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Kingdoms Fall – The Laxenburg Message

by Edward Parr

One hundred years ago, the world changed forever in one of the bloodiest wars of all time. The “KINGDOMS FALL” series tells the story of World War I as seen by two British officers newly recruited into the fledgling Secret Intelligence Service. As the young agents pursue their missions for Great Britain, they see (and sometimes cause) catastrophic events that shake the foundations of Western Civilization.

“KINGDOMS FALL – THE LAXENBURG MESSAGE” is the first in a series of three novels. David Gresham, a streetwise Lieutenant from Manchester, and Captain James Wilkins, the youngest son of Lord Bartlett, are recruited into the British intelligence services during the landing at Gallipoli in 1915. They are sent to Salonika to prepare for the Allied landings in Greece and meet the rebellious Prime Minister Venizelos, but they soon depart for Serbia to rescue King Peter from the invading Austrian and Bulgarian armies. After a disastrous retreat with the Serbians, Gresham and Wilkins travel to Vienna with a plot to destroy the Hapsburg dynasty, but when they are alerted to the imminent enemy offensive at Verdun, the young officers must race to France before the German army can “bleed France white.”

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The complete history of the Second American Civil War 2024 – 2030

by Rene Jax

Rene Jax has written the definitive book on the most catastrophic war in human history. While other authors have simply chronicled the various battles of the Second American Civil War, Rene lifts the veil from the political and social uprising before the war, that was the match that ignited the conflict. She has brilliantly exposed the brutality and tyranny of the Tech Titan’s role in the war, and their parasitic collaboration with the President Holder administration. No other history of this war has had the courage to examine and pick apart the influences of the various coastal elites and Hollywood celebrity influence in the political arena of 2024 in such detail. This is a must read for anyone not wishing to repeat the horrors of this tragic war.

Victoria’s Promise

by Joyce Henderson

From a hospital tent in Viet Nam to a small village in the Shenandoah Mountains, Army nurse Karin Armstrong tries to escape painful memories and the trauma of her wartime experiences. Victoria, her hometown, offers the promise of a quiet life where death and pain can no longer touch her. Although Karin finds love and happiness in marriage and family, the peace that was Victoria’s promise, eludes her.

Mack Slaughter lost his best friend in ‘Nam. Survivor guilt plagues him as he moves to Chicago and loses himself in a hectic career and lifestyle. He eventually learns that alcohol and affairs cannot satisfy him.

Karin and Mack’s paths cross several times for fifteen years before the time is right for them to meet and fall in love. In their own ways, each learns that healing is not found in a place of refuge, nor in a career and fast-paced living, but in letting go of the past and letting love into the present.

Butterflies of Valor (The Butterfly Fairytales Collection Book 4)

by Debby Lee

Vietnam veteran Marcus Jamison comes back from war physically unscathed but emotionally fractured. Anna Michaels, a tender ballet dancer, struggles to accept the man her fiancé has become. She’s ready to do battle to bridge the distance to win back the man she loves.

EL ÁNGEL DEL OLVIDO 3E (Spanish Edition)

by Nelson Damian Cabral


Desde tiempos en que vivieron los grandes reyes de antaño un olvido deambula extrañas calles de una alejada isla en busca de recuerdos que borrar.

Un día como tantos otros el cruel “Angel Gris” encuentra su contraparte en una joven “Esperanza”, una joven que por primera vez se planta ante él como el emblema de lo incorruptible, imborrable como el amor mismo, convirtiéndose de a poco en la dulce fisura de su amargo corazón helado.

Un libro de historias, de olvidos y recuerdos que surgen de un ángel que se torna más humano en una fría y olvidada isla.

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