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Come back, My people!

by Faith Glendale

The answer to 9/11 no one is expecting. Jesus said the truth will set us free, and the knowledge gained by shining His light on Allah, will deliver Muslims back into the loving arms of Abraham’s God; unite a divided world and usher in the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple.

In the battle of the ages, Allah and the God of the Bible meet face to face; revealing a conflicting spirit that opposes God, claimed to be God and rewrote history; for Allah’s depiction of God’s Word, God’s Will and a lack of empathy and love removed any resemblance at all between Allah and our Creator.

Prophets who verify the Qur’an is from God must be believed, or the test of a prophet is if they come in the name of the Lord with details of events before they happen. God is the Lord of this world, or Scripture warns against the prince of this world; victims need 4 witnesses to testify, or only two; Jews were forsaken for sinning against God twice, or He was still with them after ten; God had to purify the virgin Mary, or the highly favored blessed virgin mother was purified by her monthly flow like all women?

Forcing believers to accept an Arabic Qur’an they could not verify, marked the moment in history when Muslims first had their freedom and liberties taken away; but this unrelentless search for truth and attention to detail found Allah indirectly giving his followers permission to read all of God’s words; instead of being limited to his reminder of them.

Answers were also found for many challenging biblical passages and mysteries that could not be ignored; including that sly whisperer, angels and women, the shocking proof of 3 King Ahaziah’s, the memorable morning of, a new idea for 666, and the long forgotten answer to when life begins.

With the sudden onset of the Arab Awakening after the first draft of, Come back, My people!, it became clear that God was preparing the hearts of His people for the devastating but liberating discovery; for when this book written with love, respect and truth becomes known, Muslims will meet the God they always wanted and thought they already had.

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