Free fantasy Kindle books for 13 Nov 18

Rune Scale (Dragon Speaker Series Book 1)

by Devin Hanson

Rune Scale is set in a world ruled by dragons. Humans survive by their wits and through the use of alchemy, a mysterious magic possessively controlled by the secretive Alchemists Guild.

Andrew Condign is an ordinary man with dreams of a better world, where humans can live without the constant fear of dragon attacks. In pursuit of this goal, Andrew finds himself in a race against time as he scrounges for scraps of knowledge and sets out on the most dangerous quest imaginable.

Bloody Beginnings (Isabella Howerton Book 1)

by Laura Hysell

For family, she would do anything… trust anyone… any thing.

Izzy’s brother, Justin, is missing and presumed dead. He warned her though. Warned her about a vaccine that wasn’t what it seemed. He warned others, too.

Now, Izzy is running away from those with the vaccine, and toward an answer regarding her brother’s whereabouts. The world isn’t what she thought it was, and neither are the people she thought she knew. Vampires prowl the night, werewolves howl at the moon, and the world of the undead is full of torture and death.

As the supernatural world comes to light, Izzy struggles to save her brother, and herself. Finding Justin becomes more despearte as Izzy learns the truth about the vaccine, and the power of blood.

But blood, is just the beginning.

Warning: Book contains darker themes and scenes of graphic violence

Shift (Southern Werewolves Book 1)

by Heather MacKinnon

Hard working criminal lawyer Elizabeth Montgomery is finally taking a vacation, a solo trip to the mountains of North Carolina to a cozy little cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even get to spend one night there. She takes an early evening hike and ends up on the wrong side of a vicious animal attack. Or so she thought. When she’s found and rescued by sexy stranger, Abraham, she soon finds out it was a werewolf that attacked her. And that she’s the newest member of Abraham’s pack. Now Elizabeth must navigate the changes that come along with becoming a werewolf while also learning to fit into this tight knit pack. For an only child who rarely speaks with her own parents, getting close to Abraham and his family might just be scarier than becoming a werewolf.

Dark Fantasies: Black Female White Male (BWWM)

by Tatyana Maxwell

Zach Wants Breann More than Anything in The World

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Breann is a new college math professor, and she’s attending her first official day of teaching at a New York community college. After making several nervous mistakes, she can tell that her mostly male class doesn’t take her seriously, due to their snickers and sexist remarks. Aside from looking like an African goddess, a student named Zach sees her intellect, and he isn’t hesitant to defend her. When class ends, she thanks him for his kindness. It isn’t long into their conversation before she develops a sincere attraction toward him. Zach knows what he wants. More importantly, he knows how to get it too. Right now, he wants Breann more than anything, and he isn’t afraid of a little challenge.

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This story is extremely HOT and leaves little to the imagination. This book is purely intended for adult eyes only.

Keepers of the Light: The Broken Prophecies Book One

by S.A. McClure

A secret prophecy. A mad king. An unwanted marriage proposal.

Amaleah must deal with them all. Being a princess isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, especially when even your nursemaid is a spy against you. Still, Amaleah must determine if she has what it takes to save not only her kingdom…but herself.

Prince Colin Stormbearer is soon to be the king of Szarmi, but there have already been multiple attempts on his life. With his coronation drawing ever closer, will he survive the remaining attacks?

Together, Amaleah and Colin have a chance to take control of their destinies and to do the one thing countless generations before them could not: fulfill the First Prophecy. But with war building between their kingdoms and a greater darkness sweeping across the land, the odds are stacked against them.

Fans of Sarah J Maas and Kiera Cass will devour this epic young adult fantasy.

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Cassie Collins and the Wild Shamrock: An AffinityVerse Story (Theme Park Mysteries Series 1 Book 11)

by D.B. Green

I need to find Cassie Collins. She’s the only one that can tell my story â?? and save others from my fate. I have to escape from Gabriel Lockwood and find her, right?

“I was a superstar, loved and adored by millions, but I can’t beat the ravages of time, can I? My name is Kristy Walsh and I am reborn.”

