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Toddler Discipline: How to Discipline your Toddler without Pressure. Using Todayâ??s Best Strategies, Eliminate Tantrumâ??s and Improve the Behaviour of your … Happy Parents. (toddler development Book 1)

by Janet Watson

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Toddler Discipline, will include how to proactively prevent bad behavior in your toddler, how to use what you’re already doing to influence good behavior, how to create a closer bond between you and your child, and how to handle a tantrum when one happens.

By the end of this book you will know how to use the MANY preventative tactics to stop tantrums before they happen, how to encourage listening and good behavior in your toddler, different ways to praise your child that have proven benefits, how to balance praise and punishment without doing too much of either, how to include your toddler in your day-to-day activities while making it fun for both of you, exactly what to do when your child throws a tantrum in public, how to use simple, proven discipline tactics, how to be a great role model, and how to make you and your child happier while keeping them disciplined.

Inside you’ll find:

Chapter 1: Encouraging Your Child to Listen

Chapter 2: Rewarding Good Behavior

Chapter 3: Letting Your Child Help

Chapter 4: Carrot or the Stick?

Chapter 5: Tantrums

Chapter 6: Be the Example

Just Mom & Me

by OneFam

OneFam’s interactive mother son journal enables you to release the power of your family story. This stunning mother and son journal is packed full of shared activities with insightful questions, prompts, drawings, lists and lots of free writing space which is sure to strengthen the bond between a mother and son. Discuss everything from early memories to growing up to feelings about life’s situations and interests. A wonderfully fun and simple way for a mother and son to learn about each other on a much deeper level.



A ideia de escrever o e-book “37 PERGUNTAS PARA VOCÃ? RESPONDER E REFLETIR SOBRE SEU RELACIONAMENTO AMOROSO” revelando aspectos emocionais para uma vida amorosa mais resiliente e mais feliz nasceu da necessidade de chamar a atenção de homens e mulheres para que possam cuidar mais de seus relacionamentos amorosos.
Segundo o autor Luciano Carvalho, o segredo de uma boa vida amorosa gira em torno de uma reflexão sobre a descoberta do cenário atual (onde estou) que deve ser modificado para a conquista do cenário desejado (onde quero chegar). Em outras palavras, o casal deverá fazer a princípio uma autoavaliação de sua vida amorosa procurando identificar as áreas de seu relacionamento que precisam ser melhoradas.
Considerando as experiências vivenciadas pelo autor com o atendimento de casais, esta obra educa todos os casais que estão no início de seu relacionamento e ainda têm muitas expectativas quanto ao seu futuro, bem como aqueles que já trilharam um caminho considerável do percurso amoroso, mas que ainda se sentem inseguros, e finalmente, aqueles que já têm os seus relacionamentos firmados, visto que nunca é demais aprender novos saberes para a conquista de uma nova vida conjugal.
Portanto, o autor faz um convite a todos os casais para um olhar crítico sobre o que pode ser melhorado na vida amorosa de cada um, refletindo sobre as perguntas apresentadas nesta obra de forma bem prática para enriquecer sua vida com amor, tornando assim os seus relacionamentos mais saudáveis.
Palestrante e Consultor, Mestre Luciano Carvalho

This Single Mom Ain’t No Punk: A Nine Month Journey

by Aishah Iqbal

When Aishah Iqbal was a child, she dreamed of having a lot of kids. Being one of seven kids herself, she wanted her future children to enjoy the same love and happiness she did with her big and boisterous family. Fast forward to adulthood, which found her climbing the corporate ladder, moving from one city to another, mending her heart from failed love relationships, struggling with financial debt, and seemingly going further away from her childhood dream, until one day when a plastic stick showed her the sign of her life taking a dramatic twist.

“This Single Mom Ain’t No Punk” shows a glimpse into Aishah’s life during a time when everything was turned upside down. She was faced with being a future single mom, carrying her unborn child, and wading through a world that wasn’t entirely going to accept her and her decision. Through flashbacks, the reader is able to experience some of the adventures she had:

Getting laid off from work while six months pregnant
Refusing a proposition to sell her baby
Being shamed by her loved ones

The lessons she learned were critical to her success as a new mother and empowered woman. Go on this nine-month journey with her, and see how her experiences can help shine a light on your unknown strengths.

