Free science fiction Kindle books for 10 Nov 18

Skyway: Clairvoyance

by J.D. Cavalida

Staying alive isn’t always the best option.

This is doubly true for Jess Starfall. When his homeworld, Nera, was invaded by the Human menace, the Nerian government decreed a diaspora for its native peoples in order to survive. Unfortunately, Jess didn’t make it off Nera with the rest of his people. Five years later, the planet is nothing more than a landfill for the Humans, a world of trash where he was left to question whether enduring any longer was worth it.

Or at least he did until one fateful day when scavenging through the refuse, he encountered an object that would transform his life forever. Could he reclaim his home planet? Could he redeem his race?

Skyway: Claivoyance is the first installment of the Skyway Series.

Follow the journey of an alien survivor who seeks vengeance upon the Human race. Upon stumbling across an artifact that holds the strength to possibly topple over the oppressive reign, our hero starts on a peculiar journey towards distant redemption.

This science fiction novel from J.D. Cavalida is a fresh new take in the ranks of space fiction novels such as Space Pirate, Robotech, and Earth Unknown

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