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A Theory on Aging: Our De-Evolution of Movement

by Alexander Aubel

I have trained people from around the globe, over 30 countries and counting, while also dedicating thousands and thousands of hours to understanding our bodies to the deepest of my abilities. In this time I have been fortunate enough to be around some amazing minds from multiple fields of science and medicine; learning from them along the way. From my own history of injury recovery to helping many others with a diverse variety of issues and ailments I have discovered some amazing things along the way; but most importantly this…

The Pattern of our Aging Species is very similar, It is Our “De-Evolution of Movement”.
All of the processes of aging combine together to shape this pattern of depreciation. Understanding this can allow you to successfully combat issues once they arise; or hopefully prevent them from happening in the first place. From mitochondrial decay and cognitive decline all the way to rotator cuff issues and knee replacements; and many things in between.

Combining Kinesiology, Anthropology, Neuroscience with a healthy professional obsession has helped provide some clarity and a better understanding of how we age. Also included is what science is discovering about our bodies amazing evolutionary capacity, with exercise as the tool, to fight the processes of aging that affect all of Us. And finishing with real stories of people from all walks of life helped by understanding the process I present; proving that this is not a theory for theory’s sake but has applications in the real world.

In a world filled with divisions;
find something we all have in common…
In A Theory on Aging: Our De-Evolution of Movement.

With a Forward and Editing by Felix Frueh, PHD in Biochemistry and leader in the field of Genomics.

Alexander Aubel
Del Mar Personal Training

Atkins Diet Plan – 75 Atkinsâ?? Diet Recipes Cookbook

by Jennifer James

Have you been trying to lose weight without any success? Or you are tired of diets that just don’t work? Are you ready to achieve good health, help your body meet all its nutritional needs by eating delicious, healthy, filling foods?

If that is your situation, then the Atkins Diet is for you. This Atkins Diet recipe cookbook provides you with great tasting recipes that will help you achieve your weight management goals and see amazing results from in no time.

You will get to avoid the sugar and carbs that junk food is loaded with. This book will set you on the path to weight loss success with the Atkins Diet!

The Atkins Diet is arguably the safest and most effective way to effectively lose weight and keep it off. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight while keeping you satisfied without having to starve yourself. The Atkins diet has the potential of turning your body into an effective fat-burning machine.

This cookbook features many recipes for cooking wholesome foods like protein, leafy greens and other vegetables, nuts, fruits, and whole grains that will ensure that you not only take the weight off but you will keep it off for good.

Here are just a few of the recipes featured in this cookbook;

Baked spaghetti


Chicken Bacon Club Salad
Chocolate Ganache
Crab Dip
Eggs in a Basket
Fajita Burger
Fruity Smoothie
Frying Pan Pizza
Lemonade Iced Tea
Lobster Imperial
Pork Chops
Spicy Chicken
Shrimp Egg Salad and so much moreâ?¦

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About Building a Basic Herb Garden: A Few Things That Need to Get Started for Creating a Basic Herb Garden

by Christen Sweet

About Building a Basic Herb Garden – A Few Things That Need to Get Started for Creating a Basic Herb Garden

Here is a preview:
A basic herb garden isn’t tough to create and it can be created in an outstandingly tiny quantity of space. Therefore, no matter if you live in an apartment or you have a yard that is perfect for planting making a basic herb garden is easy.
There are a few things that you will need to get started for creating a basic herb garden. The very first thing is to choose what kind of basic herb garden you need. Do you want a container herb garden or are you looking for something a bit grander like a kitchen garden or a backyard herb garden.
Once you have decided the type of garden that you want to create you will need to decide if you want to create your garden from seeds or from already existing plants that you will transplant. Once you have determined the type of planting you want to do for your basic herb garden.
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Natural Testosterone Boosters For Basketball pPayers: How To Boost Your Testosterone Levels And Increase Stamina In 30 Days Or Less

by Thomas Lane

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I understand how you feel. One day you’re a functionally strong, sexual guy, and then in just a few yearsâ??like with the flick of a switchâ??it all seems to have evaporated.

