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Soul Dust

by Tharu Lansakaranayake

I reached into my soul
Out came my hand
Filled with dust
Sparkly and grainy
I dropped it
Onto the pages
Before you

This book is a collection of poems about love, loss, heartbreak, growth, family, observations, and opinions.

My Holy Mountain: Poetry and Fiction

by Cody Marsh

A mini chapbook from southern writer, Cody Marsh. This volume is 11 pages and includes previously unpublished poems and two pieces of short fiction.

The last call to the Christians: Part 3

by Forester De Santos

The last call to the Christians, Part 3, is the last call or the last letter to the Christians as also to those who are not Christians and to those who have no faith, faith of God. The last call To the Christians, Part 3, are small thoughts inspired through verses, short stores and short essays in true faith but in true faith through search and through drawing near and also being truly illuminated through the loving grace of God, because all of those who search, even though without faith in the beginning, will be allowed to draw near and thus be illuminated through the loving grace of God as loving Father, so that finally have faith, true faith of God, God the Creator and thus be saved alive in life as saviors beloved of God! Tags: Faith, faith of God, Christians, pagans, God, Creator, Son, Beloved, reborn, renamed, nearness, to draw near, illuminated, life renewed, savior beloved of God, drawing near, Moses and Aaron

��सान� म�हब्बत ��: �ु� ��त�� म�� �िस्स�, �ु� �िस्स� म�� ��त (Hindi Edition)

by Khushank Raj Mahawan

This book contain 21 Hindi love poetries written in Hindi language. Each and every poem is different from one another yet very much similar and people reading them will find them too relatable with their own life and love.
It is said Love is the most beautiful thing in the world as it is nostalgic, melancholic, happiness, sorrow and everything, and the book has all these feelings on each and every page that will surely make readers feel special.

स�र रिश्त�� �ा (Hindi Edition)

by प्रहलाद नारायण माथुर

“सफर रिश्तà¥?à¤? à¤?ा” à¤?à¥? लà¥?à¤?à¤? नà¥? विभिन्न à¤?विताà¤?à¤? à¤?à¥? माध्य्म सà¥? à¤?à¤? à¤?à¥? भारतà¥?य समाà¤? मà¥?à¤? माता पिता à¤?र बà¤?्à¤?à¥?à¤? à¤?à¥? बà¥?à¤? रिश्तà¥?à¤? मà¥?à¤? à¤? रहà¥? à¤?िरावà¤? à¤?ा बहुत हà¥? ममस्पर्शà¥? à¤?र दिल à¤?à¥? लà¥?नà¥? वाला à¤?ित्रण à¤?िया हà¥?à¤?। “à¤?à¤?सानियत शर्मसार हà¥? à¤?यà¥?” मà¥?à¤? बà¥?ढ़à¥? माँ बाप à¤?à¥? व्यथा à¤?ा भावुà¤? वर्णन à¤?िया हà¥?à¤?। “मà¥?त्यु बà¥?ध” एà¤? बहुत हà¥? भावुà¤? à¤?विता हà¥?à¤? à¤?िसमà¥?à¤? मà¥?त्यु हà¥?नà¥? à¤?à¥? बाद सारà¥? रिश्तà¥?दारà¥?à¤? à¤?ा à¤?पà¤?à¥? प्रति à¤?ितना लà¤?ाव हà¥?à¤? बहुत हà¥? दिल à¤?à¥? लà¥?नà¥? वाला वर्णन à¤?िया हà¥?à¤?। à¤?सà¤?à¥? à¤?लावा à¤?à¤? à¤?à¥? सामाà¤?िà¤? परिवà¥?श पर बहुत सà¤?à¥?à¤? à¤?विताऐà¤? हà¥?à¤?। पुस्तà¤? सभà¥? à¤?यु वर्à¤? à¤?à¥? लà¥?à¤?à¥?à¤? à¤?à¥? à¤?वश्य हà¥? पढ़नà¥? à¤?हियà¥?। यह बà¤?्à¤?à¥?à¤? à¤?à¥? à¤?à¤?à¤?à¥? à¤?à¥?लनà¥? मà¥?à¤? सहायà¤? हà¥?à¤?à¥?। यह पुस्तà¤? सामाà¤?िà¤? मà¥?ल्यà¥?à¤?, माँ बाप à¤?र बà¤?्à¤?à¥?à¤? à¤?à¥? बà¥?à¤? पुनà¤?à¤?त्मà¥?य रिश्तà¥? स्थापित à¤?रनà¥? मà¥?à¤? महत्वपà¥?र्ण भà¥?मिà¤?ा à¤?दा à¤?र सà¤?तà¥? हà¥?à¤?।

Lame Laments: poetry from the mind of a college student

by Mark Duncil

The fifth and final book of free form poetry written while the author was attending Grove City College in Grove City, Pa.from 1971 to 1975. An history major in college ,the influences of that ,plus current events of the time show up as the basis of many of the works. Once again, although the poetry is thirty five years old, the themes and feelings are all current to today. Some relate to today.s headlines and top current events as if written today.