Join Kristy in this prequel to the fantasy thriller series Cassie Collins and the Magic Hearts. This book will give you that roller coaster thrill ride of fast-paced event TV. Twists and turns that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but have you clinging to it for dear life.

What people are saying about this series:

“It’s like Harry Potter meets Mission Impossible.”
“Totally gripped! I can’t wait to see what happens next.”
“I couldn’t put this down!”
“A great story for any Orlando addict.”
“Like being back on a coaster! An utter thrill ride from start to finish!”

Shadow Play (Black Magic Outlaw Book 2)

by Domino Finn

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I’m Cisco Suarez, and a week ago I was dead.

Cursed into serving a clandestine shadow group, I have a lot of blood on my hands. Good thing I also have a juvenile problem with authority. I’m not taking orders anymore, and the first thing on my bucket list is bringing them down.

If I’m good at anything, it’s looking in dark places. But I’ve got shadows of my own. Horrific deeds coming back to haunt me, and not the metaphorical kind of haunting, either. I’m talking ghosts, mages, and that thing with the glowing red eyes.

Just goes to show you, it really is true what they say. What goes around comes around. I only hope to give more than I get.

Is resurrection overrated or what?

Heart Strings (Black Magic Outlaw Book 3)

by Domino Finn

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Black Magic gets a bad rap. Trust me. When people see me, they don’t see Cisco Suarez, they see a rogue. A shadow charmer. A black magic outlaw.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe everything I touch withers and dies. But that doesn’t give the SWAT team a right to come in guns blazing.

I tell you. A little collateral damage to city hall and all of a sudden you’re Public Enemy Number One.

But I’m doing some policing myself. Got my own Cisco’s Most Wanted. Pop quiz: Who’s more dangerous? A conspiratorial mage, a volcanic elemental, or a dirty Miami politician?

The answer might surprise you because I never saw it coming.

Claws, Class and a Whole Lotta Sass: Sassy Ever After (Dragon Guard Book 20)

by Julia Mills

The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills, and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It’s up to you. ENJOY!

Hiding in plain sight as the Pack Healer for a bunch of wolves was the perfect coverâ?¦

Using ancient magic to hide her true nature hadn’t always been easy, but it beat the hell outta being dead…then he waltzed in. Six foot-nine inches of pure male dragon, looking better than a man had a right to and making her dragoness wake from a long hibernation to spread her wings, not only rocked Dannika’s world, it almost turned it upside-down. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an evil as old as time and twice as deadly has reared its ugly head. Her ability to hide behind her patented sassy attitude may have kept Dannika safe for all these years, but now the future of all things paranormal is at stake and only she holds the key to its survival…well, at least part of it.

It was supposed to be a simple cross country trip, but then, he’d heard that somewhere beforeâ?¦
Since the death of his father almost a century ago, Wolfe McCallum’s life had been a series of incredible ups and devastating downs that made riding a roller coaster seem like a walk in the park. It also didn’t help that he freely admitted to being more stubborn than a mule and twice as contrary. He prided himself on being able to outlast, out argue, or just plain irritate anyone on the planet into giving up without raising a single claw or breaking a sweat…until he damn near tripped over the most beautiful woman in the world.

One lookâ?¦one kissâ?¦one extraordinary nightâ?¦

Secrets unlocked, Destiny knocking at the door, and a Fate that will not be denied. Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, be prepared for sudden stops, and by all means – buckle up. Fireworks are the least of your worries when one bull-headed dragon and his sassy-since-birth dragoness are faced with saving not only themselves, but everyone and everything they hold dear.

The Universe may not make mistakes, but She doesn’t make things easy either. It’s gonna take claws, class, and a whole lotta sass to save the day this time.

Realm of Fire (Marauder Book 3)

by D.W. Roach

The Ragnarok has arrived.

As the enemies of Midgard descend upon the brave Viking warriors of Bjorgvin, Audan must face demonic adversaries and seek out new allies.

But when his brother Jareth is taken against his will into the depths of hell, Audan must travel to new lands and explore the vast depths of the Norse Realms to save his comrade in arms.

Can Audan rescue his brother and survive the coming clash of man and gods, or will Midgard descend into the eternal abyss?

