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In Search of Lost Time [volumes 1 to 7]

by Marcel Proust

“‘In Search of Lost Time’ is widely recognized as the major novel of the twentieth century.” â??Harold Bloom
“At once the last great classic of French epic prose tradition and the towering precursor of the ‘nouveau roman’.” â??Bengt Holmqvist
“Proust so titillates my own desire for expression that I can hardly set out the sentence. Oh if I could write like that!” â??Virginia Woolf
“The greatest fiction to date.” â??W. Somerset Maugham
“Proust is the greatest novelist of the 20th century.” â??Graham Greene

On the surface a traditional “Bildungsroman” describing the narrator’s journey of self-discovery, this huge and complex book is also a panoramic and richly comic portrait of France in the author’s lifetime, and a profound meditation on the nature of art, love, time, memory and death. But for most readers it is the characters of the novel who loom the largest: Swann and Odette, Monsieur de Charlus, Morel, the Duchesse de Guermantes, Françoise, Saint-Loup and so many others â?? Giants, as the author calls them, immersed in Time.
“In Search of Lost Time” is a novel in seven volumes. The novel began to take shape in 1909. Proust continued to work on it until his final illness in the autumn of 1922 forced him to break off. Proust established the structure early on, but even after volumes were initially finished he kept adding new material, and edited one volume after another for publication. The last three of the seven volumes contain oversights and fragmentary or unpolished passages as they existed in draft form at the death of the author; the publication of these parts was overseen by his brother Robert.

Hold Strong: A World War II Novel about Freedom, Forgiveness, and the True Story of the Deadliest Accident in U.S. Military History

by Jeff Langholz

“At times brutal and gut-wrenching, at times miraculous and awe-inspiring . . . this novel is like â??Lord of the Flies’ with a better ending, a story I will never forget.” – MARK SULLIVAN, author of Amazon #1 best seller BENEATH A SCARLET SKY and five New York Times #1 best sellers with James Patterson.

Based on the incredible true story of an unequaled disaster, Hold Strong is a triumphant tale of love, faith, and courage against all odds.

October 1944. After two and a half years as an American POW in the Philippines, Sam knows how to survive. But when Japanese captors force Sam and eighteen-hundred other prisoners into the hold of a crowded cargo ship, everything changes.

Meanwhile, the head of the U.S. code-breaking unit in Hawaii, Jasper Holmes, intercepts a message about a Japanese convoy and its cargo. Holmes forwards the target details to Commander Ed Blakely aboard the USS Shark II submarine, patrolling the South China Sea.

What happens next is so explosive, so shocking, the truth stayed secret for decades. Caught in a drama of epic scale, Sam battles outer trials and inner demons. Can he get home to his fiancé, Sarah? Will he find freedom and forgiveness?

Anchored in historical facts, HOLD STRONG sweeps along at breakneck speed. Fans of BENEATH A SCARLET SKY, THE NIGHTINGALE, and UNBROKEN will enjoy this soaring testament to the human spirit.

Standing Stones (The McDonnell Clan Book 1)

by Beth Camp

In 1842, Lord Gordon claims his new estate in Northern Scotland and plans to replace farmers and fishermen with sheep. Mac McDonnell, suspicious of Lord Gordon from the beginning, leads protests – despite the impact his actions will have on his sister and three brothers. When evictions begin, a second protest at Westness turns violent. What will Mac risk to protect his family, his sweetheart, and his livelihood?

Set in the Orkney Islands during the time of the Clearances, Standing Stones won an award from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association for historical fiction and was called “a very promising work, with appeal to a broad audience, peppered with a variety of characters the reader can identify with sympathetically or instantly distrust.”

“Well-developed characters and well-researched background & history made this an excellent book that I found hard to put down. I felt as if I was a friend of the McDonnell family, living on the island and sharing their love and hardships.”

“Camp’s characters step off the page in this finely detailed recreation of time and place.”

“I strongly recommend this book to any one that enjoys Scotland and family sagas.”

“This history should not be forgotten. The author’s writing style is exquisite, and her attention to detail is superb. If you are a history buff, you will enjoy reading this book.”

