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The Skipton Haunting: Tale Of The Red Ribbon Witch

by Andrew John Bell

Based on true events. In 2016, when John Davidson and his family moved into Skipton Road, they had no idea of what horrors awaited them. Through a series of vivid nightmares and events, the Davidsons came to learn of a malignant menace that still dwelled within their new home – a witch, and something else far-more ancient. ‘The Skipton Haunting’ is a tale of love, suffering and redemption. It is a story that haunts this family even to this day.

Set in the north east of England.

Radical Islam’s War Against Israel, Christianity and the West

by Richard Booker

This is the handbook about RADICAL ISLAM that you need.

In a simple, readable format, here is a book that answers all of your questions about radical Islam.

Through extensive documented research, quotes from radical Islamic leaders in the U.S. and abroad, and years of personal experience in the Middle East, author Dr. Richard Booker explains the beliefs and practices of Islam–and specificallly radical Islamists.

All Americans need to be aware of how radical Islamists plan to destroy Israel, subjugate Christianity, and turn the West (Europe and the United States) into Islamic countries.

Learn the truth about the hottest topic for today, including:

  • How radical Islamic leaders in the U.S. and abroad are planning to convert Americans to Islam.
  • Pre-Islamic worship in Arabia.
  • The God of the Koran and the God of the Bible.
  • Myths and facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • Bible prophecy fulfillment.

Christians and Jews must take action to preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage and way of life–start today by arming yourself with knowledge.

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us (Romans 8:37).

Congo Dawn

by Jeanette Windle

The smallest flame shines brightest against the darkest night.

If absolute power breeds absolute corruption, what happens when a multinational corporation with unlimited funds hires on a private military company with unbridled power, especially in a war-torn African nation where any governmental accountability is for sale at only too cheap a price?

While former Marine lieutenant Robin Duncan is no stranger to corruption or conspiracy, she has always been able to tell the good guys from the bad. At first, her current assignment is no different: working on behalf of an international corporation to insurgent killer. But as a ruthless global conspiracy begins to surface, run by powerful men who can’t afford to leave witnesses, Robin doesn’t know who to trust. Nor can she see any way to save the Ituri rainforest villagers she has sworn to protect. Why is God silent amid all the pain and injustice? And how do these people of faith continue to rejoice in their suffering?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: As a child of missionary parents, award-winning author and journalist JEANETTE WINDLE grew up in equatorial South America’s guerilla hot zones, has lived in six countries, and traveled in more than thirty. Her detailed research and writing is so realistic that it has prompted government agencies to question her to determine if she has received classified information. Such experiences have birthed more than twenty fiction and non-fiction titles, including award-winning novels Veiled Freedom, Freedom’s Stand, and political suspense bestseller CrossFire.

Jesus, Iconoclast: Master Practitioner-Preacher of Radical Compassion & Essential Humility

by Don Erickson

Jesus, Iconoclast: Master Practitioner-Preacher of Radical Compassion & Essential Humility examines the iconoclastic life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. From the “riches in the rags” story of the nativity to his compassion-moved sacrifice to save his disciples, this book reflects on Jesus as a social and religious outcast who in turn ministers first and foremost to fellow outcasts, knowing they heard him most clearly because he embodied them.

Jesus, Iconoclast shows that the humility embodied by the misfits, outcasts, and “the vulnerables” in society was for Jesus the benchmark for inclusion in God’s Kingdom. The book also looks at Jesus’ approach to religious pluralism, a reality he experienced in ancient Palestine under Roman rule. It was an approach that evidenced Jesus pointing to expressions of compassion rather than to mere faith. In addition, the book examines the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, offering a view that both asserts the centrality of the Passion but also bases it in context and avoids universalizing it away. The crucifixion itself is shown to be a portrait of embodied, representative compassion that is salvific in its reach. Inspired by the powerful teachings of liberation theology as well as a Buddhist-influenced approach to the gospels, Jesus, Iconoclast: Master Practitioner-Preacher of Radical Compassion & Essential Humility gives a fresh, poignant portrait of Jesus that defies Trump-America’s glossing over and ignoring of Jesus’ radically compassionate life and teaching.

The author Don Erickson is a pastor and poet with some 20 years of experience. He is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York and a student of Dr. James Cone, iconic originator of Liberation Theology. He is also a serious student of Buddhist philosophy, formally studying Korean Buddhism in South Korea and practicing as a Buddhist layperson under now-deceased Zen teacher Thich Giac Hai. His formative years were spent in the Evangelical tradition, capped by three years at an Evangelical Christian college in Southern Ohio. In the early 1990’s, he left the American Evangelical tradition, transferred to a public university, and began an academic study of Religion. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from North Carolina State University and a Master of Arts in Theology from Union. Above all, Rev. Don is a lifelong student and disciple of Jesus of Nazareth and is continually inspired and transformed by his teaching, his life, his death, and his life and death as a teaching.

