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A Wicked Game of Trust – Who Can You Trust?

by Amy K. Jones

A cunning man with a vivid imagination and the money to bring reality to other people’s fantasies, Theodore Duncan finds himself in a position to gain an unlikely ally in his efforts to locate a woman presumed dead for over a year, or discover who has taken her place. The woman he seeks, Anna Peteskow, is the one remaining of three power figures in the underworld of the world, enjoying the freedom to influence governments around the globe and eliminate those who oppose her without ever hitting a headline, if you don’t count her understated obituary in an Ohio newspaper.

The ally he discovers has all the power the rest of his people lack; she is Anna’s youngest daughter. If Duncan can discover Anna Peteskow alive, Jennifer Peteskow can attest to Anna’s absence from her family home at critical moments of world events, and if she will do that, others can attest to where Anna really was and with whom. But can Duncan trust this young woman who may be taking over Anna’s operations, could be issuing orders to her operatives as artfully and secretly as her mother once did? Does Jenny, Anna Peteskow’s youngest daughter, know what sinister things her mother has done while maintaining the unflappable appearance of a doting homemaker? Is Jenny Duncan’s enemy, or a hapless fool caught up in a vengeful plot devised by her mother to get to him?

In A WICKED GAME of TRUST (a 4-book series), you’ll be taken into the underworld of the super powers with Jenny Peteskow. You’ll meet people who control the happenings you see on the news from around the globe, and catch a glimpse of where leaders and operatives go when they wish to, or need to, hide from each other. You’ll discover how a commercial jet liner can crash yet remain completely intact, everyone surviving except the two people a man wants captured and delivered to him. You’ll learn what it feels like to fight, yet lose your freedom and completely disappear.

Christmas Surprise (His Forever Serial PREQUEL): A Second Chance Billionaire Christmas Romance

by Lena Bourne

BONUS CONTENT: As a special gift, this book now contains the first part of the steamy and suspenseful alpha billionaire romance serial HIS FOREVER, which is the continuation of the story started in this Holiday second chance romance. Enjoy!

A short but sizzling Christmas Romance

At twenty-six, Nicole finally has the career she always dreamed of, but even though she’s surrounded by alpha males all day long, working as a tough financial journalist, the right man just isn’t coming along. Or maybe she already met him long ago, but he slipped through her fingers. It’s Christmas, and Nicole is visiting her family for a well-deserved vacation. But when Mark, her long lost love, appears it seems the holidays won’t be as calm as she’d like. Especially since Mark grew up into a very desirable hunk. Can Nicole let go of past hurts to give love a chance?

Intended for 18+ audiences.

Wrong One – (The Davenport Mysteries)



When Kiara invited Jake to a family wedding, he had not thought that it will be different from any other wedding. However, he started sensing something wrong with everyone in the wedding party.

Is Jake going to find out anything or is it a mere hunch? Or Kiara’s fear of Jake creating a trouble in the marriage will come true?

The Holland Family Saga Part One: They Don’t Mind Dying

by Clever Black

They Don’t Mind Dyingâ?¦Those who reside there already know the saying. To everyone elseâ??welcome to New Orleansâ??to be more specificâ??welcome to the Ninth Ward. They Don’t Mind Dying is an intense psychological thriller that chronicles in explicit detail, the inner workings of an inner city drug organization from its violent rise to power on through to its ultimate demise.
Forced out of his home and onto the streets by his aunt at the age of fifteen, Ben Holland meets two youths, Manny and Oscar, who would change his life forever when they introduce him to a life of crime. They Don’t Mind Dying tells the story of Ben Holland and how he and his friends rose to the top of the drug game and the violent lifestyle the gang’s members had become accustomed to. When events within the organization begin to unravel the gang’s solidarity, however, no amount of money in their possession, nor the police on the crew’s payroll, could stop the wheels of retribution from rolling in their direction. Ben Holland and his crew fight to remain atop the city’s drug trade, but the price of success is starting to exceed the effort; retirement is looking more and more appealing. Can Ben Holland and his crew stay alive long enough to exit the game? Or will fate have a say so in matters?
They Don’t Mind Dying is the first installment in The Holland Family Saga, a saga that will chronicle the Holland Family’s history along with the people who would shape their lives over many years. Starting with They Don’t Mind Dying, the creed in which Ben Holland and his cohorts live by throughout their violent reign, and traversing forward, the saga will reveal over time, the Holland Family’s struggles, injustices and inner demons as their lives come full circle and many secrets are revealed. The Holland Family Saga is more than fictionâ?¦It is real life in print.

Matt Vol I: (A Matt Godfrey Short Story Thriller Series)

by Ahmad Ardalan

“Matt Vol I” is the beginning of a short novella thriller series. It is free now!

“They murdered my wife two years ago…
Tonight, you die.
I am Matt, your nightmare!”

On a quiet night like any other, Matt, a successful entrepreneur, returns home to his gorgeous villa, only to find his wife brutally murdered. A soft verdict against the culprits, a gang of violent teenagers, spins Matt’s relatively calm and collected demeanor into something far more sinister. In a manic rage, he seeks vengeance for what has been stolen from him, and he lashes out against the weak system. Sleepless, lonely, tormented nights torture him, filling his head and his heart with frustration, hate, and anger, unleashing an entirely different side of the man–a monster even he did not know existed within him. From Berlin to Rome to Paris, the great cities of the world suffer in the wake of his wrath, as brutal, barbaric killings seem to be the only temporary antidote for his fuming, blood-boiling rage. His victims, so easily deprived of life, seem to be the only cure, the only way to soothe his yearning for revenge, or are they?

ARTHUR B. REEVE : THE COLLECTION (Prometheus Classics)


This Work contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.
Contains:Crime & Mystery Collection, Including Detective Craig Kennedy Novels, The Silent Bullet, The Poisoned Pen, The War Terror, The Social Gangster, Constance Dunlap, The Master Mystery, The Conspiratorsâ?¦

Claire: A Short Story

by R.A. Ritter

Claire is a widow. She isn’t coping with the loss of her husband very well at all. She just can’t seem to move past his death. It might have something to do with the fact that she keeps seeing him in her house. No matter how many times Claire moves, Robert seems to move with her. With the help of Beth, her newly licensed psychologist, Claire tires to figure out if she is being haunted, or has finally lost her mind.

Unbeliever (Psychological Suspense Novella) (Psychological Suspense Mystery Book 1)

by Paul Western-Pittard

The prequel to UNDREAMED, Unbeliever is a dark psychological suspense novella following Alice, a woman trapped between reality and a dream. Caught between a life in Sydney and an equally real life in New York, Alice has no way of telling which is the truth, and which the dream. Unbeliever follows both Alices as they set themselves on a destructive collision course in their search to discover the truth.

Emerging from a stint in a rehabilitation centre, Sydney-Alice is confronted by the impossibility of living her life, never knowing if she’s real or imagined. Becoming increasingly desperate she decides to do the unthinkable: travel to New York in an attempt to find evidence of her alternative existence, or end the illusion once and for all. Meanwhile, the Alice of New York becomes determined to destroy what she sees as her dream self, and begins a journey that takes her into the dark orbit of a man who promises to end her dream. But at a price.

With neither Alice knowing if they’re real or the dream of the other, they set themselves on desperate trajectories that are later concluded in Undreamed. With its strong female protagonist, Unbeliever is a dark introduction to the mystery of Alice’s life that will stay with you long after the end.

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