Free religious fiction Kindle books for 10 Nov 18

The Serpent Kings (Free Introduction) (Serpent Kings Saga Book 1)

by James Somers

SERPENT KINGS SAGA (OMNIBUS) includes Book 1,2,&3 in one complete edition

SERPENT KINGS: Specially trained as a wraith dancer assassin, Gwen prepares for a life dispensing justice in the name of her dragon gods when she successfully repels an attack by the Resistance upon Belial’s temple. Suddenly catapulted to a position of status, Gwen is chosen to assassinate Ezekiah, the prophet of the Resistance. But when she’s captured, Gwen is shown the dark side of the dragons and their utopian society and the unsuspected kindness of the man she was meant to kill. She desires to remain faithful to the Serpent Kings, but her doubts are growing, and her time with Ezekiah has awakened feelings within her she never thought to have.
Once peaceful Animals are growing fierce, and zombie-like Death Walkers are attacking entire towns as prophecies long held as mere myth come to fulfillment. In Gwen’s absence, a great miracle makes this wraith dancer a costly liability to the dragons, and she cannot be allowed to live any longer.

*WRAITH DANCER (Serpent Kings Book Two) also AVAILABLE*

Praise for Fallen (Descendants Saga)

Amazon Customers: “Admittedly, I am not a big reader but I wanted to start. I picked this book up and could not put it down! The story sucked me in and at the end of the book I was left wanting to know what happens next. I can’t wait for the second book in the series to come out!”

“From the start, James Somers made it hard to put the book down, with twists and turns to leave you spinning. It was a great read and I look forward to the next installment.”

Praise for “The Realm Shift Trilogy”

“The Realm Shift’s intrigue is second only to its action!” — Wayne Thomas Batson, author, The Berinfell Prophecies and The Door Within Trilogy.

“The Realm Shift doesn’t just draw you in, it sucks you in! The story is full of mystery, adventure, danger and inspiration. I highly recommend it!” — Brian Tubbs, Pastor, Sligo Baptist Church.

“The Realm Shift is written in a grand mythic type of storytelling reminiscent of Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring Trilogy. It grabs the reader from the get-go and takes you on an intense ride through its thrilling, unstoppable trajectory!” — Rai Aren, author, The Secret Sands.

“The Realm Shift is spiritual warfare as you’ve never read it before. An awesome book!” — Betty Dravis, author, Toonies Invade Silicon Valley and 1106 Grand Boulevard.

“James Somers is one of my favorite authors. His pacing, creativity and the unique spiritual perspective he brings to his stories never disappoints.” – Jeremy Robinson, author of PULSE and INSTINCT.


“This was a fun read! Enjoyed it from the beginning and it kept me turning the page to see what happens next. Before I knew it, I was at the end and saying..oh wow, that was good!” — E.DIAZ (TX,USA) AMAZON CUSTOMER

“A modern day Jekyll & Hyde taken to the extreme! This novel has a very interesting premise and hooked me at the beginning. The action and suspense was non-stop and kept me turning the pages in anticipation throughout the novel.” — G.POWELL (NJ) AMAZON CUSTOMER

Unrefined: A Hungry Hollow Tale (Free eBook Sampler)

by Sharon Balts

“The way you’re yanking on that bolt, you’ll break it off and then we’ll have an awful time getting this radiator off.”

John regarded the grease-blackened wrench that lay in the grip of his strong hand and cast a tentative smile at Lloyd. “I guess I am taking my frustrations out on your tractor. I’m supposed to be fixing it, not making it worse.”

“That’s right. I can bust â??em up just fine without anybody’s help,” Lloyd said with a laugh. “Did I tell you how I managed to wreck this thing?”

John Connor had already heard the story and he wasn’t in the mood for Lloyd’s chatter. There was hidden hurt wrenching at John’s soul, continually leading his mind away from the task at hand.

Laugh and cry with the Unrefined Connor familyâ??slaves to the farm and mechanic work that is their means of survival, chained by guilt and fear, trapped by despair and worry. Unrefined is the tale of a three-generation family pummeled by tragedy beyond the common hardships of the Great Depression. Some will come to see their difficulties as a refining process. None will survive unscathedâ??if they survive at all. Who among them will rise above the hopelessness? Can a little spark of faith and some bold determination make a difference to all of them?

About the Author
Sharon Balts and her husband Doug are Wisconsin farmers. They are frequent travelers whose vacations often include a farm show or tractor club convention. They are members of the Hungry Hollow Steam & Gas Engine Club where Doug is an exhibitor.
Unrefined is Sharon’s fourth novel and is the first historical tale set in the Great Depression era. Her other books include: Black Mesa, a contemporary Western, The Protector, the seventeenth- century story of a swordfighter and the daughter of a Christian martyr, and The Killing of Luther Dunn, a tale of opposition to a coming railroad in an 1899 Wisconsin village.

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