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The Mediterranean Cookbook: Eat, Drink & Live Well with 70+ Mouth-Watering Recipes to Improve Your Lifestyle & Shred Away Those Extra Pounds.

by Bianca DeVille

Inspired by the delightful cuisine of Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain, the Mediterranean diet is a cultural phenomenon. It’s about more than just good food; it’s a way of life that promotes health, wellness, and enjoying time with loved ones.

Containing delicious Mediterranean recipes that use a wide variety of ingredients, there is something for everyone inside of this cookbook. Lose weight and restore your cholesterol levels to a healthy standard with these low-calorie meals made from nutritious staple foods (both animal- and plant-based) flavored with delicious natural herbs and spices. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between, it’s all arranged step-by-step.

What’s Inside?

  • The Key Components of the Mediterranean Diet
  • What Foods To Avoid
  • The Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
  • Sample Shopping List
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Snacks
  • Dinner
  • Desserts

And Much, Much More!

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A healthy, balanced diet awaits! What’s stopping you?

Limitless: Work and Dance with EDM Music

by Vasili Reikh

Do you often feel tired and washed out?
Do you sometimes lack motivation?
Do you sit in front of a computer for hours every day?
Many of us spend more and more hours behind the computer. This can have an adverse effect on us as we become overweight; have health and mobility problems and even reduced energy levels.
Vasili developed a method that allowed him to stay energetic and active all day long. It is called the “Work and Dance” method. Among other things inside the pages of this book, Vasili Reikh will show you:
– How the method works
– Why it is a game changer for many
– How you can feel happier using this method
– Getting more satisfaction from work or study
– Growing neurons in your brain
– Beat depression and anxiety
– Have more energy
– Lose weight without gym
– Beat hyperactivity
– Increase metabolism
If you love music and sit in front of a computer for hours every day then this is the book which will make you fitter, healthier and above all happier. Get your copy today and see how “Limitless: Work and Dance with EDM Music” will help you to realize your dreams and change your life.

Before You Buy a Digital Camera: An Illustrated Guidebook (Finely Focused Photography Books 2)

by Al Judge

This is the second book of the Finely Focused Photography Books Series by Al Judge.

Finely Focused Photography Books is a new series of books from Al Judge for people who prefer to study photography one topic at a time.

Each Book of the Series draws upon Al’s longer and more comprehensive books for content. Like all of Al Judge’s books these books contain numerous photos and illustrations to help facilitate clear and concise communication.

Before You Buy a Digital Camera will painlessly provide help and insight into your Digital Cameras choices and even help you to make a better camera purchase.

Digital Cameras don’t have to be intimidating. The underlying principles are surprisingly simple but rarely presented in layman’s terms. Like any other area of specialization, photography has its own language. Fortunately, you only need to understand a few of terms and concepts to get started.

This guide to PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS builds a solid foundation of photographic knowledge with easy-to-follow discussions of everything that you need to know in order to get started with confidence. Every photographic term used in the book is clearly defined and thoroughly explained. All terms are also highlighted by using BOLD CAPS so that you can easily find them again to refresh your memory.

This Photographic Guide will take the mystery out of digital cameras, camera choices, and Photographic Jargon.

This book is filled with charts, illustrations and photos that take the discussion to new levels. You will not only understand the terminology and techniques discussed, but you will have a much better understanding of how your camera works and what is actually happening when you make adjustments. The charts and photos should help you to retain what you learn and put it to good use immediately.

Although this book provides a fast-track approach to achieving photographic competence it does not rely on previous knowledge.

This book will:

  • Save you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Help you take better pictures and know why they are better.
  • Present the details and language of digital photography without intimidation or confusing terminology – all terms are clearly defined and explained.
  • You may also be interested in Al’s other books.

    Digital Photography Like a Pro!

    Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, Iso and Exposure

    Mastering Digital Cameras: An Illustrated Guidebook

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by James Shaw

NPR Report On Jews Inspires Black American to Write “My Chanukah”

September 30, 2018. Los Angeles, California. Psychology doctoral programs professor (for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology) James E. Shaw, Ph.D., says he was “driven to action to write â??My Chanukah’ by a National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast which I thought was the strange, flawed report of an apprentice.” Shaw explains: “That NPR report said Jews do not have a universally-embraced or â??signature’ Chanukah song. America’s national anthem was cited as one example” of what â??universally-embraced’ means, regardless of genre. Shaw says, “I decided to do a little research and perhaps contact NPR later.” Shaw’s research found “only Adam Sandler’s hilarious â??Chanukah Song,’ which first debuted on â??Saturday Night Live’, back in 1994, and became an instant comedy classic, that Sandler updated in 2015.”

