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A Simple Guide to the Mac – OS X Lion Edition

by Samuel Harris

The Mac is a powerful system, but as with all computers it’s initial complexity can be daunting. However, the Mac is actually a very friendly and easy to use computer, and this book is your guided tour…

A Simple Guide to the Mac is designed to be as simple as possible to follow, but also enjoyable to read. It aims to give you the information you’ll want to know, but without bothering you with the stuff you don’t need. Tired of books that are as thick as a house brick, tell you five ways of doing the same thing, and leave you more confused than you were to start off with? A Simple Guide to the Mac shows you the best way to use the most important features, leaving out the hundreds of pages of confusion that some other books offer. It aims not to be dumbed down, but easy to understand and friendly, just like the Mac itself.

Fully up to date for OS X 10.7 Lion, you’ll find yourself quickly getting more from your computer than ever before!

Discover the great features in OS X Lion, and learn how to:
– Manage Apps with the Dock & Launchpad (New in Lion)
– Keep your workspace tidy with Mission Control (New in Lion)
– Get information quickly with Dashboard (Improved in Lion)
– Get organised with iCal
– Find where you put your files with Spotlight (Improved in Lion)
– Take control of your work, with Versions (New in Lion)
– Backup your Mac, with Time Machine
– Set up your Mac just how you want it, with System Preferences
– Discover new apps in the Mac App Store
– Stay up-to-date with Software Update
– Become more productive with Multi-Touch gestures (Improved in Lion)
– Preview files without opening them with Quick Look
And much much more!

(Not sure if your Mac is running Lion? Click on the Apple logo in the top left hand corner of your Mac’s screen, and click â??About this Mac’. In the window that opens you should see an Apple logo, somewhere beneath which is the version number of OS X. If the version number is (or starts with) 10.7, you are running Lion, and this book is for you.)

If your OS X version is (or starts with) 10.8, please search for my new book ‘A Simple Guide to the Mac – Mountain Lion Edition’.

Gocce di giovanile saggezza: Un viaggio alla scoperta dell’Europa che fa crescere i giovani, con Erasmus plus (Italian Edition)

by Carmen Olanda

Quando mi hanno chiesto di realizzare questo Instant book il primo interrogativo che mi sono posta era come dare spazio alle tante voci dei protagonisti di questa bell’avventura europea. Da dove partire lo sapevo, avevo i quasi 100 diari dello stage Erasmus+ che i ragazzi hanno redatto per documentare la loro esperienza, ma anche per riflettere sul senso di questo percorso, che per i più è stato un’esperienza di vita e non solo di formazione. Più arduo era dare unitarietà alle tante voci e testimonianze emerse, perché avessero al tempo stesso il valore di un bilancio da trarre e di uno stimolo per il futuro.
Non mancano in questo libro le testimonianze degli adulti ed una panoramica sui tirocini svolti.

Books for Kids: ABC eBook for Kids: Interactive Learning for Preschool & Kindergarten Kids (eBooks for Kids, Books for Kids, Alphabet Books for Kids, & ABC Books for Kids. 5)

by Becci Lakeman

Books for Kids: ABC eBook for Kids: Interactive Learning for Preschool & Kindergarten Kids

Early learning is important. The best early learning tactic is ABC 123. It is crucial for preschool and kindergarten kids. This book includes pictures to help visual learners. One cool feature is that this book can help you figure out what type of learner your child is. Check out the audio and paper versions. SPECIAL DEAL: Get the kindle version for free if you purchase the paperback version.

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