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How To Make Millions In Business

by Grant Cardone

You don’t start a business you are a business. The goal of this Live Training + eBook is to help you create a successful million-dollar business that improves the condition and life of yourself and others. As Gandhi said, “The worst kind of violence is poverty.”
4+ Hours of Content
95 Page Guide eBook
12 Commandments of Business
Lifetime On Demand Seminar Access 24/7
What you will learn:
How to Understand Today’s Economy
Why You Must Make Millions
Million Dollar Math
How to Discover Your Audience
The Myth of Small
The Biggest Mistakes in Business
Included in this Live Training + eBook:
Grant Cardone’s 12 Commandments of Business
The 10X Beast Mode Clock
7 Bonus Tips to Succeed in Business



This is the companion a book and included with the Millions on the Phone Live Training.

This massive book contains:

86 Pages of Content
Scripts for Incoming, Outbound and Cold Calls
Elevator Pitch Techniques
Preparing for a Cold Call
Advanced Phone Tips
The Math Behind Making Millions with a Phone
Filled with actionable tips and techniques for phone sales.
You will learn HOW TO:
Use scripts for various call types
Setup the right daily rituals
Leave successful messages
Handle Cold Call Objections
Create a Call Calculation Worksheet

The Great Depression: A History From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

The Great Depression

* * *Free BONUS Inside!* * *

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The Great Depression was one of the most trying eras in American history. All aspects of the United States were affected. After the stock market crash of 1929, the nation was thrust into a decade of turmoil and changeâ??in government, the economy, and culture. Many of the changes brought about by the Great Depression remain today.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Causes of the Great Depression
â?? The Depression and the Hoover Administration
â?? The Election of 1932 and the Rise of Franklin Roosevelt
â?? The Depression and American Culture
â?? Setbacks and Detractors
â?? Last Steps Toward Recoveryâ??and War
And much more!

The Procrastination Cure: 10 Types of Procrastinator! 9 +1 Easy Tips to Overcome Your Procrastination

by Travis M. Moore

Do you often procrastinate? Your deadline is coming but you are still having trouble with starting? Your homework is piling up until you have to do that on the last day? 

If so you are lucky to have picked up this bookTHE PROCRASTINATION CURE. It offers unique solutions to cure your procrastinationwhich hasnever been written before in any book. These are potent techniques with the power to transform your life. This book is sprinkled with exceptional but common-sense advice, which you will automatically understand, empathize with and relate to.


  • Cause of Procrastination and how it ruinsyour life.
  • 10 types of a procrastinatorand how to liberate yourself from your specific procrastinating behavior.
  • Why sometimes your anti-procrastination method let you procrastinate more.
  • How to eat an elephant, seriously?
  • How to not be distracted anymore.
  • And more and more.

Scientific studies have shown that the primary cause of procrastination is a distraction. THE PROCRASTINATION CURE directly confronts this problem with a unique and distinct technique – inner silence. You will never procrastinate ever in your life again once you master the technique of inner silence. 

Get your THE PROCRASTINATION CURE copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of  this page! Wish you a happy journey and a highly productive life in the future.  

The Magic of Connection: Master Sales from the Inside Out

by Anna Scott

In this book, Anna Scott offers readers a new perspective on sales and business, using sincere connection as the basis for any successful sale. Many talented people feel held up on creating the life and business they want because of the difficulty they have with sales. Sales don’t have to be difficult or painful. Anna starts with a reframing of sales philosophy and ends with with pragmatic techniques to boost your business. This book will surely assist you on your entrepreneurial path and life goals by covering the following topics:

– How to make a breakthrough in your understanding of sales
– Why making a connection is key to sales
– The power of setting an intention, and how that intention impacts the fields you share with
other people
– The reality behind making an offer and setting an agreement
– The pragmatics of sales and performing recurrent actions
– The truth about follow-up and rejection

Anna Scott is the creator of Wisdom Business Coaching, an energy-rich relationships methodology that will take your life and work to the next level. She specializes in working with creatives, executives, & entrepreneurs who are looking to access their innate wisdom and apply it to all aspects of their business and life to create rich results with ease.

Internal Masterminds: How Smart Talent Leaders Create Engagement and Pivot Organizational Culture

by Sylvia Henderson

When groups come together, great things happen!
For visionary talent leaders and C-suite teams who truly believe that their people are their greatest assets.

To thrive as an agile organization in a constantly changing economic and technological environment, leaders need strategies and tools to simultaneously engage five generations of employees. Skills such as critical thinking, communication, and leadership are taught through professional development initiatives. Yet opportunities are needed for sustained practice and proficiency so that competencies become habits. A new culture emerges when employees contribute to innovation and workplace pivots for the future that is already here today.

In this book you will discover how to:
– Engage your staff as contributing stakeholders and make your talent development outcomes stick
– Develop strong leaders who are instrumental in solidifying organizational culture
– Break down corporate silos so that employees communicate in a collaborate way

As a result, your people will stay longer so that you retain more institutional knowledge and therefore contribute more-substantially to your bottom line. When everyone in your organization lives the culture more-deeply, they communicate better with each other, and better represent to your clients what it is you stand for.

Sylvia Henderson and Josh Silverstone are the founders of MindTeam Solutions, Inc. and the Idea MindTeamâ?¢ group platform. They bring their combined corporate training, management, sales, and entrepreneurial experience to leaders who want to create engagement and pivot culture so that their organization thrives.

Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Use Humor to Beat Stress, Increase Productivity, and Have Fun at Work

by Andrew Tarvin

Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Use Humor to Beat Stress, Increase Productivity, and Have Fun at Work

Are you stressed out at work? Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Are you looking for a way to step up your game? Do you realize that you spend nearly 50% of your waking hours at your job and therefore want to learn to enjoy it more?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above (or just want to learn how to use humor in the workplace), this book is for you.

In it, you’ll find ideas on how to use humor to improve communication skills, build stronger relationships, enhance creative problem-solving, execute more effectively and strategically disengage.

This smorgasbord of humor ways range from presentation tips to team-building activities, brainstorming methods to productivity tricks, stress relievers to ________ (fill in the blank because this book covers just about everything).

Ready to get started? Why not:

Begin your next email with a unique salutation, like “Greetings Fellow Humans.” (#22)
Create a Bat Signal for users to use whenever they need support. (#267)
Hold a “dramatic reading” in the office of a company memo or quarterly earnings report. (#421)

If you want add humor at work, order today!

Imperfect Success

by Sam Mann

The journey to success is not about perfection, it’s about consistency. This book is for anyone who is looking for lifestyle changes to help them become more successful. From the layman all the way to the top executives, this book can help. This is not a book to motivate you, it’s a book to help you create a lifestyle of success through consistency.

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