Free war Kindle books for 09 Nov 18

The Cold Warrior: When Flying Was Dangerous and Sex Was Safe

by James A. Autry

Experience this fascinating story of a young fighter pilot’s welcome into the cold
war world of 1950s Europe where he confronts not only the dangers of
supersonic flying but also a world of wild parties, uninhibited sex and, of
course, love. At the same time, his beautiful wife encounters new sexual
possibilities courtesy of French men, a middle eastern prince, and, of
course, fighter pilots.
Author James Autry brilliantly describes all the harrowing adventures
and frolicking escapades of these hell-bent men and women, making the
best of living in a strange country, often flying untested equipment, and
surviving on skill and instinct. The pace of the story constantly breaks
the sound barrier, and it will play on all your emotions. Strap into your
harness and enjoy the ride!

Corazones de Papel (Muerte Súbita nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

by Deivy Garrido

Scott es el hijo mayor del famoso y reconocido productor de cine Adán Crow Curtis, aunque es el consentido de
su padre. Scott se debate entre seguir los pasos de su padre como productor de cine en California o seguir su propio sueño
de ser un Agente del FBI.
Temperamental como su padre y racional como su madre. Al igual que todos los Crow,. Scott utiliza el dinero de su familia para impresionar a las chicas con las que sale, junto a su primo Casper.

El sueño de Scott se hará realidad, pero todo se saldrá de control.


by Paul C. Steffy

In 1968 eighteen-year-old Brad Thomas is required to fight for his country in Vietnam for one yearâ??twelve harrowing months that will mentally and emotionally cripple him for years to come. After completing his tour of duty, he goes on to successfully pursue and retire from two careers, all while wrecking his personal life.

As his losses pile up, from drinking-related health issues to four regretful divorces, Brad’s struggle to overcome his recurring battlefield nightmares seems to have reached a dead endâ??until one night, with the assistance of an entire bottle of wine, Brad confronts his suitcase filled with memorabilia from the war. Amid the horrific memories that come flooding back, he recalls the unexpected gift an old woman gave him and his broken promise to share it with his country.

In an effort to honor the woman and overcome his PTSD once and for all, Brad returns to Vietnam in search of the village where he last saw her. But what he finds is beyond anything he could’ve imagined.

An unforgettable work of military fiction, The Good Soldier tells a story of hope arising from the horrors of war.

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