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Backwards Britain : (Volume 1) The Drugs Epidemic & NHS Crisis

by J.R Hope

What is it to be British? What image does it conjure up in the mind? It will obviously mean various things to different people but I think everyone would agree that there are universally agreed stereotypes that we all know and for some, if not most of us, we enjoy relating too. Whether it’s the stiff upper lip, love of a good cuppa, politeness, eloquent manners, the ability to queue and not complain, our love of humour and fear of social awkwardness, a Churchilian like resistance to anything confrontational or the bulldog spirit when we lose at sport. The list could go on.

However despite this, along all the positive influences and advancements that Britain has given the world, I can’t help but see an ever growing problem with the British way of doing things in tackling crisis issues facing the country and a reluctance to acknowledge or tackle these predicaments with any forward or inventive thinking.

If not recognised, we are in danger of allowing many Brits to live in a very unfair, risk adverse, uncaring, selfish and unpractical society, where many struggle to get-by and face a potentially dim future. I want to explore the reasons for this and discuss why we appear seemingly incapable of fixing these, ever increasing, wide ranging conundrums. From drug and alcohol abuse, the welfare state, the criminal justice system, poor public transport, housing/school shortages, the role of the media, what to do with NHS and how do we care for our increasing elderly population. More importantly I want to find out how we can bring back the respect we once had for each other and the community we live in. Are we really on the verge of starting to become world leaders in failing systems and broken communities despite our economy doing well? If we are then, what do we do? How do we turn this around? Why has it happened?

The Drugs Epidemic & NHS Crisis, is the first double topic of a series of books, where I will discuss just that. Britain is now the top country in Europe for Cocaine consumption and the purity, along with that of super strength Cannabis and new synthetic drugs such as Spice, is getting stronger and more plentiful. People, the police in particular, will point to the drop in police numbers for this increase, but are we deluding ourselves by thinking this. Are people, myself included, who do not take drugs just not able to comprehend that no matter what we do, people will want to take substances whether they are illegal or not for the effect they get. Are we spending too much time and money on a losing battle that has allowed criminality and gangs to benefit while vulnerable people suffer? Have we created a problem that doesn’t need to exist and are we looking at this epidemic the wrong way.

What to do with the NHS, politicians usually fail to go for a week without talking about it. We are continually informed of the impending doom looming and how it would appear to all intents and purposes that the NHS is in a permanent state of crisis and in the winter months, it is on the verge of complete collapse like a worn torn country hanging on for dear life. Is this the reality or is it just an old institution that through failing to modernise efficiently, with increased unexpected users to A&E and insurmountable unnecessary bureaucracy, it has allowed its function and role for its hard working staff impossible to fulfill.

There are two things I would like it to inspire for the reader. The first is that I hope it will engage people into looking at where Britain is going on wide range of real problems and encourage anyone to look at these issues from all corners to invoke practical thinking and to create debate that can ultimately lead to inventive ideas and who knows, maybe new ways of doing things.

Selbstbetrachtungen von Marcus Aurelius (German Edition)

by Marc Aurel

Mark Aurel (121-180), auch Marc Aurel oder Marcus Aurelius, war von 161 bis 180 römischer Kaiser und als Philosoph der letzte bedeutende Vertreter der jüngeren Stoa. Mit seiner Regierungszeit endete in mancherlei Hinsicht eine Phase innerer und äu�erer Stabilität und Prosperität für das Römische Reich, die �ra der sogenannten Adoptivkaiser. Mark Aurel war der letzte von ihnen, denn in seinem Sohn Commodus stand ein leiblicher Erbe der Herrscherfunktion bereit. Sein letztes Lebensjahrzehnt verbrachte Mark Aurel daher vorwiegend im Feldlager. Hier verfasste er die Selbstbetrachtungen, die ihn der Nachwelt als Philosophenkaiser präsentieren und die mitunter zur Weltliteratur gezählt werden.

Thus Far

by Jack Cullinane

A collection of poetry and thought written over the period of 12 years. An on-going autobiography of emotion and ideas aimed to give its readers catharsis and food-for-thought. With pages interspersed to add your own ideas, this collected works is pleasurable and provocative.

Black & White

by Erol Rashit

Confronting racism, transcending duality: Black & White is a metaphysical Western, set in modern times and incorporating more than a touch of the East.

A young white man, Igor, adopts as his mother a middle aged black woman, Sylvia, after meeting her in a café, each having come from the nearby cemetery. The deeper he delves into the death of Sylvia’s son, the more embroiled Igor becomes in the activities of Los Angeles criminals, and the more he becomes the focus of a police investigation himself. If this were an old Western movie, the heroes and villains might almost be wearing white and black hats respectively. Then again, the hats could be misleading: Igor’s appetite for polyamorous relationships is not exactly respectable; nor is his willingness to match the brutality of those he seeks to outwit as he immerses himself within a tangled web of deception and violence.

â??He who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, he is wise among men.’ â?? Bhagavad Gita IV, 18

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