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Memes: Funny Fortnite Memes 2018 – Best Collection Of Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Jokes and Memes ( Dank Memes, Funny Memes, Memes for Teens, Pikachu … and Fails) (Fortnite Collection Book 2)

by Memes Freeman


Do you love memes?

This book contains 3000 pages of fortnite battle royale season 5 edition memes, it’s an all you can meme buffet. We’ve Gathered the best on the internet so you can view them easily here. We’ve got everything, from Bad luck Brian to Grumpy cat

The File Size is very large so keep that in mind, also Amazon forces me to charge a higher price due to the data, ignore the price and download this book for FREE using Kindle Unlimited, This book was intended to be read FREE so get Kindle Unlimited and check it out!

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This book is Inappropriate for kids!
So don’t let your kids read it alone without pre-screening the jokes you want to share


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by Jose Oscar Fajardo Sanchez

El noticiero de las siete dijo que el doctor Nabucodonosor Alirio Cristanchi Aselga de las huertas hab√ɬ≠a muerto definitivamente. Que hab√ɬ≠a sido atropellado por la buseta n√ɬļmero setenta y siete , en la calle setenta y siete con setenta siete, y que hab√ɬ≠a sido recogido por la patrulla n√ɬļmero siete, llevado gravemente herido y recluido en le pieza n√ɬļmero diecisiete del hospital de la noventa y siete pero que all√ɬ≠ hab√ɬ≠a muerto esa misma ma√ɬĪana a las siete y siete. Todo parece un juego de palabras y una patra√ɬĪa m√ɬ°s de un periodista errabundo y entrometido que siempre le tapa las fechor√ɬ≠as en unas, o le celebra las salidas fant√ɬ°sticas en otras, al filopol√ɬ≠tico (fil√ɬ≥sofo y pol√ɬ≠tico) doctor Nabucodonosor Cristanchi, porque se trata de un hombre demasiado inteligente. Que sabe brujer√ɬ≠a ancestral y vud√ɬļ leg√ɬ≠timo haitiano. Que reza muelas cariadas, regresa concubinas perdidas y cura la amibiasis. Eso dice la gente tambi√ɬ©n es cierto. Que sabe magia negra, sicolog√ɬ≠a trasversal, apicultura, acupuntura, mec√ɬ°nica de carros, ecuaciones diferenciales aplicadas a la eyaculaci√ɬ≥n precoz, que es propietario de una oronda mond√ɬ° de catorce pulgadas y siete mil√ɬ≠metros de longitud, por dos pulgadas tres mil√ɬ≠metros de espesor en posici√ɬ≥n de combate, curvada, varicosa y desafiante, y que cada criadilla le pesa quinientos siete gramos y le produce enormes cantidades de emulsi√ɬ≥n seminal de alta densidad, pero que en el fondo es menguado de inteligencia y adem√ɬ°s, marica. Y en esos y muchos secretos m√ɬ°s, concentra su programa de gobierno. Es abogado tambi√ɬ©n.

The Unbearable Bassington (Historical Novel): A Historical Novel

by Saki, H. H. Munro

This eBook edition of “The Unbearable Bassington” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Francesca Bassington is a somewhat cold and self-contained society woman who values her home and possessions above all else. She lives in a house that was left to a young, underage heiress, Emmeline Chetrof, and Francesca is free to continue living there until Emmeline gets married. Well contented to continue living there forever, Francesca is trying to find a way to stay in the house, maneuvering with her son Comus, a self-centered young man whose irresponsibility may have been excusable and endearing when he was young but whose flippancy and fecklessness has now become a sore point between him and his mother

A Holiday Hazing Santa Clause Syndrome

by Ethan Indigo Smith

Have you ever really considered the psychological effects of the Santa Claus story and Holidays in general? A Holiday Hazing, Santa Clause Syndrome is a presentation of one of the most devastating psychological afflictions in the postmodern era; Santa Clause Syndrome. No one has dissected the psychological results of the Santa Clause story like Ethan Indigo Smith.

Leave it to an Indigo child to elaborate on the holiday in way no one has in 2,000 years, in a way that will make you question institutions and your own individuation! Be forewarned, many Christians cannot handle even the surface information herein, although Christian Scientists agree with the conclusions completely. The book is not anti-Christian, nor antisemitic, nor anti-Islamic, and it’s not even against Santa really. The book is even more controversial that that, it’s pro-consciousness.

The Secret of a Kiss (A Snow Valley Romance Book 5)

by Kimberley Montpetit

A lonely stretch of highway, a handsome stranger, and a long-kept secret that could wreck everything.

Linden Adair is a talented makeup artist on the New York Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera, creating the hideous scar for the actor who plays the phantom every night. But nobody knows the deep scars Linden carries after the divorce from her husband, Mark Denly√Ę??who is the famous director of Phantom.

Desperate to get away, Linden takes a cross-country trip to visit her best friend in Seattle. While driving on a deserted stretch of highway late at night, she hits a deer and crashes the rental car into a gully outside of Snow Valley, Montana.

A devastatingly handsome stranger with a tow truck rescues Linden and her smashed vehicle, but when she catches sight of him in the light, she’s shocked. Anton Baldwin possess a terrible scar on his face√Ę??just like the phantom she created every night at the theater.

But Anton is hiding more than the truth behind his scar, and during a whirlwind week while being recruited for a television show being filmed in Snow Valley, the secrets of this enigmatic man turn her world upside down. Does he hold the magic she needs to heal the scars on her broken heart?

If you like sweet romance and second chance love stories, then you’ll love THE SECRET OF A KISS, A Snow Valley Romance.

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My Jobs and Why They All Sucked

by Leonard Stegmann

Yes, every one of them. In this book Leonard Stegmann shares the lifetime of misery that has been his employment history. Lots of laughs for you. Not so much for him. Also included: What’s Annoying Me Now, The Fifth Floor Girls, Tales of Unspeakable Woe and more.

A Christmas Most Shocking (Harry Reese Mysteries Book 7)

by Robert Bruce Stewart

In December 1906, Harry Reese follows his roving wife to Washington for a reunion with the formidable Countess von Schnurrenberger und Kesselheim. There he finds himself entangled in a mystery involving an erotic novel, a meat cleaver, several coded communiqu√ɬ©s, a potent female aphrodisiac, a certain bit of anatomy belonging to a certain senator’s wife, and, most tellingly, a German count who has mansplained himself into an early grave√Ę?¬¶.

This novel is told in two parts. In the first, Harry provides an account of the crimes, suspects, and clues√Ę??including myriad misdirections√Ę??as he assists the pompous police detective working the case. In the second part, told by a precocious young girl then staying with the countess, details are filled in, motivations explained, and secrets revealed√Ę?¬¶.

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