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‘Till Death Do Us Part: Seven Messages on Marriage

by Dr. Greg Pierce

The tragedy of divorce is epidemic because couples inter into marriage with no intentions of keeping their wedding vows to each other or the Lord God. Who would know more about how to have a happy marriage than God who created and ordained the union in the first place. Here you will find seven messages in easily readable form that will strengthen your marriage if you will apply the principals presented. Written by an author who not only holds three earned theological doctorates but has enjoyed 46 years of wonderful marriage.

Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences: A Step-by-Step Guidebook for Parents and Professionals

by Deborah Ross-Swain

In this breakthrough book, Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences, you’ll be given practical tools to lead your child with learning differences to lifelong successâ??educationally, socially, and personally. You’ll be presented with questions for personal reflections that can transform parenting or teaching these children for who they areâ?¦ smart and different! In this powerful parent-and professional-friendly book, you’ll find step-by-step strategies to build stellar teams and communities of support for your child as well as yourself. You’ll also learn simple guidelines to build successful relationships, identify confidence and joy robbers, and notice signs and signals of learning differences. Discover useful checklists on how to jump-start your child’s confidence and joy, as well as how to go to bat for your child. Based on more than 70 years of clinical experiences working with children with learning differences and communication disorders, Dr. Deborah Ross-Swain and Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider’s message is as simple as it is effective: Children with learning differences are just that… different! Children with learning differences have their own talents and are smart, bright, and wonderful in their own way. All children are different, and all children want to succeed. With this book, they will!

The Gate of hell: the triumph of truth

by nkemjika chinedu

what will be the fate of Joan when his desire to recover and expand his father’s wealth puts the life and political ambition of his determined friend whom he often goes to for advice in the balance,in danger, but he does not know.

Potty-Training 101

by Christian Wiggins

Make potty-training fun through praise and confidence building. These steps will guarantee your toddler will be fully pottytrained in no time! I learned these techniques through trial and error so you don’t have to!

The Music Of Marriage: How Do You Keep The Music Playing?

by Bob and Evy Smith

Discover the score that God has written so that your marriage will not be diminished by time or circumstance! Nashville-based performing songwriters Bob and Evy Smith offer a compelling analogy between the principles that make people love music and the biblical principles that will make your marriage sing! Download original songs for free ( ~ and upload these themes to your marriage: Encountering the Divine Melody, Developing Relational Dynamics, Finding the Rhythm of Love, Resolving Marital Dissonance, Discovering Harmonic Companionship, and How Do You Keep the Music Playing? ~ Invite us for a home, church, retreat or special event concert!

Child Development: The Essential Life Skills Your Child Needs To Know (How Children Succeed, How Children Learn, How Children Develop)

by Sarah Riedel

Child Development – The Essential Life Skills Your Child Needs To Know

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Child development is defined as the set of biological, emotions, and psychological changes that occur in an individual from birth towards the end of adolescence. These sets of changes progress from a state of dependence to a state of independence. By studying child development, parents, primary caregivers, and everyone concerned will be able to understand what children can do at various stages of development.

If you want to learn more about your child and the development that is involved in raising a child this is the perfect book for you!

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Feminization: How to Love Yourself and Prosper in Sissification, Cross-Dressing and Role Reversal Relationships (Feminization, Sissified, Sissification, … Feminization Hypnosis, Role Reversal)

by Sandra Evans

Experience the Thrill, Intimacy and Sexual Discovery of Feminization and Role Reversal Relationships

Unlock the steps and strategies of prospering in feminization relationships and how feminization can add fire to your relationship
You’re about to discover why feminization is a powerful sexual fantasy which is widely practised but only a few couples take it to its utmost possible heights. You will unlock the proven strategies and steps on hypnotic feminization, accepting the fantasy experience and discover five telltale signs that a role reversal relationship could be right for you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Forced and Hypnotic Feminization
  • Self Help For Feminization
  • Phase Of Feminization Hypnosis
  • Transgender Feminization Hypnosis
  • Freedom From Fears and Blocks
  • Cross Dressing
  • Tips For Choosing Cross Dressing Outfits
  • Five Telltale Signs That a Role Reversal Relationships Could Be Right For You
  • Six Things About Role Reversal Relationships
  • Much, much more!