Book of Sexes: 36 Chinese Proverbs To Understand Men, Women and Relationships

by Molly Wei

“Book of Sexes” helps people gain a better of understanding of gender differences and human relationships. It employs Chinese proverbs to explain a variety of concepts related to the differences between men and women, in particular, mate selection, love, and sexuality.

The book addresses these matters through the introduction and explanation of related Chinese proverbs. Each of the 36 chapters (corresponding to one locution) covers one specific topic relevant to the overall theme of “differences between men and women”, ranging from physical attraction, sexual selection and preferences, through masturbation to orgasm or adultery.

It does not only clarify who we are (men and women), but also reveals what we want, and why that is so. It helps people who want to avoid misunderstandings get quick information about the own and the other sex for better relationships.

The unique advantage is that the insights and advice are based on thousand-year-old Chinese proverbs. As memorable expressions embodying given facts of experience, such sayings are taken as true by many people. Based on this premise, “Book of Sexes” uses existing scientific research to demonstrate the accuracy and applicability of these proverbs in our daily life and our relations with the other sex – in both serious and playful ways.

Mama’s Blues: Self-Empowering Life Lessons & Journey With Family Relationships, Emotional Freedom, Self-Transformation With 111 Original Life Mastery Quotes


You can emerge as a survivor with a wildflower’s resilience to embark on your own path to freedom as well.
Boldly creating new revolutionary perspectives for our near future, against all odds of growing up within the internal conflicts, dysfunctions, and drama of family ties and relationships. Also skating through the whirlwind of emotional rollercoaster rides to overcome all the obstacles, madness, and chaos of the heart and mind.

“Mama’s Blues” will leave no stones unturned.

“My heart’s going to weep one last time for all the wrongs,
When I begin to unravel the past aches in my song.

Mama, they’re going to learn every word in my tune,
When my eyes are done crying for the final time and I’m gone
The world’s going to memorize the lyrics to my song.

Mama, one day you’d desire to grow out of my old silence,
When you hear the echoes of my melody in the distant sirens
Because I’ve finally learned to reveal and sing my new song.”

“I loved reading this. I cried to parts, I laughed, all emotions were felt. If you are on the journey to self-love, soul searching, enlightenment, this is something to reference” â?? Katie Kemp

Special Edition Blue Floral Print Spine
[ Paperback Available On 11 July 2018 ]

Low Carb Vegan: Low Carb und vegan eine Perfekte Mischung 54 leckere Vegane Rezepte (German Edition)

by Julia Genc

Das Low Carb Vegan Kochbuch mit 54 leckeren Rezepten

Hast du jemals probiert vegan zu leben? Oder dachtest du es sei schwer das schaffe ich nicht. Dann kann ich dich erleichtern und sagen das es nicht schwer ist und man sich auch ganz ohne Fleisch sehr gesund ernähren kann. Die Vegane Ernährung wird immer mehr und mehr zum Trend. Mit diesem Rezeptbuch hast du eine viel Zahl an Rezepten für jede Tageszeit

Was erwartet dich in diesem Rezeptbuch

+ Nährwertangaben zu jedem Rezept
+ Eine Einführung was Low Carb und vegan ist
+ Frühstücks Rezepte für den perfekten Start in den Tag
+ Fruchtige und erfrischende Smoothies
+ Leckere Rezepte zum Mittagessen
+ Leckere Salat Rezepte
+ Leckere Rezepte zum Abendessen
+ Leckere Suppen Rezepte

Für wen ist dieses Rezeptbuch geeignet

+ Ale die sich gesund ernähren möchten
+ Alle die gesund abnehmen möchten
+ Alle die sich ohne Fleisch ernähren möchten
+ Alle die einen gro�en Wert auf den Körper geben
+ Alle die einen groÃ?en Wert auf die Umwelt geben
Dieses Rezeptbuch ist für Männer und Frauen geeignet

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