The Picture of Happiness

by Dean Cadbalt

THE PICTURE OF HAPPINESS follows the life of David Walls, a man stuck in a life-long conflict between his Christian faith and his sexuality. On one of his usual trips to a gay bathhouse, he meets Jonas, a man half his age but facing many of the issues he is. As a rather ambiguous relationship develops between the two of them, David reflects on his life in an effort to save Jonas from the heartache and emptiness he has experienced – and to find for himself a life worth living. THE PICTURE OF HAPPINESS is not a romance; it is a novel of relationships. It seeks to put flesh on a gospel beyond religion, beyond doctrine to explore what it means to truly love one another. And yes, to be truly gay and truly Christian.

Multiculturalism: Dark Site

by Rob Morgan

About book:

The term multiculturalism first came into public discourse in 1965 in Canada, one of the first countries to provide policy support to the concept of a society actively tolerating the coexistence of various cultures within it. In 1971, the Canadian government enacted a policy supporting the social importance and necessity of migration of various groups into the country, consequently promoting tolerance of various cultures in Canadian society. This is the first formal recognition and promotion of the concept, including its associated beliefs, values, and ideas, by a government. Following Canada in this formal move is the government of Australia, which in the 1980s formally adopted policies supporting multiculturalism in addressing its issues on migrants.

The word â??multicultural’, however, has been around even before the Second World War, and many states and governments have long toyed and mulled over the value of it. Relatedly, it has long been the subject of scholarly discourse and many scholars (loosely called multiculturalism theorists) have written and debated about the merits of multiculturalism as a necessary pursuit of a government for its society.

One of the popular faces on such scholarly discussion of multiculturalism was Stuart Hall (1932-2014), a Briton scholar and one of the founders of British Cultural Studies school of thought in the United Kingdom. In the 1950’s, Hall and his colleagues were one of the first voices who actively popularized the word â??multicultural’. It happened when they argued that contrary to the then-popular theory that culture is a concept of polarity (that is, either one is good or bad, high or low, and thus society must select on which one deserves tolerance and pursuit), it is actually multicultural. This means that society’s culture is a product of several cultures blending into it. This argument of Hall and his colleagues was a breakthrough theory in the 1950s and received both keen interest and sharp criticism from other scholars and even policy-makers. In the succeeding periods, Hall would later gain recognition as the â??Father of Multiculturalism’.

Many other scholars have also shown support and argued for the merits of the â??multiculturalist theory’ started by Hall and his partners. In 2002, for example, the scholar C. James Trotman supported the value of multiculturalism as a policy endeavor, because it “uses several disciplines to highlight neglected aspects of our social history, particularly the histories of women and minoritiesâ?¦ By closing gaps, by raising consciousness about the past, multiculturalism tries to restore a sense of wholeness in a postmodern era that fragments human life and thought.”
Tariq Modood, a professor from the University of Bristol and one of the scholars focusing on the theory of multiculturalism, voiced a similar opinion with Trotman, argued that multiculturalism “is most timely and necessary, and […] we need more not less”.

Formally, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines multiculturalism as “a body of thought in political philosophy about the proper way to respond to cultural and religious diversity.” The term loosely encompasses the promotion and active accommodation of the rights, cultures, and traditions of various groups in society, particularly those falling into minority groups. In many nations actively promoting it, multiculturalism covers the rights of various minority groups such as gender minorities and African-Americans in the USA, Muslims in Europe–particularly those at the Western side and Indigenous populations in many countries down South.

Faithful Women: Legacies of Grace

by Belle Calhoune

Four Christian romance novellas inspired by legendary Biblical women.

Eve: Eve Douglass has worked hard to recover from opioid addiction. In doing so, she’s reinvented her life in Bay Shore, Cape Cod and held fast to her dream of one day opening her own bakery. When she meets handsome veterinarian, Flynn Samuels, Eve finds herself struggling with her attraction to him. Ever since the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend, Adam, Eve has steered clear of relationships. But Eve knows God wouldn’t want her to walk through life alone. As she and Flynn begin a relationship, Eve struggles with the knowledge that she still needs to make amends to those she’s wronged.

Hannah: Can God bring together what man has torn asunder?

Hannah and Kane Winthrop had it allâ??until the challenges of infertility drove a wedge between them and threatened their marriage.

