed to continue to make positive changes.  That’s exactly what you will find in the newly released book, “The Mind is the Map” by Christina Reeves and Dimitrios Spanos. 

The book provides experiential wisdom to some very big questions. “Why do I do what I do and why do I keep doing it? How often do I react to people and situations based on old habits of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and behaving? Are we here to live passive lives, using the old programmed templates of our ancestors, or can we really create our own lives?

Many of us are unaware of the hidden mechanism within us that creates depression, anxiety, unhappiness, difficulty changing habits, low self-esteem, relationship problems, frustration, anger and disappointment, even though it’s happening all the time, in all of us. We need to understand the law of attraction as it relates to our life force energy to create positive thinking that supports personal growth and development. To live freely, we need to live our lives with emotional intelligence, untangling our self from who we think we are. So much of living a full and happy life is about knowing ourselves.

In an enjoyable dialog format, the authors guide us to higher levels of understanding who we are. The book is enhanced by beautifully designed graphics illustrating the topics discussed. At the end of each chapter is a self-help section with tips and tools for self-discovery, self-reflection, journaling and meditation that enable readers to understand the workings of their mind. These questions help identify our patterns and provide a pathway to resolve depression, anxiety, stress and unproductive habits while simultaneously building self-esteem and self-confidence. For business and industry leaders the ideas and processes within these pages will align you with your top performance capacity for self-motivation and self-confidence so that you actualize and express the maximum qualities and optimum attributes of top performers leading you to experience success in new ways that are unprecedented.

Expect and allow miracles and synchronicity to show up in the most amazing ways and you will undoubtedly experience a few “ah-ha” moments, and in the most intelligent way, you will begin to understand that whatever path lay before you on our journeyâ??whatever puzzles you must take apart and put back togetherâ??the secret of life has to do with the awakening and freeing of what has been unseen and asleep. It is also one of loving compassion; a never-ending story of how we can embrace each other, and forgive ourselves, as we find our place in our world.

This inspirational book explores:

  • The science of how the Mind functions
  • How to live in Awareness
  • The Practice Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Change negative patterns
  • How to Experience more positive control in your life
  • How to understand our often-hidden belief systems
  • How our conditioned habitual perceptions affect our choices and our experiences

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