Deadly Secrets Consequences – Taria Book 3 Part 1: Brothers that Bite

by Ebony Bowser

Deadly Secrets Consequences has picked up exactly where book two left off. Focusing on Taria, Michael, Quinn, and Latoya, who are still trying to maintain the boundaries of friendship and love while fighting against dark forces. This novel focuses majorly on Taria and Michael. Taria is struggling with her identity and trying to figure out who she is still, while Michael, on the other hand, is hiding who he is. When things and people are exposed, will they be able to push past the consequences and accept their fate? Or will their future bring them crumbling down? Taria and Michael have been carrying around like the Van Allan family are their biggest enemies. However, once some things come to light, they may realize the puppet master is more significant than that.

Blood and Magic (Blood and Darkness Book 1)

by Melissa Sercia

Meet Gray. Dhampir. Undead. Cursed.

With supernatural powers and an insatiable need for blood, her existence is cursed.

When Gray awakens from a three-year spell induced coma, she not only discovers her lover as the one responsible, but that he has joined with a dangerous organization known as the Consilium to help them create a new breed of hybrid demons. Humans and Witches are being taken against their will, and fear is growing throughout the covens.

Gray never had a choiceâ??forced to become a monster, the Dhampir. Yet after four hundred years, she still yearns for her humanity, like a long-lost echo from another life. She cannot allow the Consilium to do this to anyone else. With a renewed lust for vengeance, and a target on her back, Gray must use the one thing she swore never to in order to stop themâ??blood magic.

Armed with a magical pirate ship, an immortal monk, and a flower plucked from the Underworld, Gray will stop at nothing to start a war. Yet in her quest to track down her enemies, she uncovers a dark family secret that threatens to destroy the last shred of humanity she has left.

Melissa Sercia packs a punch with her debut novel with its rich world building and unique interpretation of gothic literature. It’s a must read if you’re looking for a fresh take on gothic fantasy.” – Science Fiction Author, Samantha Huewagen â??â??â??â??â??


Q: Why do you write?

A: When I was a kid, reading was a way for me to escape into magical worlds. I was about twelve years old when I first started writing and making up my own stories. It made me feel like I had a connection to the literary greats. Like I was in some sort of secret magical club. Today, I write to try and capture that magic in hopes to inspire writers and readers alike. To take my readers on a journey. An adventure. An escape. I write to breathe life into characters, to transport readers to fantasy settings, and to hopefully make people believe in magic again.

Q: What books do you write?

A: I write Fantasy and Science Fiction and all of its sub-genres. My current series, Blood and Darkness, is adult Urban Fantasy. I love playing with the real world and spinning it on its head, adding magical elements and creatures to it, and creating worlds within worlds. I keep a very long notebook of story ideas filled with everything from Portal Fantasy, Steampunk, and High Fantasy to Dystopian, Hard Sci-Fi, and Space Opera.


  1. BLOOD AND MAGIC (book 1)
  2. FLESH AND BONE (book 2)
  3. GODS AND DEMONS (book 3)

Q: Why should readers pick up your books?

A: Blood and Darkness is a fast paced, page turning Urban Fantasy series. If you are a fan of Gothic settings, sexual tension, ancient prophecies, dark magic, and deep rooted mythology, then you will love this series. Ultimately, Blood and Darkness is about love and betrayal, revenge and redemption, and all-out war. From the first page of Blood and Magic to the last, you will not be able to put this series down. These characters will haunt you, their stories will stay with you, and they will leave you wanting more.

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Bound to the Wolves: A Wolf-Shifter Paranormal Fantasy (Enchanted Kingdom Chronicles Book 2)

by Aurora Dawn

Claimed by the Wolves…
…Stolen by the Golden Dragon King.

Taken by the serpents, hunted by the fae, and cursed by a vengeful monk, Elle finds herself kept captive in the sky world of the serpents.

While the Davidian Clan brothers devise a plan to rescue her, one must make a dark deal with a forgotten magic.

Alexi will be forced to make a heavy sacrifice, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Vengeful dragons. Sexy wolf-shifters. Ruthless faeries. Prepare to enter the Enchanted Kingdom where anything is possible and one hybrid is the key to breaking a devastating curse.