The Tree of Cyrngarth

by Devora Locke

The Cyrngarth series continues in this second and most complex of the three stories, fusing medieval history with fantasy based in the culture of the English Danelaw. Erlan the Varr returns to East Anglia after a penance of nine years to find his barony stolen and all his beliefs thrown into question. When King Henry dies the country is swept up in yet another disputed succession. Together with a young knight, an old steward, and a wayward boy, Erlan must fight through the anarchy around him to regain what was promised, while honoring his own promise as Varr to somehow defy his own fate.

The Downcast Wolves

by Cameron Loris

Young Erich Fiehler knows nothing of life before Hitler’s Germany.

In the last peaceful days of 1939, he hurtles through the Austrian Alps aboard a gilded train. Its destination: a mountaintop academy where the halls burst with potent magic and Nazi zealotry.

Ensconced in this privileged retreat, Erich masters a devastating power that could change the outcome of the war. But as the atrocities that underpin his new life reveal themselves, he must choose what to give up: his magic or his humanity.

Devine’s Mission (Marshal Devine Book 2)

by I. J. Parnham

When Lachlan McKinley raided Fairmount Town’s bank, the four-thousand dollar bounty that was posted on his head attracted plenty of manhunters, but everyone that went after him ended up dead.
Bounty hunter Jonathon Lynch reckoned he could do better. Lachlan was Jonathon’s step-brother and his mission was personal, but when he joined the hunt he soon discovered that all was not as it seemed and Lachlan may, in fact, be innocent. Worse, U.S. Marshal Jake Devine was also after Lachlan.
Devine is more likely to destroy the peace than to keep it, and so can Jonathon bring the guilty to justice before Devine does his worst?

Grassland: A passage through the uncharted possibilities of the early American West

by Asa Hawk

Set on the Great Plains of the United States in 1833, in the region that is now southern Nebraska and northern Kansas, the narrative follows sixty-year-old Gerhardt Horst who is stricken with a stroke and thrown out on the open prairie. He survives due in part to the care of Pakskkiis, a Wichita Shaman . Born a woman, Pakskkiis assumes the social status of a man to survive in the male-dominated culture of the Pawnee. Together, along with a Pawnee crone, a mixed-blood boy, and a foundling infant, the two begin a passage through the uncharted possibilities of the early American West with all its savagery, solitude, and splendor. Coming into intimate and lethal contact with hostile tribes and renegade soldiers, Pawnee priests and Christian missionaries, tornadoes, and wildfires, this provisional family struggles to survive and overcome the obstacles of language, sexuality, culture, and religion, in a land of unbounded violence and beauty.

A Taste of Love: Yule Season in Roman Camp (Caerwin of Britannia)

by Lizzie Ashworth

A cruel wind blows across the midwinter lands of Northern Britain, flapping Senna’s cloak as she hurries inside the praetorium on the heels of the blustering Tutonius, legion cook and dear friend. In Rome, Saturnalia would last a week and include a day of relaxation for all the slaves. But, she sadly acknowledges, this is not Rome but a miserable outpost on the westernmost boundary of Roman-occupied lands.

Senna does her best to relieve some of her friend’s staggering workload as he prepares the holiday meal. The governor of all Britain will feast here tonight along with officers of three legions. Hurrying outside the fortress to the sprawling campgrounds of refugees, camp followers, and traders of all kinds, Senna shops for last-minute gifts for her enslaved Briton mistress Caerwin and food supplies Tutonius must have.

Upon her return to the kitchen, Senna blushes as Teutonius shares a moment of personal pleasure. Dare she indulge herself with thoughts of love?

La Guerra di Ann – Tradimento (Italian Edition)

by Hannah Howe

La Guerra di Ann

La serie La Guerra di Ann è una serie composta da cinque romanzi brevi ambientati nel 1944/1945. Ciascuna storia comprende circa 15.000 parole e un mistero completo. Le storie si chiamano: Tradimento, Invasione, Ricatto, Fuga e Vittoria. L’arco della storia di Ann si evolve lungo il corso della serie e raggiunge la sua conclusione con il quinto libro, Vittoria.


