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Self-Discipline : & Stoicism – 32 Small Changes to Create a Life Long Habit of Self-Discipline, Laser-Sharp Focus, and Extreme Productivity & Introduction to The Stoic Way of Life

by Ryan James

Self-Discipline 2 Book Bundle

This box set includes:

  • Self-Discipline: 32 Small Changes to Create a Life Long Habit of Self-Discipline, Laser-Sharp Focus, and Extreme Productivity
  • Stoicism: Introduction to The Stoic Way of Life

Science shows that people with self-discipline are happier with their lives. They are successful in almost all areas of life – physically, mentally, socially, and even financially. And the good news is, self-discipline isn’t some lucky mutation that people are randomly blessed with at birth. It is cultivated. It is learned.

It might seem impossible with what the traditional notions of discipline that are always associated with austerity. But the truth is, anyone can learn it. This boxset is developed precisely to help the average person build a life-long habit of discipline.

In the second book we will go over the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. Too often we find that we aren’t able to control our lives, control the events that go on, or even control the people and how they act. But with Stoicism, we learn that we can control some things, such as our emotions and our reactions, and this can help to lead us to happiness.

In this book you will discover:

  • Step-by-step easy-to-follow guides for boosting self-awareness so you can recognize and fight distractions
  • Little things that you need to stop doing – or thinking – because they damage your productivity and forbearance
  • Exercises that build inner strength and character
  • The changes in mind-sets that you need to make in order to reinforce self-discipline
  • Ways to manage temptation and maintain focus
  • Techniques and practices that will enable you to stay on track
  • What is Stoicism
  • Recognizing the things that are under your control
  • How to conform to your own reality
  • Understanding how your emotions work
  • The importance of freedom of will.
  • Learning how to be calm when there is adversity around
  • Learning how to make the best of all situations
  • How to use stoicism in order to make your life better
  • How to use the process of neuroplasticity to change around your mind and how you react to things.
  • How to use affirmations to help with stoicism
  • Simple ideas to implement some of the stoic philosophy into your daily life.

With the information in this bundle, you can:

  • Push yourself to become engaged even when doing mundane or unappealing tasks
  • Exercise even if you feel like staying home and lying on the couch
  • Formulate a manageable plan for whatever goal you have in mind.
  • Control your diet and manage your weight despite the temptation of food
  • Avoid acting or talking in a harsh manner
  • Avoid rash judgments and acting on impulse
  • Continue working on what you started even without motivation
  • Start a project or a book and finish it
  • Keep good relationships
  • Avoid being easily offended or insulted
  • Avoid being depressed or frustrated
  • Enjoy life as you achieve goals
  • If you feel helpless and you want to change that, read on and learn about how you can regain control.

With stoicism and better self-discipline, you will have confidence, laser-sharp focus, and tenacity to be more productive. You can win in life. The choice is yours.

Apply these small changes in your life and see what it’s like again to have mastery of your own self!

Practical Guide for Digital Marketing: Seven steps to engage your customers, get new ones, increase your sales, and build a winning digital marketing strategy

by Claudio Torres

This book is a practical guide for your business use digital marketing, with seven straightforward steps to engage your customers, get new ones, increase your sales, and build a winning digital marketing strategy.

Why read this book?

We all use email, search on Google, visit websites, buy on online shops, and use social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, the Internet and digital technologies enter so quickly into our everyday lives that it is easy to forget an important fact: Our customers also use the Internet, smartphones and digital technologies. Maybe more than us.

If you don´t, you need to understand that consumers have taken it over. Social media, blogs, social networks, collaborative websites, apps, and games, have changed forever the way customers relate to companies, brands, and products.

Consumers now have mobile devices and powerful search tools, which can find products, services, or show them where the nearest shops are. Blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos have become the primary source of information for many people, especially those who like to talk about brands and products and comment on their experiences. Social networks have become a constant channel of communication between customers who mention details about what they buy, how they use it and what they thought of it.

Also, it has never been easier to create an online shop. E-commerce has become so popular because any newly created company can compete on product and services sales against large commercial brands that have invested in well-located stores.

