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Demons Dreaming: Summoning

by Steve Spalding

In this collection, writer and podcast producer Steve Spalding (Casual Magics, May Contain Horrors), presents fifteen stories about creatures who crawl out of the darkness.

These are tales of demons — both personal and supernatural — the dark forces that drive us to crimson deeds, and the consequences of succumbing to them.

All are designed to be compact enough for your commute, and interesting enough to keep you coming back for more.


by Mark Lumby

If you had the chance to hit the reset button, would you?
If a stranger told you they could take away your cancer, would you let them?
If paradise was gifted to you, a new life, a house by the lake, more money than you could imagine, and a wife for whom you would eventually love, would you agree to take that deal?

There is only one condition. In 20 years you must give something back. You don’t know what that something is, and you never will until you need to give it.

All debts need paying in the end.

Everything has its price.

Beta Rising: A Les Loups-Garous Novel

by Angelina Fasano

The Kingdom Will Fall…
As Christa begins to settle into her new role as True Alpha, she is confronted by new challenges to her authority and her pack…
She thought that with the death of Brendan, the threat of a Rogue was behind her. She is quickly learning that Brendan was just a pawn and another, more powerful foe is hiding, waiting to take what belongs to her.
If another Rogue wasn’t enough, a different kind of werewolf has come out of the shadows and seems intent on making her and her kind extinct.
Tensions are running high between her and Daniel as they try to navigate the dangerous path they have set themselves on, hiding their relationship as the threats converge upon them, forcing them apart in more ways than just distance.
Can Christa manage to confront the new threat and destroy the Rogue?
Will she be able to survive the ultimate betrayal?

Hochspannung – Das unheimliche Thriller Strand Paket 2018 (German Edition)

by Alfred Bekker

Das Thriller Paket
Alfred Bekker, Lukas Vering, Alexander Bertsch

Der Umfang dieses Buchs entspricht 1294 Taschenbuchseiten.

Dieses Buch enthält folgende Romane:

Alexander Bertsch: Die Liebe, die Kunst und der Tod

Lukas Vering: Die Knochenfresser

Alfred Bekker: Die Angst verfolgt dich bis ans Ende

Alfred Bekker: Dein Albtraum wird zur Wirklichkeit

Lukas Vering: Rot

Alfred Bekker: Dunkler Reiter

Alfred Bekker: Haus der Schatten

Checking It Twice

by Melissa L. Webb

There’s been an accident at Santa’s Workshop. He needs to desperately replace what he lost at the North Pole. This Christmas horror story will make you think twice about being on the naughty list. Christmas horror short story

Free Five

by Paul D. Dail

Five Flash Fiction horror pieces, all under 1000 words.

Each piece also includes a brief afterword from the author with a bit of background on where he got the idea for the story.

A little insight into the life and mind of a horror writer.

Approx. 7000 words (roughly 28 pages)

– “The Professional Crier”
The tears of high school outcast Penny Circe can bring back the dead. At least temporarily.

– “I Spy With My Little Eye”
Anthony Monsano has gone through hell to finally find himself in possession of the round box. The question is, what’s inside?

– “Run, Rabbit. Run.”
Pete Cantrell hates jackrabbits. Unfortunately, his home is surrounded by them. And something else as well.

– “The Death He Expected”
A group of boys on a midnight, full moon trip to an Indian burial site get more than just a practical joke.

– “Another Oldie But Goodie”
Retirement home resident Margaret Daniels is hearing music that no one else can hear, a song she hasn’t heard in almost 50 years.

The Mountain and The City, Part I

by Brian Martinez

“Future best-seller? I think so.” – D.J. Molles, author of The Remaining

The virus wiped out mankind in a matter of days. Now the survivors are being hunted by what it left behind.

Years after global extinction, a young woman with no name hides in a mountain above a dead city. She lives her life with the door and windows taped shut, because survival comes down to two, simple rules: stay quiet, and protect the air. Anything less means death, or worse: becoming one of them.

But one day a curious, little monster comes up the mountain. It’s a meeting that leads to a fateful decision, and a sacrifice that will change everything.

Part One of a can’t-miss series!


by J. D. Brink

Crime-noir meets ghost-horror in this flash fiction story.

Mobster thugs Pauli and Mouse come across a street clown late at night who seems to know more than he’s telling. Maybe too much.

But you know the best thing about killing a mime? No one hears him scream.

Then again, by the time this story is over, it won’t be him screaming.

This story is also featured in the bewitching collection of dark tales A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley.

For more weird fiction of grit and shadow, check out these J. D. Brink titles:
— One-Eyed Jacks
— Eating in the Underworld
— Lonely
— Unfeeling

The Dead Rising: The Beginning

by Albert Yates

The world has become a different place since Henry woke up this morning and decided to go for a run on his treadmill. His neighbour seems to be acting strange, no one is working at the radio station, and the 911 operator rushed him off the phone when he called. What happened to his town while he was sleeping and will Henry be able to survive the dangers that lie outside of his house?

A Slave To The Coin

by Debra Dunbar

Emerson Cartwright is a wealthy, respected business man. He’s also a man with an obsession. Doctors, therapists, hypnotists, nothing seems to help him fight the compulsion to pick up found change, to hoard every coin he and his family has every held. When he discovers a hidden letter from his great grandmother, he begins to wonder if this family quirk stems from a sinister deal made long ago. Emerson desperately wants to break the cycle and shed the burden of this obsession, but the price he needs to pay may be too high.

Triple Threat (three short, terrifying tales of horror)

by Troy McCombs

Three short horror stories for a dollar!

