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At the End of the Dance

by Cory Cason

A stunning, yet heartfelt work of creative nonfiction about a love affair on a Mach speed roller coaster, a firsthand look at the passionate ups and the horrifying downs of two lovers born for each other. “At the End of the Dance” tells the story of the marriage between Cory and Julie set against the backdrop of staggering excess, deviant sex, lung cancer and the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The 100% true story written with humor and startling authenticity written by a husband widowed at far too young of an age.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR: Dare To Dream: The True Story of a Civil Rights Icon

by Anna Revell

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR – Dare To Dream: The True Story of a Civil Rights Icon

There is no way to talk about the history of the United States of America without talking about the history of the African American men and women who have inhabited this great country since before it was founded. Unfortunately, the relationship between the races in the U.S. has never recovered from the centuries of slavery that the African Americans were subjected to by their European counterparts.

Yet, there has been progress throughout the years. It’s possible that, eventually, the past will fall away and reveal a future of peaceful cohabitation. If that ever happens, there is one man that the world will look to as the father of the Civil Rights Movement: Martin Luther King Jr.

Not only was Martin Luther King responsible for some of the most dramatic political opposition to segregation and racism, he is the reason that civil disobedience was the main tool of the Civil Rights Movement. King was a pacifist and urged his followers to follow suit. He was able to gather the courage to do this by studying the ways of the indomitable Mahatma Gandhi and the incredible victories achievable by using only peaceful techniques.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. This book is his story.

Every Stone That Bruised Our Feet

by Michelle Mills

First and foremost this is a book about an extraordinary friendship. A story of two young women that met while one of them was in severe crisis and the bond that was born when the other saved her life. For a quarter of a century these women traveled life’s journey together helping one another survive life in America. If your life or the lives of people that you love have been affected by drug addiction or mental illness then you might relate to this story. If you’ve ever had a crisis of faith then you might relate to this story. If you’re a woman that has had to say “#MeToo” (or if you’ve had cause but you’ve been unable to voice it) then you might relate to this story. And if you’ve ever lost someone that you love… you’ll relate to this story.

I Found God Outside Of Church

by Sharon Louise Romanello

In I Found God Outside of Church, I describe my journey of overcoming a painful childhood, shyness, insecurity, and several bad relationships. All of my choices and seasons led me to a moment of brokenness, and in that moment, I found God – outside of church.
I had several obstacles to overcome in my journey of finding God – namely many bad church experiences that I had growing up. With much transparency, I reveal how I found God, where I found God, and how you can too.
This book gives clear examples and ways that I overcame pain, rejection, disappointment, and deception. I believe it will help you do the same and leave you inspired to live your life more fully.

Más vendido en HALLOWEEN: ¿Qué nos pasa cuando morimos?: Historias Eternas (Una sesión con el psiquiatra nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

by Maximiliano Gimenez

Con una perspectiva ácida y moderna sobre los miedos que nos dominan, el maestro del terror Maximiliano Gimenez, construye una selección de historias que se entrelazan y completan en un universo donde el amor, la obsesión y lo macabro tienen el mismo valor. Tercera entrega de una obra plagada de brujas, vampiros, asesinos seriales y terribles patologías con la furia necesaria para quedar en la memoria del lector para siempre . Historias eternas, concepto innovador del autor, permite relacionar sus obras en constantes secuelas y precuelas que a su vez constituyen historias completas en sí mismas, pudiendo el lector conservar la esperanza de volver a encontrarse con su protagonista preferido en cada vuelta de página. Un estilo directo y arrollador que sus seguidores agradecen en cada entrega.

Killer Couple : The True Story of Christina Marcum and Jason Singleton: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Ana Benson

The couples who commit murder together are not so rare. Of course, there is always a leader and a follower in those instances. But what happens when the law enforcement cannot pinpoint the blame on a single person and determine which one was the killer and who was the accomplice? The case of Christina Marcum and her ex-fiance Jason Singleton is a perfect example because each of them put the blame on the other person. It is still unclear what exactly happened on that January night in 2011, but both are locked up and serving their sentences.
Catherine and her partner, David John Birnie were famously known throughout Australia as: The Killer Couple. They were from Perth, Australia and were found to have murdered four women ranging in age from 15 to 31 years old, over a span of about five weeks.
Amelia Dyer is considered one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Her picture on the front cover easily betrays the evil that resided within her heart. Her reign of terror lasted over twenty years, as she is projected to have killed as many as 400 children before finally being caught
This story goes into the daily rituals and techniques used by Dyer to procure her victims as well as the psychology behind her behavior.
Nicole Kasinkas is a shy fourteen year old girl who begins an on-line romance with a psychologically disturbed young man in Billy Sullivan. The relationship intensifies and the teenage couple want to move in together. When Nicole’s mother refuses the arrangement, the love struck teenagers plot her murder in this horrifying true story.
Genene Jones, said to be the inspiration behind the Annie Wilkes character in Stephen King’s Misery, is due to be released in February of 2018 due to a loophole in Texas law…In 1985, she was convicted for the murder of fifteen month old Chelsea McClelland. Further investigations, however, show that Jones may have been responsible for over 40 infant deaths during the span of her nursing career. Cover-ups, blackmail and manipulations, Jones was able to get away with her crimes for years with a silent hospital administration behind her and the lack of courage of those around her to blow the whistle.
Tracey Wigginton made headlines as the “Lesbian Vampire Killer” when she and a group of friends attacked and killed forty-seven year old Edward Baldock in a brutal murder that left him nearly decapitated…The case drew headlines because of the brutality of the murder and the mindset of the killer. Wigginton was a feared butch lesbian who captured bats, drank blood and believed herself to be a vampire.
“I don’t remember”
Those were the words of Danielle Stewart as she was confronted by police who arrested her for the murder of her 55 year old husband, Chaim Kimel. In one of Australia’s most controversial cases, Stewart would claim to have no recollection of the night when she stabbed her husband two times in his abdomen during one of their many alcohol fueled fights…Suffering through an abusive childhood and struggling with depression, Stewart was a ticking time bomb when she met the older and charming Chaim Kimel. The two would begin a tumultuous romance that would culminate in a night of violence that would change their lives forever.
“Come on over,” – Margaret DeFrancisco
Those were the words that Margaret spoke to her sister’s suitor, Oscar Velazquez, before he arrived at their mother’s home and she shot him for $600. The murder made national headlines when the two “angel faced” girls lured Oscar into their home, shooting him to death then setting his body on fire with nail polish remover. Following the murder, the two sisters went on the run.

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