Believe me, it’s not your fault, and I’m telling you right now not to give up hope!

FORTUNATELYâ?¦ Someone has real answers for youâ??and it doesn’t require taking drugs or having surgery. Everything you’re about to learn is strictly through natural solutionsâ?¦.completely safe and very effective!

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– Understand testosterone and its critical part of your masculinity
– How testosterone, muscle building, and your sex drive are linked
– Why testosterone is at the core of your destiny as a man (especially you the asian man)
– 9 benefits of testosterone you probably don’t know
– 7 terrible problems caused by low testosterone (ignore them at your own risk)
– The shocking reason why testosterone declines in men
– What age testosterone starts to dwindle
– One secret thing that most men neglect that decreases their testosterone level
– How to double your testosterone naturally
– How to use the power of sleep to your advantage
– How to exercise in a way that will boost your testosterone level

And much moreâ?¦

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The Art of Saying NO with Grace and Respect

by Charlene Richard

Do you have a bit of an internal freak out when you are invited somewhere that you really don’t want to go, but you don’t know how to say “no’?

I bet your heart rate goes up and you start to breathe quickly because you are dreading that awkward conversation where you try to say “no” without hurting the other person’s feelings.

Or maybe you don’t say “no” and end up spending way too much time and energy doing things you really have no desire to do.

How many times have you been at an event or doing some task and you asked yourself, “Why did I agree to this?”

The cost of not being able to say “NO” is huge. It robs us of our time, energy, money, joy and sometimes even our health.

I get it, you’re a really nice person and you like to help people, and that’s great if you are doing it while still taking care of yourself and spending time with the people you love. It’s not great when it comes at a cost.

Many women struggle with saying “No”. Maybe you’re scared that the other person will get angry or be disappointed in you.

In my work as a counselor and coach, I have spent the last seven years helping women learn how to say “No” and set boundaries so that they can do the things they really want to do.

After reading Dr. Gabor Mate’s book When The Body Says No, I decided it was time to learn how to rock my “No” factor and take better care of myself – so my body doesn’t have to.

Want to know my step-by-step plan for learning how to say “No” in a way that is respectful of your loved ones?

Learn how to manage your internal freak out and how to say no in a way that is respectful to others yet taking care of your own needs. Happy reading.

Feel free to share it with as many women as possible. Share the Love!

Much love,

108 Paths to Peace: Ramblings of a Contemplative Life

by Michael Hetherington

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A Collection of Inspirational Quotes for You

A collection of quotes and insights from an introverted yoga teacher, bi-polar meditator, awkward artist and cultural misfit.

Quotes about:
– love
– meditation
– inspiration
– creativity
– relaxation
– joy
– and much more

Inspired over many years of practice and study in yoga, Buddhist meditation, Chinese medicine and the fine art of staring out of a window.

25 Lifehacks: Cultivate Your Child’s Spiritual Growth: Lifehacks for the Soul

by Alicia McKay

This book is a must have for any parent, role model, or caretaker of children from toddler to teenager. Each lifehack is fully equipped with prayer, bible verses, journal space, and practical tips to cultivate your child’s spiritual growth and connection to God.In child-rearing, we often feel like we are building something from nothing, but that is the furthest from the truth. Imagine planting an unlabeled garden seed. There is nothing you can do to change the plant it will become. There is no way to transform the essence of the seed. However, if you don’t water the seed, it will never grow. If you don’t give the seedling enough water, it could grow small and withered. If a small sprout buds and it does not get enough sunlight, it could die and we would never know what that seed was meant to be. Through faith, we are called to consistently nurture the seed. We must trust that the seed will grow into something beautiful, because the seed is from God. Likewise, God wants us to trust His plan for the lives of our children by nurturing His seed. These lifehacks are designed to support you in the nurturing process.I am not a perfect mom, but my intentional, consistent, and honest love gives my children a safe place to develop their relationship with God. This book is not a manual about how to control the process. Each child is a star in their own movie, called life. God is the producer and director, the child is the star, and we are simply the supporting cast. I pray that this book will help you to let go and let God, while creating a safe space for your children to grow into what God has destined them to be.”25 Lifehacks: Cultivate Your Child’s Spiritual Growth” is the first in a series of “Lifehacks For Your Soul” books which are designed to encourage sincere and consistent behaviors, rooted in love and not fear. Connect with us at and @devote52weeks on all social media outlets. Contact us at [email protected]