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Erziehen ohne zu brüllen: Mit einem Kleinkind durch die Trotzphase – ohne zu schreien und ohne die Nerven zu verlieren (German Edition)

by Bianca Oster-Petry

Erziehen ohne zu brüllen und ohne anzuschreien –
Mit einem Kleinkind durch die Trotzphase

Erziehen kann so einfach sein? Manchmal eben nicht! Und viele Eltern geraten regelmä�ig an die Grenzen ihrer Belastbarkeit.
Da wird widersprochen, getr̦delt, Unsinn gemacht Рund dann soll man auch noch ruhig bleiben?
Leichter gesagt, als getan!

Wenn auch dein Kind dich regelmäÃ?ig in den Wahnsinn treibt und du am liebsten schreien möchtest – dann ist dieses Buch genau das Richtige für dich!

Bianca Oster-Petry ist selbst Mutter eines Kleinkindes und kennst diese Situation ausreichend.

Um auch dir zu helfen, hat sie ihre ganzen Erfahrungen in diesem Ratgeber zusammen gefasst.

Für ein liebevolles und respektvolles Miteinander zwischen Kind und Eltern!

Du lernst in dem Ratgeber “Erziehen ohne zu brüllen”:

… Welche Herausforderungen sich Dein Kind stellen muss
… Wie Du Dein Kind bei seiner Entwicklung unterstützen kannst
… Welche Arten von Regeln es gibt und warum sie so wirkungsvoll sind
… Grundlagen zum Vertrauensaufbau zum Kind
… Wie du die Bindung zu deinem Kind herstellen und vertiefen kannst
… Vertrauen Trennnungs-/Scheidungskindern
… Und vieles mehr!

Auf Kindle Reader, Tablet, PC, Mac und Smartphone lesbar.

Sichere dir noch heute das Buch und starte in einen neuen Abschnitt des Miteinanders zwischen dir und deinem Kind. Gib dem Unmut keine Chance mehr und stärke eure Elter-Kind-Beziehung. Ganz ohne zu brüllen oder zu schreien!

Twilight Meditations: One Woman’s Thoughts of God as Alzheimer’s Advances

by Irene L. Bjorck

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Jeff Bjorck, is glad to introduce you to his mother through the pages of this book. Twilight Meditations is a tribute to her journey of faith through the valley of the shadow of Alzheimer’s disease. In spite of her severe illness, Irene Bjorck has continued over the past several years to offer her occasional spontaneous comments regarding the God she has loved throughout her life. These quotes are sure to encourage Christians from all walks of life, and those who do not share Irene’s faith are still sure to be deeply touched and inspired by her pervasive sense of gratitude.

This volume begins with a brief photo essay chronicling Irene’s amazing life. Thereafter, each page features one of her quotes, with backdrop photos of her stunning artwork and/or colorful images of her Heavenly Father’s creation. The perfect companion for a quiet afternoon, this book will provide hope for everyone, but particularly those who are also slowly saying good-bye to loved ones whose lives are being tyrannized by Alzheimer’s.

The Land of Four Seasons: Part:1

by Sedric Horn Horn

Michael and Michelle were born into a world of chaos and destruction. The twins must learn to overcome these forces of destruction if they are going to survive. Their mother, trying to escape the abuse of their troubled father, runs into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger she knows little about. But is he the man he portrays himself to be? Michael and Michelle quickly learn that they must depend on each other if they are going to survive the darkness that seeks to tear them apart. A story of innocence lost, of innocence stolen. Together the twins must learn to find the courage to heal and to become victims no longer. Warning: This book contains graphic scenes depicting child sexual abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, teen drug abuse, teen alcohol abuse, teen suicide, teen bullying, and domestic violence.

78 Secrets To Seduce And Keep A Woman: 78 Easy and Practical Ways to Build a Powerful Connection With Women Every Day

by Thomas Lane

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I’m Thomas Lane.