Mentre suo marito è fuori per una missione top secret, Ann Morgan si prepara ad affrontare un nuovo giorno del suo lavoro di segreteria nell’agenzia investigativa di Trevor Bowman. Però questo giorno sarà diverso da tutti gli altri. Nell’arco di 24 ore, Ann vedrà la sua vita sconvolta quando scoprirà un omicidio, incontrerà un affascinante vedovo, l’ispettore Max Deveraux e confronterà l’assassino, in una storia piena di tentazioni e falsità

Game over: El desconocido origen histórico del nazismo (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Claudín

Esta novela histórica recrea el bíblico Libro de Esther. Mientras una bruja mueve los hilos del destino en la sombra y el imperio persa, con el rey Jerjes a la cabeza, se propone aplastar al pueblo judío -acuñando el concepto racista del orgullo ario que andando el tiempo retomaría Hitler-, el escriba Adif, un joven inquietante -encargado de transcribir las escrituras sagradas- que no tiene sombra y cuya imagen no se refleja en los espejos, desvela la existencia de Dios…

LO SCRIGNO DI OSSIAN – 1937 – edizione illustrata ep. 1 di 2 (Collana: Romanzi a puntate) (Italian Edition)

by Carmen Margherita Di Giglio

Lucania 1937 – Germania 1938. Tormentato dal suo amore impossibile per l’affascinante e misteriosa Paolina, sua zia, il giovane pianista Andrea Ligerio lascia la vecchia casa paterna in Lucania per trasferirsi in Germania. Qui il suo destino si incrocia con quello del duca Philipp Rosenberg, potente e ricco protettore di artisti, che lo introduce nel suo castello di Werdenstein con l’intento di favorirne la carriera pianistica. Ma una volta entrato fra quelle mura, circondato da una corte di personaggi stravaganti e imprevedibili, il giovane scoprirà che non è così facile uscirne, che intorno a lui niente e nessuno è quel che sembra e che, dietro le maschere, tra le alcove dorate e i labirintici corridoi della sontuosa Werdenstein, si cela in realtà un segreto fatale. Travolto nel vortice di una vita sfrenata, fatta di piaceri e di vizi, fra passioni proibite, occulti riti d’iniziazione e intrighi politici che vedono coinvolto l’imperante regime nazista, Andrea, bello e innocente, smarrisce se stesso e perde la purezza, precipitando in una vertiginosa discesa agli inferi. 
Travolgente e ipnotico, caratterizzato da una scrittura ricca di riferimenti musicali, Lo scrigno di Ossian, insieme al prequel Werdenstein, costituisce la parte iniziale della saga dello Scrigno, opera che trae origine dall’antica storia familiare dell’autrice e che vede intrecciarsi i destini di due famiglie, gli italiani Ligerio e i tedeschi von Rosenberg, sullo sfondo di uno dei periodi più sconvolgenti e torbidi della Storia dell’umanità.

Bello, subdolo, vizioso, tremendamente affascinante.
Uno stile che rapisce senza riserve, una trama ammaliante, che ora carezza, ora graffia con il suo fascino.
Colpita e ammaliata dalla penna di questa magistrale autrice, leggerò assolutamente il prequel “Werdenstein”.

(recensione di

Amore e morte, eros e distruzione, si alternano in un continuo equilibrio in questa storia dove il rosso del sangue e della passione si combina al nero del mistero e dell’ambiguità, per sconfinare oltre le regole.
(recensione di )

Originale, intrigante, avvincente. Una prosa scorrevole, armoniosa, dove le parole si susseguono come le note di un fraseggio musicale.
(Gabriella Pellizzoni, scrittrice)

Romanzo caratterizzato da uno stile narrativo molto elegante. Inoltre è scorrevole e si legge che è un piacere.
(Dott.ssa Elisabetta Megna – Comunicazione e Settore Attività Culturali Comune Lainate)

  • Contiene il 1° episodio: dove si narra dell’amore di Andrea Ligerio per la misteriosa e affascinante Paolina e della rivalità con il perfido ariano Hans von Rosenberg.
  • Prosegue con LO SCRIGNO DI OSSIAN. IL CASTELLO (2° episodio): dove si narra dell’ingresso di Andrea nel castello di Werdenstein
  • La saga continua con il romanzo WERDENSTEIN. La prima parte è offerta dall’editore tra i romanzi gratis negli ebook gratuiti in italiano. Disponibile anche in versione integrale, ebook unico o a stampa.