Points and Concepts Vegetable Gardening: 5 Points and Concepts About Vegetable Gardening

by Tanisha Wallace

Points and Concepts Vegetable Gardening – 5 Points and Concepts About Vegetable Gardening

Here is a preview:
Vegetable Gardening is often a worthwhile passion for either newbie gardener or so the veteran grower. An effectively handled veggie garden is vital. It’s correct that veggies source from our personal garden absolutely generate very appetizing providing you possess the appropriate treatment. Here are several which could likely help for those fanatics out there.
First. It is best to consider what dimension of garden you prefer to plant after which look for a spot for it; around that’s sensible drainage, great ventilation, and fine, deep soil. Moreover it requires to be able to get equally as much sunlight as possible. And is particularly more advantageous if it has fence so that no animals or other intruders can make your garden a totally mess.
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The Art of Growing Bonsai Trees: What Do You Know About It

by Lorena Slater

The Art of Growing Bonsai Trees – What Do You Know About It

Here is a preview:
The Art of Growing Bonsai Trees
The art of cultivating bonsai trees has been a Japanese tradition for hundreds and hundreds of years. Literally translating to “tray planting,” cultivating a bonsai tree involves actively shaping a tree into a dwarfed, artistic version of itself. Bonsai trees are not special hybrids or dwarf species of common trees; they’re genetically the same as their bigger brothers and sisters. It’s the careful cultivation and shaping techniques that keeps these trees miniature is size. However, the trees are not sick or damaged. In fact, with the correct care, the dwarfed version of a tree can live longer than the same tree if it was allowed to grow in the wild.
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The 10 Deadly Style And Fashion Mistakes Men Make

by Thomas Lane

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I’m Thomas Lane,

Discover the 10 deadly style and fashion mistakes men make.

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Girlfriend Secrets Revealed

by Thomas Lane

Learn proven strategies to attract and keep a girlfriend.

101 Amazing Affirmations for Self-Esteem & Success (Audio Included)

by Beau Norton

For best results, read these affirmations at least once daily. Positive mental programming takes time. It is not a quick fix, but with enough repetition, these statements will sink into the deeper layers of your mind and begin to become 100% true for you.

Bubsimouse Children’s picture book of baby animals: A free children’s book about cute cats, dogs and other animals

by Siegfried Freudenfels

“Bubsimouse Children´s picture book of baby animals” is an animal book for children with over 100 wonderful pictures.

This book has a positive and soothing effect on the viewer. In short, this is an ideal bedtime book for children from kindergarten to primary school age.
Before going to sleep many children like attention and care and a cuddle.
This book is the perfect companion for this important ritual at the end of the day. Animals are the best friends!

This is the perfect book for kids who love animals. On the big, sturdy board pages, they’ll discover bright, bold photographs of all different baby animals.

This irresistible book compiles over 100 photos of the sweetest animals.
You and your children are going to love this book.

About the author:

The author Siegfried Freudenfels has been working as an illustrator for children’s books for over 10 years. In 2010, his first free ebook, a new edition of famous children’s classics, was published as a free children’s book. The works soon became known and apart from further Good Night stories for children, children’s games and lullabies appeared, also as free ebooks. The collection now comprises over 20 children’s books for digital reading devices.

More matching books by the author:

“Adventures in Castleland – a bedtime picture book for boys and girls – a free ebook for kids”

“Flovely on the flower meadow – A story about true friends and deep friendship – ebook for free”

“Flovely Adventures on the houseboat – A funny story to read aloud or read to yourself – Read it free”

These books can be found as free ebooks! 

Rethinking SEO : Simple Way To Boost Your Traffic: Identifi

by Aep Saepudin

Please rethinking your treatment at your blog or optimize SEO to boost audiens traffic. SEO is simple way to boost blog traffic. Why your blog need traffic?.

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