Like her biblical namesake, Hannah is a woman of prayer, and she never stopped praying for a child.

Sometimes God answers our prayers in unexpected ways, and for Hannah that means a chance to be the guardian of two young children while their mother is deployed.

Will this opportunity give Hannah and Kane a chance to rebuild their marriage, or will it reinforce their differences and drive them apart forever?

Ruth: Ruth Baker has lost her husband. Unsure of what the future holds, she clings to her faith and her six-year-old daughter, Mara, when she travels to her grandmother’s beachside home in Pebble Shores.

Eli Hamill has felt the pull to put down roots. After years of buying and selling houses, he’s doing something he’s never done before – living temporarily in the beachside house he bought from an elderly widow. The last thing he’s looking for is an instant family.

Can an old house filled with loving memories and a sweet little girl show two lonely people what the future can hold?

Mari: A chance encounter in the aftermath of a storm takes Mari Armfield on a path of discovery that leads to a newfound faith in God. As her faith grows, she realizes that her life can’t stay the same. She has tough decisions to make, including the future of her relationship with her boyfriend Steve.
Steve doesn’t believe in God, but he’ll support Mari in her new walk. As her faith deepens, his concern grows. How can their relationship survive paths that aren’t compatible?
Mari is a fictional novella inspired by the biblical woman at the well.

Presence in the Manger: An Advent Journey with Luke

by Dwain Cassady

Luke, with his master ability at crafting a story, is responsible for much of the beauty and imagery we associate with Christmas. In this devotional book, we let Luke lead us as we discover God’s intricate preparation for the coming of Jesus into our world. Luke takes us by the hand and guides us through angel visits, surprise announcements and improbable births till we find ourselves standing face to face with Jesus, our Savior. As we huddle around the manger, we discover the Presence, God’s unconditional love that will never let us go and that will be our source of life!
The book contains a devotional for each day of the Advent Season and a discussion guide, making it an ideal resource for Sunday School Classes, Bible Studies, or small groups.

The Epistles of St. Peter and St. Jude: A Critical Commentary on the Foundation of Faith

by Martin Luther

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
The Epistles of St. Peter and St. Jude provide a critical and exegetical commentary on the foundation of faith by Martin Luther. On the great subject of justification by faith alone, Luther is here full and emphatic. The relation of faith to works is clearly and carefully defined, while the subjects presented in the text afford full opportunity for discussing the great questions that concern the relative duties of civil and social life.

THE LOST STORY OF JOSEPH: And the Astonishing Modern Dating of Moses and The Exodus.

by Fred Graham-Yooll

Learning the details of how and when he built his Canal that saved Egypt from starvation in the seven years of drought and then later used it for feeding water into the Faiyum’s Lake. Not satisfied, the same system was used to date the departure of the Hyksos, Moses and the Exodus. INcluded are a never before published collection of 17 Daguerotype photographs taken from the 1880 -81 period.

Spirituality Development: A 30-Day Step-by-Step Guide to Grow Your Spiritual Body and Live an Abundant Life

by Megan Dean

Spirituality Development is a book based on a unique 30-day spiritual journey that walks you through the process of getting to know yourself in an intimate and meaningful way.
Throughout this 30-day journey, you are going to be guided through the process of discovering more about yourself than you have ever known before, including more about the entirety of your higher consciousness and who you truly are.
This journey was designed to help you answer important questions like “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?”
Through answering these questions, you will be given the opportunity to discover more about yourself, feel a greater sense of confidence in yourself as a person and as a spiritual being, and connect with others who feel the same as you do. You will also be shown the path of abundance by learning how to practice mindfulness, how to show true gratitude for the blessings you receive, and how to manifest in a way that guarantees your results every single time.
The guidance you will receive in this book is offered in a way that supports you in coming to your own conclusions. As a result, you are able to discover what you believe to be true and what resonates with you. It is all about developing your spirituality in a way that feels right for you and that genuinely supports you in feeling confident and spiritually complete.
The 30-day Spirituality Development journey is broken down into four weeks of activities that will walk you through the following subjects: Your Self, Your Soul, Soul Growth, and Manifesting. Each day includes a practice for you to incorporate into your daily activities, some of which will become a part of your new daily spirituality practice. Then, you will also be given understanding and information as to why these practices are necessary, how they will help you, and what you are going to gain from each one.
By the time you are done reading Spirituality Development, you will feel more confident than you ever have before. You will end this book and journey equipped with a greater sense of self-awareness and self-understanding, confidence in who you are as a spiritual being, an understanding of how to keep yourself energetically balanced, and the ability to attract anything you desire into your life.