Dopo un’applaudita carriera di soprano si è dedicata alla scrittura e oggi le sue opere, ricche di mistero, esoterismo, musica ed eros, appassionano i lettori. I suoi romanzi LO SCRIGNO DI OSSIAN, WERDENSTEIN e il thriller LA CONTESSA DI CALLE si sono collocati in cima ai best seller di IBS e di Amazon nei romanzi storici kindle. Altre sue pubblicazioni: LA PORTA ALCHEMICA (poemetto esoterico) e SOGNO DI UNA NOTTE DI PIENO INVERNO (racconto mistery), entrambi illustrati con le immagini di William Blake.

Ð?Ñ?алÑ?янский Ñ?Ñ?дожник (Russian Edition)

by РÑ?Ñ?о Ð?иÑ?

СÑ?Ñ?аÑ?ная гоÑ?иÑ?еская сказка-пÑ?иÑ?Ñ?а. Ð?Ñ?едсмеÑ?Ñ?нÑ?е записи иÑ?алÑ?янского Ñ?Ñ?дожника из АнконÑ?. Ð?ейсÑ?вие пÑ?оисÑ?одиÑ? в Ð?Ñ?алии с 1463 по 1514 годÑ?. Не все собÑ?Ñ?ия и Ñ?акÑ?Ñ?, описаннÑ?е в воспоминанияÑ? Ñ?Ñ?дожника ФеÑ?Ñ? из АнконÑ?, досÑ?овеÑ?нÑ?.

Les rois maudits (extrait) (French Edition)

by Maurice DRUON

Découvrez la célébrissime fresque de Maurice Druon, considérée comme un modèle du roman historique, dans cet extrait numérique offert à l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’année par les éditions Plon !

Au début du XIVe siècle s’ouvre, contre les Templiers, le plus vaste procès dont l’Histoire ait gardé le souvenir. Jacques de Molay, le grand maître de l’Ordre, meurt sur le bûcher en lançant sa terrible malédiction contre le roi de France, le pape et les grands du royaume: Maudits, tous maudits jusqu’à la treizième génération de vos races !

Dès lors, le malheur s’abat sur la France. Les quatre derniers Capétiens directs meurent en moins de quinze années: adultères, meurtres, procès, trahisons ébranlent la dynastie, et mènent à la guerre de Cent Ans.

Cette extraordinaire saga a conquis des générations de lecteurs à travers le monde et a donné naissance à de formidables créations audiovisuelles.

La célébrissime fresque de Maurice Druon, considérée comme un modèle du roman historique, enfin disponible en numérique !

XXL-Leseprobe: Als das Leben unsere Träume fand: Roman (German Edition)

by Luca Di Fulvio

Drei Leben. Zwei Welten. Ein Neuanfang.

XXL-Leseprobe zu Luca Di Fulvios “Als das Leben unsere Träume fand”:

Es ist das Jahr 1913, und eine Schiffsreise nach Buenos Aires verheiÃ?t eine zweite Chance für drei junge Menschen: Der Sizilianer Rocco hat den Zorn der Mafia auf sich gezogen, als er sich weigerte, sein Leben in den Dienst der ehrenwerten Gesellschaft zu stellen. Rosetta hat in einem sizilianischen Dorf dem Don die Stirn geboten und nur knapp eine Vergewaltigung überlebt. Die russische Jüdin Raquel ist die einzige Ã?berlebende eines Pogroms, ihre kostbarste Habe ist die Erinnerung an die Liebe ihrer Eltern. Doch das Leben in der Neuen Welt stellt sie vor schier unüberwindbare Hindernisse …

Diese Leseprobe enthält auÃ?erdem noch ein Interview mit Luca Di Fulvio über seinen neuen Roman “Als das Leben unsere Träume fand”.