The digital revolution can be a scary scenario for anyone who runs a business, and if you are struggling with its effects on your market, be aware of using it to your advantage. If you had not yet come to this point, wake up before it’s too late.

You need to make the most of the opportunities, created by the Internet and digital technologies. You need to be online to acquire new customers and grow your business. Moreover, it would be best if you worked to avoid losing your current customers to new online competitors. For all these, I will show you a set of steps to fight back and put you in a winning position at the digital revolution.

To leverage the Internet for your business without wasting money or resources, and to establish a more permanent competitive advantage, you need steps that lead you to a coherent, efficient, and effective strategy for making the Internet your primary business ally – today, tomorrow and forever., and that is the point of this book.

This book shows you seven steps to use digital marketing to engage your customers, get new ones, increase your sales, and build a winning digital marketing strategy.

Blogging: 3 Manuscripts â?? Blog Writing (The Content Creation Blueprint, Traffic Generation Secrets, Advanced Strategies to Monetize Your Blog)

by Anthony James

So you want to become a blogger?

Do you know where to start and how to generate income?

What about content and traffic generation?


If you have a blog or are thinking about starting one, then there are certain things you’ll need to make it a success. Often you can find certain information in a book, but not all you need.

But now, with this book bundle, you can have all the tools at your disposal and start generating traffic and money through 3 exciting and in-depth titles – Blog Writing: The Content Creation Blueprint, Blog Writing: Traffic Generation Secrets, Hints and Tips andBlog Writing: Advanced strategies to monetize your blog.

Inside these books you will discover:

  • Content planning and creation

  • Content marketing tips

  • How to drive traffic to your blog

  • Using social media

  • Email marketing

  • Engaging your audience

  • Using advertising to generate income

  • Pay per click

  • And lots moreâ?¦

Writing a blog is an exciting experience and most of us have something useful to say. But getting all the right things together in the right place is essential if you want it to succeed and give you an income.

Get this book bundle today and walk down your path to success now!

Blockchain: The Ultimate Beginnerâ??s Guide to Understanding Blockchain and Blockchain Technology (digital assets Book 3)

by John James

Do you understand Blockchain technology?

Or do you find the whole concept confusing?

Would you like to know more about it in a language you understand?
Blockchain technology is probably best known for its use in conjunction with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is an innovative and exciting idea that builds layers of security and promotes confidence in financial transactions that is unsurpassed. But it is also confusing.

Now, with Blockchain: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Blockchain and Blockchain Technology, you have a guide that will provide all the information you’ll need to become a Blockchain expert, including:

â?¢What blockchain technology is
â?¢Hash function
â?¢Bitcoin vs. blockchain
â?¢How a blockchain transaction works
â?¢The blockchain ecosystem
â?¢Advantages and disadvantages of using blockchain
â?¢Cryptocurrency wallets
â?¢The future of blockchain technology
â?¢And moreâ?¦

The future holds a lot of promise for Blockchain and there can be no doubt that it is here to stay.

And with Blockchain: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Blockchain and Blockchain Technology you can begin to get a grasp of what it could do for you.

Get a copy today and see what the future holds!

QUIT YOUR JOB in 2016: Make Money via Amazon Associates Program or Start a Supplement Selling Business from Home

by Red Mikhail

Choose any of these 2 ways to make money online and be your own boss.

Inside you’ll learn


– how to get started with the supplement business with a bootstrap budget
– the exact process on how to make money in the supplement business from start to finish
– how to target a market that is already making a lot of money
– how to set up your campaign for maximum profits


-How to get started as an Amazon associate, free
-secret keyword research method that only few are using – follow this and you’re already ahead of the competition
-how to rank on the page 1 of Google…for real! – No theory just actionable content
-How to write reviews that gets read and that converts into cash
-Sample websites for you to follow

Get this book today and finally free yourself from your boss, a mediocre career and live a life of freedom

Anti-Debt: A Guide To Personal Finance Getting Out Of Debt And Building A Money Plan For Your Life (Anti Series Book 3)

by Kevin Wagonfoot

Other than your health, personal finance has the biggest effect on your quality of life, but most of us have no clue how to improve our relationship with money.