First Light: A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

by Bethanee Rajchman

Jemma Glick, a young Amish woman, leaves the community after the death of both her parents to reconnect with her past in the English world. She finds herself once more embroiled in the love of one Kingsley Turner, her college sweetheart and present NBA star for the Miami Heat. However in the decade, they’ve been separated, the life of a NBA star has taken its toll on the man Jemma used to know. Will she stick around when his demons come out to play?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Job: A Modern Perspective

by LaQuanda Washington

Jobias Arrington is a devout Christian, loving husband and father and owner of a multimillion dollar company.

Job has devoted his life to serving God since he was a child but in a matter of days, everything that he holds dear to him has been taken away in the blink of an eye but despite the calamity going on all around him, Job is determined to stand and lean on his faith like never before.

The Thanksgiving Mail Order Bride (Holiday Mail Order Brides Book 8)

by Kit Morgan

It’s time to return to the town of Independence for another hilarious romp!

Mercy, Martha and Maude are at it again! Not only has Martha Tindle sent away for a mail-order bride for her son Morgan without telling him, but her cantankerous sister Eunice is coming to town for a visit! The three matchmaking meddlers are beside themselves when things don’t go as planned, and poor Martha is not only stuck with a son who doesn’t want a bride, but a sister who has other ideas of whom he should marry. Then there’s the bride herself â?¦ one Daisy Evers, a woman with a secret she hopes to keep hidden, whether she marries or not!

THE BONDAGE OF THE WILL: Luther’s Reply to Erasmus’ On Free Will

by Martin Luther

This eBook edition of “The Bondage of the Will” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
On the Bondage of the Will was Martin Luther’s reply to Desiderius Erasmus’ work “On Free Will,” which had appeared in 1524 as Erasmus’ first public attack on Luther after Erasmus had been wary about the methods of Luther for many years. At issue was whether human beings, after the Fall of Man, are free to choose good or evil. Erasmus had asserted that all humans possessed free will and that the doctrine of predestination was not in accord with the teachings contained in the Bible. Luther’s response was to reason that sin incapacitates human beings from working out their own salvation, and that they are completely incapable of bringing themselves to God. The debate between Luther and Erasmus is one of the earliest of the Reformation over the issue of free will and predestination.

Just Take A Step: A Devotional Bible Study for the Busy and Overwhelmed

by Kathy Widenhouse

Busy? Overwhelmed? Just Take a Step.

On the surface, walking with God seems so simple: read the Bible, listen to God, talk to Him, and do what He says.

But it’s easy to get busy, distracted, and overwhelmed. You beat yourself up and then focus on what you don’t do.

Just Take A Step points out what you can do. Each of the eight chapters of this devotional Bible study walk you through Lydia’s story in Acts 16 like this:

– A Step into the Word: the scripture basis for the chapter
– A Step into Understanding: a short narrative that explains the kind of step Lydia took
– A Step of Truth: a summary of that step
– A Step Deeper: additional questions for Bible study and discussion
– A Step of Prayer: a prayer you can personalize
– My Next Step: a place to note the next step God prompts you to take

Lydia’s steps added up and led to a great movement of God. Your steps can, too.

You can use Just Take a Step individually or with a group. It’s a Bible study guide you’ll return to over and over to cut through distraction and overwhelm to just take a step to walk with God â?¦ and see how He moves in your life.

Modern Day Tithing: Doctrine of Devils

by Repen T. OrBurn

With seminaries teaching heresy, denominations accepting blasphemy, ministers preaching for currency and true Biblical Christians being accused of lunacy, there is no doubt that we are now in the great apostasy that the apostle Paul spoke of! Find out why so many denominations today require tithes from their members and proclaim that if one is not tithing to the church, they are disobeying God.

Find out what God’s word really says about tithing!

Find out:

â?? What Biblical tithing really is (Hint: It is not 10% of your income)

â?? To whom tithes should be paid (Hint: It is not your local church)

â?? When tithes should be paid (Hint: It is not every week)

â?? How tithes should be paid (Hint: It is not how you think)

â?? And much more!

This hard hitting book leaves no stone unturned in its search for Biblical truth. Modern Day Tithing: Doctrine of Devils, the book your denomination does not want you to read!

