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Leo Tolstoy: The Complete Novels and Novellas (Active TOC) (A to Z Classics)

by Leo Tolstoy

Here you will find the complete novels and novellas of Leo Tolstoy in the chronological order of their original publication.
– Childhood
– Boyhood
– Youth
– Family Happiness
– The Cossacks
– War and Peace
– Anna Karenina
– The Death of Ivan Ilyich
– The Kreutzer Sonata
– Resurrection
– The Forged Coupon
– Hadji Murad

Petals of Poetry

by Maureen Brindle

Petals of Poetry contains all types of poetry. From a long free style narrative to acrostic and Haiku. The subjects are varied from biographies to science fiction. From my insight into the war in Libya to the account of my trip to New York to receive the award as Humanitarian Ambassador for Literary Arts at Princess Maria’s Global Officials of Dignity Awards and launch We Care for Humanity Poetry Book at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, where I was honored to receive a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition U. S. A. Congress.
Poetry expresses deep feelings and ideas. It is the most concise form of literature and I am grateful that God has gifted it to me.

This Really Works: Speaking Engagements & Book Signings on a Shoestring Budget (Author Hacks 2)

by Desiree Lee

Best Selling Author Desiree Lee shares how you too can take an idea, to publish, to impact nationwide! Ms. Lee still remembers when she became a self-published author and there were few who wouldn’t give her the answer. It was in that moment that she was determined to not only find the answers, but now share the answer key with others also.
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Author Hacks Second Edition Includes…
SECTION ONE���������������7
(Cause & Effect)
-3 types of events to generate income

SECTION TWO��������������..11
(Straight to the hacks)
-Speaking Engagements
-Book Signings
-Mini Book Tour

SECTION THREE�������������..17
(Promotional Advantage)
-Market, brand, & promote your event

BONUS AUTHOR HACKSâ?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦..â?¦â?¦…25
-Increase your book sales
-Landing Pages

ABOUT THE AUTHOR���������..��29
-DLee Inspires Services
-Author Hacker DIY
-Affiliate Partner
-Make an Impact

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Author Alethea Gibbs- “I follow Desiree Lee on Periscope and she give the best author hacks. I’m still shocked she shared all of this good information in her Author Hacks book because the average author never tell this. Wow this book is priceless. D Lee didn’t play games and she got right to the point. Don’t wait purchase this book right now I promise it’s a wonderful investment. I personally use her hacks so I’m living proof they work and I’m making impacts.”

Lady V- “Awesome tips. Simple and too the point reading. No fluff! This book provided wonderful information to get new authors started.”

Aura de l’image (French Edition)

by Corinne DUVAL

Aura de l’image, au ras de l’eau et de l’âme, Corinne DUVAL partage avec vous ses photographies parfois insolites de nature et de vie, amoureuse des profondeurs de l’être et du monde. Animée de tout autant de passion à travers l’écriture, elle les agrémente de ses textes poétiques et chantants et vous invite à découvrir son univers d’amour et de création, capturant des instants de vie et leurs charmes secrets ou composant des scènes de fiction au gré des sentiers qu’emprunte son imagination. Toutes les photos sont prises en Bretagne.

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