Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 10 Nov 18

Broke and Lonely

by King Benjamin

*****Standalone Novel*****

Twenty-six-year-old Kymani can’t seem to catch a break lately. Over the past few years, his life has gone from unlimited potential to feeling stuck and uncertain about the future. His dead-end job offers no comfort or hope of change and his love life is nonexistent, making everything twice as hard to cope with. One day a chance meeting sets Kymani on a new path and breathes newfound motivation into his life that could turn things around once and for all.
Twenty-four-year-old Chareese has been living check to check, barely surviving since she has to settle for a low-paying job. All the trials and tribulations that come from being broke are compounded by the fact that she doesn’t have someone to share her life with. Being young and beautiful isn’t doing her any justice at all, that is, until she decides to make her love life a top priority. They say you can’t help who you love and when Chareese and Kymani meet, they’re both able to look past each other’s struggles and into one another’s heart.
But monetary strain doesn’t just magically go away because you find a love connection and when Chareese meets Landslide, a neighborhood hustler, he seems to be the answer to all of her financial woes. When love won’t pay the bills, what’s a girl to do? Can Kymani step up to the plate and be everything she needs? Will Chareese stay down through the tough times or will Landslide sweep Chareese off of her feet and leave Kymani forever broke and lonely?

just one look (Breakdown)

by Peggy Webb


Julia Ford is a topnotch investigative reporter, committed to keeping her readers safe by reporting every detail of the latest crime in Chicago World. But when a tip leads her into an unspeakable horror, her life changes in ways she’d never have imagined. Can she leave her past behind and make a fresh start in the perfect town? Or will the past follow her, even to paradise?

BREAKDOWN is fast paced, thrilling 4-book suspense series that will keep you turning pages until the end. Advance reviews describe BREAKDOWN as “unique,” “brilliant” and “the best series of the year.” You’ll want all 4 books, which are best read in order – the dead girl by Debra Webb, so many secrets by Vicki Hinze, all the lies by Peggy Webb and what she knew by Regan Black. Also, don’t miss the BREAKDOWN prequel short reads – no looking back, Debra Webb, her deepest fear, Vicki Hinze, just one look, Peggy Webb and trust no one, Regan Black.

Guarding Savage Sample: A Peter Savage Novel

by Dave Edlund

Followingthe brutal abduction of a friend, Peter is drawn into a sinister scheme, fueledby century-old animosity, which threatens peace in the Pacific.
In the East China Sea, Japanese and American warships onscheduled training exercises are attacked without warning and sunk by ahypersonic weapon for which there seems to be no defense. The U.S. Governmentreceives an anonymous message: withdraw all military forces from Southeast Asiaor suffer total destruction of the Seventh Fleet.
Meanwhile, a young woman named Jade is viciously attacked inBend, Oregon. She narrowly escapes harm when Peter steps in to protect her fromthe would-be kidnappers. But the threat persists when others are sent tocomplete the job.
Determined to find Jade, the trail of cluesleads Peter to Brunei. There he unearths dangerous secrets that send him on aperilous race to outwit a mysterious foe determined to usher in a new worldorder.  

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