I wrote this book after losing weight and adopting healthier lifestyle choices. I realized that my physical and financial health mirrored each other and I could apply the same concepts to both.

This book isn’t written to tell you what to spend your money on. It is a tool kit, letting you know how personal finances work, and what levers to pull to reach your desired result. If you have been racking up credit card debt (like I was) we have a plan for you to follow.

With Anti-Debt you will learn to:

  • Build a picture of where you are now financially
  • Develop a plan to get your finances back on track
  • Use (and not get used by) banks and other financial institutions
  • Redesign your finances going forward
  • Basics of Saving and Investing

Start taking control of your finances today by reading this book.

WEBINAR PROFITS BUNDLE (2 in 1): Get more customers, traffic and sell on a webinar with higher conversion

by Red Mikhail

Want a way to get more rabid buyers? Want to convert them at a higher rate? – THIS BUNDLE is for you!

Inside you”ll learn:

I’ll show you the exact words that you need to say on a webinar and when to say it


You’ll learn the devil’s way of selling on a webinar – do not abuse this!

The top 7 ways to get super cheap or free visitors online

How to take advantage of these free traffic online

The correct profile set up that will get you more credibility

how to use social media for maximum effectiveness

how to sell your products without really selling…I know, weird.

How to get affiliates that will make you thousands of dollars without you doing any work

BONUS – the super cheap traffic source that is making a killing today

Download this today and start selling more!

Ghosts Add Value To Homes: Haunted Property

by Sherri Granato

Legitimate haunted houses are a rare find in some parts of the world, but some cities offer more than their share of properties offering paranormal attributes. To the right buyer, ghost-riddled estates are unquestionably valued as being a virtual goldmine.

From Presentation to Standing Ovation: 15 Actionable Ideas to Achieve Massive Influence

by Ron Tsang

Discover the blueprint to connect with any audience!

Need to speak and make a great impression? If you want to go from fearful to confident, and average to outstanding, then this is the book that will take you to a standing ovation.

Acclaimed speaker Ron Tsang shows you 15 powerful public speaking lessons in this practical and entertaining book, From Presentation to Standing Ovation.

You’ll discover how to:
-Overcome public speaking anxiety so that your expertise can shine
-Win over hearts and minds using your natural speaking personality
-Master the art of storytelling with 10 Hollywood secrets
-Create captivating keynotes, seminars, and presentations
-Present with more influence, power, and poise

This quick read is for everyone from experts and business owners, to students and employees, who want to sell their ideas and wow their audiences. The book includes access to additional free online resources, giving you all the help you need for your speaking success.

The World’s New Silicon Valley: Enabling Smart-Low Cost R&D Engineering Services (SF110418)


This guide helps you find an interested bank or VC and create your Lebanese startup supported by the latest fiscal incentives granted by the Lebanese Government its Financial Institutions. The targeted audience for this guide are:
– American, European, Asian, African, Lebanese National & Immigrants
– Founder of a start-up based outside Lebanon, having a promising business that is past the early stage
– Have already established an overseas company
– Would consider launching an operation in Lebanon
– Would consider raising equity capital from investors in Lebanon

Example of Granted Incentives:
– 100% Exemption from corporate tax for up to 10 years
– 75% Guarantee of Investments Value by the Central Bank
– 4th in Math & Science Education Worldwide
– Great Number of Low Cost Engineering Services
– 400 Millions USD for Startups
– 50% reduction on Work and Residence Permit Fees
– ZERO Fees on Land Registration
– Up to 50% Reduction on Construction Permit Fees

Contact information of 13 investors

Material Sources: Word Bank Data, World Economic Forum, CNN Money, Global Competitiveness Report, Financial Times, Lebanese governmental organizations, Ministry of Economy and Trade, IDAL, Global 50, Startups Fund

The Import Bible Part 2: Source in China with confidence – The Professional Import Bible

by Manuel Becvar

The first Import Bible showed you the basics of how to source in 64 pages full of straight forward, practical advice. The professional edition adds over 130 new pages to this and is constantly updated whenever things change.

Most books & courses only teach you the basics with no real case studies and experience for thousands of $ but the truth is there is a lot more to running an import business than some of those self-proclaimed “experts” want to admit. In this professional edition of the Import Bible you get access to you learn how to run your business like the big guys do from day one.