By New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee writing as Aurora Dawn, discover a new reverse harem world where magic and folklore bring a spellbinding tale of romance and friendship. Perfect for fans of strong female protagonists and books by Sarah J. Maas, and Brandon Sanderson.

Reading Order:

  1. Sold to the Wolves 
  2. Bound to the Wolves 
  3. Loved by the Wolves
  4. Queen of the Wolves

The Agony of an Age (The Plight of a People Book 2)

by J. W. Barlament

The Agony of an Age is an intricate tale of power, warfare and torment. It is the sequel to The Plight of a People, and it continues the saga set up in its predecessor with three more riveting stories.

Part I picks up nearly a century after the conclusion of the first book and delves deep into the mind of an immortal philosopher and commander. Rahdain, as he is called, struggles against scheming enemies and reluctant allies alike as he attempts to prevent a war that would lay his entire world to waste. A few generations later, Part II follows the life of Hallmund, a king plagued with inner demons aplenty. In a maelstrom of misery, he faces invaders, zealots, rebels and a haunting past all at once. Finally, in Part III, the battered and bashful farmer Reolus is thrown into a world of chaos when his village is set ablaze and his life is burned before his eyes. He and his family are then forced into a deadly race against time as they flee towards salvation and away from a man determined to slaughter them at all costs.

The book as a whole is an adventure through the pitfalls of misery and the terror of towering opposition. It spans the entirety of an era filled with climactic battles and unspeakable tragedies, but throughout all this boundless woe, the light of hope is never once lost. The Agony of an Age is a fantasy epic filled to the brim with political intrigue, pressing issues and personal perseverance. It takes the reader back to a time of mythic beasts and inhuman masters, never letting itself dawdle into mundanity. And, simultaneously, it stays focused on the tribulations of the human spirit that drives and unites us all.

Arcane Forest Anthology: Get Lost in Worlds of Fantasy and Awe

by W.J. May

Get Lost in Worlds of Fantasy and Awe

9 First-in-a-Series stories by 9 top-selling authors

Read 9 different first books from 9 different Fantasy (romance) series. We hope you enjoy the books you are about to read and meet some new characters to love!

Book 1 by W.J. May – Rae of Hope
Book 2 by Chrissy Peebles – Eternal Vows
Book 3 by Kaitlyn Davis – The Golden Cage
Book 4 by C.J. Pinard – Enchanted Immortals
Book 5 by Kristen Middleton – Wicked
Book 6 by Karin De Havin – Jin in Time
Book 7 by Natasha Brown – Fledgling
Book 8 by Emma Shade – Finding Obscurity
Book 9 by Kate Thomas – Resounding Truth

Note: Some of these books are part 1 and may end on cliff hangers.

The Glass Gargoyle (The Lost Ancients Book 1)

by Marie Andreas

Archeologist Taryn St. Giles has spent her life mining the ruins of the elves who vanished from the Four Kingdoms a thousand years ago. But when her patrons begin disappearing tooâ??and then turning up deadâ??she finds herself unemployed, restless, and desperate. So she goes looking for other missing things: as a bounty hunter.
Tracking her first fugitiveâ??the distractingly handsome and strangely charming Alricâ??she unearths a dangerous underworld of warring crime lords, demonic squirrels, and a long-lost elven artifact capable of unleashing a hell on earth.
Chased, robbed, kidnapped, and distressingly low on rent money, Taryn just wants one quiet beer and to catch her fugitive. But there’s more to Alric than his wicked grinâ??is he a wanted man or the city’s only hope? With menacing mages in pursuit and her three alcoholic faery sidekicks always in her hair, Taryn’s curiosity might finally solve the mystery of the elvesâ?¦ or be the death of her and destroy her world.

If Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, invaded Stephanie Plumb’s Jersey and fell into a raucous, twisted Middle Earth, they might find Taryn St. Giles already waiting for them in this high action fantasy caper.– Jessa Slade, award-winning author of QUEEN OF STARLIGHT, Sheerspace Book 1

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