Jetzt herunterladen und sofort loslesen!

The Covenant

by Nic Fox

In Elizabethan England a young woman named Jane, who has a peculiar gift, is thrust into the dangerous game of court life, spies, and conspiracy. She is tasked with preventing what seems inevitable. She is little more than a pawn in a battlefield that goes beyond the coasts of England and into a world that has remained unseen by mortal eyes.

Meanwhile, a powerful force called the Covenant is about to lose everything they have fought for unless an unreliable prophecy is fulfilled. Jane is forced to come face to face with this group of displaced warriors, who may hold the truth to her past, present, and future.

Last Dance in Lisbon

by G. R. Henderson

Bea is an 18 year-old farm girl in North Dakota during the depression with big dreams for her future. When she goes out with Jim, an old classmate she barely knew existed, as her brother suggests a month before she’s due to leave for college, her life and outlook change in ways she never thought possible.

Ortigia, 219-218 a.C. – serie Il Matematico che sfidò Roma ep. #6 di 8 (A piccole dosi) (Italian Edition)

by Francesco Grasso

Episodio #6 di 8Narrando della sfida che oppose Roma a Cartagine, la Storia tende a trascurare il ruolo di una terza città, prospera almeno quanto l’Urbe, forse persino superiore per retaggio e cultura.Si tratta di Siracusa, perla della Magna Grecia, faro di civiltà e potenza militare che si ritrovò – purtroppo per lei – alleata di Annibale nel momento sbagliato. Una scelta che Roma non perdonò.Soverchiata in uomini e armamenti, Siracusa resistette all’assedio delle legioni e della flotta romana per due anni, dal 214 al 212 a.C., soprattutto grazie alle rutilanti invenzioni di Archimede, uno dei più geniali scienziati di ogni tempo.Un’epopea narrata in questo romanzo.

DIE EWIGEN. Die Gärten von Rom: Folge 1 (German Edition)

by Chriz Wagner

»Mein Name ist Simon. Ich lebe ewig. Solange ich zurückdenken kann, bin ich auf der Erde. Ich habe au�ergewöhnliche Dinge gelernt, auf der Suche nach einer Antwort auf die Frage: Wer bin ich? Ich kann nicht sterben. Ich darf nicht lieben. Ich bin Simon.«

11 n. Chr.: Simon arbeitet im alten Rom als Gärtner und hofft, nun endlich einen Ort gefunden zu haben, an dem er glücklich sein kann. Bis der talentierte Gärtner Magnus in die Stadt kommt und einen Senator nach dem anderen durch seine schnelle und herausragende Arbeit verblüfft. Simon ist sich sicher, dass er den Eindringling und seine stinkende Hyäne schon einmal irgendwo gesehen hat, scheint jedoch der einzige zu sein, der ihm mit Misstrauen begegnet. Als Simons Brotgeberin nach und nach die Aufträge ausbleiben, entlässt sie schlie�lich ihn und seine schöne Kollegin Albina. Simon fasst einen Entschluss: Er wird Magnus das Handwerk legen und ihn als Schwindler enttarnen.
Wird es Simon gelingen, seine geliebte Gärtnerei zu retten?
Was haben die blauen Rosen mit Magnus Erfolg zu tun und warum sind Kinder in den Parks nicht mehr erlaubt?

DIE EWIGEN: eine Serie von Geschichten vor den Kulissen der Weltgeschichte. Zu allen Zeiten finden sich Mystery, Horror und ein Hauch Liebe.


