Free fantasy Kindle books for 10 Nov 18

The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives (Superhero Wives World)

by Joynell Schultz

Nobody said being married was easy, but try being married to a superhero. Not only is there laundry, cooking, and a career to balance, but throw in a few supervillains and your day’s booked.

Ariana, Victoria, and Emma’s men spend more time saving the world than doing dishes. These wives want some semblance of a normal married life, but would settle for an uninterrupted meal together. Besides, how can they compete with saving the world?

When a catastrophic earthquake devastates Shadow Town and crime spirals out of control, it appears the city needs all the help they can get to clean it up. Everyone expected the resident superheroes to save the day, but nobody expected the wives’ help tooâ?¦

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What Amazon reviewers are saying:

  • “This book was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! … If I hadn’t read this, I feel like I would have missed out on such a good book.”
  • “This book has it all, humor, love, action and men in capes! Loved the book, want to read more about the heroes and their wives!”
  • “I give this book 5/5 stars. There was so much information, so much emotion, so many DETAILS! I devoured all of it up; thus, giving me the reason on why I read it all in one sitting.”
  • “I really loved this book. I am a science fiction/fantasy fan and this fed my addiction. It’s part comic book (sans pictures), part fantasy and part cozy mystery. And I enjoyed it immensely.”

The Edge of Deceit: Legend of the Assassin’s Apprentice

by Markham Alastair

In this short story, its the first of the Assassin’s Apprentice series. Tripit Lirik was a prisoner forced to die but death didn’t want him. At least not yet. He finds out about the Assassin’s Guild and witnesses the guild’s power first hand and vows to join. Whatever it takes.

The Hawk in Winter (Rise of the Hawk Book 1)

by Bekah Clark

Maevan, Korla, and Renna, three devoted sisters, have been trained all their lives how to defend themselves, hunt, and strengthen their minds by their mother, Queen Xenya. What they didn’t prepare for was separation.

Many years ago, Queen Xenya of the First House was forced to flee her throne to the icy land of Cardea. Now the rogue queen, Shaezen, has demanded Xenya’s eldest daughter, Maevan, return to the ruling city of Traven. Alone.

Mae loves her home and family but understands the necessity of her placement within the palace of their enemies. Her mother has been preparing Mae and her sisters for the return of the First House to power their entire lives. Something no one could prepare Mae for is the sheer evil of Queen Shaezen and her many devious plans. Mae must find a way to survive her time in the palace while dealing with an evil queen, romance, betrayals, religious fanatics, and court life.

This is the first of a four-book series. All four books are currently available.

Tapestry: Strands of Yellow and Blue

by Cady Elizabeth Arnold

A huntsman with the scars of a warrior stumbles across a young girl in the forest.

Mute and dressed in tatters, she cannot recall any memories from her past.

Come enter the kingdom of Blinth, where Tristam’s and Grace’s stories are interwoven as together they explore a time of yellow and blue.

The huntsman, Tristam, names the mute girl Grace. As they grow closer, both begin to heal in ways neither thought possible. Together, they try to put the fragments of Grace’s memory back in place, prompting Tristam to wonder if the barbaric rumors about the country to the north might possibly be true. Grace starts her new life at the castle as a foreigner amidst gossip about her unknown past. Meanwhile, Tristam is secretly trying to both stop a rebellion against the king and avoid war with a neighboring country.

Can Tristam and Grace must each navigate the social nuances and intrigues of palace life?

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