Unlock Your Mind. A Poetic Journey.

by John A.D. Hickling

Be ready to open up and unlock your mind, and be taken on a poetic journey. Enter the world in which John A.D Hickling sees it, Poems of fun, fantasy, and real life, there is something for every one.
Unlock your mind. A poetic journey, asks you to do exactly that as you are taken on a poetic mind trip, and through a whole range of emotions.

The Raw Stillness of Heaven

by Tim Bete


“Beautiful and very accomplished. There’s a spareness about the language and a quietness which makes these poems excellent vehicles for reflection and prayer. We need God’s stillness in the world. These poems really contain His silence.”
â?? Sally Read, poet and author of Night’s Bright Darkness

“In this collection of beautiful and soul stirring poems by the new poet, Tim Bete, the readerâ??or perhaps more appropriately, the contemplative listenerâ??will discover a means of transport into the center of the human encounter with God. Drawing on everything from the earliest and sometimes painful childhood memories, as in ‘Hangar Shirts’, to the inevitable lifetime journey of the prodigal’s return in ‘The Longest Road,’ Bete’s poems have the impact of encouraging the reader to both enter in, and later be drawn back out from our often all too raw human experience. Along the way, and as part of this spiritual exercise of entering in and going forth, Bete uses the powerful imagery of night, nature, snow and silence to paint this picture of encounter, as when in the ‘Silent Winter Prayer’ he writes, “At that moment, You pierced my heart, fracturing the tabernacle of the woods.”

These poems are a powerful and quite enjoyable read in and of themselves, but perhaps the most compelling aspect of this collection is its ability to help us, in a prayerful way, identify and wrestle with our own fragile faith in the midst of a quite unpredictable existence. This is well demonstrated in the poem, “Invocation for a Dying Man.” Here Bete invites us to experience the apparent futility of the act of prayer in the midst of pain, “God took the man and we sobbed because God hadn’t listened.” But then he offers his readers, in the later poem, ‘Love’s Call,’ the hopeful note of victory, transition, encounter and even the vision of an eternal embrace, “Yet death He nimbly smashed, like a fragile earthen vase and called out to His souls, come through this death to Me.”

For those who appreciate good poetry, this will be a very enjoyable read. But even more so, for those who seek in poetry an encounter between the interior and the eternal, this collection will serve as fair passage to that rendezvous.”
â?? Mark Danis, OCDS, co-host of the Carmelite Conversations radio program

Through poems about prayer, conversion and faith, Tim Bete shares his search for God–a search that is common to each of us. Somewhere in the intersection of holy silence and the struggles of daily life, God appears: in a winter evening walk, in the smell of incense at church, in a blue patio chair, in the Sacrament of Confession. More than a collection of poems, this book is a prayer journal–a glimpse into the faith journey of the poet.

To read samples of the poetry from the book, visit

Poetics of insomnia

by Amber Noel Wilbur

A short collection of poetry, or as I also call them, spontaneous prose. Each piece focuses on the beauties of life, death, and rebirth. I hope that the reader can enjoy each piece as a meditation.
I dedicate this book to the love of my life, Dale, and my Grandma Bobbi Jo.

Black Nails and Dead Flowers: A Love Trauma Poetry Collection

by Mica Burnett

From the tumultuous teen years to finding footing after a reeling divorce, penning this collection of love trauma poetry was a cathartic outlet for the author. From learned behaviors and hurtful experiences, often comes the cycle of unhealthy relationships. Poured into rhyme and prose for reflection and dissection, these poems showcase the trauma of elusive love.

Come Sit with Me by the River: poetry

by Avril Meallem

Come Sit with Me by the River is a poetry collection about the joy of nature, a yearning for peace and harmony in this embattled world, the yearnings of the soul to touch the divine, the painful struggle to transcend one’s inner darkness and the utter joy of moments of clarity,
all of which triggers a response of awareness in the reader,
Unlike modern poems gyrating through mist and an endless journey leading to a never ending quest for an unknown destination, this collection steers clear through every lane. Hers is a questioning voice and she is honest to share with us her fears and disappointments. Some of the poems portray the poet’s lighter, fun-loving side lending contrast to the more serious ones. The inclusion of her “shadow side” gives this volume a feeling of authenticity and depth and her travel experiences contribute an original perspective and are some of the most powerful in the book.
This is an age-appropriate collection of poems, organically reconnecting one with things we might have taken for granted for quite some time. Images and words are clear and understandable, the subjects relatable.

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