A confused and desperate man is being stalked by a headless stranger whose real intentions may be very surprising to both him and you, the reader.

Feeding Time:
Some people think Bigfoot is tame… but is that really true? Or does it sometimes come out to eat men in order to retain its supernatural powers?

Henry has been afraid of the dark ever since childhood. Now he’s a grown man who believes that darkness is a direct link back to a previous world, a previous incarnation, where earthly fears actually have substance.

The Fall (The Rift Series Book 1)

by Robert J. Duperre

Publisher’s note:

The entire series of The Rift is now available as a reasonably priced omnibus, reworked and with added content, complete with all the illustrations from the original books.


An ancient evil, trapped in the ruins of a lost Mayan temple for centuries, has been unleashed. It takes the form of a deadly virus that causes violent insanity in the living and the recently departed to rise and walk. The blight spreads around the globe, throwing the world into chaos and war.

Regular people are hurled into an existence outside their control, left to deal with a terror they aren’t prepared to handle. Life becomes a nightmare, and that nightmare is spreading.

The Rift is comprised of four books:
The Fall
Dead of Winter (Available Now)
Death Springs Eternal (Available Now)
The Summer Son (Available Now)

Confessions of a Monster Hunter 1: The Veil of Innocence

by Eric Guindon

Am I the Avenging Hand of Korandos? F**cked if I know.
What I do know is that I’m not like the rest of you. Not anymore.
You’re helpless before the monsters that secretly rule our world, but I’m not.
You might not know it, but I’m doing all I can to keep you from being just a pawn, or a meal, to these creatures.
These memoirs are my confessions, my diary. I’m not proud of everything I’ve done, or of all the decisions I’ve had to make, but I stand by them; nothing in here is sugarcoated.
This first volume covers my beginnings. From my first hapless confrontation with a monster to my efforts to destroy the foul veil of innocence; it’s all in here.

This ebook is a novella (~36k words) – Contains strong language.

Midnight Symphony: Tales of the Macabre and Supernatural

by Anthony Williams

Midnight Symphony, the music of the night composed of macabre sonnets and ghastly rondos cherishing the supernatural. This collection is a volume of grisly tales serenading the occult, the mysterious, and the gruesome. It’s an exploration of experiments gone wrong, spirits seeking vengeance, deep conspiracies, and secrets that best remain undiscovered. Midnight Symphony contains eight tales dipping into all forms of the unknown and unexplained.

Brood of Bones

by A.E. Marling

Cursed with endless drowsiness, Enchantress Hiresha sleeps more than she lives. Since she never has had a chance to raise a family, she sometimes feels like every woman is pregnant except for her. This time, she is right.

From virgin to grandmother, all the women in her city have conceived. One unexpected pregnancy is a drama; fifty thousand is citywide hysteria.

A lurking sorcerer drains power from the unnatural pregnancies, and Hiresha must track him by his magic. Unfortunately, her cultured education in enchantment ill-equips her to understand his spellcraft, which is decidedly less than proper. The only person uncivilized enough to help is the Lord of the Feast, a dangerous yet charming illusionist. Associating with him may imperil Hiresha’s city, yet refusing his help will allow the sorcerer to leech godlike power from the mass births.

The Demon Rides Shotgun #1 (The Jack Ketch Chronicles)

by Harry Haller

Jack Ketch: Brutal hangman in the wildest parts of the Wild West.
Moloch: Brutal demon, one of the Nine Lords of Hell.
When a demonic possession creates the world’s greatest demon-hunter, all Hell will break loose… 

Harry Haller slaughters his way to the forefront of fantasy with his comic book-inspired riff on the demon-hunter genre.

The Wooden Doll That Came Alive (Spookiez Book 1)

by Coffeemug

This unauthorized Goosebumps parody provides a unique blend of nostalgia and dark comedy. While the series features children as the main characters, the books are, by no means, children’s books. The villains in the series will often be symbolic versions of greater issues, following themes of abuse, racism, alcoholism, and other real life monsters that haunt our children today. In our first installment, a wooden ventriloquist doll comes to life. Reader beware, you’re in for what may be something that is potentially scary!

Easy Reading for Difficult Devils: An Anthology of Dark Fiction

by C.V. Hunt

Strange things come down from the heavens. A medical ward is full of patients who explode. A man must dispose of a corpse for his idiot brother. A little boy finds himself trapped beneath an outhouse. These, and others, are the strange tales contained within Easy Reading for Difficult Devils, a dark fiction anthology featuring stories by Kevin Sweeney, C.V. Hunt, Edward Martin III, and many more, as well as classics by Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Jack London.

Undead Genesis: Zombie: Epidemic Origin (Zombie Threat Book 2)

by Colten Steele

Deep in the rainforests of Brazil a young boy from a remote tribe watches as his father is murdered. His desire for vengeance causes him to make a decision that could eventually unleash an undead epidemic upon the civilized world. Undiscovered species and mystic powers merge to create a new threat mankind could never fully prepare for.

The boy’s own survival depends on his ability to outrun the relentless pursuit of his own creation.

Cover art for this story was created by Dale Neal and is his property. I am just borrowing it with his permission.

Arsenic and Old Lace

by Drac Von Stoller

Mary Bell and her husband Henry lived in a cottage nestled in the woods during the late 1800’s. They were a very happy couple until the day they lost their only child Mabel to tuberculosis. It really hit them both hard which turned their whole world upside down. Henry started drinking pretty heavily and paying less attention to his wife’s needs. Resentment was setting in from his wife and she decided she had enough and with a couple pinches of arsenic Henry was dead. Mary Bell’s love for men soured from that day forward turning her heart as cold as ice.

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