Shaw then decided, “I knew that I had to write a Chanukah song, complete with lyrics, melody, chords, and then orchestrate it.” He describes the result as “poignant, exhilarating and definitely spiritually uplifting.” Shaw’s “My Chanukah” was presented to, and evaluated by, the Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles. Shaw says, “The written endorsement I received from the Commission filled me with gratitude and total joy.” To Shaw, “Music is a universal language and Jews and black Americans have a history of music collaboration, cooperation and production.”

Shaw provides a personal example of music collaboration by adding that, “in 1970, I was asked by Dr. Robert Strassburg to be his official transcriber of his wonderful musical work, “The Torah Sonata,” which premiered at the University of Judaism (now the American Jewish University). Shaw says, in writing “My Chasnukah,” his goal was to write something authentic, emotionally rich, and uplifting, to help unite people. “America is not united but is torn, divided.” Shaw says that during the writing of “My Chanukah,” constantly entering his mind was Anne Frank’s eternal truth: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Prior to pursuing graduate and professional studies, Shaw acquired a B.A. degree in music and, with his older brother, spent 12 years performing annual piano recitals in the San Gabriel Valley. Drawn to education as a career, he became a counselor for the Pasadena USD, and at night played piano for the popular group, “Chain Reaction.” Shaw has been featured on television and on more than 50 radio stations for his work in school safety and for his ground-breaking book, Jack and Jill, Why They Kill, said, on CNN to be “the smart answer for today’s troubled times.” He was also one of the requested keynote speakers at the annual Columbine High School commemoration ceremonies. Shaw has been presented a “Certificate of Recognition” by the California State Legislature.”

Shaw’s “My Chanukah” is sung by the group Earth Dance. It has uplifting lyrics “rooted in miraculous events in Jewish history.” Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Music, Pandora, and other internet sites feature Shaw’s “My Chanukah” in their music catalogues. Amazon features the moving lyrics of “My Chanukah” as an eBook in its Kindle collection.â?¨
Shaw says, “I want National Public Radio to grant me a favor and play “My Chanukah” on their broadcasts, since it was NPR’s own radio report about “no universally-embraced Chanukah song” that motivated me to write the music and lyrics for, and then orchestrate, “My Chanukah.”

Thanksgiving Holiday Décor : Great Design Ideas

by Lorayne Miller

This is a book about how to decorate for the Thanksgiving holiday. A well decorated home is a pleasant and welcome sight for friends and family. There are many considerations to keep in mind to create the perfect Thanksgiving home. These design ideas are easy to accomplish and will not cost too much money.

Ð?бÑ?кновенная Ñ?Ñ?агедия (Russian Edition)

by Ð?лÑ?ясов ТимÑ?Ñ?

Ð?сÑ?оÑ?ия о пÑ?овинÑ?иалÑ?ной девÑ?Ñ?ке, попадаÑ?Ñ?ей в болÑ?Ñ?ой гоÑ?од. ЧеÑ?еда собÑ?Ñ?ий и испÑ?Ñ?аний пÑ?иводяÑ? ее к Ñ?Ñ?агедии, коÑ?оÑ?ая навсегда меняеÑ? ее жизнÑ? и оÑ?ноÑ?ение к лÑ?дям.

Sahu’s Guide for Writers

by Surendra Sahu

The book explores the meaning of art, what can be considered true literature, poetry, novel and the writer -his life, routine and output.A must for every writer, both new and old.

Monogatari Tales of Japan: Illustrated with works of Katsushika Hokusai (World folktates)

by Elena N Grand

This collection of traditional Japanese folklore will open to you world of miracles, visions of hell, jokes, fables, and legends, these tales reflect the Japanese worldview during a classic period in Japanese civilization.
This book illustrated with works of great Katsushika Hokusai, who was a Japanese artist the Edo period. I hope this illustrations will help reader to feel spirit of Japan.
Enjoy your adventure!

When Evens are at ODDS

by B.S. Walia

This is the story of evening one’s grave odds culminating into the ultimate wonder after a long drawn battle. In fact, a man is at his best in crisis.
So fight your way out and realise the ultimate in you.
Break free and do what you are best fit for.
Always strike big and never settle for less.
The book is dedicated to all those who have resisted their odds and turned the tide over them.

The Sword Swallower and a Chico Kid

by Gary Robinson

“Gary Robinson delivers a powerful message!”

Duke Reynolds ran away from a volatile and broken home to join the traveling circus. He spends his life entertaining people on every city street corner, circus tent, and coliseum until one day something does not go as planned. Duke, facing his own immortality, decides to leave the bright lights.

Gary Robinson, the Chico Kid, is a lost and troubled soul devoid of any purpose. As each act of desperation to survive is met with failure, his life spirals out of control, until one day he meets an old tattooed man entertaining a crowd by hammering a six-inch nail into his skull.

Duke hears about Gary’s transgressions. He wants to save Gary from the same self-destruction he experienced, but Duke is terminally ill and Gary’s acts of desperation will soon destroy him.

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