Learn from my Experience, Avoid Costly Mistakes
The problem most people have with sourcing is that it is a complex topic. There are many things to keep in mind, to consider, to figure out and master. The professional edition of the Import Bible takes the guesswork out of crucial decisions and acts as a reference for what to do whenever a question comes up.

How do you build lasting relationships with suppliers? How do you make sure you get the best prices without encouraging suppliers to cut corners on quality? When is it worth travelling overseas to trade shows or to visit factories?

These are some of the questions that you may already have, or will have in the future and I want to make sure you are prepared.

The Professional Import Bible puts the knowledge of someone who has experience sourcing in Asia for over 10 years at your fingertips.

77 Fantastic Ways to Get $7 Million Dollars!

by Randall Jahn

It’s a funny! It’s a satire on get rich quick books! It’s trivia! It’s outrageous! It’s the ideal* book for you! It’s the ideal* gift for that person on your list who’s impossible to buy for and could use $7 million dollars! One size fits allâ?¦ You don’t have to feed itâ?¦ It won’t clash with the drapesâ?¦ Gluten free!… Fun for Everyone!… Great gift for Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, BFF, co-worker, estranged relative, in-law, convenient acquaintance, random stranger, or any intelligent life from an undisclosed origin!
*the word “ideal” in this case means “in the author’s self-serving ill-informed opinion”

10 Principles for your Job

by Peter Grazian

Your job’s important, no doubt. But it’s not the most important thing by a long shot. By applying the perspective presented here you will be able to carry out your job well without falling prey to mindless stress and the pressure to perform. The 10 principles for the job will help you to be successful at what you do while at the same time help you never to lose sight of the things that really matter in your life.

The Predictive Casino – 2nd Edition: Making the Integrated Resort Smart (Predictive series)

by Andrew Pearson

The Predictive Casino is a casino that utilizes the latest technological developments to connect with its customers to deliver an exceptional personalized experience that will keep them coming back. Today, technology such as AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, facial recognition, IoT, Real-time stream processing, social media, and wearables are altering the Customer Experience (CX) landscape and casino operators need to jump aboard this fast moving technology or run the risk of being left out in the cold. The Predictive Casino reveals how these and other technologies can help shape the customer journey as well as provide insights into every facet of the business. The book details how the five types of analyticsâ??descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, and edge analyticsâ??affect not only the customer journey, but also just about every department in a casino operation. Facial recognition technology can spot a customer stepping onto a casino bus at the Macau/China border and that can set off alerts which will notify he necessary departments, where that is a host on the floor, a restaurant manager, a dealer, or even the hotel’s GM should the player be a high-end VIP. A whole other sequence of events can get triggered as the player’s favorite table is prepared, his favorite meal is cooked, and his or her Theo gets added to a real-time table games revenue management model that takes into account his personal play. Labor needs are also considered and alerts can be sent to the required or unneeded staff. An IoT connected casino can make its operations smart. Connected devices can help with inventory optimization, supply chain management, labor management, and waste management. With machine learning algorithms, data centers can be kept green and their energy use smart. For a casino operator, social media is no longer a vanity platform, but rather a place to both connect with current customers as well as court new ones. It is also a powerful branding channel that can be utilized to both understand a casino’s position in the market, as well as a place to benchmark its position against its competitors. Today, technology moves at break-neck speed and it can offer the power of deep customer understanding and insight, but it also comes with a confusing variety of technology and technological terms–Big Data, Cognitive Computing, CX, Data Lakes, Hadoop, Kafka, Personalization, Spark, etc., etc. The Predictive Casino will help make sense of it all, so that a casino executive can cut through the confusing clutters of technological jargons and understand why a Spark-based real-time stream processing data stream might be preferable over a TIBCO Streambase one, or an even IBM InfoSphere one. Or maybe not. This book will help casino executives break through the technological clutter so that they can deliver an unrivaled customer experience to each and every patron coming through their doors.