You are not the first and not the last to surely be in love with or attracted to beautiful, sexy, and nice women. First date or long-time relationship have the same purpose: SEDUCING on a daily basis a woman and building a powerful connection.

Thanks to this short but powerful guide, you will have simple, but effective ideas to make her feel unique and happy.

Believe me, it works! There are thousands of happy couples who offered me these small secrets.

You won’t find any theory or seduction “tricks” inside this bookâ??only concrete action you can apply today in the real world.

Those tips are effective with any women.

You will need very little time to read this smart work and even less time to apply 78 SECRETS TO SEDUCE AND KEEP A WOMAN.

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The Other Side of Things: Part One

by Cecile Garcia

In this book I am sharing entries from a personal blog that I’ve had since 2004. The blog was once called the Phoenix Flare, but I’ve changed its name several times over. In my blog I write my personal opinions about anything from relationships issues, health, beauty, religion, fashion, some politics and occasionally, throw in miscellaneous topics, which include the unexplained, paranormal and supernatural. Most entries are current, written within the past 5 years. If you are surprised by what I have written in this book, don’t be, I am Human after all and I only wish to entertain, while giving people my personal outlook on certain controversial and non-controversial topics. Politics is not my forte, but I added one political entry at the end of this book. I will be blunt honest and real while sharing my personal experiences and my opinions about different topics in, The Other Side of Things. I have numbered the topics for each chapter. Enjoy my book and feel free to comment on my Instagram, Facebook or Amazon Kindle books.

Ages 16 & older



A boy who face problems in relationships and change his life after the love occurs.

2 Mogli, 2 Mariti e 1 Lampadario (Italian Edition)

by Antonio Scotto di Carlo

Il desiderio è come un lampadario: quando si accende, muta tutto ciò che illumina.

“2 Mogli, 2 Mariti e 1 Lampadario” è un â??romanzo-allegoria’ del nostro bisogno di desiderare. Ã? desiderando cose e persone che ci sentiamo vivi. E non ci basta mai. A volte ce ne vergogniamo e proviamo ad accontentarci di quello che già abbiamo, ma ci sentiamo come spenti se paragoniamo questo stato d’animo a quello che ci anima quando vogliamo qualcosa. Desideri o capricci che siano, è quella sensazione che stimola la nostra passione per la vita.

Barbara, volubile e avvenente, è anche una tenera mamma. Alessio, suo marito, uno psicologo di successo. Glenda, ingenua e timida, è la regina delle casalinghe. Amedeo, suo marito, uno stimato avvocato.
Due coppie simili, ma che vivono il sesso in maniera opposta.
Gli uomini si chiedono cosa c’è in fondo al cuore di una donna. Le donne vorrebbero tanto capire come pensano veramente gli uomini. Entrambi se ne fanno un’idea in base a quello che viene loro mostrato. Ma c’è molto di più.
Osservando questi personaggi, spiandoli fin sotto le lenzuola, intrufolandosi nelle loro menti e soggiornando nei loro cuori, i mondi femminile e maschile diventano una cruda, meravigliosa e fragile vetrina di sentimenti. E quando la giovane e passionale Sonia irrompe nelle loro viteâ?¦

Un romanzo psicologico-intimistico sentimentale sulla vita di coppia, con dinamiche realistiche e un pizzico di mistero. All’inizio banale, ma che man mano sconvolge.
Un vero e proprio film proiettato sulle pagine di un libro in un gioco di prospettive con cui i personaggi, a turno, sfidano l’innata umana insoddisfazione.


LOVE OR LIFE : മലയാള� (Malayalam Edition)


പ്രണയത്തിൽ �ണ്�ാവുന്ന പ്രശ്ന� മ�ല� ��വിത� മാറു�യു� �തിന� പരിഹരി�്�ാൻ ശ്രമി�്�ുന്നതാണ് � �ഥ.

