Free fantasy Kindle books for 09 Nov 18

Lightning Proof

by Rebecca Odum

Victoria has only ever known her mother behind bars. Since Elizabeth was imprisoned nearly two decades earlier for staging a disastrous rebellion, Victoria has squelched her electrokinetic abilities for fear of repeating history. In Caldwell, Lighters and Invisibles are banned from almost every public establishment due to their unpredictable powers. She will not add to the destruction. When a decree from the president demands all L.I.s be returned to their home planet of Ada for experimentation, Victoria hides while her best friend Lindseyâ??a telepathâ??goes undercover as a member of the police force to help their people escape. But after Lindsey is captured and a visit from her father forces Victoria to face her mother for the first time in twenty years, she must choose between clinging to the fear that’s kept her safe, or following in Elizabeth’s footsteps to save her people.

Wolf’s Fake Bride (Shifter Marriage Service Book 1)

by Sky Winters

He needs a wife. She needs an escape. What could go wrong?

Dale “King” Wilson is VP of the Hell’s Fang motorcycle club. He’s a wolf shifter who doesn’t want love or family, he just wants power. In order to be president of the MC, he needs a wife.

Jocelyn is on the run from an abusive ex-husband who tormented her because she did not bear his children. Desperate and penniless, she finds an advertisement for a job to be a fake bride. Dale’s only termsâ??complete discretion and no children under any circumstances.

18+ Only

Instinct (The Hybrid Chronicles Book 1)

by Anna Hub

Sam Chesworth’s future is perfectly mapped out – college, travel and convincing the girl of his dreams to date him. Everything is going according to plan.

Until Evelyn Shaw crosses his path.

She’s a hybrid – half human, half hunter – and she’s not from this world.

When Evelyn tells Sam he’s been supernaturally marked, he’ll do anything to keep hold of his old life, even if it means trusting a hybrid. But Evelyn isn’t what she seems and as she draws him into her web, he uncovers a secret that could change everything. If he’s not careful, he’ll end up paying the ultimate price.

The Dimming Sun

by Lana Nielsen

Ash has blotted the sun for months.

Despair and violence have taken root across the continent of Linnea. People are searching for answers- some have turned to ancient superstitions, others to the seductive teachings of strange new cults. However, 20-year-old Arithel isn’t too concerned – she carves out a comfortable but lonely existence as a tax collector’s scribe, trying to forget the reckless decisions that led to a self-imposed exile from her village. One bleak afternoon, she accepts both a gift and a bribe, and is swept into a whirlwind of misadventure, beginning with an unspeakable tragedy befalling her pious younger sister.

Arithel blames herself for her sister’s fate, and her childhood friend Fallon proposes a deal- he will help with her quest for vengeance, provided she helps him with an errand orchestrated by a mysterious, charismatic healer who dwells thousands of miles away, in the frozen Northlands. Arithel accepts Fallon’s conditions, but as they travel she becomes increasingly troubled by the extent of his devotion to his employer. The journey she and Fallon undertake tests the depth of their friendship; they encounter otherworldly perils, new companions, and shadows from their own past. The choices they make could destroy- or restore- an empire.

The Blackwater Legacy (The Bloodlines Legacy Series Book 2)

by Apryl Baker

Saidie Walker grew up a nice, normal girlâ??but not everything is as it seems. Even the Walker family has secrets locked away.

Saidie’s grandmother told them stories from their family history about being able to raise the dead. But Saidie believed they were only scary stories meant to frighten naughty children, and necromancers were nothing more than the stuff of nightmares and make-believe.

Until she met Alexandria Blackburne Reed and her powers woke up with a vengeance. Now she’s shipped off to New Orleans to be tutored, but finds herself surrounded by horrors instead.

One bright spot fills her dismal daysâ??Aleric, the guy who’s been assigned as her test subject. He drives her nuts, makes her so mad she’s ready to hit something, but the thought of causing him more pain than he’s already suffered at Madame’s hands is more than she can bear.

Her emerging feelings for him both confuse and excite her. She may have found the one thing she’s always wanted, but will it survive amidst all the danger beginning to unfold?

Aleric’s past is interwoven with the friends she left back home, and she’ll do what she must to protect them all, even if that means dying. Her only hope is to make it home to West Virginiaâ??to her best friend.

It’s up to Alexandria to find a way to help Saidie before she loses her to the madness of her necromancy, while dealing with her own pain and heartache.

Can they survive the horrors about to rain down upon them all?

Snatched (A Ghost Story): Lights Out Series – Book 2

by Marla Meyers

“A frightful and entertaining read that nips at your funny bone. Terrific read.”
~ Lighthouse Reviews

Wendy reluctantly moves to the country so that her husband can write full time. She’s willing to give it a try since they won’t have to put their baby in daycare. But when things begin to go bump in the night, Wendy doesn’t want to stay in their renovated farmhouse. Something doesn’t feel right, and she has an awful feeling that someone is trying to steal their baby.

Sean is finally living the life he’s always wanted with his wife and child. He’s writing full time from home, and as a stay-at-home dad, he loves spending time with his daughter. But his wife doesn’t like this new life and begins to make up things to convince Sean they need to move back to the city. Things like ghosts in the house. When her attempts to frighten him out of the house fail, she tells him that someone is trying to steal their baby.

Wendy is an intuitive person, and thus sees and hears things others might not. Can she convince her husband that their little family is in danger? And what awaits them if she can’t?

Other books in this series – Twisted (A Ghost Story): Lights Out Series

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