Global Business Strategy: Multinational Corporations Venturing into Emerging Markets (Springer Texts in Business and Economics)

by Kazuyuki Motohashi

This book presents theories and case studies for corporations in developed nations, including Japan, for designing strategies to maximize opportunities and minimize threats in business expansion into developing nations. The case studies featured here focus on Asia, including China and India,  and use examples of Japanese manufacturers. Five case studies are provided, including Hitachi Construction Machinery and Shiseido in China and Maruti Suzuki in India. These cases facilitate the reader’s understanding of the business environments in emerging economies. 

This volume is especially recommended for business people responsible for  international business development, particularly in China and India. In addition, the book serves as a useful resource for students in graduate-level courses in international management.

INTERNET MARKETING EMPIRE: Easy Fiverr Selling & Udemy Course Creation

by Nathan Berry

Start Small and Profit Immediately!

Inside you’ll get training for:

– Method# 1 – A simple way to make an extra $300 per month without providing the service yourself!
– How to create a Fiverr listing that converts visitors into buyers
– The secret up-selling method that will turn $5 customers into $50 customers …. it takes almost no effort to do this!
– Method #2 – The Long term plan to make more money on Fiverr!
– The secret source for getting Done For You services for $1 that you can sell for $5-$20 or more!

– Niche Research – Why Clickbank should be your first choice for topic research
– Amazon – How to use Amazon Bestseller to research profitable topics
– Library – A simple step by step method to find golden nuggets of profitable topics via the “Library Method”
– Course Topic Research – How to find profitable topics inside UDEMY
– Keyword Research – How to do keyword research like a pro
– Sign Up As Instructor – How to sign up for your Udemy account
– Creating Our Course – Part 1 – The technical details of creating a course
– Creating Our Course – Part 2 – How to create the content of your course
– Uploading – How to upload your course for maximum sales
– 3 Basic ways to marketing your new course – How to market your course with these 3 free methods

DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY for only $3.99 instead of $2.99 each!

Amazon FBA: The Ultimate Guide To Making Money On Amazon FBA (amazon fba, selling on amazon, amazon fba business, amazon business, amazon selling, amazon selling secrets)

by Matthew Mahone

#1 Best Selling Author on Amazon

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $6.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Discover Proven Steps And Strategies To Sell More Online Than You Ever Dreamed Of!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use Amazon FBA in order to sell things. You will learn how the system works, what you can sell with it, and you’ll even learn some great tips and tricks in order to sell some things on Amazon that you never imagined you would sell on a site like that. You can work from home, and with this system you’ll be able to have an at-home business that’s better than most out there. You can use this as a great passive income source, and this book will give you a great explanation of the Amazon FBA system, and tricks to make your selling experience amazing. You’ll be able to accomplish your dreams, and if you’ve ever wanted to have a business, now is the time to take advantage of it.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • What The Amazon FBA Systme Is
  • Step-By-Step Guide To The Amazon FBA System
  • The Type Of Product To Use
  • Pricing Tips For Success
  • How To Expand Your Business With Amazon FBA
  • Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Amazon FBA
  • Download your copy today!
    Download this Ultimate Money Guide for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

    Tags: amazon fba, selling on amazon, amazon fba business, amazon business, amazon selling, amazon selling secrets, how to sell on amazon make money on amazon how to make money on amazon how to make money fulfillment by amazon fulfillment by amazon for beginners make money from home

    60 Minute Scrum: Agendas (60 Minute Guides)

    by Stewart Lancaster

    Scrum is a light weight framework built predominantly on Agile principles which has often been described as “easy to learn hard to master”. It has gained popularity as it is incredibly simple to understand for both users and stakeholders and it addresses a number of pitfalls with standard project management and software design methodologies.

    One of the key principles of Scrum is that it allows a team to deliver the highest value in the shortest space of time often in uncertain or continually changing environments; importantly Scrum accommodates and even embraces change allowing organisations to quickly adapt to the needs of their clients or the actions of their competitors.

    Thank you for downloading 60 Minute: Scrum – Agendas. This book has been provided as a useful, at a glance resource from Scrum practitioners and Scrum Masters looking to deploy the method and contains the Scrum meeting agendas found in the resources chapter of the full version of 60 Minute Scrum.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.