LOVE OR LIFE: தமிழ் (Tamil Edition)


�ாதலில் �ி�்�ல� �திர்��ள்ளும் ப�யனின் வாழ்�்�� மாறி�்��ண்�ு �த� �ரி��ய்ய முயற்�ி�்�ிறது �ந்த �த�.

Presidential Synergy Preoccupied, Americaâ??s Whole Structure Falls Apart: White House Bad Boy â??David Dennisonâ? Shameful, Mortifying

by Dave Masko

Presidential Synergy Preoccupied, America’s Whole Structure Falls Apart, by Dave Masko. There is a man in the White House who lies, is delusional and his grandiosity as a New York millionaire is viewed as “simply gross.” In fact, Donald Trump proves that after 71-years, he is still that same “evil, incoherent little boy that everyone hated because Trump always hurts and lies,” explains former New York City resident Judy Baker during a recent roundtable discussion here at the University of Oregon in Eugene about “Why Donald Trump is such a horrible human being.” Baker joined dozens of other deeply concerned citizens who knew about or of Trump during his long and wicked life. Baker, 83, grew up near the Trump family home in Queens, New York, back “after World War II when Trump’s father Fred who was arrested at a KKK rally in 1927. We in the neighborhood all knew the Trump’s to be racists; while anyone who met the young Donald was equally mortified that this hateful young man existed in our community.” Baker went on to share a personal story about Donald Trump “pushing me down, while other kids who went to school with him in his pre-teen period say he liked to throw things at both students and teachers because there was this anger inside the young Trump. I later learned that his father shipped him off to a prison like military academy update because all of Queens hated this evil acting young Donald Trump.” Baker was joined by Barry Rosen who also lived in Queens, New York, before relocating to Eugene in later life. “Look, I grew up and worked for most of my adult life in the City, New York City, and during the 1970s and 80s the joke was this Donald Trump who had this horrible debauched reputation as someone you couldn’t trust. I recall decades of reading the local Manhattan daily newspapers about Trump doing this or that evil act to his former wives, girlfriends, prostitutes, you name it,” explained Rosen during this recent discussion about “Why America has to be embarrassed by Donald Trump.” The discussion then turned to Trump’s furry lobster styled mane of hair that is “perfect for this narcissist millionaire that nobody really likes and who is hated worldwide as having zero character, while being the most loathed man on Earth right now in 2018.” This special “new journalism” report is aimed at sharing yet more angst from deeply concerned citizens who are literally embarrassed as all get-out that Trump is still president after all “the shit that Trump has dumped on our nation this first year in office,” adds Rosen with real fear in his eyes. This collection of new journalism essays features views about Trump and Republicans supporting the Silicon Valley “Secret State” in what’s been described as a “full-court press by Trump and his racist allies to destroy American values and democracy.”

The Great Parent’s Started Pack

by Tilia Jones

“The Great Parent’s Starter Pack” is focused on the first few years of the child’s life when the fundaments of the parent/child relationship are built.
This time is of crucial importance. Unfortunately, people often underestimate it, considering that the child is too small and does not understand the surrounding world.
Every mother is unique. Every child is unique. And each mother knows best what’s good for her child. But everyone can find something useful in this book.
Whatever starts well goes well. So you have to be careful while you are putting the fundaments of the lifelong relationship with your child. This book can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes of the young parents and build a strong and loving relationship with your child.

PREMATURE EJACULATION DISTURBING?: Best Home Solutions On how to eliminate premature ejaculation, maintaining potency and last longer in bed

by Tasha Geller

Do you want to learn how to stop premature ejaculation?
Do you want to last longer in sex before you ejaculate?
Is it frustrating for you when you cum too soon?

If your answer to the above questions is YES! Then you are at the right place.
It is embarrassing, appalling and as well ridiculous to suffer from premature ejaculation. This health condition has led to too many divorces and has continued to cause family unrest. How long will this continue like?
If you are serious about wanting to spark up your sex life and putting an end to this ailment, then you need to get a copy of this book. It is packed with powerful and potent natural remedies to help you get a lasting solution to Premature Ejaculation once and for all.
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