Ã?ber die Reihe DIE EWIGEN

DIE EWIGEN ist eine Serie von mysteriösen Erzählungen aus den Memoiren der Unsterblichen Thyri und Simon vor den Kulissen der Weltgeschichte.
Obwohl sie den Grund für ihr ewiges Leben nicht kennen, dauert die Reise der EWIGEN Thyri und Simon durch das Leben schon Jahrtausende an. Doch wo und zu welcher Zeit sie auch leben, immer finden sich Thyri und Simon in au�ergewöhnlichen, mystischen, manchmal auch grauenvollen Situationen wieder, während sie auf der Suche nach dem Ursprung ihrer Unsterblichkeit sind.
Den Hintergrund für die Geschichten bieten zahlreiche historische Ereignisse und Aufzeichnungen.


»Unsere Welt hat die grö�ten Geschichten zu erzählen. Man muss nur genau hinhören.«



Folge 1: DIE EWIGEN. Die Gärten von Rom
Folge 2: DIE EWIGEN. Der Bruderpakt
Folge 3: DIE EWIGEN. Die Zeichen der Schuld
Folge 4: DIE EWIGEN. Von sterbenden Engeln
Folge 5: DIE EWIGEN. Das Gedächtnis der Welt
Folge 6: DIE EWIGEN. Die Mönche vom heiligen Berg
Folge 7: DIE EWIGEN. Stimmen aus der Zukunft
Folge 8: DIE EWIGEN. Vom Schicksal der Zeit
Folge 9: DIE EWIGEN. Spiegelwelten
Folge 10: DIE EWIGEN. Gilgamesch und die Seherin (August 2018)


DIE EWIGEN. Erinnerungen an die Unsterblichkeit: Sammelband der Folgen 1-5
DIE EWIGEN. Erinnerungen an die Unsterblichkeit: Sammelband der Folgen 6-10 (Oktober 2018)

Sex im alten Rom 1 – Die Sklaven: Historischer Erotik-Roman von Rhino Valentino (German Edition)

by Rhino Valentino

Rom, 50 vor Christus: Die reiche Kaufmannsgattin Laetitia kauft auf dem Markt des Forum Romanum drei neue Sklaven: den gro�en, kräftigen und sehr gutaussehenden Schwarzen Obinna aus Nubien, den hübschen Gallier Dumnorix und die wunderschöne, blonde Germanin Afra. Sie will sie nicht nur als gehorsame Haussklaven besitzen, sondern auch als exotische Bereicherung ihrer wollüstigen Nächte. Ihr wohlhabender Ehemann Magnus ahnt nicht, welch hei�e Liebespläne seine Frau hegt. Während er sich auf eine Geschäftsreise in die Toskana vorbereitet, plant Laetitia für die Zeit seiner Abwesenheit eine wilde Sex-Orgie mit allerlei bizarren Gästen.

Ihr gefährliches Leben führt die Sklaven Obinna, Dumnorix und Afra durch das aufregende, alte Rom zur Zeit der Herrschaft Julius Cäsars. Sexuelle Skandale, eine überaus peinliche Begattung in der �ffentlichkeit, eine furchtbare Anschuldigung und die unbändige Sehnsucht nach Freiheit bewegen die drei Helden dieser spannenden Story.

Neben detailreichen Schilderungen verschiedener Erotik-Szenen enthält die Geschichte eine kräftige Brise Humor. Im Mittelpunkt der Handlung steht nicht nur der Sex: Im Verlauf der Serie durchleben die leidgeprüften Helden eine dramatische Bandbreite ihrer Gefühle. Sie lassen die Leserinnen und Leser teilhaben an ihren �ngsten, Hoffnungen und dem unerschütterlichen Selbstvertrauen in die eigenen Kräfte und Fähigkeiten. In seiner geschliffenen, messerscharfen und gerne unverhohlen blumigen Sprache umgarnt Sie Rhino Valentino mit der perversen, düsteren und manchmal auch erfrischend heiteren Welt des alten Roms!

UMFANG: 48 Seiten / 13 625 Wörter. NEU ERSCHIENEN: Teile 7 bis 18 plus vier Sammelbände! Es sind insgesamt sechs Sammelbände erhältlich, welche jeweils drei Teile beinhalten. Die achtzehn Einzelbände oder die sechs Sammelbände bilden einen gro�en, abgeschlossenen Roman.

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