Everything You Need to Know About The Virgo Zodiac Sign – Astrology, Compatibility, Love, Traits And Personality (Everything You Need to Know About Zodiac Signs Book 12)

by Chloe Miller

Learn Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Virgo Zodiac Sign

Today only, get this #1 bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Discover everything you need to know about the Virgo zodiac sign in this informative astrology book that will reveal to you:

* Virgo personality traits and qualities.
* Virgo strengths and weaknesses.
* How a Virgo thinks and behaves in life, work, friendships, and in relationships with others.
* Interesting facts about Virgo’s with business, independence, and their temperament.
* How to attract a Virgo man or woman.
* How to date a Virgo and what their relationship tendencies are.
* What sex is like with a Virgo and how to please them.
* And much, much more!

If you are a Virgo, then this book is for you and will help you understand yourself on a much deeper level. It will reveal to you many fascinating insights about astrology and your zodiac sign so that you can live your life with more happiness and confidence.

This book will also give you a step by step guide on how to win over any Virgo and how to pleasure them. Whether you’ve been with a Virgo for many years or just started dating one, this book will guide you through their intense mind set.

I, Chloe Miller, truly believe in order to be with someone you need to understand all their needs and wants. I have studied astrology for many years and can promise you this book will not disappoint.

Download your copy today!

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The Superheroes Next Door (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 842)

by Andrea Boeshaar

Ciara thinks she’s fine without God or a man in her life. Ciara Rome doesn’t need God, and she doesn’t need a man. Her entire life is a proud testament to that declaration, and her master’s thesis is merely a culmination of what she has learned. So when she discovers her new neighbors include a single dad and his three rambunctious sons, she is delighted to have first-hand corroboration of her theory. Luke Weston is fascinated by his new neighbor. Ciara’s open admission that she intends to use his family in support of her wild theory is unsettling, but Luke decides to let his life speak for itselfâ??and he turns the issue over to God. But he finds himself increasingly drawn to this lovely young woman whose goals and beliefs are so opposed to his own. Only God would bring these two together, and only His love can break through walls that have taken years to build.



Fear? Not! (The Place of Passage Book 1)

by Mark E. Hundley

Imagine waking in the middle of the night in pitch black darkness and knowing you are in a place different than the one in which you went to sleep! Then imagine that as you are working to make sense of where you are, you become aware that you are NOT alone– that someone or someTHING is in that dark space with you! Finally, imagine that you are unable to move . . . Would you be the slightest bit fearful? This is the predicament in which Jeannie finds herself – frozen by fear; bound by invisible tethers; trapped in a dark place.

This is the plight in which Jeannie finds herself in a short story titled, Fear? NOT!–the first in a series of short stories set in a realm that constantly changes yet remains the same. In this first story you will meet Jeannie, a contemporary woman with an indomitable spirit who is plagued by fear. In the course of a normal day, she makes a “request” that thrusts her into a place she will visit many times in her life–a place you too may have visited or are about to.

Jeannie finds herself in the Place of Passage – a place between places; an alien yet familiar world. Who is with her? What will she discover? How will she leave? This is a place in which we have all found ourselves and a place that holds great promise . . . if we take the time necessary to explore.

Sins of a Father

by LaQuanda Washington

James “Jay” Thomas is a career criminal who has spent most of his adult life behind bars. Released from prison after serving a 7-year term, he is determined to turn his life around and make some positive changes to himself and those he loves.

Returning to his old neighborhood, Jay hooks up with old friends and family, but rebuilding a life that has been littered with prison sentences is no easy feat.

His greatest challenge is to reestablish his relationship with Sydney, the daughter he abandoned almost 20 years ago and who now rejects his attempts at a reconciliation and understandably wants nothing to do with him.

While Jay agonizes over his past choices and the way he treated his daughter, Sydney remembers the pain he caused her before and is determined that she will not allow him to hurt her again.

Can Jay find a way to prove to Sydney that he has changed and is no longer the man he was? Or is the damage too great to make their relationship work? It promises to be a painful and emotional struggle to heal old wounds and for Jay it could well be his last chance.

The Second Choice: (The Moore Family Series – Book 1 Novella)

by Alex X. Bradbury

Jared has lost his wife of almost 30 years. What his wife leaves behind is a husband who’s lost and grieving, along with his family. As time goes on, Jared must cope with the fact that his life is ahead of him. Will he continue to live in the past or move forward again? If Jared moves forward, Jared must confront his past.

Amy is Jared’s past. When they broke up at nineteen, Amy’s life spun out-of-control and hasn’t been the same since. Stuck in a dead-end job, Amy becomes a survivor, but she is just living day-by-day. Is this what life is like? Amy’s made some bad choices in the past, but her past catches up with her in Lane 20 of the checkout at her work. That is where she is reunited with Jared. Can they find each other again? Amy’s insecurities caused her breakup before and when they return will they cause another heartbreak?
Jared and Amy’s story of loss, and of faith begins the Moore Family Series.

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